Blackmail Ch. 09


She quickly put on her costume and checked the Velcro fastenings. When she was ready, she checked her hair and make up, She could already feel the excitement building up in her. She heard the music stop, and she could just hear Crystal talking, but she could not quite make out what she was saying.

The office door opened and Crystal came in smiling. "Your audience awaits. I'll put your music on, and when I announce you, come out and the floor is yours."

She left the door slightly ajar so that Mary could hear her. Mary heard the first strains of her introduction. "Gentlemen, for your pleasure," she heard Crystal announce, "I give you Annabelle."

Mary pushed the door open and stepped out into the studio. There were a few whistles and a round of applause as she started her routine. All the hard work over the last two days was paying off. She remembered her moves, flashed her long legs, and smiled suggestively as she stroked her hands over her body. She was spot on when the music changed. The fastenings of her bolero jacket parted easily and it slid down her arms. She smiled as she tossed it towards the group. Eager hands caught it. She swirled out of the slim skirt with a flourish, tossing it high into the air.

She saw Crystal watching her. Crystal smiled and gave her the thumbs up. Mary saw the expectant looks on the guy's faces as she unclasped the front fasteners of her bra. She partly concealed her breasts with one arm as she slipped out of the bra. The discarded bra lay on the floor and she now caressed her breasts. She could feel her nipples tingling. There were whistles and more applause as she at last dropped her hands away and exposed her breasts to everyone before she turned her back on the small audience.

She hooked her fingers in the waist band of her panties and began to ease them over her hips. She bent forward as she did so. The panties slipped down her legs until she was touching the floor. There were whistles and comments as the twin globes of her firm bottom were exposed. She slipped the panties off her feet and tossed them into the air.

She turned and faced the guys again. She could see the expressions of lust on their faces as they took in her all but naked body, the small triangle of her G-string her only concealment. The second track was almost at the end. She did a couple of high kicks, and as the music concluded, she ripped off the final item. There was wild applause as she raised her arms above her head and stood before them now totally naked.

She held the pose for a few moments as the last track started with slow sensuous music. She began to move around the studio like a proud feline; she felt wonderful again. What was it about being naked that made her feel this way? She enjoyed showing off her body; she enjoyed the pleasure it gave her. She knew it also gave pleasure to those watching.

She began to perform slow erotic acrobatics. The group had gone silent, enthralled by her performance. It excited her to expose herself like this. She concealed nothing, and when the music faded away, she dropped to the floor in the spread eagle position that Crystal had shown her.

For what seemed like minutes there was silence in the room. Then there was an uproar. Everyone was clapping and cheering. Crystal came over and helped her to her feet. Everyone congratulated her. A bottle of wine was produced and drinks were handed round. Her performance had obviously been a total success.

The guys came over and congratulated her. They all wanted to be near her. She could feel the tension in the air. Here she was, naked and surrounded by twelve horny guys. Before the situation could get out of hand, Crystal pushed her way through and draped a wrap around Mary's shoulders. "Come on guys, give her some room. She put on a good show for you."

Everyone agreed and Mary was pleased with the result. Now, at least, she knew that she could do it. Reluctantly the guys began to drift away.

Crystal came over and handed her another drink. She was well pleased with her pupil. "You will make a great stripper," she said. "If you ever decide to go into it full time, just let me know, and I will be happy to manage you."

Mary smiled. "Maybe. You never know," she said with a smile.

When the last of the guys had finally left, Mary sighed. "There was an awful lot of testosterone in the air."

Crystal grinned. "That's why I moved in. One false move and you would have been in the middle of a gang bang."

Mary laughed. "You are a spoil sport."

Crystal shook her head. "Even you couldn't have taken all twelve of them on."

"The way I was feeling after my performance, I'd have given it a damn good try."

Both girls laughed.

"Go and get yourself changed. I need to lock up; it's been a long day."

As they left, Mary thanked Crystal for her help and for organizing the show tonight. She got in the car and drove home through the darkened streets, thinking about what might have been.

