tagBDSMBlackmailed By My Secretary

Blackmailed By My Secretary


My job is pretty much a dream one. I'm one of a team of representatives assigned at one of my company's subcontractors. We smooth out any production problems before they get to the main office. As long as things go smooth, it's as cushy a job as you can get, but if things go bad, we take a lot of heat.

We're assigned to a good company, few problems come up and they're generally minor ones. Heck, they ought to be, there's a hefty quality bonus at the end of every year and part of that is based on the field rep's score of their 'responsiveness'. As a result of our influence on their bottom line, we get free run of the place and set our own hours.

Basically, they treat us like kings, reserved parking, VERY plush, private offices, the latest computer's, even executive dining room privileges. Probably best of all they gave us an excellent secretary.

She handled all the office details, served as our network administrator, that sort of thing. While outstanding in performance she wasn't exactly eye-candy. Gina was in her late 20's, trim but with a look to her that took away any sex appeal. She wore plastic rimmed glasses and a severely pulled back hairstyle that fit the pinched expression she kept on her face. Don't get me wrong , she was always pleasant but stayed cool and professional.

When things were running smooth it was hard to occupy my time. One of the guys worked on running his side business, the other spent his time reading novels. But me? I spent the slack time surfing the web, especially the so-called 'adult' sites.

I'd developed a fondness for the one's that specialized in women abusing men, 'dominating', bossing them around and in general 'using' men like sex objects.

With the high speed net access that the company provided, I was in heaven. I'd downloaded a ton of nasty pictures, a bunch of stories and even placed ad's. Now, this was strictly against my host companies rules and MY company's policies.

But ya know, sitting in my office with some leather-clad babe's picture up in one window, reading about some poor guy suffering at the hands of a demanding woman in another, well, that wasn't all that big a concern. I even wrote out some of my fantasies and put them out on story sites (of course, I used an anonymous email account to post from) .

It was late one Friday afternoon when Gina buzzed me on the intercom and asked if I was busy, she needed to talk to me. "Well Gina, it's late Friday, most everyone's already split early and there's NOTHING going on, I'm not busy at all." She thanked me and said she'd be right in. This was very unusual for Gina. Normally she'd catch us as we walked past her desk and we'd discuss things right there. Her wanting to talk in my office suggested some kind of personal issue, humm, maybe she was thinking of transferring?

She carried a thick folder and a CD. "Jerry, we need to talk about some serious issues here." "As you know I cover a lot of areas in this office, one of which is our computers."

"Gina, you're right, frankly you're the only person holding this office together and you do the work of two people. Everyone here in the office has commented to Terri (Gina's official supervisor) that you're a really exceptional asset to us" I interjected.

"Thanks Jerry, I enjoy my work… except at times like this." This began to sound serious, REAL serious. Gina'd never looked so grim before. "Jerry, last week I did my bi-annual audit of our computer systems and I found 'inappropriate' material on yours." Gina's tone when she said 'inappropriate' was VERY prim…

WHAT! I didn't know they DID audits! " You KNOW that you're not permitted to visit 'ADULT' sites but you've done so countless times" . She dropped the folder on my desk and flipped it open, showing page after page of website's I'd visited, the images I downloaded, the stories I'd read, (and written), even the ad's I'd placed, even worse, a full listing of my accounts and passwords. At this point I was pale, this was utterly damning.

"The folder is only a partial printout of what's copied onto this CD. You've actually done FAR more than I felt like printing out and reading through."

"Well…Gina…there's not really anything I can say, is there?"

"Jerry, I've spent every evening reading through this pathetic crap you seem to be obsessed with, and, you know what? I think this CD or one of the copies I've made of it, can ruin your career."

I'd reached this conclusion myself . " Ummm, Gina, is it really necessary for you to report this? I mean, I've got the message loud and clear and guess I just got caught up in…"

"STOP RIGHT THERE!!!" "Don't you DARE give me ANY shit about how you'll be a good little boy if I just turn my head and let this go" She was almost shouting then quietly said "There are consequences for behavior like this and you're going to have to face them."

Well…that sounded like it was over then. My heart sank as I contemplated my future…and it wasn't pretty. When I was fired for THIS reason, I could be sure the grapevine would have all the juicy details. Eventually, all my potential employers would hear about it..Maybe a burger place would hire me, but no-one higher on the pay scale would touch me.

