tagLoving WivesBlackmailed For Sex

Blackmailed For Sex


Bruce was fucking me with long swift strokes. He had been at it for the last ten minutes and I wished he would finish. I reacted as if I was enjoying it even though I wasn't. I knew it was my fault for being blackmailed for sex with him, but what happened cannot be taken back.

It all started at the place where I worked at Wal-Mart. This handsome young guy named Marty was a friendly guy. Although I am thirty five years old, he was always flirting with me and I thought he was very sexy. One day while we were in the storage area, he kissed me and without thinking what I was doing, I kissed him back. It made me feel young again for a guy to come on to me like that.

I said, "Marty, we can't be doing this, I'm married and nearly old enough to be your mother."

He responded, "You're so sexy I couldn't help myself."

I had been married to Dick for fifteen years and our sex life was growing dull. Often Dick brought his buddy, Bruce, home with him to sit around drinking beer. Burping and acting crude were their specialty after a few beers. That night after Dick was sound asleep and I was in the mood a little, I wondered what it would be like to be with another man. When Marty kissed me and his body was close to mine, I thought I could feel his erection. Maybe I still had sex appeal. The next day at work, Marty happily whispered, "Hi Betty, your kiss yesterday was very sexy. You are a very sweet person."

I didn't know just what to say, but answered, "Glad you liked it." and smiled at him. That was probably the wrong thing to say, because now he might try to kiss me again. I thought to myself, "Do I want him to kiss me again?"

As he walked away from me, I watched his handsome body stroll down the isle. That night when Dick and his friend Bruce were drinking beer and watching a ball game on TV, I was disgusted. I dressed in my nightgown and was well covered with my robe when I walked in the living room to see the two guys swilling beer.

I started rubbing my legs with body lotion. I suddenly realized I had pulled my robe up to expose my long legs. I looked up to see Bruce's alcoholic eyes staring and he made no move to stop. I flipped my robe down and walked out of the room.

I went on to bed, but when Dick later crawled in bed with me, he wanted sex. Once he had his cock in me, he said, "I saw you pull your robe up to let Bob see your crotch, you little prick teaser. Now I'm going to fuck you good."

I like sex, but this was no way for me to get in the mood. Dick crawled on, did his thing, rolled off and quickly drifted off to sleep. That left me very frustrated and disappointed.

The next day at work, Marty greeted me, "Hello, pretty girl."

I cheerfully smiled to say, "Oh, hello to you this morning."

I met him in a secluded place and without saying a word, I walked into his arms. Our kiss was very sexy. Later, when it was lunch time, we sat together at a table to talk.

He whispered, "I want to see you after work. Get in my car so that we can talk."

I felt like a high school girl again with an invitation like that. I always went home from work before my husband, so I thought I could meet Marty for a few minutes.

When we got off from work, I got in his car and he drove to a park with no one around. I melted in his arms for kisses. First, he felt my breasts though my blouse, then he unbuttoned the front. I reached my arms around in the back under my blouse to unsnap my bra. It felt so good to have a man kiss me several times and feel my breasts.

He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It was big with precum on the head. I couldn't resist to take it in my mouth. He pushed up to me a few time, groaned very loud and I started taking cum in my mouth. I kept jacking him as he continued to loudly groan.

He was still groaning as he mumbled, "Wow! That was so good. You are fantastic."

I looked at my watch to say, "I have be home by the time my husband gets there. Let's go back to my car."

That night Dick invited Bruce to watch TV and drink beer. I showered and prepared for bed. I rubbed body lotion on my legs before I went in the living room to see the two guys. I noticed Bruce keep looking at me. I think he was hoping I would show my legs up to my crotch. I didn't give him a chance.

Later when Dick came to bed with me, he said, "You didn't show your crotch to Bruce, tonight. Why not?"

"I don't want other men looking at me like that."

He gave me a surprise by saying, "The other night when you gave him a show, I think it turned him on and I know I was ready for sex."

I was wondering what was going through my husband's mind. Did he want me to expose myself to Bruce?

