I staggered through the door and collapsed onto the sofa after a long day. I looked in the mirror and saw myself as I started the day-the same pale skin, the same long ginger hair, the same hoodie and miniskirt-but I felt like crap. I reached for the TV remote when I heard a noise from upstairs and steps thundering down them.

My brother, Josh, poked his head into the room and followed with the rest of his body. I saw that he was wearing a simple white T-shirt and jeans which matched mine.

"How you doing, Sophie?" he asked, smiling at me in a way that could not have been good.

"Why do you even care?" I asked him coldly.

"Because of what you did last night, sis." he replied, causing fear to bubble in my stomach.

"Why? What did I do last night?" I asked, trying to keep the dread from my voice.

"You don't remember?" He asked me, still grinning "You got absolutely sloshed is what happened. You came charging into my room at something like 1am and jumped on the bed like crazy, waking me up. Then you started dancing and posing for me, in your tank top and short skirt. I even have the photos here..." he told me, getting his phone out.

He cycled through the images until he found the ones he was looking for, and my jaw dropped in horror. There was picture after picture of me dancing and posing for the camera, one in particular (which Josh claimed was his favorite) was of me spreading my buttcheeks and looking back while grinning like a monkey at the camera.

Dread filled my heart as I asked Josh a question: "Brother, y-y-you haven't p-put those photos o-onl-line...have you?"

This question caused Josh to grin even more broadly: "Well, that depends on you, sis. I'll promise not to put the photos online-but you'll have to do something for me in return." he said in a triumphant way.

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused.

Josh continued in his triumphant voice: "Well, you were my little slut last night-but all that happened was I took photos. I want that to change today, from now on, you're my slave. That means you do as I say and follow my rules, but while mom and dad are here you will act completely normal. Rule one: you are no longer allowed to wear underwear at home, now turn around and bend over. I want to see that nice ass while I talk to you."

The words that came out of Josh's mouth disgusted me-his slave? Me? But I didn't have any say in the matter-I turned around, bent over the sofa, and slid my panties down my legs.

"Thats a better view" Josh commented "Rule two: you must not tell anyone about our little deal, understand?"

I wanted to turn around and punch him in the face, but instead, I said "Yes, sir."

"Rule three: you must do whatever I ask without any hesitation whatsoever, understand?"

"Yes, sir" I replied, disgusted with myself for getting into that mess at all.

I felt a hand slap my buttcheek and a single tear leaked from my eye. Josh felt my buttcheek and started talking to me: "Nice, very nice. I've been longing to do that since last night, sis. You know, I've always had a thing for you, but I never did anything because I knew how you'd react. But now-" he pinched my nipples, causing another tear to leak from my eye "-now I can do whatever I like with you, my little slut." He said, slapping my face.

"Take off your hoodie." he told me, knowing I'd have to obey. I unzipped the hoodie and slid it down my arms: "the shirt, too" I slid my shirt off over my head, revealing my bare breasts "You don't wear a bra. Interesting..." Josh commented.

I felt Josh's finger brush my exposed pussy and I hoped he didn't notice me shiver with pleasure, but-"So, you enjoy that?" He asked, before penetrating my pussy with two of his fingers, causing me to shake slightly, he started moving his fingers inside my pussy, before he pulled them out and put them to my mouth: "Suck them, slut."

I sucked his fingers, not being able to object, and he asked me a sarcastic question: "You like the taste of your pussy juices? Or do you like sucking my fingers?" I felt his other hand start to tease my asshole, but he didn't put his finger in "No." he told himself "I can save that for next time..." He took his fingers out of my mouth and gave me another command "Kneel, slut."

I did as he told me, I knew what he was going to do, what was going to happen to me-and sure enough he stood in front of me and took his shirt off, then undid the belt on his jeans. His jeans fell to the floor and he stood in front of me with a bulge in his boxers. "Take it out, slut." he told me, and I slid his boxers off, causing his 8.5 inch dick to slap the cheek of my open jaw, noticing my look of surprise, he smiled and informed me "That's right, sis. Your brother has a big dick. You know what to do."

I did know what to do, and with a sudden thought that I might actually enjoy it, I started stroking my brothers dick. After a few seconds, I started licking the tip, causing him to sigh slightly. I moved my head down lower and put the head of his dick in my mouth, still massaging it with my tongue. "Oh...Sophie..." Josh moaned, in response I moved my head down lower his dick and started moving my tongue in circles around his cock. To my suprise I actually found I like the taste his dick left in my mouth, moved down further and couldn't go anymore, but my tongue was circling it like crazy.

"Why do I like this so much?" I thought to myself "I should be feeling disgusted, but I feel...pure."

"That's enough of that." Josh told me, and I took his dick out of my warm, wet mouth, still stroking it. Josh pulled a condom out of his pocket and took the packing off before rolling it down his 8.5-inch rock hard erection. "Lie down, Sophie. I'll do the work this time." He told me, grinning again at my panting in anticipation. I lied down on the floor and felt his dick brush the top of my pussy, making it leak slightly with wetness, he rubbed his erection over my cunt, before penetrating it with his cock and sliding it all the way in.

I felt pain, but with pain came pleasure-a lot of pleasure. I shook violently as he filled my pussy with his throbbing dick and screamed in pleasure, tears leaking from my eyes-tears of happiness. I panted slightly as he started to fuck my dripping wet cunt deep and slow.

"Oh, Joshua...its so big..." I breathed at him, in response, he grabbed one of my boobs and started fucking my pussy faster, harder. I panted harder and moaned more as his dick filled my dripping pussy again and again, getting faster with each push. "Oh, let me cum, brother!" I cried "Please let me cum!

"Yes, cum Sophie! Cum all over my dick!" He told me, and I screamed loudly and shook uncontrollably as I came all over the dick fucking my pussy. "That's it, Sophie. Good girl!"

Joshua told me, starting to pant himself.

He kept fucking my cunt for another minute and sighed "Oh, you're going to make me cum!" then he pulled out and whipped off the condom-"Sit up." he commanded me, stroking himself. I did as he says and saw his big cock explode his load all over my face and boobs.

Joshua fell back onto the sofa, panting and I tasted a bit of his cum "Delicious." I commented, before joining Josh on the sofa.

We lied there for about a minute and Joshua told me "Sophie, that was the best fuck I've had in a long time."

"You know what, brother?" I said back "Post those photos online if you want-as long as we get to fuck whenever you want."

"Oh, right the photos..." Josh said, going through his pocket and grabbing his phone. He went through the photos, and started deleting them, except for his "favorite" one. "You know what, sister? You were such a good fuck, I'll let you make the decisions about it from now on." He told me, smiling.

I replied "Well brother, this could be the start of a brilliant friends-with-benefits-ship." We smiled at each other. "A very good one indeed..."

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