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Blackmail Rape


It was a felony of the worst sort, by anyone's definition of the crime. My stepdaughter Lydia had a hit & run car accident where she was drunk and accidentally ran over a women and her two young children as they walked along the side of the road - actually not an accident, but more like a ruthless murder. She was clearly at fault, having been drinking in the car, and in possession/use of cocaine at the same time. This was not the only thing that made it not to be an unavoidable accident. Clearly this was her fault, compounded by the drug possession, driving under the influence, open alcohol container in the car, and the flagrant hit & run. Lydia panicked and fled the scene at high speed without looking back. She got to a deserted car wash and vigorously tried to wash off the evidence from her car, and when she was satisfied that she had removed all the blood, she drove away, badly shaken but hopeful that she had gotten away with the crime.

Lydia had no idea that I had previously installed a good quality, multi-angle video camera on the car in an effort to catch her in the act of drug use, and the video of the hit & run murder, as well as her drinking while driving, was completely recorded on tape, along with audio of the screams of her victims. I made five other backup copies of the tape to ensure the evidence would be well preserved. In court, these tapes would very easily guarantee that her crime would be punishable by mandatory life in prison, without little hope for parole before thirty years or so.

But instead of turning her in to the police, I had more devious plans. A week after her accident, I began my blackmail operation against Lydia. This was the opportunity of a lifetime. She had just turned 18 years old and had a breathtakingly sexy body with a beautiful, erotic face that never failed to cause my penis to instantly swell tight inside my shorts. She wore split miniskirts around the house that displayed her slender thighs in such a way that I'd had to masturbate very, very frequently to relieve the unbearable tension.

Although she was my stepdaughter, I often fantasized about her, dreaming of what I would do if I had the chance. She made me feel guilty when she caught me staring up her skirt one time, and I never got caught doing it again. But I still lusted for her...

My wife had been gone out of state for several months visiting relatives, and I knew this to be an unprecedented opportunity to start blackmailing Lydia for sex. I hadn't had any sex since my wife left months ago, and had deliberately not masturbated since last week when I decided to blackmail Lydia to start sleeping with me. For me, this was almost a herculean feat, as I'd previously never gone for more than a day without getting my nuts off at least once or twice, and although I was now saving it up for a good reason, it was becoming almost infuriating and I was quickly finding out that going so long without a good climax was just more than I could bear. I just couldn't take it any longer - my mind was so filled with wild sex fantasies constantly for the past few days that I was so horny and pent-up, and I felt like I had a two quarts of steamy hot semen bottled up inside me, waiting to gush out the moment my dick got hard.

Lydia had just came home from school, wearing a tantalizing short sundress, and gave me a nasty look when she realized I was undressing her with my eyes again. What are you looking at , she instantly demanded. I said, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare. I quickly escalated it another step to keep her completely off-guard as to what was rapidly taking place by grabbing her and pretending to play-wrestle her as a kind of apology. As she was getting a little miffed at the sudden touching and my confusing behavior, I started to slide my hand high up her inner thigh inside her short sundress and gave it a sexy squeeze. She got fighting mad and yanked herself away from me, threatening to call her mom right away to tell her how I was sticking my hand up her skirt.

Very quietly I said to her, Before you tell anyone, think back, and tell me something. What were you really doing in the car last Monday afternoon? She immediately turned white, not sure if I knew anything but half-suspecting that she had been caught red-handed with her criminal guilt. She quickly lost the angry look on her face and slowly asked, What are you talking about? I raised my eyebrows at her with a knowing grin, and was quiet for a while to add to her rapidly mounting suspense. I then told her to wait for a moment while I go upstairs to get something. When I came down, she was still standing there, trying unsuccessfully to look bravely defiant and accusing at me, pretending very hard to not know what I was talking about when I asked about what happened last Monday.

She was looking deathly afraid as if her heart had stopped beating for the last couple minutes. I asked her what she was looking so worried about, and then I asked her Are you still going to tell on me? I was only trying to feel you up a little bit, and I thought you might be in the mood for a little fun. She gave me a scared angry look and asked me what I thought she was doing last Monday. I asked, What difference does it make - does it have anything to do with whether or not you re going to tell on me for sticking my hand up your skirt? She blinked, and then bravely tried bluffing me by saying that I'd better not do something like that again if I knew what was good for me. I laughed and said Just what can you really do to me at this point? She nervously said that I'd better just leave her alone and stay away from her, and then she stormed upstairs to her bedroom.

