tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmailed Ch. 02

Blackmailed Ch. 02



I went out of the house early in the morning, eager to be out of the house, away from you. Trying to hide the evidence of yesterday's accident from you was tough. I had to feign ill so that you would not bug me for sex. The small ring that Harold had pierced through my clit reminded me of what happened, and the possible consequences if I did not turn up at the location today. It also kept me impossibly aroused throughout the rest of yesterday and this morning.

When I reached the address that I was told to turn up, I was surprised to see that it was a warehouse. I realized that this may turn possibly bad. I stood outside the door for a while, but decided against walking away. I pushed the metal door and walked in, blinking against the dark interior for a few seconds before I could see anything.

At first, I thought there were no one in the warehouse, that I may have possibly gone to the wrong place, but when my eyes adjusted to the lights, I saw five men standing around, including Eric and Harold. There was a small changing screen at the far side of the warehouse, and the only furnitures in it are table, several chairs, a wardrobe and a bed. I knew instantly that all of them wanted sex with me, in fact, how could I be surprised? But I was, afraid, but surprised. And it was all turning me on. I could feel the pull of my clit ring on me, and I knew I was wet with arousal.

Harold spoke first. He beckoned me over to them and made appropriate introductions. I knew I should probably do the right and moral thing and run away, or at least attempt to, but I told myself it was futile. Furthermore, I really do not want them to send over the video they made yesterday to you.

Jim, the tall black man, stood the closest to me, and when Harold introduced him, his piercing eyes sent tingles down my spine. Other than that, he did not offer a wave or made any acknowledgement at all. Larry and Tim were both whites, but the lust on their faces was evident under their friendly mannerisms.

"This is the woman whom I told you about," Harold said to them, while at the same time, his hands wrapped themselves on my breasts and began to message them. Everyone stared at me, as if trying to see if I would protest or not. When I did nothing, they began to relax.

"Take off your clothes," Harold commanded, removing his hands from my breasts.

I obeyed. I had no choice afterall. I knew these men who not protest against holding me down and ripping my clothes off me, and I really did not want to walk home naked. I tried to block them out while I stripped off my tee and jeans, followed closely by my bra and panties.

"Spread your legs," Harold said next. I opened my thighs slightly. "More!" Harold ordered. I glanced away from him and caught sight of Jim, whose intense glare finally freaked me out and I gave in to my 'fight or flight' instincts. I chose flight. I closed my legs quickly and bent down to pick up my clothes, not bothering to put them on, wanting only to get out of here. I figured I could put them on after I got away from this place.

The hand that wrapped itself tightly around my neck and jerked me up roughly came as a surprised. I raised my leg to kick backwards but the hand tightened on my neck as a warning. I chocked, tears coming to my eyes.

"Spread your legs," Harold repeated, standing in front of me. I obeyed, and the hand loosened a little. "Put your hands behind your head and keep the position, and Larry will let you go," I obeyed again.

Larry stepped away from me, and I was able to breathe freely again. The five men glared at every inch of me, examining me, violating me with their gaze. Eric came forward with a blindfold and a ball-gag. I shook my head, my hands coming from behind my head, waving him away. A loud harrumph from Larry had them back to the position that I was supposed to hold, but my eyes pleaded Eric not to blindfold or gag me. He ignored me, brushing my hair back and placed the blindfold over my eyes, cutting off my sight. The persistent push of the gag into my mouth had me whimpering as Eric secured them behind my head. With my senses cut off, I felt more vulnerable, and more afraid. I could hear the roar of blood to my head, as well as the footsteps of the men walking around me.

A loud click followed by a quick flash made me jump. It took several seconds and more clicks and flashes before I realized someone was taking photographs. I protested incoherently behind the gag, but other than that, I could not do anything. I jumped again when I felt someone touch my clit, or rather the ring, which pulled at my clit. I whimpered again. A finger slipped into my pussy, taking advantage of the wetness to slip deep into me. The finger pulled out again.

"You're wet, bitch! You like this don't you?" The finger slid into me again, and two more were added to it, pumping in and out. "Look at all these juices! You're dripping!" My ring was tugged again, and I cried out, my knees almost collapsing. "Stand upright! Otherwise we'll whip you until you beg for us to stop!" I straightened immediately.

A flurry of activities bombarded my senses. I heard metal clicking, and a second later, a sharp pinch on my left nipple. I squirmed in pain, knowing one of the men had added a nipple clip to my nipple. A second one was added to my right nipple. Hands pulled and tugged at them until they felt raw and abused. I felt a third more painful pinch to my clit and realized that they had attached a clip to my tender clit as well. Fingers pulled out of my pussy, and a large object was replaced, pushing into me, spreading my lips open. It was big, and long, and it hit the opening of my cervix so hard I wanted to crumble onto the floor in pain. Then I was bent over and I felt a cold sensation as lubrication was forced into my ass. A finger, unceremoniously, slid inside, pumping a couple of times, before another was added. When I was able to take three fingers, they pulled out, and a large dildo was forced in. I bite down on the gag and thanked the lube for making it easier for the entry of the dildo. My ass had already been raw from yesterday's ravage, and this dildo was larger than yesterday's. When I was straightened, weights were added to the clips on my breasts so that they pulled at my nipples. They also swayed everytime I moved and wriggled. All throughout this, there were continuous flashes from the camera. When this was done, my hands were brought forward and cuffed. Next thing I knew, my wrists were pulled upwards until I stood on my toes.

