tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmail Can Hurt You!

Blackmail Can Hurt You!


I was sat in my office, pondering my future; well maybe pondering wasn't quite the right word. I was deciding it, I had risen fairly quickly through the ranks since joining after graduation.

I was 33 now, had it all, good job, high salary, lovely home, 2 kids, a beautiful wife, foreign holidays, 3 cars, one each for me and Erica, and a big sports 4X4 for mountain holidays.

I was a computer design engineer, and one of, if not the best around, but there was always competition, from inside the office and with competitors. We produce and manufacture software for every kind of PC, tablets, phones, you name it, we invent the gear that makes em work. One of my competitors, if that's the right word, works under me, he was following me up the ladder, pity for him I was on the rungs above, he didn't like it, but there wasn't a lot he could do about it, he would have to wait.

My name is Harry Rook, but I'm known as 'H' for short, the company that employs me is a large one, in terms of what we do, we employ about 300 people, but the turn over and profits are what keep us above the rest, we leave them in our wake.

But I have to be on my toes all the time, I develop new ideas and take my team with me, when ever a new idea comes along, I always make sure the credit is given to who it should be, but I am the one who fine tunes them, irons out the crease,, and brings them on line, like I said, we are a team.

But I am also the boss of it now, I had been given Griggs's job when he took early retirement, much to the consternation of one or two older candidates, but I was the right man for the job, I was given it, if you regard the fact that profits keep us in work, then it was no argument in the CEOs eyes, he was also chairman and owner of said company, what he said and did, went!

I saw myself as being at the top of my particular Christmas tree, the bangles and decorations were my family, and the res

t was my team, I was the 'fairy' at the top, looking over all my personal world. We had a policy of employing graduates in electrical, math, and some physics, as new intakes, this kept up the R&D.

I had one more position to attain, then after that my next leap, maybe in a few years, would be across to the Big tree, the one with the CEO, and the 5 man board, that was my ultimate goal. So I was eager to contribute to the firm's ongoing successes.

Like I said, I am 33, my wife is Erica, we have been married for 9 years, she is 30, we have 2 small children, one of each. Our sex life is excellent apart from one fact; I can't on occasions, keep up with her. Sometimes she seems to get on such a high that I am fucked into oblivion, I don't mean literally, I can get her going, but she sometimes goes straight through the stop light, and wants more. And I love it!

'Sometimes Harry Rook,' she would say, 'I swear I'm gonna get me a vibrator so I can use it before we start, then we can cross the line together?' and she would smile and kiss me passionately. She really does have a high sex drive, I get all I want whenever I want it, and wherever, depending on where we are.

Erica is a man's walking wet dream, 5ft 7" thick blond silky hair, that finishes in natural ringlets that dance around her shoulders, gorgeous face, lips I can't stop kissing, eyes of crystal blue, pert nose and chin, a body made in God's body shop, nipples that tingle between your fingers, and are a sure fire way of stoking her engine. She waxes her pussy, it is always glass smooth and shiny, and boy does it glisten when she's wet, a backside that, if you put a walnut between her cheeks, she could crack it, and legs that disappear.

Her forte though, about once a month, maybe 6 weeks, she likes to tie me to the bed, and when that happens I know I'm in for a long night, longer sometimes than I would wish for, but who am I to deny a beautiful woman like her?

Don't get me wrong, there's no sadism, no pain inflicted, just plain good old torture by loving. I am tied hand and foot, spread eagled, naked and open to all unasked for attentions, and my prick is always stood to attention as soon as the last knot is tied,

Then she goes to work, first off it's a quick orgasm for her, she jumps on me, takes what she wants, and falls off, I hardly have time sometimes to try and pump my hips upwards, this is because she has been thinking about it all day. I can usually tell when it's on because her demeanour is quiet, but its not until she says to me, 'Harry up those stairs right now, and get ready.' She doesn't have to tell me twice, I'm away like Ussain Bolt, and I'm stripped waiting for her to come in.

She doesn't speak, she doesn't even look at me, she ties the knots, then disappears to 'get ready' she always comes back dressed in underwear to kill for.

