tagBDSMBlackmailed Couple Ch. 13-15

Blackmailed Couple Ch. 13-15


Chapter Thirteen:


I stopped by the restroom to clean up a little before returning to bed with my wife. She was still out, lying there looking like a woman who'd been thoroughly used. The scent of sex was still strong in the air, and I laid down next to her and put my arm around her. I was so much in love with her, and knew that even all that had just happened would not affect that. I needed her in my life, and wanted her badly to know that. Despite being exhausted, my mind kept going through all that had happened, and I tried to imagine what it might be like in the near future. Eventually though, I fell fast asleep.

The weekend went by without incident. Saturday night, Anna and I had a heart to heart though; I needed to know that she genuinely wanted this, and needed to make sure that she could handle this without it destroying our marriage. She reassured me solidly, because it was something that had really been on her mind as well. She wanted to make sure that I could handle this without it destroying our marriage. I was honest with her in telling her that I really didn't know how much of this I could take; we both agreed to continue taking this one step at a time, and we each assured the other that before either of our feelings got out of hand that we would stop it if we needed to.

Monday afternoon I was surprised with a call to my cell phone; a number I didn't recognize came up, but I had a moment and answered.

His voice was on the other end, smooth and confident as can be. "Hello Eddie, do you have a moment?"

I could feel my face heat up quickly; all of the sensations of being in the presence of someone way over me came flooding in, and my voice was a bit shaky when I answered yes.

"Good. Anna has told me that you often have the ability to leave work at your leisure; you can do this for me this afternoon, yes?"

It was almost stated in a way that left no room for refusal. "Well.......I guess I could....for a little while; what did you have in mind?"

"Good boy Eddie. We need to meet to discuss a few things, in private; I won't take up your entire afternoon, so don't worry about that." He proceeded to name a time and a hotel with a room number to come up to. It caught me off guard, not understanding why a restaurant or even just a parking lot wouldn't work. But his tone left no room for argument, and I was too nervous talking with him to even think of saying no. "Eddie, follow my instructions exactly, ok? I don't want you to call that sweet wife of yours either; she doesn't need to know of this meeting right now."

I did as he instructed, and knocked on the room door at the appointed time. I was very nervous and could feel my hands trembling, even a shaking in my legs. He opened the door and stood there looking me over for a moment. His height put him over me by at least a full head, and the power that he exuded only accented his authority.

Without saying a word, but giving me a condescending smile, he stood back and motioned for me to enter. The room was dimly lit with the curtains drawn shut, and it felt strange to be walking into a hotel room in this fashion on such a sunny day.

I stood near the desk of the room, feeling a bit lost and awkward. Mark walked in after me, and stood leaning against a wall several steps away from me. "Eddie, I know that all of this has been a bit of a shock for you, and probably a bit difficult to deal with. I wanted to meet with you away from Anna so we could have a chance to talk about it. One of the things that I'm sure is important to you, as it's important to me as well, is to make sure that this doesn't lessen Anna's love for you. I also want to make damn sure that this doesn't affect your own love for her." I nodded my head in agreement, still a bit too nervous to really say anything. "Eddie, I have no desire at all to break up your marriage in any way. I noticed something in Anna though, and took advantage of it; as I learned about you, I began to recognize some tell-tale signs about you. I want you to be honest with me right now, ok? It's just you and me. You've fantasized about things of this nature before, haven't you."

It was a statement as much as it was a question. I felt my face burning, but I suddenly felt vulnerable and had a sensation that I should be honest and open. "Yes." It came out hesitantly.

"How long?"

I knew he was asking how long I'd thought about it. Again, I was hesitant. "A few years now."

His eyebrows raised. "And you've kept it hidden inside. It's hard to admit to, isn't it."

I was beginning to feel that he could relate in some way, or that he genuinely understood what it was that was inside of me. I even began to hope that maybe he could help me understand it. "Yes. I don't know why these thoughts have come to me, and aroused me. It's been hard to even admit it to myself. I wish I knew why this affects me so strongly."

