I was seated at the bar in a very short leather black dress and black leather boots, showing my well shaped legs with a plunging cleavage that together with a push up bra accentuated my firm breasts. I swiveled the bar stool around, spreading my legs slightly looking to see who was in the bar of the 5 star hotel. There were about 6 single guys and 2 couples and a few groups. I turned my attention to the single guys, smiling at them and licking my lips, crossing and uncrossing my legs until I had their attention before turning to another guy.

It did not take long before one of them came up to me and introduced himself as John. He was in his 40's and was looking down my cleavage as he spoke. He was old enough to be my father. There was no one within earshot.

"Are you here alone on business?" I asked

"I am here on my own on business." He replied.

"So am I." I said, smiling, touching his thigh encouragingly and brushing quickly his crotch. "And I am feeling horny! Are you?"

The poor guy nearly spilt his drink. He nodded.

"Do you like kinky sex?"

"What do you mean?"

"Things like bondage, S&M, water sports and other things you probably wouldn't tell your wife?"

"Oh yes."

I took a plastic bag out from my hand bag.

"In here is some of my worn lingerie. Would you be prepared to put them on under your clothes?"

He nodded.

"And prepared to serve me in any way I want?"

"Give me your room key, go to the toilet and change into them come to room 736 in 10 minutes!" Without waiting for an answer, I got up and walked out knowing he was looking at my legs.

The door opened and John walked in. I came over to him, pressing myself against him, feeling his erection, as I kissed him on the lips.

"Strip down to your lingerie and lie down on the bed!" I ordered. He quickly did as I bade and soon he was down to stockings, suspenders and a pair of thong panties that barely covered his erection. As soon as we lying on the bed, I straddled his chest so that he could look up my leather dress. While he was so engaged, I reached over to the corner and grabbed his wrist quickly securing it to leather cuffs already attached to the bed. Then I did the same with the other one before climbing off him and securing his ankles in the same way.

"Now, you slut! You are going to have to learn to control your cock. I want to see you limp!" I knew he was so horny that he would not be able to do so.

I went to the fridge and took out some ice cubes and put them in a plastic bag and slid the bag inside his panties pressing against his scrotum. Within a few minutes his penis had shriveled. I showed him a leather chastity device- a sheath with tiny studs inside.

"I am going to put this over your cock and so long as you don't have any sexy thoughts you will be ok, but as your cock hardens those studs will dig into your foreskin. Well you can imagine the rest!" I removed the bag of ice and slid the sheath over his penis, securing the ties at the bottom around his balls separating them.

I lifted my dress and turned around in the 69 position on top of him so that my panty clad pussy was over his mouth and nose.

"Can you smell my delectable g strings? Before going downstairs I had a good long masturbation and came twice in them. You want to make it a third time, slut?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes please Mistress."

"Ok, slut. Get your tongue against my panties and tongue my clit!"

I felt his tongue probe my pussy and adjusted my position so that the tip was against my clit, but his attempts were pretty feeble

"When was the last time you sucked cunt? Probably not for a long time. You probably haven't fucked your wife for ages either, eh? When was the last time?"

I leant forward so that he could answer. But didn't. I grabbed the penis sheath and squeezed until he cried out.


"A couple of months ago."

"I sat back on him ordering him to tongue my clit harder. This time he did a better job and soon I was squirming in pleasure and could feel my juices seep out and into the material of the panties before I cried out in pleasure as my orgasm washed over me. I slipped off the panties, rolled them into a bowl and stuffed them into his mouth as a gag.

I got my cell phone and took some photos with the on-board camera of him.

I untied his ankles and wrists and ordered him to get onto his knees facing the foot of the bed so I could re secure his wrists to the metal bars there.

Standing in front of him I lowered the strap of my leather dress, peeling it down below my breasts. I took each breast in turn and started tweaking the nipple with two fingers in front of his eyes before getting a dildo and sliding it between the folds of my tits. I could see him trying to scream, but it was stifled by the panty gag. His cock was hardening and the studs starting to penetrate his foreskin. I let the dress drop down and stepped out of it and took the dildo and slid it into my hot wet pussy in front of him fucking myself with it.

His eyes started to roll and I could feel that the pain was excruciating for him. So I stopped and undid the chastity device removing it. I looked at his cock and there were no damaging marks. I removed the gag, strapped on a harness around my waist, clipping on the dildo.

"Open your mouth, slut! Let's see how good you are at cock sucking." Without further ado I plunged the cock between his lips slowly inching the plastic further and further inside his mouth before slowly withdrawing it and recommenced, fucking him like a man.

"You've sucked cock before, haven't you, you disgusting pervert?" He shook his head. I withdrew and got onto the bed, kneeling behind him and slowly pushed the head into his anus. There was quite a bit of resistance so I pulled out and slid a couple of fingers in there to loosen him up before reinserting the artificial cock head. This time it went in a lot easier and with a little bit of pushing and withdrawing had most of it inside him.

"Phil!" I shouted. In came my partner, naked sporting a rock hard cock. He stood in front of John and without saying a word as I made a very hard thrust attempting to get the whole length of the dildo inside him john opened his mouth to scream. Immediately, Phil shoved his cock into the slut's mouth right to the back of the throat.

I climbed off the bed and took some more pictures of them. Phil had grabbed the back of John's head and was guiding him. After a few minutes of fucking his mouth Phil knelt behind him and began to force his cock into his already widened anus, feeling the tightness of his orifice against the hot, throbbing erection. I watched, taking more photos of Phil thrusting in and out of his arse until he shot his load over the slut's backside.

I went over to John's clothing and located his cell phone. Removing the SIM card I put it into my phone and downloaded all his contacts into it before replacing the card.

"John what do you think your wife and friends would think if they knew you had been sucking cock and been fucked by one while dressed in female lingerie, especially if the boy was young enough to be your son? They would probably divorce you and your friends would probably think they didn't know that you were such a disgusting pervert and would disown you. I have pictures to prove what you get up to on your business trips! I bet you have a son or daughter and they would never talk to you again. Well this can all go away. All you need to do is to log onto your bank with this internet capable phone and transfer money to my account. What do you say?"


"No? Which picture shall I send to your wife? The one with you sucking a cock or the one of you being fucked or maybe the one with the panties in your mouth?" I asked, beginning to press the buttons on the phone in preparation for sending. .

"No. Ok."

"Good. Give me the bank details." He gave them to me and I logged into his account. He had $12000 in it. I transferred $8000 from it to my Panama bank account.

"Ok, now I have moved $8000 to my account. If you attempt to reverse the entry or go to the police, I will send all the photos to all your friends. Bear in mind that the pictures will bear out my story that I am an exclusive professional Mistress and the amount you transferred will be for the kinky services I provided. Phil will take your clothes to your room and the towels. I will untie you and leave your room key somewhere in the fire stairs."

When Phil had done this, we both left leaving him in the frillies.

This was a lucrative business. Phil and I had been doing this all over the country for three months now- sometimes he was the seducer, but mostly me and we always chose guys of John's age. Sitting in the account was close to $800000 dollars.

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