A half hour later, when she came out of the bathroom from her shower, she was wearing only her usual skimpy towel around her naked body, and went inside her bedroom, closing the door behind her. I walked in suddenly and while she still had the instant look of shock on her face, I zapped her with my electric stun gun hard enough to knock the breath completely out of her and she fell to the ground immobile and nearly unconscious. I quickly pulled each of her arms down and fastened it to her each of her knees in turn with the padded leather cuffs, so that she was on her back with legs pulled up and wide apart; her legs fastened securely to each of her wrists - she was bound tightly in that position.

I rolled her over as she was catching her breath and sat on her stomach, stuffing a ballgag tightly into her mouth, then put a thick cloth on top of her mouth over the ballgag, secured by very sticky duct-type tape across her mouth. She was still having trouble breathing, but was already trying frantically to get up. I told her to shut her damn mouth or I'd punch her in the gut. She started trying to scream through the gag; it was very quiet and muted due to the sound dampening quality of the ball gag, and of the cloth and tape fastened on the outside of her mouth. I told her to shut up again, and when she wouldn't, I punched her in the gut, knocking the air out of her again. She had great difficulty regaining air at this point, due to having to do all her gasping through her nose alone, since the ball gag wouldn't allow breathing. After about 4-5 minutes, she had mostly recovered, and started crying. I told her to shut it up or I'd hit her in the stomach again. This time she quickly stopped the noise.

She was a sight to behold - totally naked, lying on her back with her legs spread and up. I moved around to reach between her legs and touch her cunt. She struggled to stop me, and to adjust herself so that I couldn't see her lightly-furred vagina so clearly, but to no avail - she was bound and spread wide open, totally defenseless. I told her that I'd been waiting to rape her for a long, long, long time, and that I was going to enjoy this very much. She had a frightful look in her eyes, a look of trapped desperation. I thanked her for taking a shower so she'd be nice and clean when I tongued her tight little vagina. I went to the kitchen and made a cup of coffee, taking my time, then I came out and sat down to drink it as I stared at her gorgeous naked body, all tied-up and gagged. I'm going to enjoy fucking you so much, but first I'm going to take my time and enjoy playing with you a little, and I m definitely going to suck your vagina awhile to get us both juiced up a bit , I said.

I took all my clothes off; my penis was just starting to get pretty hard, so I sat on her stomach and rubbed my dick back and forth on her tits and up on her eyes and nose. She tried closing her eyes and moving her head away, but I rubbed my erection harder into her face so that she could really feel it. I'm going to give you a lust-crazed rape that you're going to remember the rest of your life , I whispered into her ear, as I started kissing and sucking her neck.

I was on top of her, and reached around to clutch her naked ass, and I started poking her vagina with the head of my penis. She was moist from the shower, but my cock wouldn't just slide in - she was really tight, and wasn't warmed up at all. She was really struggling, trying to break free, but it was pointless - she couldn't even budge an inch, and she knew better than to try screaming, especially since no one would be able to hear it anyway. I slid down her body and started playing with her tits, and sucking the nipples. I flicked the nipples with my tongue and sucked them and tried to suck real hard to get the whole breast in my mouth.

My dick was so hard it was just pulsating. I kissed my way down her stomach until my face was directly in front of her vagina, two inches away. I fingered her crack and started licking her clit. She was crying, and I plunged my tongue into her quim and tongue-raped her for a couple minutes. I jabbed my finger and then two fingers up into her cunt, and rammed them in and out repeatedly. Then I climbed up on top of her, licking her nipples again on the way up, and sucked her fragrant neck as I rammed my penis into her very moist vagina without warning. She gasped through the gag, and so did I. Her cunt felt so good it was unbelievable. My cock wouldn't go in all the way so I pulled out and thrust in again, really hard. She was now screaming, but I whispered filthy things into her ear as I tongued her and continued ramming my dick into her squishy little juice hole.

My penis felt so good to get the release my balls had been begging for - I screwed her so frantically hard and was grabbing her thighs and pinching her in the tender part of her thighs up high between them, and pinching her hardening nipples, which made her jump in pain each time. My climax was imminent, so I slowed down to let her feel my dick pulsate in her tightly- elastic quim, and I told her that I was going to spurt a very big load of hot sperm into her tasty little vagina. She was still weeping uncontrollably, and I couldn't take any more of the sexual pressure so I plunged forward in and out deeply and rapidly, and felt my balls twitch with orgasm as my dick head spewed gobs of sperm into her while I was all the way inside her vagina. Ohhhhhhh!!! It feels so goooooood!!!! I yelped while I bucked around gasping and spasming as I continued shooting cum in her quim and as she obviously felt every convulsion and glob of semen squirting and gushing deep inside her, she was now screaming her tears.

