tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmail with a Twist

Blackmail with a Twist


"Excuse me Ma'am, can you come sign the contract and invoice, and then we'll be on our way?"

Sally lifted her sunglasses and looked at the workman who was standing beside her. With a sigh she stood up and prepared to follow him into the house. Her husband had hired these people to install a new security system, just in time for him to leave town for a week, and she had hoped they'd be done and gone before Dan left on his trip. When they weren't, Dan had told her there would be no need for her to do anything, and the men would let themselves out when they were done. If you can't trust the security people, who can you trust?

She'd blushed, she was sure of it, when the shirtless workman had appeared beside her at the pool. She wore only a skimpy bikini since she was tanning in private, and she'd been a little embarrassed to find him leering down at her body the way he had been.

"Here you go Ma'am." He was saying, handing her a pen and a paper. Without paying much attention to the papers she signed first one, then another, and then one that was obviously the invoice.

"Why didn't Dan take care of all this before he left?" She muttered half under her breath.

The workman smiled and took the papers from her. "Oh he did. He took care of what he needed to sign, these were papers just for you."

Sally shot him a look and was met with a wicked grin. Almost instantly 4 other men walked into the room, all either shirtless, of with their coveralls dropped to their waist. Slowly she began to back away towards the only other escape, the kitchen, but let out a loud gasp when she spotted another man appear there as well.

"What's going on here?" She demanded.

The first workman shrugged. "I think we need to test the system, don't you? I'd hate to bill your husband for it if it didn't work. Now how about you take off that ity bity swimsuit there and let us all have a look?"

"You beast! Get out!" She screamed, panic in her voice, but he simply laughed.

"Gus. The name's Gus. That there is Norm, Jake, Pete and Sam, and that..." pointing to the large man in the kitchen doorway. "is Simon. None of us are beasts. Now why don't you just do what you're told and everything will be just fine."

"Dan will kill you if you lay a finger on me!" She announced, but again he laughed at her.

"Now who says he's even going to know about it hmm?" Then the look on his face became more menacing and she took a step backwards. "Now stop wasting my time, or things will get nasty. I'm only going to tell you once more, take it all OFF!"

Gus took a step towards her and she gasped. His hands were large and he looked very strong. She took a quick look at the others, swallowed hard, and did as she was told. Once she stood naked before them all she felt herself blushing from head to toe as they all whistled and jeered at her.

"There, now that wasn't all that bad was it?" Gus was saying as she turned back to look at him. Her eyes opened wide as soon as she noticed that his pants were open and his huge hard cock was pointing right in her direction.

"What are you doing?" She gasped.

"What do you think I'm doing?" He asked her, teasingly.

"No! Leave me alone!"

He gave a nod and in seconds the other men were upon her, her arms pulled behind her back and her legs buckled under her till she was kneeling on the floor. Gus walked up to her, his hard cock only inches from her face.

"Now, here's the deal." He said, looking down at her sternly. "You do exactly as I say, and you won't get hurt. You don't, and these guys take you out. Understand?"

She looked up at the men who gripped her painfully. "Please don't hurt me." She begged. "When Dan finds out about this he will kill you!"

Gus laughed. "Oh I doubt it. See, we've set up this security system so there are cameras all over this room. Each one of them will be making tapes of what's about to happen. If Ol' Dan finds out anything about this, he'll be given the tapes, and what he'll see is you loving every bit of it, 'cause you see, you're going to act and talk as if you can't get enough of it."

"I will not!!!" She protested, but Norm's grip on her arm tightened.

"Oh yes!" Gus assured her. "Because if you don't, you'll just end up getting hurt."

"He'll never believe you!"

"Of course he will. We have your signature here to prove it."

"What?" Her face went white as he held up the papers she had signed.

"Your signature, agreeing to take part in making a sex video. It's all here. It says that you contacted us and asked us to make a video of you getting gang fucked. See, we're only doing what you want us to do." His grin widened and she kicked at Norm.

"That's not true and you know it!"

Gus shrugged. "So. With these papers, and the finished video, who will Dan believe when it all ends up in his lap? Now I suggest you do as I say, and make it look real good 'cause if I don't like the finished product I might just give him the tape anyway."

She looked around the room, and Gus smiled as the defeat began to show in her body language. Finally she nodded and he told her to get on her knees and beg for his cock to suck.

