Blackmail Ch. 07


But that's what did happen. The second demonstration followed the same lines as the first. Chris did his demonstration. Then he cleaned her with the cream. She noticed that even his hands were a little more invasive this time, lingering longer around her pussy area. Then it was the turn of the group to try out their handiwork on her. First the painting, and then the cream to clean it off.

She was already somewhat aroused by Chris's earlier actions, and she groaned as hands massaged the cream into her breasts. She felt hands pushing between her thighs. She began to want them to touch her so she spread her legs. This was an invitation to go further, and she gasped and clutched onto the table as she felt fingers slide into her pussy stimulating her G spot and manipulating her clit.

She began to groan, thrusting her pelvis towards the invading fingers, encouraging them. She felt her orgasm building, and when it came, she fell back, gasping, her eyes closed. She lay there. She could hear voices. Then someone was wiping her face with a towel. She opened her eyes. It was Chris. He smiled at her. "You okay?" he asked.

She nodded. "I am now," she said with a smile as she struggled to sit up. She was pleased to see that everyone had gone. She was not sure that she could have faced them.

He passed her a towel. "You had better clean up. It's almost five. Jerry said he wanted you back by then."

Mary slipped off the table and wiped herself down with the towel. She could do with a shower, but she knew she didn't have time. She was supposed to take Gina off the door at five.

She was still a little flushed when she arrived back at the door. Gina smiled. "And what have you been up to, young lady? As if I didn't know. You have been on Body Art, haven't you? I did it last year, and I got talked into it as well."

It was quiet on the door. Only a few new people were entering. The security guys came and told her they would be taking their break while it was quiet. She was pleased to see Bob when he came and stood with her. "I'm getting used to seeing you naked," he said with a grin. "I think it ought to be your compulsory dress in the office."

Mary smiled. "You would never get any work done."

"So what?" he said with a grin. "But it would be great fun."

When the security guys returned from their break, they said they would be taking over the door now as not many more would be coming in. Mary thanked them and turned to Bob. "It's my break now for an hour. What we are going to do? Do you want to go for something to eat?"

Bob looked at her. "There's something I'd rather do. Seeing you naked in front of all these guys is having an effect on me. Can we find somewhere quiet? I've a problem I'd like you to solve for me," he said rubbing his hand along the bulge in his pants.

Mary smiled. "I'm sure we can find somewhere."

She walked across to the door of Jordon Promotions and opened it. The office was empty as the receptionist had left. She beckoned Bob across and went in. She closed the door behind them and dropped the latch.

"Over the desk or on the floor?" she asked.

"I don't care as long as I can get rid of this boner."

She smiled, and moved over to the desk, leaning over it, pushing out her bottom. She looked over her shoulder and smiled. "How's this for you?" Bob smiled, running his hand lovingly over the smooth twin globes of her arse. "That's just what the doctor ordered."

"Okay, less talk and more action; this is my tea break."

Bob obliged, gripping her thighs and thrusting his rigid pole deep into her body in one lunge. She cried out at the wonderful surge of pain. He must have been in a high state of arousal as she had never known him to come so fast,

He apologized to her profusely. She smiled, kissed him, and told him not too worry; they were both having a strange day. Afterwards, they cuddled and kissed and she worked on him with her hands till he was ready again. This time it was far more pleasurable for both of them.

She smiled when he took her in his arms and thanked her. "I hope you have saved something for later," she said with a grin.

She had just time to take a shower and get herself sorted out before making her way to the Intimacy Products Stand. It was still a little strange to be walking around naked, but she did have three days of this, and she guessed that by Sunday it was going to be feeling quite natural. What amused her was that the people around her did not seem to be concerned. Some looked at her; others smiled; some seemed to take no notice at all as though it were quite normal for an attractive woman to

walk around naked.

Intimacy Products supplied every requirement to both budding and professional masseurs and masseuses: from massage benches and tables through to creams, oils and potions. Well, this was what Phillip, who was managing the stand, told her when she introduced herself to him as his assistant for the evening. It was a large stand with its own massage suite where customers could sit comfortably and view demonstrations given by the company's own trained masseurs.