The next week I saw Marty at work. We both had the next day off and my husband was working. Marty asked, "Betty, let's meet someplace tomorrow."

I knew I shouldn't, but I couldn't resist the offer. I said, "Let's meet at the food court in the big mall near here at lunch time. I can always make an excuse that I just happened to see you."

He quickly responded, "That's a date!"

Marty was already in the food court when I arrived. We ate lunch.

Marty finally said, "Would you like to look at my computer at home?"

I knew that was just an excuse to get in bed with me, but I had already decided if he asked, I would agree.

He drove me to his apartment and we did look at his computer for a few minutes. We kissed and I accompanied him into the bedroom. We hugged and kissed some more and started removing our clothes. He kissed my nipples when my bra came off. I pulled my jeans down over my hips and sat on the bed. He pulled the pant legs off leaving me in my panties. I sat on the edge of the bed to unbuckled his pants and let them fall down. His hard erection was punching out his boxer shorts. I stood up to hook my thumbs in my panties and gave them a push down to step out of them. His boxer shorts dropped to the floor to show a very hard erection sticking straight out at me. It was the same one I had previously sucked off, but now I cupped his balls with one hand and stroked his cock with the other.

We fell on the bed in each others arms. I don't think he had too much experience with sex because he wasn't taking much initiative. I decided to turn around in bed and take his cock in my mouth. He laid still letting my lips and tongue swirl around the head.

I softly said, "Don't be afraid to touch me down there."

He lightly place his hand on my pussy. I pushed him on to his back and rolled up on top of him while I spread my legs to position his head at my crotch. I think at first he was reluctant to lick my pussy. Once he did, he acted like a wild man to lick and suck.

I removed my mouth from his cock long enough to asked, "Haven't you ever kissed a girl down there before?"

"No, this is the first time."

I then realized I was teaching him new things. I asked, "How old are you."

"I'm eighteen."

His cock began to jerk and spurt. We hadn't been at this long enough for me to have an orgasm as yet, but I assumed he could get hard again.

When he simmered down, he didn't want to quit licking my pussy. I kept his flaccid cock in my mouth and played with his balls some more.

He was sucking on my clit and I said, "You're making it feel good, keep it up."

I could feel my body building up to an orgasm. I ground my pussy into his mouth and felt my orgasm come on strong. I sexually shuddered as my orgasm reached a peak and stayed there for awhile.

I rolled over on my back to say, "That's the best one I've had in a long time."

It didn't take long before his cock became hard again. I asked, "Do you have a condom because I'm not on the pill?"

"No. But why aren't you on the pill?"

"My husband can't get me pregnant, so I don't take the pill."

He looked questionable, "What will we do?"

I assured him, "I may be at the time of the month when I can't get pregnant. I won't worry about it." I knew I was taking a chance, but I wanted his hard erection in me.

We hugged and kissed some more, then he rolled up on top of me in the missionary position. I spread my legs and pulled them back up to give him room to fully penetrate me. I held his cock to aim as he pushed. He seemed experience in doing that and I assumed he had experience with girls his age in the back seat of a car. His cock went fully in me.

He fucked me for several minutes giving me another orgasm. A little later he grunted and groaned when he flooded my pussy with cum.

After we rested a little and laid side by side, he said, "You are so sexy. I want to see more of you."

I could only say, "I agree, but we have to be very careful because I am married. We shouldn't meet at the mall because someone might see us together."

He suggested, "We can meet here in my apartment."

The days and weeks went by and I was seeing Marty at least once a week. Then one day when we had finished sex and we were walking back out to my car, I saw Bruce, my husband's drinking buddy. Bruce was doing carpenter work on a house across the street.

Bruce said, "Hi there Betty. What are you doing in this part of town?"

I knew I had been caught. The only thing I could say was, "Just don't tell my husband."

He grinned at me and shook his head. He said, "I'll probably see you later tonight at your house. I did like the leg show you gave me sometime ago. That was nice of you. You could give me another show."

I again said, "Please, don't say anything."

