tagBDSMBlackmailed Couple Ch. 20

Blackmailed Couple Ch. 20


Forward from author: i apologize for the delay; things have been busy, and i haven't been able to devote the time to this like i've wanted. thanks to those who have expressed an interest in continuing; that's what has me wanting to share more. not sure how much longer this will last; one individual has had me interested in starting a new story...so i may start devoting my attention to that. on to the story.....

Chapter Twenty:

A month of whoring

The next morning, everyone slept in late. Both my wife and I were awakened and told to shower; there was nothing spectacular in our leaving. Both of us were very quiet, and humble as we were led to the car by our Master. He had both of us get in the back seat together after he blindfolded us.

On the way back, he explained to us that he was going to be out of town for the next 4 weeks; not coincidentally, that's the length of time that he'd allowed for the 5 men to have access to Anna.

Anna and I held hands for most of the way back; we were reveling in the fact that we were together. Not much was said for the whole drive.

Upon entering our neighborhood, we were allowed to take off our blindfolds. Master Mark walked us into the house, and it was simply so that he could take the time to kiss my wife deeply, long and hard in front of me, before leaving.

There were no special instructions outside of what he'd already made clear: that Anna was to entertain the men who came, when they showed up at any time, in every sexual way they desired.

The rest of the weekend went by without incident; although I think we were both on edge constantly, wondering if/when someone was going to show up. Not a lot was said about the weekend, although we did talk a little about how things were headed, and what we needed to do to take care of things if/when someone showed up 'for her'. I did most of the talking, humbly indicating that I would take care of keeping the kids busy. Anna had been so sexually exhausted that she really didn't want to talk much about those things. I tried to keep the weekend light, not wanting to make things difficult.

It was Tuesday night though, when we had our first visit. We'd just finished dinner, and were downstairs watching a movie with the kids when the doorbell rang. Both Anna and I looked at each other, and I saw a knowing flush come to her face. I went to the door, and there stood one of the men that I recognized; he was a big fit man, not bad looking, in his early 40s. He was dressed in a suit, and was standing there with a calm, cool smile that turned confident when he saw me.

"Hello Eddie." A simple statement, and he held up his card to show me his name; Trent. Then he flipped the card over, showing the images of my wife, and one of his eyebrows raised expectantly.

My tongue was tied, and I stumbled for words as I let him in the front door. "Um, I'll go get Anna."

"Yes, you do that, eddie." His tone was confident, secure in his knowledge of the power he held.

I hurried back downstairs and whispered to my wife that she had company. She paused to collect herself, then went upstairs, telling the kids that she had to deal with some work stuff and that she'd be back down later. I could see the discomfort in my wife, the same discomfort I was feeling.

About an hour later, I heard the front door close; the kids were completely into the movie, so I went up to check on Anna. The door to the bedroom was closed, so I went in cautiously to make sure that our 'guest' was really gone. Anna was on the bed, still naked. She had her arms wrapped around a pillow, and she was quietly crying with her face buried. One thing I couldn't help but notice was that her body was still flushed from her activity, and I also noticed that she had cum oozing out from her pussy.

Quietly I laid down next to her; putting my arm around her protectively, I asked if she was alright.

Still sobbing softly, she paused before replying. "I don't know if I can keep going, Eddie. I can't keep doing this. Look at me, my god. I feel so cheap, so used."

"Shhh….baby, it's ok, it's ok. You know I love you with all of my heart." I was trying to calm her down, to soothe her.

"I don't know how to stop this honey." Her tears were flowing again. "I don't think we can stop this now."

We laid there for a few minutes in silence while she calmed down; then she told me that Trent hadn't hurt her… he'd just been there to use her. It was simple really; he just had her strip and suck on him for probably 15 minutes before he spent the rest of the time fucking her. It had been constant, and he only came in her once, just moments before he dressed and left in a hurry.

"I just feel so used, so cheap. I know that's part of what's been turning us on…." And she reached between my legs to feel that yes, I was aroused even now. Feeling my arousal, she paused to kiss me, a loving kiss. With tears in her eyes, she held me close. "I'm so sorry I got us into this baby. How do we get out of this? I don't think we should be like this."

I held her, feeling emotions inside that were conflicting with my desire. "I don't know. I don't know how to stop it. It could be such a mess if we tried to stop now."

She reached down to stroke me some more, but then stopped. "I need to get dressed, and we need to get back down to the kids."

