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Blackmail Heaven


Plonk, plonk, plonk. That’s me on my keyboard at work. The same thing I have been doing for the past ten years. Started at the very bottom and have been working my way sideways ever since. I am a computer network administrator for a smallish company. I initially was very keen about my work, like every body else, hoping to get promoted and more money. But after years of being overlooked, I just go through the motions like most people in this company.

But first let me introduce myself, my name is Thomas a 32 year old computer worker for a London manufacturing company, with about 200 employees. I go to the gym about three times a week and love photography. I haven’t had a girlfriend for a very long time, probably three years I guess. It’s not that I’m not attractive to women, it’s my whole life is dull and depressing.

I think I have grown angry towards two or three people in my company. The first person is Mark Fletcher. He is a 45 year processing manager, in charge of about five people. He has been a manager for about five years or so. He doesn’t earn a fantastic amount of money, but a shit load more than me. What gets me about this guy is that although he doesn’t earn a lot of money he has a very expensive new car, no mortgage, had three big holidays last year and the reason I hate him most is that he has a very beautiful wife. She is about 35, tall with dark hair. I met her once at a company do we had a year or so ago. I have not stopped thinking about her since. The second person I hate is Sarah Thompson, about 30 years old. She has been with the company about seven years, five as computer manager. She joined the company initially as a trainee computer operator. She was awful at her job, her colleagues, including me, had to run round her fixing her mistakes. Then about five years ago, out of the blue, she gets promoted to a senior position. She gets sent on many management and computing courses. Then she gets promoted to computer manager over many people with more experience and ability than her. She is hated by many people, including me and probably her husband. For the last five years every crappy job going comes to yours truly. I should have left this company years ago. The third person is Janet Hayes. She is a 44 year old married to a very wealthy 67 year old man. She is the director of the whole company. I don’t need to explain how she got her position. She is a very beautiful, sexy classy lady.

Well I decided to get even with all these people. I do have an advantage, as the computer administrator I can go to any computer and do what ever I wanted to them. To start with I put a small hidden computer program on each of the machines. This is so neat; it sends information to my computer about everything they do. It’s like sitting at my desk and watching them work. The great thing is they never know that I am doing it. It’s a bit nerdy I know but I reckon everyone would love to be able to do this.

After about a week or so of monitoring Mark Fletcher I noticed he was copying important company information on a very regular basis on to computer disks. I decided to follow him after work one evening with my trusty super zoom camera. He got in his new Jaguar, I hate him, and drove straight home. The same the next night and the night after. But on the fourth night he went on a slight detour. He drove for about 10 miles or so until he came to a big supermarket shopping centre car park. He stopped and got out of his car and was obviously waiting for someone. I stopped a short distance away, but could see everything with my camera. I had already taken a few pictures of him in his car and at the car park. After a very brief time another Jaguar turned up, snap snap snap. The guy got out of his car, I recognised the person, he was the owner of another manufacturing company in the same line as our company. I had seen him in a trade magazine. Well, Mark took an envelope from his car, pulled out a heap of computer disks, and gave them to the other guy. The other guy took out a fat envelope with the most amount of money I had seen in one go before and gave it to Mark. In an instant they were both gone. I had pictures of everything.

I developed those pictures in my lab that evening. I had caught everything that happened. I even managed to get the information that was written on the labels on the computer disks. Mark was selling top secret company information to our competitors for money. It all started to make sense now. I was going to approach him tomorrow and confront him about it. I would have to think of a plan to maximise my profits from this little affair of his.

“Mark I think it might be a good idea if went to lunch today, you can buy me a drink and meal.” I asked.

“Get lost tea boy,” he replied.

“Supermarket, last night, two Jaguars and two envelopes,” I whispered.

His eyes widened his mouth agape. Momentarily all he could do was stare at me.

“Ok” he finally uttered.

“I want ten thousand by tomorrow.” I said.

“And then what.”

“Well I will never come back to you regarding this matter. As far as you are concerned nobody knows your secret and you can carry on, or not, as the case maybe.”

“How do I know you won’t come back for more?” he asked.