I was startled out of my dark thoughts when Gina spoke up, "You haven't been a bad boss these last months, I'm going to let you have a choice."

Sure I do, I can quit or be fired, I know how the game plays out… She continued unbroken, "I can report this to my boss, which they'll report the problem to YOUR boss and more than likely you'll be fired."

"And what's the other choice, resign?" I asked

"No, that's not an option for you, even if you resign before you're fired, I'm still going to have to pass all this along to my boss…No, your only other option is that we handle your disciplinary action within this office."

'HUH???' 'Well, ahh, if you mean you're going to shutoff my web access, of course I'll go along with that, I mean, that's totally reasonable to do.'

"Not exactly."

"When I read through the stories you wrote, I got some ideas about disciplining assholes like you." ….."So, here's your real option." "Starting Monday morning, you're going to get your ass whipped….literally…. When you come in at 6:30am…"

"Wait a minute Gina, I don't get here until 8:00am"

"I guess you didn't hear me. You ARE going to get here on Monday at 6:30AM…I'm going to be here with a riding crop…I'm going to use that riding crop on you EVERY day at 6:30am, during lunch and at 4:30pm for the next week."

THIS was a stunner. Where the hell did she come up with THIS idea? Well, wherever she did, I was starting to like it.. "Sooo…if I do this, you give me a clean sheet to start from? Everything gets shredded, and it's like nothing ever happened?"

Gina didn't say anything for a whole minute, just looked at me. Then she gave me a slow, tight smile.

"Oh, no, I didn't say that at all. Next week is just to see if you deserve a chance to earn your reprieve."

"Ummm, Gina,"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP" She interrupted me before I even got started…

"YOU'RE the one who's on the verge of having his career ruined. YOU'RE the one who's going to do every damn thing I want, every TIME I want."

"Or… do you want me to just take a little walk upstairs to Terri's office and drop this folder and the CD onto HER desk…I think she hasn't left yet"

I couldn't say anything, I was breathing kind of heavy as I felt my options burning away. I really liked my cushy job and I was well regarded in my field with a good future ahead of me. That could all change overnight if this mousy little twit in front of my desk so desired. Pissing her off would be a BAD thing to do at this point.

"Gina, look, you're asking a lot here. I mean, it's bad enough getting a whipping , but if it EVER got out, well…we'd BOTH be finished here." "Could you give me a chance to think things over? Please?"

"Tell you what, Jerry, I'm going to be at my desk Monday at 6:30. No-one else even gets in the building until around 8:00am. At 6:30 you'd better be kneeling beside my desk, ready to start."

"So, yeah, I'll let you have the weekend to think about it, and you think about it very hard. When you realize that you have NO other choice, you can start getting ready for me….I've loathed body hair all my life, so, since I get to call the shots, you will have ALL your body hair shaved off. EVERY BIT OF IT. I mean all, from your toe's to your neck, it all goes. Even pubic hair."

Gina had a nasty smirk on her face when she added…."And don't think I won't check, whenever I feel like it, so you'll be shaving every morning.."-

She didn't even wait for me to reply. Just as well, when she left my office, I still had my mouth open. I don't even remember the drive to my apartment.

I spent a restless weekend, alone, inside my apartment. I was busted, big time. Worst of all, I knew Gina really WAS doing me a favor, in a backhanded kind of way. At the cost of loosing a little dignity in private, I'd get the chance to keep my job.

There really wasn't anything to decide, Gina had me cold and all I could do was go along. I spend Sunday afternoon shaving my body. It took a surprising amount of time and three sets of blades for my razor. Just to be on the safe side I even finished up with some hair removal cream, you know, the stuff that's supposed to dissolve hair.

Monday morning came early. I sure couldn't afford to blow this by being late so I was dressed and sitting in the parking lot by 6:15am.

I walked into the office at 6:25 and Gina was already sitting there, typing away on her computer, as cool and composed as any other normal work day with one exception.

Laying out in plain sight, right there on her desk, was a riding crop. It gave me a little chill when I looked over at her screen and saw that she was composing an email to Terri.

"You're early, that's good. You've got 5 minutes to go into your office and return here without your clothes."