I waited until my cock started to soften before pulling it out and mashing it all over her slimy clit and outer labia. I sat on her chest and rubbed my gooey dick all over her face and hair and asked her how much she enjoyed having violent sex with me. Still breathing heavily from my climax, I sat back down on the sofa naked and continued my now-cold cup of coffee. After a few minutes I started telling her what I'd do if she talked about the rape to anyone. I know you enjoyed it as much as I did, and I definitely enjoyed fucking you - I guess you can feel my enjoyment still oozing out of you right now. I know you ve been out drinking in the car, and popping cocaine, and that there's something you re hiding about last Monday. Would you like to talk about it to the authorities when you try to turn me in? She wept some more, while shaking her head no.

I said I'll let you go now if you think you can behave, okay? She nodded yes. I untied her hands and ungagged her mouth, and when she started to run away upstairs I told her she'd better come back if she knew what was good for her. She came back and I ordered her to stand in front of me, still naked. I want you to tell me that you won't tell anyone about this , I said. Just don't tell mom about me drinking and driving in the car , she said. Apparently she thought that was all I knew about last Monday, was that she'd been drinking, and that I didn't know about the accident, hit & run, and triple murder. She was so young and so very dumb. She thought this rape was a one-time thing, and clearly had no idea what I really knew about the incident, nor about my future plans of keeping her on as my permanent bunk monkey. She was willing to let me slide this once to pay for my silence.

She was still standing naked in front of me, and I reached up from the couch and rubbed her mound of pubic hair and said, Now I want you to get down between my legs and suck me like you know I want to be sucked. She told me that she wouldn't do it, that we were equal, because she wouldn't tell my secret if I didn't tell hers. I think we both know that your secret runs a little deeper than just drinking in the car , I said. I think you re so worried and willing to not tell about me making you give me all that sleazy sex because maybe you had some sort of serious car accident or something that you never bothered telling the police about, I said while looking hard at her.

When she looked down at the floor with a guilty, trapped look on her face, I knew that she realized how desperate her situation had really become. I told her, Get down between my legs and tongue my penis. When she started crying again I grabbed her and pulled her by the head down between my legs. She was inexperienced, and tried sliding her mouth up and down on me with minimal emotion or effort, but I told her to use her tongue as well as her lip suction to stimulate my erection.

After a few minutes of her vigorously sucking my dick, I quickly built up an orgasmic tightness in the stem of my balls, and she reluctantly varied the pressure and tempo when I told her to. She felt my penis twitching and pulled her mouth off me, knowing I was getting ready to spew hot sperm inside her slippery little mouth. I told her that we weren't finished having sex yet, and to flick her tongue under the head of my penis and to slowly lick up and down, which she did as my cock pulsated on the edge of climax. She asked what I was waiting for, and just to go ahead and get it over with, but I told her to shut up.

I grunted for her to keep me on the edge of orgasm for as long as I could hold my cum back, and to give me as sexy a tongue job as she could. She was starting to be an accomplished headjob artist and slowly sucked me up and down, sucking very deeply and tightly squeezing her tongue on the underside of my penis as she went down each time, until I gasped in orgasm, and my semen violently spewed into her mouth.

She pulled her mouth off my dick, dripping gobs of semen out of her mouth as I squirted again and again right into the center of her face and spraying repeatedly up into her hair. Some of it dribbled down onto her nipples and looked so great. I said, Finish eating my sperm and lick my dick clean. She started crying and wouldn't lick the cum when I ordered her to, but I stood up quickly and grabbed her from behind and pulled her naked body into mine, pressing my dick against the crevice of her ass as I was just slowing down from the last part of my climax.

Semen oozed and dribbled out of the head of my dick and ran down between her tanned ass cheeks as I tried to hang on to struggling figure by hugging her tightly from behind with one hand reaching around and gripping her breast and the other hand reaching around her naked front to clutch the upper inside of her very slim and luscious thigh. My dick finally started to soften and hang down as she broke free and ran to her room crying.

I yelled that she'd better keep her mouth shut and she cried out in return that this had better be the last time this ever happened again. Needless to say, this elicited a quiet but satisfied laugh from me as I leaned back and relaxed on the cushions of the couch, with her sweet juices just starting to dry on my dick, as I happily planned my next progressive entrapment blackmail session with her steamy little body.

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