“Well I figure I can only do this once, since people tend to get very angry and might try and hurt me. I figure that ten thousand is a drop in the ocean to the amount you have made. You would rather pay it once and forget it.” I replied.

“Ok then.”

“One more thing, I don’t ever want to see you outside of work again.”

“How do you want to get the money?” he asked

“Your wife is going to deliver it to me personally.” he instructed.

“Ok, agreed.”

That went very well and he seemed very calm about the whole thing. I only thought about the wife thing at the last moment. I thought I’d rather not face him again, he might get a bit violent. Also I would really like to see his wife again, especially in my place. Hmmmm the possibilities are endless.

“Ah Mrs Fletcher please come in”

It was 8:00 pm and Jane Fletcher was exactly on time and she was as gorgeous as I had remembered her. She was about 5ft 8” tall, dark hair and very athletic. She had a summery sleeveless dress on which finished just above the knees. It begs the question how did she end up with that fat sweaty husband of hers. As she walked past me I noticed her cleavage, god she is beautiful. Then I saw her sweet little bottom, I really wanted to touch it. She even smelt beautiful and sexy. My little friend at this point started to wake up and say hello. This was not a good thing really since I only had a thin pair of shorts and a tea shirt.

“I want to get this over and done with as soon as possible, so let’s not have any pleasantries.”

“Ok that’s fine by me, but do you know why you’re here?” I asked

“Yes. My husband made a mistake at work and you caught him. Now you’re black mailing him.”

“Ah that’s the story he has told you is it?”

“It’s the story I believe.”

“I’ll tell you what, let’s have a drink and I will explain the whole thing.”

“I’d rather not, let’s just get this over and done with.”

“Please,” I asked with my little boy’s face.

“Ok I’ll have a little vodka with lots of soda.”

There’s nothing like alcohol to relax a lady. I got her the drink, I think I may have put a little too much vodka in it by mistake. I poured myself an orange juice. We drank our drinks and exchanged pleasantries about the weather and traffic. The drink was working.

“Well, I’m waiting for your side of the story.”

“Before I say anything I have to make sure you are not carrying any transmitting device”

Not that I knew what one looked like, I thought it would be the ideal way of putting my hands on her sexy body.

“What! You’ve got to be joking.”

I stood there and looked at her and said nothing.

“Ok then search,” she continued as she raised her arms.

The sight of her standing there with her arms to the side inviting me to touch her was too much for my little friend. He sprang completely to life. I moved towards her keeping eye contact, hoping she would not notice my erection. I patted her tummy and continued to touch the front of her thighs. I moved behind her. I put my hands on her shoulders and moved them slowly down till I reached the small of her back.

“Your husband is copying top secret information and selling it to our competitors.”

I moved my hands to the base of her dress and felt the back of her thighs. I slowly moved them upwards, stopping just below her bottom.

“He is going to make 200 people unemployed out of his greed.”

I moved my hands onto her beautiful behind, one cheek to each hand. She was not clenching.

“That fat impotent bastard.”

That made me think she hasn’t had sex for a long time, yippee. I moved my finger to the centre of her butt, stroking her behind gently.

“Well you’re just as bad, a black mailing thief.”

I ran my hands up her sides and stopped just below her arm pits. My penis a tiny fraction away from her. I moved my hands to her tummy, me still standing behind her. I was beginning to breathe erratically. I moved my penis so it just touched her bottom. My hands were just below her breasts.

“I am not interested in black mailing your husband or the money. I noticed you at a company meal a year or so ago. I thought you were the most beautiful, gorgeous sexy woman I had ever seen. I could not stop thinking about you.”

I put my hands on her breast and squeezed very gently. I noticed that she took a deep breath and her head was resting on my shoulder. My penis was between her cheeks now.

“This was the only way I could think of seeing you again. I am not interested in the money. You can take that back with you”

I hope she doesn’t, it just felt like the right thing to say at that moment.

“Hmmm oh god oh god,” she cried.

She pressed her bottom against me. My penis had pushed her dress well into between her cheeks, trapped by my erection. She clenched her cheeks squeezing my penis gently.

I leant forward and kissed her neck, then several kisses to her cheeks, bit her ear lobe gently. I squeezed her breasts hard; my cock was now absolutely throbbing.