My prick is pointing to somewhere above my head, I get wanked, kissed, and licked all over, my balls get eaten, sucked in, always a fearful thing! My nipples get chewed, my neck get's it, straddling me, sitting on my stomach, she'll reach behind, staring intently into my face, and my prick and balls get a mauling from her fingers and nails, its heaven. She'll sit on my face for 30 minutes or more, while she toys with my swollen dick, all the while sliding slightly backwards and forwards so I can service her glass smooth pussy.

Her cum will fill my mouth, and the only way to avoid drowning is to get it down so I can continue breathing. She likes to kiss and tongue me with her juice all over my face, dangle her bullet sensitive nipples into my mouth where I hungrily devour them, she loves that.

Erica is on a high all the time; I can feel her orgasm's ripple through her to me, whichever way she is on me. I'm here like this for around and hour or more before she thinks about relieving me, I'm begging for it by now. She gives me a hand job, lying at my side so she can watch what she's doing, I lift my head and see her hand going up and down, and it's like a blur.

I begin to stiffen, my body takes on a movement all of it's own, I'm on my way, 10 seconds and I'll be spouting to the ceiling, she stops, quickly covers my mouth with hers to stop the protestations and whining, begging to let me finish.

'Not yet lover boy,' she says into my mouth, that's when I know the night is going to be a long one.

She lets me be, I'm trying to twist myself to make me cum, no chance! She starts all over again once I have 'calmed' down, her words, not mine. But this time, after Erica has got hers, she makes me cum, and it's the longest slowest wank a man could endure, I beseeching her to speed up, I try and throw my hips up as her hand comes down, but she's wise to that, as soon as my hips wiggle, her hand goes up with them. So I have to lie back until the torturous spunking finally rockets out of my prick. Erica makes a great job of catching it in her mouth as it comes down.

After I recover she's at me again, this time it's a full on fuck, she rides me like Calamity Jane, and it's a sort of controlled fuck too, controlled by her, it's violent in its own way, but when she cums, boy does she fucking cum! She falls down on me, I can be there another half an hour, she even falls asleep sometimes, but I don't move, you tell me a man who would disturb her after that?

I wake in the night, the ropes have gone and we are sleeping like the married couple we are. But I have a nagging doubt that one day she might find that I'm not always enough for her, just from the shagging point of view, I know she loves me, but?

Any way back to me and my job, you can see why I work hard for her and the kids; I want to keep her in the style I have gotten used to giving her.

Rumour was going round at work that the guy who had the job I was after was going to be moved onwards and upwards. If true then I would be the obvious one to move into his vacant seat. I knew I would never get the top job, that was a no no. That was reserved for the boss's son Jason, I'm okay with that, he doesn't do what I and the team do, he is being groomed as the top dog, replacing his dad to run his 'empire.'

He was an okay kid about 27, a bit arrogant, but you can expect that, he had been made to work in every department since he joined from college, top of his class in business studies. He had been in mine for 6 months, I got to know him fairly well, I would never have made him a friend in any other life, but he was the boss's son, and one day he would be mine.

He was regarded as a bit of a twat though, he likes the ladies, and a couple of employees have left, rather than punch his lights out and end up in jail. You could see why women fancied him, he was over 6 ft, good looking, rugged and slightly ruddy in complexion, a smooth operator. And he annoyed me one day when he picked up the photo of Erica from my desk.

'Hmmm, nice H, very nice, she okay tween the sheets?' he laughed. It wasn't the kind of remark that I could have a go at him for, and I didn't want to upset the apple cart, so I let it ride. But I filed it away for future reference.

Then a week later the boss had a heart attack, he is only 57, but it was a serious one, the board got together, and it was decided Jason would take over the reins, with them in an overlooking mode, no one knew when, if ever his dad would be back.

Things continued as normal, but there was a growing feeling that no one could put their finger on was, things were changing somehow.

Then budgets got a little tighter, one or two people left, no reason given. The bloke whose job I wanted handed in his notice, one month and he would be gone. This worried me, simply because I knew I would have been a shoe in, but Jason was now the man, what would happen?

I got a call to present myself before the board for a meeting on the following Monday morning; it could only be to do with the upcoming soon to be vacant position. I went and it was. I was interviewed, I was amazed, but I had a good one and was confident in my own presentation and abilities, the board would award me the job, I decided.