" HEY, wait just a minute. You didn't say ANYTHING about me being naked. That's not our agreement."

"I said nothing about how you'd be dressed, but what did you think when I told you to shave your body…ok, fine….forget it. Just go on into your office, I'll go ahead and finish this email to Terri. I'm glad I decided to get started on it,"

Ah, shit. I already know I'm gonna give in. I was beat as soon as she showed me that damn folder.

"Gina, I'm sorry. You just caught me by surprise. Let me go change and I'll be right back." " Please?"

"Alright, I told you to be kneeling here at 6:30 and we'd start, so you've got 2 minutes left."

I almost ran back to my office, unbuttoning my shirt as I went. My clothes I just left in a pile on my desk, I just didn't have time to be neat.

I nearly made it. It was 6:32 by the time I sprinted back to her desk and dropped to my knees. Gina looked a little pissed until she saw me running and then she laughed out loud. I guess it was ridiculous, a naked man running with his dick bouncing side to side.

"HUMMM, you didn't make my deadline, but I'll give you points for amusing me, so I'll cut you some slack. I'm NOT going to send that email , but you ARE going to suffer a 'late penalty'. I think that's fair."

"Crawl into the conference room and we'll get started Jerry"

This wasn't too bad. What WAS bad was the the digital camera she was using to take pictures of me crawling, from the rear, AND the front, paying special attention to clearly capturing my face.

Following her instructions, I bent over the end of the table, legs spread.

Gina tied my ankles to the table legs and then snapped a set of handcuffs around my wrists behind my back. More photos were taken, most clearly displaying my face, and from the copies I later saw, all made it clear that I was securely bound up and helpless.

"Look Gina, you don't NEED to tie me up. Just the fact that I'm here means that I've accepted your punishment, doesn't it? I won't go anywhere, my job means too much to me."

"HEY, Owwww, that's too tight, come-on now, loosen up…really, you don't need to do this."

She didn't even acknowledge my words until she'd tightened the cuffs. "You talk too much. I'm going to do what I damn well please and the sooner you figure that out, the better. …wait right here."

Oh great, like I'm going anywhere. She returned carrying a roll of wide strapping tape and my underwear. Before I could even comment, Gina had stuffed my shorts into my mouth (thank GOD they were clean) and put a couple of wraps of tape around my head to hold them. She stepped back to admire her work and take a few more pictures, even going so far as to have me hold my head up to get a clearer shot of my face. Once she had enough she spoke again.

"You know, I guess I should tell you what your whippings are going to be like today. I'd planned on giving you 30 hard swats in each of our sessions. …that was BEFORE you got your 'late' penalty."

"Penalties are funny things, they need to be severe enough to make you NOT want to disobey again ….I've decided that your penalty is going to be a doubling of EACH of today's whip strokes…I suspect by the end of the day, you're going to decide that being tardy obeying me is a BAD thing…don't you?"

OHH, NO!! This was not good, not good at all. No way I was gonna be able to take getting 60 whacks from a riding crop, IN A DAY, let alone a single session. I tried to convey that, though, from the response I was getting, I don't think that my head shaking, muffled plea's, and wiggles, were getting the message across…but then again, I was starting to get the feeling, she wouldn't have cared anyway.

I noticed Gina hooking up the conference room video camera. The monitor was where I could see it and the camera had a perfect shot of me in profile. There I was, in all my 'glory', naked, bent over a table with my butt sticking out, ankles tied and hands cuffed…WITH a taped gag on. She had decided to tape this humiliation of mine, presumably so she could relive it. I just prayed she had no darker plans.

When she took her position I noticed that she had set it up so that only her lower torso was visible. Clever…

The less I say about the whipping I received the better. She started out a little hesitant and stiff but even so, that first blow shocked me with it's burn. Each succeeding stroke was carefully spaced until my ass was completely striped, then she began criss-crossing them.

Gina took her time, clearly enjoying herself. I had several seconds between each stroke. I was strong for the first 10 or so but then it was just too much. I began to struggle and yell. By the time she reached 30 I was begging and pleading for her to stop. The gag, as it was intended to, kept me from any useful pleading and just caused her to giggle.

When she triumphantly counted off the final "59"…."60", all I could do was collapse. My ass was shrieking it's agony and there was a puddle of tears on the table from my sobbing.