“It’s been so long since I have had any attention or felt a hard cock against me.”

She turned around quickly and we were locked together in a very passionate kiss. Our tongues interlocking and probing. I undid her dress from behind and it was off in a second. She pulled away from me suddenly and looked at me. She stared at my penis for a few seconds. She came forward and knelt in front of me. My shorts were now at my ankles. She put her hands on my cock and with a firm grip stroked it up and down. She lifted my cock up and took each of my balls in her mouth, gently sucking on each.

“I have to say that I have not been with a woman for nearly three years.”

“Don’t worry; we’ll have to keep having sex till you please me.”

At that my entire penis was inside her mouth. I could feel her tongue on my penis, on the eye.

“Hmmm oh ye, it’s been so long since I have felt a hard cock, hmmm god ye.”

She moved one of her hands to my hip and began stoking the area between my cock and bottom gently. Her finger went between my cheeks probing for my anus. She took my penis out of her mouth and licked her finger. She then continued at my penis as if she was starving and her life depended on it. Her finger went back to my anus. Her finger was probing my sphincter muscle, pushing and circling around it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh shit oh god you’re so beautiful and sexy,” I finally screamed.

She pushed the tip of her finger in past the opening and sucking on my cock even harder. I felt my sperm begin to rise up my balls in to my shaft. I involuntarily pulled my penis out of her mouth. She grabbed it with her free hand and began masturbating me.

“Oh god god I’m coming, oh fuck,” I screamed.

With that, three years of frustration poured out of my penis. She did not move her beautiful face away and was caught full in the face. It was everywhere, but she kept tugging on my penis to get every drop. She pushed her finger further into my anus, which threw out a few more drops of come onto her face.

We both laid on my bed just taking in what had just happened.

“I’m sorry I came so quick, it’s been so long.”

“Don’t worry I forgive you. But remember you have to keep fucking me till I’m satisfied. That’s if you want to that is. I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to.” she said with a slight smile on her face.

“My beauty I am going to fuck you so often that you will have a permanent smile on your face and will not be able to sit down.”

“Promises promises.”

“Why don’t I make us a coffee, You can go and get cleaned up or have a shower or what ever.”

We both showered and had out coffee. We both were lying on the bed making small talk. She told me how she met her husband, how long they were married. She told me she kept herself quite fit, along with several of her lady friends. This small talk went on for about an hour.

We both sat on the edge of the bed. I looked at her and thought she is so sexy and beautiful, but I have not fucked her yet. My little friend was beginning to wake up

“I think maybe I should go now, Mark might start wondering.”


She stood up and looked around for her clothes. She stood in front of me with her bottom facing me; my penis was now fully erect. She bent down to pick up something, keeping her legs straight but slightly apart. I could see her vagina open to me, telling me to come in. She wiggled her hips slightly. I could take no more. I stood up and thrust my penis into her willing vagina in one heave.

“Ooooooooooooooooh,” she yelped as if all the air was sucked out of her.

After several thrusts I turned her around and put her on all fours on the bed. I quickly thrust back into her. I held her hips and pushed into her hard, several times.

“Oh ye oh ye, more please, ooooh ye oh oh oh oh oh,” she yelled.

I could see her breasts swaying to my thrusts. I could feel her hot and wet vagina squeezing my penis.

“Oh shit god ohhhh ye, you are so sexy,” I whispered.

“Fuck me hard; take out all your frustrations on my pussy.”

I took my penis out of her and threw her on her back. I knelt between her legs and admiring her beauty.

“Please don’t stop, please carry on. Do what ever you want to me but don’t stop.” She begged.

I lay on top of her, her legs wrapped around me as my penis found its way home again. We held each other tightly. Our mouths and tongues met. I was fucking her with my cock and tongue. I felt her breast against my chest, her breath against my cheek.

“Ooooh god oooh god I’m coming ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” she screamed.

I kept thrusting as hard as I could, wanting to please her. Her hips began to move to meet mine. She began to grip me tighter and shake slightly.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck I’m coming. Oh god ahhhh.” she cried as she came.