"We've already wasted too much time here. Now make it good! And remember, whatever we do to you, you want it and you want it bad."

With that he pulled his pants completely off and thrust his hard cock into her mouth. She didn't resist, but she wasn't very enthusiastic about it either, and Gus gave her left nipple a sharp pinch and twist.

"You can do better than that, bitch!" he said under his breath. Shocked, she began to suck more eagerly, and Gus was clearly more satisfied with the results. She put her all into it and moaned around his cock as he started to slide in and out of her mouth. He laced his fingers through her hair,getting a good grip on her head, and began to move her mouth up and down over his cock while fucking into her mouth with his hips.

"Oh yes! You like that don't you bitch?" He asked, and his fingers on her head promptly forced her to nod. He continued to fuck her mouth, his cock getting surprisingly harder and harder, until finally he started to groan.

"You want to drink my cum, don't you?" He asked her, and again he forced a nod of her head. "Oh yeah! I'll give you something to drink alright! But I bet that cunt of yours is just aching for a fucking huh?" Again he made her nod her head, and she whimpered around the cock in her mouth.

Without hesitation Norm had his hard cock in her twat and was pumping in and out of her eagerly, his hands gripping her hips, slamming her back against him. The sight of it was enough to bring Gus over the edge, and he let out a long low groan and forced deep into her mouth as his load of cum exploded down her throat. He pumped over and over as she gulped and gagged on the cum, swallowing because he gave her no choice. Before he pulled out of her mouth Norm let out a holler and let his sperm loose in her cunt, hammering home like a wild man until he was spent.

The two men pulled their cocks from her and Gus gave her hair a little tug to bring her face up to look at him. "Had enough yet bitch?" He asked her, and with his grip in her hair he elicited a convincing shake of her head. He laughed and looked at the other men. "Well, good, 'cause I'm sure Jake, Pete, Sam and especially Simon still want a piece of you."

She eyed the other men in shock. They were all naked now and she could see why Gus had singled Simon out. He was a muscular black guy, and his cock, well, Sally had never seen anything so huge! It was long, and it was thick, and it was standing out before him pointing right at her.

"You guys fuck her for a while." Simon said. "I like well fucked cunt, full of cum. It makes my dick slide in real nice." He grinned at her and she gulped, sure there was no way that thing would fit in her. She wasn't given much time to think though, as Pete was soon pumping his cock deep in her cunt.

Gus leaned down and pretended to kiss her, whispering to her as he did so. "Now Honey, your mouth is empty, so I would suggest you use it to talk to us hmm? Beg us to fuck you and tell us just how much you love it, how you need it real bad. Make a good show of it. If I don't like the video well enough after it's done, I'll just leave it right in Dan's desk when I leave here. Of course, since I installed the security system, I know the code to open the drawer, and you don't" He smiled wickedly at her and immediately she let out a long loud moan.

"Oh God! Fuck me! Oh yes Fuck me hard!" She begged, her eyes on Gus as Pete fucked her harder. "Don't stop! Fuck me harder! HARDER!"

Pete obliged, and soon his cum was shooting deep in her cunt and Sam took his place behind her. She moaned again and encouraged him to use her cunt too, and soon the third cock plunged into her. It didn't stay there long though, as soon he pulled out and came down firmly against her asshole. She let out a shriek, then glanced at Gus to see his frown of disapproval.

"Ohhhhh!!" She cried out. "Oh my ass! Oh yes! push it in my ass! Fuck my ass deep! Oh yes!" she cried through the pain.

"You ever had a hard cock in your ass, bitch?" Gus asked her teasingly.

She shook her head, biting her lip as the cock forced it's way into her tight hole. "No! Oh god no! Never!"

"But you want it, don't you?" He encouraged.

The cock popped in, with one final hard push, landing deep in her ass. "Oh YES!" She yelped, trying not to scream. "Yes! I want it bad! Fuck my ass hard!!!"

Sam started ramming her hard and deep as they all listened to her grunts and moans. Jake decided he couldn't wait much longer, and lined his cock up with her mouth. Eagerly she drew it in, glad to at least have something to occupy herself instead of thinking of the ass slamming she was getting. Before long both cocks had emptied in her, and she was left dreading Simon's huge black member. She eyed it in fear, lifting her eyes to Gus pleadingly.