"Let's watch her dance,"

A hand reached between my legs and the vibrators in my ass and pussy started up. I screamed behind my gag as the vibrations hummed happily through me. The first orgasm ripped through me, while I arched my back and tensed up. The second orgasm came minutes after the first, before I could rest. My pussy and ass clenched around the vibrators, which were still thrumming away. My body was a bunch of nerves and sexual energy. When I realized that the men could make me 'perform' for them for hours, I began to struggle against the bonds. I tugged at my wrists, which only made them chafe from their bondage. The third orgasm washed through me the moment my helplessness and vulnerability were emphasized in my mind, becoming incredibly erotic and arousing. My pussy became raw, and my struggles were beginning to make my nipples ached, since the weights were thrown around crazily, pulling at them. I whimpered, and tried my best not to come again. But it was like telling me not to think of the pink elephant. I came again, the fourth time, and hung tiredly from my wrists, having no energy to stand on my toes anymore.

I heard Larry laugh, and Eric mumbled something that made Harold grumbled. A hand reached between my legs again. I hoped the vibrators were turned off, and I would be released from my bondage. Perhaps that's all they wanted, a show. I was thus unprepared when the vibrations powered up. I screamed again as I orgasmed. My body was overstimulated and covered in a sheen of sweat. My thighs were wet with my juices. I begged to be let off, but I did not think they would understand because the gag muffled my speech. I trembled. I screamed loudly when a hand reached between my legs again, and I tried to move away from it. A sharp hit to my ass rocked another orgasm through me and I whimpered. The hand began spanking my ass at least a dozen times, so hard that I was sure my ass was red. This time, I did not struggle when the hand turned up the vibrators again. I screamed, I struggled, and I came.

When they finally let me off, I hung limply against the hands that supported me. The vibrators were turned off, and the one in my pussy was taken out. I heard them laugh when they saw how wet I was. My blindfold was taken off and I blinked as I got used to the lights again. This time they moved me over to the bed and tied me spread eagle on the bed. Tim walked over to the huge wardrobe and I was surprised to see sex toys instead of clothes in it. He took out a machine with a huge dildo on a rod from it and carried it over to the bed. As the men began to set it up, I panicked. Afterall, they were going to torture me some more! I shook my head vigorously, but they ignore me, until Jim silenced me protests with a withering stare. I could only watch helplessly as they turned on the machine, and the huge dildo pushed apart my wet pussy lips, sliding so deep into me that it nestled in my cervix before sliding out again and then slide into me. It felt enormous in me, made impossibly so with the vibrator in my ass. I tried to clench on it so that it would not rub against all delicious spots in my pussy, hitting my g-sport which made me whimper everytime, before sliding out. But the mechanical cock could not be denied. It fucked me so thoroughly and completely. It kept hitting the fleshy entrance of my cervix, making me moaned. Then I saw Tim hold a clit vibrator in his hand. I screamed and screamed.

"Take off her gag," Harold said. Larry reached over and undid my gag. My jaw ached but I pleaded for mercy. The men laughed at me. Harold leaned over me, so closely that his nose was within an inch of mine. I thought for a moment there he was going to kill me, and I wondered if it was possible to still be so aroused by the dildo that pumped in and out of me while I was going to die. But I turned out to be wrong. "Cooperate, or else it'll be worse. You need to make appropriate moans and an occasional screams while we taped this."

My eyes flew to the camera, held by Jim, which was no longer setting off flashes, obviously recording. Another tape. "P-please you said you won't tell my husband,"

"I won't, as long as you obey us," Harold said. He nodded at Tim, who turned on the vibrator in my ass and placed the vibrator on my clit. I screamed and jerked away from it. Tim slapped my thigh and I whimpered. "We want to watch you come again, and again, and again. And then, we are going to fuck you so hard you won't remember that husband of yours,"

The vibrator touched my clit again. I was drunk on the sensations. It was like I could not stop coming. Every single touch inflamed me. And the weights tugging on my nipples and the clip and ring on the clit was setting the most sensitive part of me on fire too. I was awashed in a sea of orgasms, and it felt like there would never be an end. And that damned camera was recording this side of me, held slave to these men who control me at their every whims, and me, helpless, yet still forced to come. I was comatose, and no longer able to speak coherently. Only the onslaught of another orgasms could wrestle another scream out from amid the whimpers and moans.

"Enough, we wouldn't want her to black out." Harold said. Instantly, everything was switched off. The fucking machine was moved off the bed, the vibrators on my clit and in my ass were switched off and taken away. Harold stripped off his clothes and climbed into bed, astride my chest. I stared at his cock, opening my mouth when he nudged against it. He sank his entire cock into my mouth in one thrust. I sucked it dutifully as if it was a lolly, and I sighed inwardly with relieved as all the clips with various weights were taken off me. Then my eyes widened as I felt another cock at the entrance of my pussy.

Harold laughed. "Now we're going to fuck you hard."

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