I found out though that 2 others had been interviewed, this was alarming to me, what the fuck would I do if I didn't get it? The embarrassment would be overwhelming. What would Erica say, think? Should I start looking for a new job already? I was flummoxed to say the least. I was in a state of high anxiety all week, in fact I had to have a talk with myself, I couldn't let it affect my job. I had to keep up my performance, I was sure I would be monitored for a while.

The following Monday, still no word, I called Jason and asked for a brief meeting with him. He said, 'no problem H, come by after work, when its all quiet, say 6, okay?' I agreed, but thought it was funny to say that time of day.

I arrived on time, he was behind his desk, and I walked in, he offered me a seat, made coffee, and sat down and passed the time of day etc, he asked how things were in my bit of the world. I told him everything was dandy; we had just completed a project that would benefit the firm for years ahead.

He was aware of this of course but I thought no harm in mentioning it. Then I broached from sideways the pending appointment, 'what's happening,' I asked, 'the troops are nervous,' they weren't, it was fucking me who was nervous!

'Well H,' he said, 'there seems to be two of you who are in the frame, and the board have told me that as acting CEO it's down to me who gets it.'

'Wow,' I said, 'I have to ask you Jason, you anywhere near to making up your mind?' I shouldn't have, but I had to say it.

'Well, yes I am, but there's always room for negotiation H?'

'What does he mean,' I thought.

'And what's that Jason?' I said hopefully.

'H, have you got anything that could really make my mind up, it's very difficult, you are both more than qualified.'

'What the fuck was he getting at, what have I got? I was stumped here.

'How badly do you want this position H, would you have to leave if you weren't chosen?'

The crunch was coming, whatever it was, I wasn't going to like it.

'Of course I want it Jason, I've spent my working life here, I have given a lot to the firm, your dad will tell you that.' I said.

'Yes I know, but I'm looking for more than past deeds. He responded.

Where the fuck is this going?

'The man I settle on will have to be aware that I am the boss around here, be a faithful collegue to me, do as he is told, and work within the parameters I set.'

This isn't what I was expecting.

'I can do that Jason, you know me already, you know what I do, and can do.' I offered, I wanted to be out of here.

'What would you offer me H, what would you give for that position, is there a sacrifice you would make?'

This was sounding like some sort of blackmail.

'Anything Jason, ask away, what can I do for you, what can I sacrifice for you?' I hoped this would settle the situation.

'Have you spoken to your beautiful wife Erica about this H?' he asked.

'Of course I have, we discuss everything, she is my wife.'

'What would she give to get you into the position Harry?'

'Same as me Jason, just about anything, not least because I am the best man, and I deserve it.' I told him.

He leaned back in his chair, smiled at me, waited a moment, then he told me what he wanted.

'Would you allow me to have your wife for a weekend?'

'What?' I exploded out of the chair. 'What the hell do you mean, have Erica for a weekend!'

'I would like to see her for a whole weekend Harry.' He repeated. I understood now just what he was meaning. I dived around his desk to get at him, he was ready for that, he held me off, I took a swing, but he danced away.

'Hold it H, you know if we come to fisticuffs, you will lose and lose badly,' I knew he was an ex boxer, he had even been in the Olympics. It made no difference to me, I struck out, then I found myself sitting on my rump wondering what I was doing there. He had clipped my jaw and down I had gone.

'You bastard,' I raged, 'I will kill you!'

'H, calm down, I've said what I wanted, you just think about it, that's all, talk to Erica, you want the job, I'm the guy who will make sure you get it, okay?'

I jumped to my feet, slowly, and went back at him, this time I ended up tipple tailing, my feet over my head.

'I'm off H, let me know, talk to your wife, and by the way, if any of this comes out, you will lose, no one will get the better of me over this appointment, but it's yours if you want it.' And I watched him from the floor walk out of his office.

When I had regained my feet and my head had cleared, he had gone, I left the building, my mind in turmoil, but I wasn't dazed enough to know there were only two possible decisions to be made. I gave him what he wanted, Erica, and I knew she would have more than a lot to say about that. Or I left and everything I had built and worked for over the years was over.