"Oh I know how bad you want this last one, bitch. Show him that cum filled pussy of yours and maybe he'll give you what you want so badly. Beg him to fuck you, Slut!"

She groaned and looked at Simon's huge cock. "Ohhh please! Please put it in me! I want that cock in me so bad!" Her cunt was sore and her ass stung, but she knew she had no choice but to play this charade out. She was in too deep now, and Gus made if perfectly clear he would give Dan the tape if he wasn't satisfied with her performance.

"Oh please PLEASE put it in me!" She begged, and Simon laughed down at her.

"You want this black meat bad, don't ya, white trash?" He fondled himself, as if teasing her with it, and she moaned in frustration.

"Oh yes! I need it bad! Please fuck me with it! Please!"

Simon hovered over her, then slowly pushed it at her lips. She opened her mouth and let it in, but only the head managed to push past her stretched lips. "Make it nice and wet like a good white slut." He taunted her, and she rolled her tongue over the end, wondering how on earth this huge thing was going to fit inside her.

Simon finally pulled his cockhead from her lips and pushed her down onto her back, leaning down over her, poised to enter her cumdrenched cunt. Closer, closer, until the head was pushing at her.

"Put it in! Put it IN!!!" She begged, groping for his hips, wanting to get this ordeal over. "Oh please. FUCK ME with that huge thing!"

He lunged at her, sinking himself deep in her wet cunt in one hard plunge. She let out a scream, then glanced quickly at Gus.

"Oh fuck yesssss!" She cried out as Simon hammered his huge rod into her. Relentlessly he fucked her, while she begged and begged, until her cunt defied her and burst into wild orgasm. Over and over her body convulsed as he slammed into her, then he came, and his cum filled her, mixing with the other cum in her cunt.

When he pulled out of her she lay crumpled on the floor, exhausted. Panting hard, she watched as the men dressed and left, while she was left in a heap of sweat and cum in the middle of her livingoom floor, tears beginning to flow down her face.

Just when she thought she was alone again, and made an attempt to get to her feet on trembling legs, she heard Gus's voice.

"We'll just have to see how good it was, won't we?" He said, and the TV flickered to life. There, in full color, she saw herself sucking and fucking the first two cocks. "Come over here like a good little slut and have a good look at this hot whore in the video." He said, and weakly she crawled over to his feet. He pulled her in between his knees and held her there loosely while the two of them watched the scene play itself over. It had been bad enough living through it, she thought, without having to watch it. It didn't even seem as if it was her on the screen, yet her body reminded her it definitely was.

Gus rested his arms over her shoulders and began to fondle her tits. As they watched one of the men fucking her he gave her shoulders a little push, making her end up on her hands and knees.

"I never did get my cock in that slutty cunt of yours. What better time than the present!" He said cheerily, and pushed his now hard rod into her dripping wet cunt. his hands gripped her hips as he slid in and out of her while she was soundly fucked on the TV screen. He prolonged it, fucking her slowly, making it last the whole length of the video, then finally picking up speed and ramming hard into her as Simon hammered her with his huge dick on the TV. Gus let out a loud groan and added his cum to the rest in her cunt just as that huge black cock emptied in her on the screen. When the picture went blank, Gus pulled out and stood up and got dressed. Video in hand he walked towards the door.

"I'm disappointed, I know you could have done that better. Tell you what, I'll take this with me and have a look at it again and decide just how poor I think your performance was. Your husband won't be back for a week, you'll be hearing from me before then." With that he walked out the door and Sally burst into tears.


The next few days dragged by for Sally. Every time the phone rang or the doorbell sounded, she jumped nervously. A few times it was her husband and he questioned her if she was feeling alright, saying she sounded a little odd. Finally, the day Dan was due to return, the dreaded call came and her heart pounded as she listened to Gus' voice on the other end of the phone.

"Alright, here's the deal. The video really doesn't cut it. I have half a mind to meet your husband at the airport and hand it over as soon as his feet touch the tarmac." He heard her gasp over the phone line, and knew he had hit home. "Unless of course, you can sweeten the deal a little bit."

"What do you want?" She asked, breathlessly, her head spinning. "What do I have to do for you to give me that damn tape and the papers?"

He laughed at her. "Oh I didn't say I would give them to you, just that I wouldn't give them to Dan."