"That's where I'd like you to help out," Phillip said. "It means that you will only have to lie there and receive a full body massage by one of our highly qualified masseurs while he explains his techniques and shows the range of products available."

Mary smiled to herself remembering the fumbling massage she had received from the customers on the body Painting stand. Was this going to be more of the same? Or was this going to be another fresh experience for her?

Just then a well built good looking guy in a crisp white uniform stepped onto the stand. Phillip smiled at him. "This is Jason. He will be giving tonight's demonstration."

Mary saw Jason's eyes take in her body before he held out his hand and clasped hers in a firm grip. "Beautiful looking lady," he said. "It's going to be nice working with you."

"I'll leave you two to sort things out. The first group of people will be arriving soon."

Jason led Mary through into the massage suite. "You ever had a massage before?"

"Not by a professional; had some guys work on me," she said with a grin. "But I guess that's not the same."

Jason smiled and shook his head. "You worked here before? Not for us; I mean the Erotic Fair?"

Mary again shook her head. "No, this is the first time."

Jason looked at her. "How do you feel about walking around the place naked?"

Mary shrugged. "I felt a little uneasy at first, but I'm getting used to it now. Today no one really seemed to notice, but I guess tomorrow might be different when the general public is let in."

Jason nodded. "I guess you might be right, but on to tonight. When we get everyone in, I'll be talking to them and massaging you, using different oils and creams. Is that okay?"

Mary nodded. "I guess that's what I'm here for," she said with a smile.

"There is one product I need to warn you about," he said picking up a small jar containing what looked like red oil. "This is called Stimulation and it is a product we have developed ourselves. When applied it causes a heightening of sensation in the areas it's used on."

Hr unscrewed the top off the jar and dipped a finger in. "If I may," he said, indicating her breast. Mary shrugged and nodded. He lightly applied the oil around her nipple.

Almost instantly Mary felt a not unpleasant tingling sensation, and she could feel her nipple rising to the occasion. She clasped her hand to her breast. "My God, that feels wonderful," she said, a big smile on her face. Jason smiled. "It's expensive to buy, but you only need a small quantity, and it really heightens the sensations. It's one of the

products I demonstrate to the customers. How do you feel about it?"

Mary smiled, still slowly caressing her breast. "I feel okay. I don't mind at all. In fact, I can't wait."

Jason nodded. "That's good. Now I'd like you to wrap yourself in a towel before we start. Makes it much more interesting for the customer; a little teasing goes a long way."

Mary sat at the side of the room and watched as the customers for the first demonstration filed in. When everyone was settled, Jason introduced himself and passed around a welcome package to each customer containing information and samples.

Then he introduced Mary. "Gentlemen, this is the young lady who is going to help me with the demonstration this afternoon." There were a few nods and a polite applause.

"If you would remove your towel and lay yourself on the bed," he said.

Mary slipped the knot undone and unwound the towel from her body.

Although she had spent most of the day naked, exposing herself like this felt quite exciting. She let the towel drop to the floor and allowed Jason to assist her up onto the bed. To start he instructed her to lie face down. As Jason explained the methods of massage to the group, Mary enjoyed the feeling of his strong hands stroking up her legs and working the oils into her back.

After a while, he asked her to turn onto her back, and he then spoke about the special oils that his company produced. "These oils, "he explained, "can be used to heighten the sensations when applied to the body: the more sensitive the area, the more the effect will be. If you would all like to come forward and gather around the table, I will demonstrate." Mary began to feel a little uncomfortable with the men standing so close around her. Jason smiled, and dipped his finger into the small jar of oil. Mary held her breath as she felt the fist touch on her nipple. This time he treated both of them. It took only moments for the oil to work. She let out a groan as her nipples seemed to come alive.

"You can now see the nipple swelling and becoming erect," Jason explained. "When it's like this, it only needs the slightest touch to give the patient or lover extreme pleasure."