When I arrived home she knew something was wrong, she pestered me until I started telling her of Jason's kind offer! After about 2 hours of arguing and wrangling, I came out and told her straight what he had said. It floored her, she was for the first time in her life speechless.

'My god Harry, what a fucking devious bastard, he must know that the one thing in this world that would make you turn down the job, is the one thing he has decided that he wants, me!'

'I can't possibly agree to it,' I said, 'he has already told me that if it comes out, I will be finished, he will have the support of the board, he would just say its sour grapes, bad feelings etc, that I never got it.'

'Would he attempt to block other job applications from you to other organisations darling?' she asked me, as her arms went around my neck.

'Now that is something I haven't thought of, the bastard might just do it, he has all of his fathers connections hasn't he?'

'Mmmm,' she replied, 'what are we going to do?'

'I don't know babe, I really don't.' We went to bed, and I lay awake all night, Erica slumbered but I knew it wasn't a proper night's sleep.

In the morning at breakfast, she saw to the kids, and it was strained, I knew her, she was working something out in her mind. 'Can you go to work late honey, let me take the kids to school, we have to talk okay?'

'Yes okay, I don't feel like work anyway, I am pissed right off, and I'm worried too, about our future, every thing I have worked for is in jeopardy.'

She kissed my cheek and said, she wouldn't be long.

When she came back the look on her face was something I didn't know.

'What's wrong Erica? Tell me honey.'

'We have our future in our hands Harry, me and you, not him, not Jason.' She said.

'I know,' I replied, 'but what can we do?'

Then if she had hit me ten times over with a baseball bat, I never saw what was coming, what she was going to say.

'I will go with him, spend a weekend with him, let him have me, he will only get the outside of me Harry, never ever the inner me, the one you know darling.'

Stunned never entered into it.

'Erica no, you can't I won't let you!' I shouted. 'I will leave, we'll start again.'

'No Harry, this is the only way, but you have to get a guarantee that you get the job, future promotion when the time is right, and never me again.'

'But Erica?' I was almost in tears.

'Harry, I love you with all my heart, no one else will ever replace you baby, never ever.'

'Erica,' I said, already defeated.

'Call him, set up a meeting, lay the conditions out, he has to sign too, and tell him this coming weekend or the deals off, no negotiations Harry, do you hear me?'

'Yes darling I hear you, Erica, this is a sacrifice beyond sacrifices.' I whispered.

Erica called him, I couldn't, I was too shell shocked, my wife was attempting to save my life, our life, and the ultimate sacrifice was her body to the bastard who had put me in this position!

She told him everything she wanted, she insisted on a signed legally binding document, notarized, and independently witnessed. All written in his hand and not type written, and using his personal stationary. And before he could answer, she said, 'by the way Jason, you can have me, but you'll never ever possess me!'

I was listening on the speaker, I could tell he was a little taken aback, but not knowing I was listening, he let slip that seeing her was worth her demands. He said the documents would be at our house by Thursday afternoon, and he would pick her up on Friday morning.

'No,' Erica said, 'I will meet you in the parking lot of Shenigans,' which was a huge superstore in the next town, 'at 11:00am.'

'Okay Erica, you got it, and by the way, I'm really looking forward to getting to know you properly.'

She ignored that, and asked. 'Where will we be going?'

'To my cabin in the mountains, you'll love it I promise.' He answered.

'Humph,' she replied, 'Jason, who knows where you will be this weekend?'

'For your satisfaction, I have told my staff I will be at my grandmothers house this weekend, no one will know of us, I promise you, okay?'

'See you Friday,' and she put the phone down.

Thursday afternoon, the said documents arrived, they looked fine to me, but I rang the 2 witnesses on the bottom, they were a legal office in town, both confirmed it was legal and they had the original in my name. Friday came, her mother and father had picked the kids up the night before until Sunday afternoon. 'We were going away for the weekend.' I had told them.

We kissed a tearful farewell; she had insisted on me not going with her, I would probably have killed him.

She had packed her gear for a weekend in the mountains, boots, jeans, big checked shirts, a large Parka with a hood. But all frumpy nightwear, well, it was frumpy to her, but to me it was overly sexy. I made sure her phone was well charged; although she told me not to expect a call, it would up set her, she said.

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