And Gina? She'd clearly been working hard, her face was flushed and she'd broken a sweat but she had a very satisfied look to her. She wasn't QUITE finished though…

"I think it's time for you to start properly thanking me for giving you the chance to keep your job, Jerry. Time for YOU to do some work for a change, rather than just laying there relaxing." She unwrapped the tape leaving me to spit my soggy underwear out on the table...I wasn't going to be wearing THOSE again today.

Gina hiked her skirt up to take off her panties. I could see, even from several feet away, that she had totally soaked them. I could also see she was clean shaven…ummm. She quickly sat up on the table and swung her legs around to straddle my head with her thighs.

"Time to give me a good licking Jerry. Remember, the faster you make me cum, the more time you have to get cleaned up before the rest of the guys get here." Oh jeeze, I'd totally lost track of the time. I snuck a quick glance at the wall clock…7:15…DAMN…I started working like a madman. I attacked her slit like I was starved.

Not wanting to piss her off I worked my tongue around the edges of her very swollen cunt lips. I licked every drop of her juice from the tops of her thighs, from where it had dripped down near her asshole and up to the puffy area just above her clit. By the time I'd done this I could feel her thighs spastically clamping around my head and her hands were smashing my mouth squarely onto her pussy.

I can take a hint, even a subtle one like that. I just dived in. My tongue shoved it's way between her lips, doing it's best imitation of a cock, in and out, as hard as it could. I started sucking her clit, very delicately sucking the swollen nubbin in and scraping it along my teeth. To finish her off, I just set up a steady licking, concentrated on her clit.

When Gina came, she clamped my head, HARD between her thighs and lifted her ass completely off the table letting out several long, ohhh, OHHHH, OHHHH's …She lay for a minute or so, just twitching, before she got off the table and pulled her skirt back down.

"Well, Jerry, I think that under the circumstances, you've done very well for your first session. I'm going to go and freshen up my face and then I'll be back to let you loose…I do hope no-one comes in early today."

I looked at the clock and my heart sank. It was 7:35. I'd spent 20 minutes giving her that orgasm and my colleagues were normally quite prompt coming in at 8:00.

"Please, PLEASE, Gina. Let me loose now or I'll never be cleaned up in time. Please, PLEASE???…Come-on, I've been a good boy, haven't I? If anyone catches me like this, I'm ruined anyway."

"Ok, OK, I was just teasing anyway, stop whining like a baby." A few moments later I was standing there, relieved, feeling the blood rush back into my hands. I had noticed though, that she took the precaution of ejecting the video tape and locking it in her desk first.

I rushed back to the sink near the coffee machine and hurriedly rinsed my face before I scurried into my office, carrying my soggy underwear and wondering if I could get through the day.

Safe behind my locked office door I took stock of my situation. My secretary Gina had just given me a brutal whipping, I could feel the welts already and they hurt like hell. She'd video taped and photo'd the whole humiliating episode for god know's WHAT reason and been very careful to keep her face from being shown. I felt exhausted already and the day had barely begun.

Getting dressed, I blessed the fact that I normally wore long-sleeved shirts, at least they covered the marks on my wrists. I found a much bigger problem when I sat down to pull on my pants.

Actually, I COULDN'T sit down, it was much too agonizing, I settled for leaning gingerly against my desk to put on the rest of my clothes. Every time I moved, my pants rubbed my welts, making me realize that this week was going to be a long one. I had meeting's every day at 9:00 and at 2:00. I didn't expect any problem staying awake in those with the welts to remind me.

I double checked to insure my face showed no trace of the tape and my clothes presentable before I unlocked the door and greeted the other guys as they passed my door. They each wandered out to make a token walk-through of the plant and I knew they'd be gone for 30-40 min easily so I went down to talk to Gina.

"Gina, I…I'm not sure I can take another …ummm, ahh" ("Session?" Gina interjected with a smile when I seemed stuck for a word), "yeah, another 'session' today. I mean, you whipped my ass raw and I can't walk around without hurting, I don't even want to think about sitting through my meetings today…"

"Could you, ummm,… Would you, consider maybe letting me off the rest of the day?…I mean, you've got that video, and those pictures, don't you think those might make up for letting me off….Just for today, I mean, and all…" "Please"

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