"It's ok, Eddie. You aren't alone in these thoughts, as I'm sure you know. You read online about it, don't you."

God, it was like he could read me like a book. I nodded my head, admitting for the first time to anyone in my life that I read about cuckoldry.

"Eddie, I understand you far more than you know. I can help you with this; you need someone who understands, but more than that you need someone you can trust, someone who has a genuine caring for your relationship with your wife. I can help you, but you are going to have to put your trust in me. I need you to tell me you want this, and to know that you can trust me."

My face was burning, and I was suddenly aware that by talking with him like this, I was feeling the arousal. I was nervous, and embarrassed; but I was aroused and wanting this. I'd never thought that anything like this could really come to pass, but the past week or so had really brought it all to life; now I was hearing exactly what I needed to hear the most, that He wanted me to know I could trust in him. I found that my gaze had slowly gone to the floor while I was lost in thought, and I was nodding my head yes. Yes I wanted this. Yes I wanted to trust him. He saw me nodding, and softly urged me to say it out loud. And I did.

"Eddie, prove to me that you trust me. Prove to me that you want this to happen. Prove to me that you can do this. You need to be in front of me, bare of all walls. Strip down; I want you completely naked before we continue this conversation."

It sank into me like a brick; but I complied, knowing that he'd already seen me naked. I stripped down, putting my clothing in a pile off to the side. Even before I was completely bare, he'd told me that he expected me to kneel naked before him. So there I was, a grown man, completely naked and kneeling before a man fully dressed like an executive, with my arousal raging in front of me. Automatically I clasped my hands together behind my back; it just seemed to be the right thing to do.

He pulled up a chair and sat there in front of me. His voice was softer, yet still full of authority. "Yes, yes. That's a good boy, Eddie. You know your place, don't you. You know what you are deep inside, and you know that you aren't the strong one. Eddie, I'm the dominant, and I know you. This is good, this is right. This is where you belong." He leaned forward a little, as if he was confiding in me. "I'm glad that you can show your trust in me. Eddie, I'm going to do so much to that beautiful wife of yours, and all of it will be shared with you. I will make sure that she wants it, that she loves it...... just as you want it, and love it. I've been a Dominant for a very long time, and know to appreciate a submissive couple when it's presented. I'm in a position to enjoy this dark pastime of mine, and you both are in a position now to give me exactly what I want." His hand slowly reached down, cupping my balls that were hanging low beneath my raging need. I stiffened, almost flinching....but I'd already gone too far, and knew to hold my position. This was the first time another man had ever touched my most private of areas, and the heat was flooding me like hell. "Good boy. Yes, see? I can even reach out and grab you by the balls. I have you by the balls now, not just literally....with all of the knowledge I have about you, and the carnal knowledge I have of your wife, you belong to me. Don't you Eddie."

His grip tightened mildly, accenting his desire for a proper answer. "Yes Sir. I belong to you. We both belong to you."

He chuckled as he released me and leaned back in his chair before me. "Yes, you have been reading. You know how to obey, and obey well, don't you. Tell me Eddie, what other fantasies do you have? Hmmm?"

I shook my head, stating that I really didn't know. "I just know that I've thought about what it would be like to have all control taken away, so much so that even my wife was available to be used, violated....and that there's nothing I can do about it. I've just wanted to know that kind of control. That I have no choice." The confession was just rolling off my tongue, and he was listening, taking it all in.

Again he leaned forward, and this time his voice was almost harsh, making his control clear. "From here on out, you have no choice Eddie. I'm going to fuck your wife in every way I desire. I'm going to use her, and even show her off. Believe me, she is going to be the slut that you've fantasized about. You're going to see it all, Eddie. Most of it." He added that last line with a bit of a laugh. "And there is nothing at all that you can do about it from here on out." He pointed and lifted my chin with his hand to guide my gaze to a table across the room. "Do you see that?" There was a small digital video recorder sitting on the table pointed right at us. "Your confession is all captured now, and you are captured. Just as I controlled your wife into this, I now control you. Do not question me, and do not try to stop this from happening. You will passively accept all of this, and if I demand it, you will encourage your wife into things that I desire if she hesitates. Am I making myself understood?"