She sighed and guessed Rodger Rabbit was going to get a good work out tonight.

It was the following morning before she got the call she was waiting for. "You all set for tonight?" he asked.

"As well as I ever will be," she replied.

"Be at the Metropol hotel at 8:30 tonight. I've booked you a room. You will find all

instructions there. You have been very good up to now. This is the final night so don't let me down."

Mary was a bit concerned to find it was the Metropol. It was probably the best hotel in town, and that's what bothered her. Up to now, everything had been out of town where she was not known. She knew people who went to the Metropol. Burtondales, the company she worked for, used it quite often to put up their guests. She felt a little uneasy.

She got off work early and got a good soak in the bath before she packed her bag. She made sure that she had everything: the costumes and the disc that Crystal had made for her with her music on it.

It was busy when she walked into the foyer of the hotel with her small hold all. The receptionist smiled. "May I help you, madam? Do you wish to sign in?"

Mary nodded and gave her name. The receptionist checked her computer and looked puzzled. "I'm sorry, madam. We don't seem to have a room under that name. Has it been booked through a company?"

Mary was confused. She did not know who had booked it.

Just then a manager in a dark suit with a Metropol lapel badge came over. "Is there a problem, Marie?" he asked the receptionist.

"It's this lady, sir," the girl said. "We don't

seem to have her down."

The man looked at the screen, then leaned over

the girl's shoulder and pressed some keys on the computer. His face lit up with a smile. "There she is, Marie. She is booked in with the Burtondales Party."

Mary looked at him aghast. "Did you say Burtondales?" she asked in a strained voice.

He nodded. "Yes, they have the Monarch room tonight for a private dinner party, but I thought it was a male only do." Then he seemed to realize something. He smiled. "Oh, yes, I guess you are you the entertainment?" he said looking her up and down suggestively.

She stood there not knowing what to say or do. She was visibly shaken by the news. She didn't know what she should do. Maybe she should pick up her bag and flee the place and face the consequences later.

The manager passed her a card. "Just sign in here, Miss, and I will get somebody to take you to your room."

In a haze she obediently signed the card, and a porter took her bag and the key offered by the manager and she just followed him.

"I took a package up to your room earlier, madam," the porter said.

She nodded, still thinking furiously about what she should do. The porter unlocked the room, took in her bag, and handed her the key. "Have a good night with us," he said as he left. Mary sat down on the edge of the large bed, her head still in a whirl. She saw the box on the dressing table, the one the porter had spoken about. She noticed there was a note attached to it. She reached over and pulled it off. She opened it and began to read the contents

Dear Mary

If you are reading this letter, I guess you have made it as far as the room. I guess it must have been quite a shock for you to find out who you would be performing for. I'm glad you haven't done anything silly like running away.

Burtondales has always organized a private dinner party for the directors and managers on the eve of the AGM. This year I was put in charge of the entertainment, and instructed to put on something special. Mary, from what I have seen, you are very special.

You will be required to do two spots for them: one after the dinner at about 9.30 and again an hour later. I guess I know how you are feeling at this moment: how can you do it, how can you go out there and appear naked before people you know and work with.

Well, I have thought of that as well. I know over the last month you have begun to enjoy exposing yourself before strangers. It excited you in the supermarket and even more so at the Exotic Fair in Midchester, and you even had to do it again last night. I hear from Crystal that the guys at the studio loved it, and she says you have made a very good exotic dancer.

I think the plan I have tonight will excite you even more. How would it be if the board members did not recognize you? Imagine how it would feel dancing naked before people you know, but they did not know who you were.

In the box you will find a mask, a very expensive mask. It completely covers your face and head and has been designed to fit in with your outfits. Take it out, try it on. You will realize once you have it on that no one will be able to recognize you.

The only member of Burtondales staff who has seen you naked, as far as I know, is Bob Levant, and he's away on business.

Don't disappoint me. Give it a try. I'm sure you will find it a most enjoyable experience.