I agreed, reluctantly, and went downstairs while she put herself back together.

Later that night, alone with her in bed, I made love to her. Again, all I could think about was how I was fucking her after another had thoroughly used her…and in our own bed no less. I went down on her, after I'd let go into her… and was very aware that I was licking cum, not just mine.

Two nights later, we had another visitor. It was pretty much the same routine; a man came while we were eating dinner. She stopped eating to answer the door, then she came back to the table with an older man, not overly attractive; I barely remembered him from the party, but he was older, probably in his early 50s, and he was balding. He was also not overly fit, somewhat heavy. He stood behind her with a mild smirk on his face as he kept his eyes on me; she told us that Tom was here and needed to go over some work with her.

I sat there with the kids, quietly eating, while my wife took him upstairs. After dinner, the kids went out back to play while I cleaned up the kitchen, wanting badly to go upstairs; but I knew not to interrupt. As I was finishing up, Tom came downstairs and left without a word. Anna came down shortly after, and put her arms around me as I dried off my hands.

I didn't know what to say… "Well…?"

"He wanted a blowjob; I sucked him for a while, but he was ready. He wanted me to swallow. Then he wanted me to suck him until he was hard again, and then he took me." She gave a shudder. "He wanted to touch me, was very handsy. He touched me constantly."

She wasn't as upset about it as the last time, almost resigned to being a whore for these men. Her words about the event aroused me again, much to my chagrin. I took her upstairs, and needed to know that I could use her too…. I fucked her hard, not loving.

It was a fitful night for both of us sleeping.

Friday night went past us, and I think we were both relieved to have no visitors. But Saturday afternoon, the oldest man of the 5 showed up. His name was Charles, and he caught me out in the yard mowing. The kids were up the street at a friend's house; that was information he wanted to know. Anna was inside, but I didn't know what she was doing. He told me to just stay outside and keep mowing, and to keep the kids out of the house.

God how difficult it was to concentrate on mowing. I did it in a haze, as I went over his image again. He was an older man, somewhere in his 60s. There was something about him that made me visualize a pervert, the quiet type who had dark thoughts. Over and over, as I mowed, I was picturing how a dirty old man was in my house fucking my wife.

Inside, Anna was doing laundry in the basement; she was completely surprised when she turned to see an older man standing, leaning against a wall watching her. She opened her mouth to speak when she saw the 'card' that he was playing with idly in his hand. He just looked at her with a cocky confident smirk, and she remembered that he was one who'd sounded so dirty while at the party as he told her that she was going to be his good little girl.

"My name is Charles, Anna. I'm here to enjoy myself this afternoon. Take off your shirt, Anna." It was a solid command, delivered smoothly.

Her face flushed, and she looked around as if to check to see if they were alone. Slowly, she lifted the spaghetti straps and pulled the top off, revealing that she had no bra on. Instantly, her body warmed as she realized her position again.

He strode over to her as she stood there obediently next to the dryer. His eyes wandered over her young beauty, and his hand reached out to explore her bare breast in an agonizingly slow way. His wicked smile was almost drooling over the younger woman that he had in his power. "Yes, yes. So young, so full of life; are you ready to service Daddy, little girl?"

Her stomach churned at his words, and she knew she was in for perversion. She nodded her head submissively, but that wasn't good enough for him. He slapped her breast once, aggressively. "You answer me, and do it properly, little girl." His tone was harsh, and now she was filled with fear as well as humiliation as she winced from his slap.

She swallowed, and then looked down humbly. "Yes Sir, I'm ready to do as you wish."

He gripped one of her nipples in a pinch, twisting enough to make her gasp. "You're going to learn to obey your Daddy, little girl, and to do it with eagerness; do you understand me, little girl?"

His tone, along with the sudden pain that was making her wince and moan, left her ready to please him. "Yes Daddy, I understand…please."

Without release her nipple, he turned and pulled her sharply along. "Now, show me where your little bedroom is. We have a lot to do this afternoon."

Gasping again, she followed out of necessity. He led her up the stairs, then finally let go as he let her take the lead to take him into the master bedroom.

From the master bedroom, Anna could still hear the mower running; she knew that her husband had to have seen Charles… she wondered if they'd spoken, and she wished badly that she could run to her husband now, and that maybe somehow all of this could stop.

45 minutes later, I had to go in. I was done mowing, and as of yet, I hadn't seen Charles leave or any sign of my wife. I felt that I needed to check on her. I could hear my wife speaking, and it sounded like she was pleading….along with some sniffling, as if she'd been crying.