I felt my sperm again rising in my penis.

“Please I want you to come in my mouth please.”

She knelt again in from my penis and I aggressively shoved my penis into her mouth. Thrusting to and fro at her mouth.

“I think I’m close, yes yes.”

I placed my hands on the back of her head and held as I fucked her mouth. I shot my load into her sweet mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ye ye.” I screamed.

She licked my penis clean and gave each of my balls a final suck.

“I think I should really definitely go now. But I would like to do this again.”

“I will be very upset if we don’t.”

“Now it’s Sarah’s turn” I thought as I was sitting at my desk.

I went through her PC log, using my handy little program on her computer. I noticed rather a lot of emails to and fro from Janet Hayes, the director. Reading through these it was obvious they socialised a lot together and were very good friends. The email on to Janet was this morning. Apparently they were going to meet this evening. I think someone else was going to be there with his zoom lens camera.

I waited outside Sarah’s house at a discreet distance waiting for Janet to arrive. Well, she came and they greeted each other like friends, Janet said hello to Sarah’s husband and they went. They drove to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. They were in there for about an hour. They came out and drove off. They then arrived at Janet’s house. They then went into her house. I noticed a side entrance to her house and since it was now night with no street lighting I went down the side. I sat behind a handy bush and waited. Luckily for me they came into the room directly in front of me. I was no more than six feet away from them. I had night time film in my camera which could take pictures in dark conditions.

Well what happened next completely took me by surprise. Both women are about six feet tall and very fit, they go to the gym together three or four times a week. Both have long blond hair and extremely nice boobs. They took off their shoes and stood in front of each other for a few seconds talking and laughing. Then they held each other and kissed extremely passionately. Their clothes were off in a few seconds and they were rolling around the floor kissing and biting. But the best bit was when Sarah was on her back and Janet was on top of her, but facing the opposite direction. They were licking at each other, biting, fingering. This was the best sex I have ever had without actually having sex. Well I quickly made my escape before they came back to reality.

“Sarah I think it might be a good idea if we went out for a drink today, so we can get to know each other a bit better.”

Sarah looked at me as if I was something on the bottom of her shoe. She did not even reply to it.

“I’ve noticed that you and Janet, um, are really good friends. You did enjoy the Chinese last night didn’t you?”

She looked at me and knew that I knew her secret. I could see the hatred and fear in her eyes.

“Ok.” she replied.

“I have well over a hundred photographs of you and Janet from last night. Some of them are very explicit indeed. I’m not quite sure but I think you two might like each other .“

“What the fuck do you want bastard.”

“I want five thousand. I will only do this once, never coming back again for this. You must deliver the money to me tomorrow evening. If you tell any one about this the deal it’s off and everyone on in the company and the world will see the photographs.”

She turned up at exactly eight o’clock. She was dressed in a business suit, her hair tied back. There’s something about very tall blond haired women.

“Come in, come in,” I said.

We both walked in to the living and sat down on separate couches.

“Look I have your money. I want to give this to you and go.”

“Hey there’s no rush. I thought we could have a drink and get to know each other a bit better.”

She suddenly knew what I had in mind. Fear and hatred in her eyes went to fear only. I moved and sat down next to her and put my arm around her shoulder.

“I think you’re a very beautiful and sexy woman, under different circumstances we could have been lovers. I think there could still be a chance for us.”

I put my free arm on her breast and gently caressed it as I spoke. She looked at me with disgust and a look that could kill.

I stood up and held her hand.

“Why don’t we go to another room where we can be more comfortable?”

She stood up and followed me to the bedroom. My penis now was already fully erect.

“Wouldn’t you be more comfortable if you took off some of your clothes?” I asked

She looked at me for a few seconds.

“Look you do not have to do this, you can leave at any time, and you are doing this of your own free will.”

“You bastard.”

She took her clothes off and stood in front of me. She was absolutely gorgeous, so sexy, beautiful breasts, her legs so long and smooth and incredibly sexy hips and just the right amount of hair between her legs. I took my clothes off and moved to within a few inches of her. I gently held each of her breasts in my hands and squeezed them. I lent forward and bit and licked them both.

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