Mary dropped the letter on the bed and lifted the box cover. She opened it and inside found the mask. It was everything he said it was. It did fit in with her costume and it did hide her face completely.

She tried it on. It was a comfortable fit. She looked in the mirror, and had to admit it looked good. Yes, she guessed she could do it. It might turn out to be as exciting as he suggested, dancing and displaying herself. They would never guess it was her. She suddenly decided. She smiled to herself. Wearing the mask she had nothing to lose, and it might even be fun.

She looked at her watch. It was ten past nine. If she were going to be ready, she needed to start getting ready now. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. She opened it. A guy in a white tuxedo smiled at her. "You Annabelle?" he asked.

She nodded.

"I'm Rick, the DJ. You have a disc for me?"

She nodded. It was in her bag. She asked him to step in. She searched in her bag and found the disc.

"Are both spots on here?" he asked.

She nodded again.

"Were running to time so you need to be in the anti room for nine thirty. It's at the end of this corridor." He looked her up and down and grinned. "I'm looking forward to this. I hear you are something special."

She smiled.

"When the speeches are over, I will come and check on you. Then I'll put on your music and introduce you. Then it's all yours."

When he had gone, Mary quickly undressed and got into her first costume. With the mask fitted, she looked at herself in the long mirror. He was right; no one would know who she was. Yes, he was right as usual, but it was going to be a very weird experience,

She made her way down the corridor to the door the DJ had indicated. She could hear voices and occasional laughter coming from the next room. She shivered slightly. She knew most of the guys in there; she had worked with them for several years now, and she could have never imagined that in a short time she would be dancing naked in front of them. An excited shudder went through her body. Suddenly there was loud applause. She guessed the speaker had finished.

There was a tap on the door. It partly opened and the DJ's head appeared. "You ready?"

She nodded.

"I'll give them five minutes: let them settle with their drinks. By the way, you look stunning, and I love the mask. Makes you look mysterious. How do you want to be introduced? Just as Annabelle?"

Mary nodded again. "Yes, that will do fine."

"Okay," he said with a grin, "go out there and sock it to them."

Then he was gone. Mary listened at the door. She had no idea how many were out there. Burtondales had a fairly large Board of Management, and there were the company managers as well. It was a bit of a pity Bob wasn't going to be there. He would have enjoyed it, probably more than the others.

Then she heard the DJ call for order. "Gentlemen, tonight we have a special surprise for you. For your pleasure and entertainment tonight, I give you the mysterious and exciting Annabelle!"

As the music started, Mary pushed open the door and stepped confidently into the room. There was a short burst of applause. She made her way slowly and gracefully around the area that had been cleared for her. It wasn't a large room, and the space was fairly small, which meant she was quite close to her audience.

She immediately recognized people she knew. BJ, the senior managing director, was at one table in the centre of the room with two of the other senior directors, and sitting with him was a younger guy whom she did not recognize.

She recognized Phil Green from distribution. She found him attractive, and he had always had a good word for her whenever they met. And there were Brian and Simon, the two finance managers who worked in her own department. Brian she knew had eyes for her, and Simon wasn't far behind even though he was married. Suddenly she was beginning to feel more excited about the whole thing. She remembered back a few weeks ago when she had come to work with no underwear on and how the word seemed to had gotten around, and guys had called in her office on any pretext just to get a look at her. Soon, some of those guys were going to see more then they ever imagined.

She was so interested in checking who was in the audience that she almost missed her cue on the change of music. Immediately she started her strip routine. There was a scraping of chairs on the floor as some member moved in closer for a better look.

Her bolero and skirt were soon decorating the floor. She faced the crowd, legs slightly apart, and ran her hand suggestively over her pubic mound and then up and around her breasts. She reached around and unclipped her bra with both hands allowing the straps to slip down her arms, but holding it against her breasts. There were a few shouts of "get it off, girl" from the back of the room, and finally she obliged, allowing it to fall away completely.