As I approached the bedroom, I could see Anna…and my mind was blown at the sight I beheld. Anna was on her knees beside the bed, completely naked. Her back was to me, and I could see that her ass was bright red, as if she'd been spanked hard. But what stood out to me was her hair; it was pulled up into two ponytails, sticking out from the side of her head like a little girl's. I could hear her bubbling over, begging. "Please Daddy, please let me be a good girl and suck your big cock. Please Daddy, I promise I'll be good, I promise I'll make you proud of me!" She was saying it over and over. On the bed in front of her was Charles, sitting there before her with a very stern look as he watched her begging; he was also naked, and his cock was semi-hard right before her face. He caught sight of me and interrupted her begging.

"Ah, Eddie. Do come in, I want you to see how good this little wifey of yours is being for me now that we have things straight."

Anna stopped her begging, but didn't want to turn to see me. I knew she must be overwhelmed with embarrassment, that she was so ashamed. I stepped into the room, humbly, overwhelmed at the sight of my wife in this position. Even as bizarre as it looked, I felt the stirring inside, knowing that my wife was yet again submitting to another man in strange sexual ways.

"Good boy, Eddie. Just take a seat over there off to the side on the floor; in fact, open your pants, and take your little penis out so you can wank on it as you watch your wifey obey me."

God how his words hit me so deeply inside; but I knew to obey. Silently I sat down on the floor, pulling my now hard cock out to stroke myself.

"Now, you were saying little Anna? Or do we need a refresher on what happens when you don't listen to me?"

I saw her pause, trying to collect herself, but then she started in just as she had been when I came up. I watched my wife begging this older man, in an almost girlish voice, begging her "Daddy" to let her please him. She'd stopped her sniffling, and was putting on quite a display; one that was arousing me strongly.

Suddenly he stopped her, and gave her permission, telling her to "come suckle her Daddy"…. I watched, aching inside, as I saw her take his semi-hard cock into her mouth, as she worked it like a young hungry slut, making him hard. She sucked him for the longest time, and finally he rewarded his "little girl" with a mouthful of his gooey load.

"Good girl, good girl…swallow it all like a good little girl." He said to her as he groaned his release into her. He told her not to stop, to keep sucking him until he was satisfied, sucking every last drop that he had to give her. He finally stopped her, and then turned his attention to me.

"Go over to him now, that boy on the floor, Anna. With my fresh load in that sweet mouth that you just swallowed, go give him a nice wet kiss and thank me for letting you suck my cock. Go on, do it little girl."

Anna crawled over to me; I was still just sitting there, pulling on my manhood, as she got right into my face and thanked him as he said. Then she kissed me deeply. I lost it, while she kissed me; I could still taste his cum on her lips, and I suddenly lost control and started spurting.

He broke out laughing in glee, as he stood and put his clothes back on. Without being told, Anna bent her head down and took my still spasming hardness into her mouth, sucking up what I'd spilled, making me groan in shame.

I sat there leaning against the wall, in a state of exhaustion mixed with so much humiliation as the older man walked over to us. He lifted my wife to a standing position, guiding her by her ponytails; slapping her on the bare ass, his voice was a strong hiss in her face. "Yes, you are a good little girl. I'll be back, sweety; and next time I'm here, you immediately go to the bedroom to prepare yourself. I want you in ponytails, with bright red lipstick, and naked waiting for me on the bed. Do you understand me?"

Anna was completely humbled, completely in the role he wanted as she replied with a meek little girl voice. "Yes Daddy, I understand."

With that, he left. Anna crumbled down next to me, her arms around me, and began sobbing with her shame.

Sunday was not a quiet day. She had two visitors, one was yet another man that hadn't been by before. The other was Tom, the heavier older man. Both were there just to use her quickly.

The next 3 weeks went by, and she had visitors at least every other night. All of the men had taught her their own special desires, and they had her every way they desired. But it wasn't until the last week that Master Nick made his first appearance. I'd almost forgotten that he was one of the Men who had the "rights".

It was during the day on Friday that he'd apparently called Anna, telling her to empty the house of the kids; he made it clear to her that she had to do this, and that she was not to tell me about his planned visit that evening. She followed his orders, so it was with dumbfounded shock when I answered the door around 7PM to see Him standing there. He had a bag in one hand, and just stood there with a solid confident smile on his face.

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