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Rod was a lonely bachelor living in an apartment by himself. His favorite pastime at night was to use binoculars to look out the window. He had a good view of the windows across the swimming pool area into the adjacent apartment building. It surprised him how many people did not close their window blinds or drapes at night. He often watched an apartment where a married couple lived and he noticed a single guy had the next door apartment.

Recently, Rod noticed the wife went next door to the single man's apartment. Before they closed the living room drapes, the man hugged and kissed the wife. Then the bedroom light turned on. There wasn't much doubt in Rod's mind that hanky panky was going on.

He had seen the married girl at the swimming pool before. The next weekend Rob saw the girl sitting by the pool side. He left his apartment, casually walked by her, hesitated, then said hello. He introduced himself and she said her name was Rhonda. She acted as if she wished he would go away.

Rod pulled up a chair and said he wanted to talk to her. "I've seen you visit the man next door at night and I think your husband was gone at the same time."

She looked harshly at him, "That's none of your business. Anyway, he is a friend of ours."

Rod paused, then asked, "Does your husband know you are going into the bedroom with him?"

She looked shocked and kept silent.

Rod continued, "I think he doesn't know you are having an affair with your friend next door. Maybe I should tell him."

She looked worried and quickly responded, "Don't you dare.". Neither one said anything for a minute or so.

Rod finally said, "You are a very pretty girl and I would like to know you better."

She quickly responded, "What do you mean by that?"

"Well, I haven't had an intimate relationship in quite a while. You are a beautiful girl. It would be nice if you would visit me in my apartment when your husband isn't home."

Rhonda quickly responded, "Never! That's blackmail."

"Now don't be so positive about it. When your husband comes home later today, I think I'll tell him what I've seen several times."

She looked despondent, "My husband is home most of the time and I won't be able to get away to meet you."

Rod responded, "He isn't home right now. I insist you visit me in my apartment now, or you can suffer the consequences. If your husband should come home while we are together, you can make some excuse for being gone."

She reluctantly got up to follow Rod to his apartment. Once inside the apartment, Rod wanted to kiss her.

She said, "I agreed to have sex, but that does not include kissing or foreplay. Now if you want to fuck me, do it and get it over with."

Rod was a little disappointed but decided to not press the issue. He started to untie her top, but she pulled back a little in protest.

He said, "Stand still and let me untie your top. I want to see you beautiful tits." Rod then untied her top allowing her very shapely breasts to be released. He stood back and exclaimed, "Beautiful! Your breasts are so pretty. Now take off your bottoms."

She looked at Rod as if he was being mean to her and should let her go.

Rod insisted in a very demanding tone of voice, "Take off your bottoms."

As she pushed them down he noticed her pubic hair was trimmed. She was facing him as she bent forward to push her bottoms down her legs to step out of them. Rod saw her breasts hang down showing the fullness of them. He immediately put both hands on them causing her to jump back a little.

He said, "Don't be so jumpy, I just want to feel your breasts."

She was completely naked now. Rod complemented her on having all the curves in the right places. She seemed to accept the compliments with a nod of her head.

She said, "All right, I'll get on the bed so you can cum and I can go home."

She laid on her back on the bed but kept her legs close together. Rod quickly undress, then tugged at her legs to part them. She was having some regrets about agreeing to be in his apartment, but she finally spread her legs. She knew she had to let Rod fuck her. Rod got on top. He had no help from her to aim his cock, so he reached down to move the head up and down her slit. She seemed dry. He tried to enter his cock, but the dryness kept it from entering. He moved down on her body to put his tongue at her crotch.

She quickly responded, "What are you doing down there? Fuck me and get it over with."

"If you would let us have some kisses and foreplay, you wouldn't be so dry. I'm going to moisten your cunt."

She accepted his decision allowing him to lick her cunt. When he touched her clit, she flinched. Then he started sucking on it. It wasn't very long before she started making small movements with her butt.

She commented, "Surely I'm wet enough now since you have slobbered in me, come on up here and cum as quick as you can. I want to go home."

Rod's cock slowly penetrated her cunt to the fullest. He then started slowly going back and forth but was in no hurry. She was lying still and not helping.

Rod said, "Move your butt, get in rhythm with me. If you don't cooperate, It will take me much longer to cum."

She started making movements. Rod was making a special effort not to cum. He knew it would be all over when he did and she would go home. After awhile he said, "Let's do it in another position."

She quickly responded, "I didn't agree to be here all day with you."

He quickly said, "You agreed to have sex with me and that means I am going to cum at least once before you leave."

She calmly asked, "What position do you want?"

"First, I'm going to eat your cunt some more, then I'll tell you what position."

He got up on his knees sideways in the bed. He kissed her nipples which surprised her. Then he twisted around a little more to put his butt closer to her head. He started kissing her pussy and clit. He knew his cock was hanging down fairly close to the upper part of her body. He knew she could easily see it if she wanted to look. She was beginning to move her butt and he could hear her breath becoming irregular. Then he felt her hand on his cock and started to jack him. Maybe she was hoping to jack him off so she could go home, he didn't know. Or could it be that she was getting really turned on?

In a little while she stopped moving her butt and said, "What position do you want to finish?"

It sounded to Rod as if she wanted to get it over with even though she acted as if she was enjoying sex. Rod laid on his back and had her get up to impale herself on him. She was vigorously gyrating on him. He cupped both breasts with his hands as they were bouncing around quite a bit. He tweaked her nipples and felt their hardness. She was doing wonders on his cock and he was doing his best not to cum too quick. He noticed she was getting sexually excited by the way she was breathing and moving. Rod was beginning to moan some and she was doing the same thing. Then she started screeching as Rod shot spurt after spurt in her. When their orgasms subsided, she leaned forward to rest on his chest. It surprised him when she leaned forward to sexily kiss him.

After she realized what she did, she raised up to say, "Oh, I forgot, no kisses."

She raised up off his now small cock just high enough to let all the cum drain down on his cock and balls and on to the bed.

She commented, "That's my revenge for blackmailing me. Now go clean up and change the sheets while I put my bikini back on and leave."

He countered, "Oh no you don't. For doing that, you have to visit me at least one more time before I'll agree to not tell your husband."

She yelled, "You bastard! I agreed to have sex with you once and that's it."

He yelled back, "No. You agreed to have sex with me and there was nothing said about how many times. You will have to admit, you enjoyed this afternoon with me."

She calmed down and knew she had lost the argument. She realized she did enjoy having an orgasm with him. She was just mad because he blackmailed her.

"Alright", she said, "My husband is working next Wednesday evening I think. I can come over here then if you want me."

"Of course, I want you. You are very pretty and sexy. Think about having kisses and all the foreplay next time. Make it enjoyable for both of us." She agreed. She stood still and let him hug and kiss her as she departed his apartment.

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