Now there were whoops and whistles. They were now getting into the mood of it. She couldn't really believe it because she had always found them a very staid bunch of guys, but you can never tell. Get them into a situation like this and they start to behave like any normal guys would.

She moved around the floor caressing her breasts and flicking her nipples that were already hard and erect. They were loving it, and she had to step back quickly a couple of times to be out of the reach of grasping hands.

She then took up a position centre floor, turned and faced the DJ, hooked her fingers in her panties, and bent over as she slipped them down her legs. Again this raised more excited applause. The sight of her firm rear, and between her slightly parted thighs the inviting sight of her pussy barely concealed from their view under the brief sequined G string, brought the men to the edge of their seats, watching with lust in their eyes.

This time she was concentrating on the music. She stood up, turned slowly to face the audience, her hands resting on her hips, and as the music concluded, she ripped away the G string and raised her arms high above her head with her legs slightly apart. She was displaying her total nakedness to every one, and by the noise and the applause, they loved it. As she stood there looking into their faces she felt elated.

She held the pose for several seconds as the final piece of music began. Then she began her slow sensuous acrobatic dance, the moves Crystal had shown her, moves that revealed every intimate part of her body. Nothing was left hidden. And she ended spread eagle on the floor.

There was a standing ovation as she finally got to her feet and bowed to them and waved as she ran back into the small anti room.

She was breathing heavily and was now finding the mask constricting. She suddenly realized she had forgotten about her clothes she had left scattered around the floor. She had nothing to wear to get back to her room, but she need not have worried when the door opened and the DJ looked in.

"All right to come in?" he asked, seeing her naked. "I've collected up your clothes."

Mary saw no point in refusing him. There was nothing he hadn't already seen.

"You put on a good show," he said as he handed her her clothes. "But I hear the second one is something really special."

Mary looked at him a little puzzled. She shrugged as she slipped her skirt around her waist. She didn't consider it a lot different from the last one. She had a few new ideas, but nothing she thought really special. She didn't bother with her other clothes, but put the bolero on.

The DJ said he would come and give her a knock when it was time for her next spot. She smiled, let herself out, and went back to her room. She was surprised to find a bunch of roses and a large bottle of champagne had been delivered to her room.

She went to the bathroom, slipped out of her costume, and took a quick shower. She was all hot and sweaty from her performance. As she stroked between her thighs, she was almost tempted to go a little further, but she decided to wait until later. She had just wrapped herself in warm hotel robe when she heard a knock on the door. She went over and opened it and found a porter holding a tray with an appetizing selection of dainty savory sweet snacks on it.

"These were ordered for you, madam. Shall I set them out?"

She stood back and let him in and watched as he arranged them on a plate. "Would you like the champagne opened?" he asked, looking at the bottle.

"Yes, please, that would be lovely," Mary said.

He opened the bottle and poured her a glass. "Will that be all?"

Mary thanked him; he smiled, thanked her and left, closing the door behind him. Then she sat there enjoying herself. The champagne was wonderful and the snacks were extremely tasty.

The champagne was a good vintage, and Mary did rather go over her limit. She was a little light headed when she decided that it was time to get herself ready for the second spot, the spot that by now she was quite looking forward to.

The DJ poked his head around the door and told her she was on in five minutes. "I'm all ready," she said. "I'll come along now." So they made there way back to the small anti room together.

He noticed she seemed to be a little unsteady on her feet. "Are you going to be alright?" he asked a little concerned.

She nodded. "I'll be alright when I get out there. I guess I might have had one too many," she said with a grin.

Left on her own, she sat and waited for her cue to go on. She needed to make some differences in the routine this time, and she had thought about some ideas that Crystal had suggested. Get more involved with your audience was one suggestion she remembered her saying. Nothing like getting them involved in the act; they love it.

She heard the DJ call the group to order and then her music started. "Gentlemen, let's hear it for Annabelle." There was loud applause as she stepped into the room.

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