"Please!" She begged. "What do I have to do?"

He had her wrapped around his finger now, and he loved that. "Simple really. Just show up at the airport in a short dress with no panties on. When Dan gets off the plane, we have him paged to meet you at a certain location. You will be very nearby, in a men's washroom... an unlocked men's washroom... getting fucked up the ass by me. If I'm lucky... or if you're unlucky, whichever way you want to look at it, he just might decide he needs to take a piss while we're at it." She could almost hear the grin in his voice, and she felt sick to her stomach. She wanted to say no, but she was convinced he would really give Dan that tape.

"Is there no other way?" she whispered.

"Ummm... hmmm, let me see.... uhh... nope." he said, smugly, and she could hardly keep from throwing up.

"Fine. Where do I meet you?"

The rendez-vous was set, and a few hours later Sally nervously walked through the crowded airport with a very short dress on, and no panties. Every time someone jostled her, she was sure her dress would rise up and someone would notice. She walked with her arms tight to her sides, and stood anxiously awaiting Gus at the predetermined location.

"Not very slutty." He said, his voice right behind her ear, startling her. "You got a bare cunt under that dress, you should flaunt it like the slut you are, not keep it pinned to your body like that."

She glared at him. "I just want to get this over with, do you understand? I am not a slut, I do not have to act like one!"

He grinned. "Oh but you're wrong! You are a slut my dear. You're the wildest whore I know. Who else but a slut would let me ram her ass in the mensroom with the door unlocked? You realize don't you that if there's anyone in there, you'll have to do them too."

"No!" She exclaimed.

He leaned close to her and gave her a wicked grin. "Yes, slut, the word is yes. Remember that for the future. Anything I tell you to do, you say YES. Understand?"

She didn't have time to answer as the loudspeaker burst into life, announcing Dan's plane's arrival. Gus gave her a shove sideways towards the mensroom, but not far enough that they could not see the gate where Dan would soon be emerging. Sally's heart pounded when Dan appeared through the gate.

Gus gripped her by the arm and led her directly into the mensroom. Just as the door was closing behind them the announcement began on the loudspeaker asking Dan to meet his party at pillar 45G. Gus roughly bent Sally over the sink and pulled up her dress, rubbing his hands over her bare ass. She felt his breath on her neck as he leaned forward, one finger pressing at her opening.

"Beg for it Sweetheart!" He whispered at her ear. "Beg me to fill your ass with my cock! Tell me how much you love knowing your husband is right outside the door while you're gettin cock up your slut's ass!" Sally started to cry and Gus jammed his finger in hard and deep. "DO it!" He said through gritted teeth.

"P..p..please... please fuck my ass!" She tried to beg, almost breathless. "Please! I beg you.... put your cock in my ass and fuck me hard! I want your cock in my ass while Dan is just ...outside the door! Oh god hurry!!!"

He was glad to oblige, and shoved his cock hard into her ass with little thought for her pain. She stifled a cry and tried to push back against him as he began to fuck her, ramming hard and deep into her tight ass.

"You love this don't you? Yeah! You'd love it if Ol' Dan would walk right in here right now, wouldn't you?" He panted at her neck.

"No!!!" She gasped, and he gripped at her tits roughly.

"Yes!!!! The word is YES!" he hissed. "How many times do I have to tell you, you stupid bitch, when I ask a question, the answer is always YES! Now SAY it!" He slammed in deep into her, fucking her hard, his hands gripping on her tits and pinching her nipples.

She started to cry, and sobbed out the words he wanted to hear. "Yes! I'd love for Dan to walk in and see me with your cock ramming my ass!"

He laughed at her, and instantly shot his seed into her ass, forcing as deep as he could, over and over, till he was spent, then pulled out and slapped her ass hard.

"Slut!" He spat at her. "Dan's gonna love what's on that tape!"

She turned to look at him in disgust. "No! You promised!"

His eyes narrowed. "I didn't promise anything. I suggested that I might not give him the tape if you did this. As it turns out, I'm still not convinced. You didn't do what you were told here very well. I hate having to correct a stupid slut." He opened his jacket and revealed the tape in the inside pocket. "And I know exactly where Danny boy is right now."

She gripped at his arm as he turned towards the door. "No! Please! PLEASE! I'll do anything! Anything you want! Please just don't give him that tape!"

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