To demonstrate, he pinched one of Mary's nipples very gently between his thumb and finger. Mary groaned even louder and her body jerked on the bed causing her breasts to jiggle deliciously much to the amusement of the group.

Afterwards, Phillip came in and told her that Jason's first demonstration had gone very well, and he had received lots of orders, especially for the new sensation oil.

Mary smiled. "I'm not surprised," she said, gently rubbing her finger over her still tingling nipples. "I wouldn't mind a jar of that myself," she said with a grin.

Phillip smiled. "I'm sure we can fit you up with a few samples before you leave."

The second demonstration went as well as the first, and this time she couldn't wait for the oil to be applied to her breasts. She held her breath as Jason applied it, and then waited for the wonderful sensation. Mary was still lying on the massage couch as the last group filed out. She was still caressing her breasts and pulling on her still erect nipples. Jason smiled at her. "You enjoy that, don't you?" he said with a slight smile.

Mary nodded. "I can't believe what it does, and it's wonderful."

"It works its magic in other places, too," he said, his eyes dropping down to her exposed pussy.

Mary reddened slightly.

"Would you like to try it now we are alone?"

She looked at him and ran a wet tongue nervously over her lips. "I shouldn't, but......"

"You know you want to."

Just then Phillip came in, smiling. "You two are doing very well. I've got several large orders." Then he looked at them realizing he had interrupted something. "Sorry, was I interrupting something?"

Jason shook his head. "No, Mary was considering trying another little experiment with the sensation oil."

Phillip grinned. "On your head be it if you do," he said shaking his head and looking at Mary.

"Well?" Jason said, questioningly

Mary nodded. "I've really got to try it," she said, and she lay back on the massage table.

Phillip smiled and walked around to the head of the table. "Lift your arms above your head, Mary. I'm going to hold on to them. When the oil begins to work, you will want to touch yourself; preventing that will heighten the experience."

Obediently she raised her arms and Phillip grabbed her wrists.

"Okay?" said Jason, looking down at her.

Mary nodded. "As well as I can be."

"Okay, now raise your knees slightly and open your legs."

Mary followed his instructions, feeling excited and expectant, even a little brazen displaying herself like this. She bit her lip as she saw Jason dip his finger into the pot. Then she closed her eyes tightly and her body went rigid. She felt him gently part her outer lips, and then his finger was wiping over the inner folds. For a moment nothing happened. Then suddenly she cried out, her body almost lifting from the table. If it hadn't been for Phillip holding her wrists, she would have fallen off.

She began groaning and crying out, writhing on the table as exquisite spasms coursed through her body. It was as though her pussy was on fire. She felt herself orgasm, and moments later it came again. She was bathed in perspiration. She tried to pull her hands from Phillip's grip; she needed to touch herself, but he held her tight.

"Touch me, please," she said pleadingly looking up at Jason. "I need to feel someone touching me." She groaned again as Jason obliged, rubbing his fingers over her gushing pussy. "Inside, inside," she pleaded.

Jason thrust his finger deeply into her wet hole. She cried out again as this spread the oil deeper onto her love tunnel. She gripped her thighs together, trapping his hand.

She looked at him, perspiration dripping down her face. "Fuck me, Jason, please fuck me," she pleaded.

Jason smiled. "You really want me too?"

She nodded urgently.

She saw Jason smile at Phillip who was still holding on to her wrists. Then he unfastened the white pants and stepped out of them. She looked hungrily at his already erect cock as he climbed up onto the bed. He eased her legs apart and positioned himself between them. He rubbed his stiff cock up against her wet pussy lips.

"Do me now, you bastard! Stick it in me; fuck me! Please fuck me." Jason obliged, sliding into her body. The sensation was wonderful. The residue of the oil was still there causing him to experience the sensation as well. He sank deep into her and she groaned.

"Thank you, thank you, you wonderful man. Now fuck me hard."

Jason obliged, while at the head of the table Phillip had released her hands and began to caress her breasts, rubbing the nipples between his

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