My face had gone white, then back to red. I knew the real power that he now had; blackmail was possible, with that recording. I knew I would never want anyone to ever see me like this, or to know that I'm like this. I knew that what he was saying was law, and that I would have to continue with this from now on, even if I felt the desire to stop it. No choice. That little fantasy of mine was now a reality. No choice. I nodded my head, acknowledging him. "Yes Sir, I understand." My voice was a meek whisper.

"You have one final thing to do here before you can leave. Reach down and stroke yourself for me, Eddie. Show me that you're obedient. Remember Eddie, no choices anymore. Your role is the lesser, you are the submissive, along with that slut wife of yours. Your role is to obey. That's it, reach between your legs and stroke your penis for me."

My face was burning. I'd never even really touched myself like that in front of my wife, and now I was doing it in front of another man. But not just in front of him; this was being recorded.

His voice continued, while I jerked myself off in front of him; he was telling me about how he was our Master now, and that we were going to do things that we probably never even fantasized about. He hinted at thoughts of us being presented in front of others, where everyone would know that we were married, but that we were both submissives together to Him. He made it crystal clear that he was going to continue to "know" my wife, and that she was going to go so much further down this path than she'd already gone. As embarrassing as it was to be jerking off naked in front of him, I was needing relief so badly that I wanted this. He started making me say things, admitting that I wanted this, telling him that I would obey him in every way. He had me ask him, and continue to beg him to fuck my wife. This continued until I couldn't take it anymore, and he commanded me to release my load into my hand.

I knelt there breathless, panting, and feeling the shame of what I'd done. It was almost overwhelming, but I was so aware of my true submission now. He was silent for a moment, then he reached down and grabbed the wrist of my hand that had my cum in it. Slowly he guided it up to my face and used my hand to paint my face. I just let him do it; no choice. Before he let go of my wrist he focused my hand on my mouth, coating my lips.

I sat there, completely humiliated and ashamed, with the scent of cum overwhelming my senses. The taste was there, even though I wasn't trying to taste it.

He sat back for a moment to enjoy my discomfort as he smiled down at me. "Get used to that, Eddie, because you will know the smell of cum as well as the taste of it."

He stood up and as he left the room, he mentioned that Anna would be a bit late in coming home this evening; he was going to have her for a quickie before she came home. "So she'll be full of my cum, just so you know. Eddie, you will be licking her tonight, and she will be wet with my cum."

With that, he left the room, leaving me still kneeling there naked with my face coated and slowly drying. I looked down, out of shame, and just watched as my cock softened into nothing. That's how I felt I was at the moment, nothing. His parting words kept echoing in my mind, that he was going to use my wife before she came home to me tonight.

Chapter Fourteen:

Monday Night.

I came home from work that evening, quite subdued. I couldn't get the afternoon out of my mind, and the empty house only re-iterated to me that Anna was being used. She hadn't called me, and I hadn't called her. I sat on the couch and drank a couple of drinks before Anna showed up.

She walked in, and it was easy to see that she'd gone through an ordeal. Her hair wasn't completely intact, and I could only imagine that she'd cleaned up at least a little before coming home. Her face was still somewhat flushed, and she came right over to me to straddle me on the couch. She kissed me deeply, and kept looking into my eyes the whole time.

"The kids went home from school with friends; we'll have to go get them in a while."

I just replied with an "ah", and then she was kissing me deeply again. She opened her shirt, pulling my hand in to feel her breast that was void of a bra. Still she said nothing about what she'd done; I assumed he briefed her that I was aware. She continued working on me, kissing me, her arms around my neck, driving me to need her. When she could feel my hardness between her legs, she reached down to unzip and open my pants...she quickly took me in hand and guided me right into her. She had no panties on, obviously...and I was notably aware that she was open and soaked. I knew I was fucking her as 'sloppy seconds'. She worked me, continuing to kiss me, driving herself down onto my now aching cock.

Finally she spoke. "You know he used me, and was fucking me less than 20 minutes ago."

I nodded my head, having a hard time with the knowledge; I buried my face in her open breast, closing my eyes to fall into the world of her womanliness. Still she continued with her words.

"He told me you knew. And then he had me meet him at the hotel. He fucked me for a solid hour; for a while, he made love to me."

I had to interrupt, despite my arousal. "Did you like that?"

She held off answering for a moment, but didn't stop working her sex against me. "I only make love to you, Eddie. Only you."

It was a good answer, I realized. She made me know that she loved me, but didn't call attention to the fact that she relished another man making love to her. I indicated my interruption was over by kissing her chest and slowly licking all around her beautiful breast. At the same time, I took notice of the marks on her breast; he'd been rough with her, leaving hickies in several places all around.

"But his lovemaking changed; he started fucking me, and taking me. He worked me over pretty good, baby." She paused with her words while she fucked me, rolling her head back in enjoyment. She was getting off on this, and despite the shame it brought inside of me when I thought about how I was being cucked, I found a strange satisfaction in knowing that she was enjoying it. I let my mind wander for a moment, kind of realizing just how much I really did love her. She was kissing me deeply again, and her breath was getting ragged. "He told me that he's going to show us off soon. This weekend he wants to take us to a party that's being held a couple of hours outside of the city. A private party, being held by someone quite wealthy." She let it sink in to me, and was looking me in the eyes with lust that was just flooding out of her. Suddenly her train of thought changed for a moment. "You like this feeling, don't you baby. Feeling your cock inside of me, feeling how soaked I am. Wet with his cum. I've seen it in your face, and can feel the hardness when it's brought to your attention. Tell me the truth, you like feeling your cock in my used pussy."

Her words affected me, and as difficult as it was, I found myself wanting to be honest with her. I nodded my head, even as I felt the rush of heat to my face. "Yes. I don't know what it is, why. But yes.... It turns me on. I hate it. But I can't help what it does to me."

She leaned in close, genuinely trying to console me. "Shhh, baby. I know it's hard. I know part of you hates this. Part of me hates this too. But god....this is so dark, so taboo....and to see you so turned on by it, I don't know why, but it just turns me on so much to see you like this."

Being so open with her, and for her to be so open, drew out small pangs of anguish inside of me. I had a pained look on my face, and could even feel hints of it coming to the surface in my eyes. She looked at me, so intensely, and I know she saw my eyes getting glassy from the buildup.

"Shhhh...baby." She leaned in, kissing me, whispering to me. "I know this hurts. But you're taking it, you're taking it so well. Please keep taking it for me, at least for a while. Let the feelings come out, feel the intensity of what's being done to us. I know it hurts, but let it keep hurting, and then feel what comes after that......"

She'd started really fucking me as she whispered to me, and the mix of sexual need with anguish was making my head spin. I felt my need building up, and she sensed my body getting tense with the need for release.

"Good boy, come on baby, let it go, put it in me. Let go of it all, fill me up even more. Mix it in there with what I already have in me, come on baby..." She kept the words coming at me until I couldn't take it anymore, and I released into her with a groan of need and hurt.

My face was buried in her bare breast, and I was still letting out small groans as I kept my arms wrapped tightly around her waist. Her own arms were around my neck, holding me against her closely, and I could still hear her soft "shhhhhh....shhh baby. That's my good boy, shhhhh".

Eventually we started to separate, but she brought up that I still had a task that was required of me. "He made it clear to me that you are to lick me after, baby. Right here, right now. Do it for me baby, and then we'll go pick up the kids."

She slid off of me, lying back against the couch with her legs up, as if she was holding everything in for me. Humbly, I knelt down between her legs, and started licking her. I spent a long time there, licking, sucking... I could feel her pushing out, doing what she could to provide me with all of what she had inside of her. My senses were overloaded with the scent and taste of sex, and my mind was twisted as I saw her push out the flooding that had been inside of her. She laid there passively enjoying the smoothness of my tongue for the longest time, and then she got into it as her own need built up inside of her again. I didn't have it in me to ask her how many times she'd cum today.

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