That night after dinner, Dick had invited Bruce to watch TV and drink beer. At first, I thought I would stay in the bedroom and not go visit the guys in the living room. Then I was afraid Bruce might say something to Dick, so I decided to go talk to them.

While we were watching TV, Dick excused himself to go to the bathroom leaving Bruce and me in the living room.

Bruce whispered to me so that Dick could not hear him, "Go put your robe on and give me a leg and crotch show."

I grimaced at him and was afraid not to do as he requested. I got up and put my nighty and robe on. I brought the body lotion back with me so that I would have an excuse to pull up my robe and nightly. My robe hem was up half way from my knee to my crotch while I rubbed on body lotion. Both guys were looking. I noticed Bruce winked and nodded his head up. I took that as a suggestion he wanted to see higher.

I started rubbing body lotion on my legs nearly up to my crotch, then stood up to say, "Goodnight, guys, I'm going to bed." I could only assume Bruce was satisfied with that.

Shortly afterwards, Bruce went home and Dick got in bed with me. I could feel his hard cock.

Dick said, "You sure were giving us a good show in there. Why?"

I couldn't think of much to say except, "I was just rubbing the lotion on my dry skin. There's nothing wrong with that."

Dick rolled me on to my back. With no foreplay, he plunged in my dry pussy. I yelled, "Ouch!"

Another week went by. I was beginning to have morning sickness and was afraid I might be pregnant. If I was, it had to be Marty who got me that way. Of course, I knew it was my fault for not taking precautions. I decided to tell my husband that he finally got me pregnant. When I did, he was very pleased to think he was going to be a father after trying so long.

The next time Bruce came to drink beer at our home, my husband said, "We're going to have a baby."

Bruce responded, "Congratulations. I know you have tried for a long time."

Bruce gave me a special look and winked at me. He knew someone else had gotten me pregnant.

When my husband went to the bathroom, Bruce said, "Meet me tomorrow at my apartment, we have something to discuss."

Just then my husband came back in the living room and I didn't have time to tell Bruce it was a waste of time for us to meet. The next morning at work, I finally realized I had better go talk to him or he might tell my husband. I was pregnant and needed the security of our home and my husband's income to pay the bills.

I met Bruce the next day as he requested. He said, "I know that young man you've been fucking got you pregnant."

I could only say, "Please don't tell Dick. I'll do most anything, such as clean your house and other odd jobs."

He gruffly said, "Forget the house cleaning, I want sex with you."

I was nearly crying as I said, "Please, not that. You are my husband's good friend and you wouldn't want to hurt him, would you?"

"If I am his good friend, I should tell him about you, but if we could have sex about once each week, I'll be quiet."

I knew I was stuck. There wasn't much else I could do. I just sat in the chair with downcast eyes and didn't say anything.

He looked at me, "We could have a quickie right now."

I quickly said, "I have to get back right away or I might lose my job."

"Alright, I know you get off work before Dick, so come by here before you go home."

I went back to work and felt very sorry for my self all afternoon.

When I saw Marty, he said, "Meet me in my apartment when we get off work today."

"I'm sorry, Marty, but I can't tonight. Something came up and I don't have time. Wish I could"

Marty continued, "I wanted to tell you later in my apartment, but I'll tell you now. My parents are moving to another state and I've quit my job here. I'm going to move with them. I won't be seeing you anymore."

That really surprised me. All I could think to say was, "I'm going to miss you." I quickly left and went to the ladies room to cry. My lover was leaving me pregnant and Bruce was blackmailing me for sex. How could I ever been so dumb to be in this situation. I dried my eyes and decided I would make the best of it. I had no other choice.

On my way to Bruce's apartment, I was bemoaning my predicament. I was going to be fucked by a person I detested.

Bruce met me at the door and said, "Welcome, pretty lady. I would like to think you are going to enjoy this as much as I am."

He took me in his arms and tried to kiss me. He forced my head to face his and then his lips covered my mouth. I had to open my mouth a little to breath, but this gave him a chance to stick his tongue in my mouth.

"Take it easy and a little slower," I said when he released me.

We were still in his living room when he demanded that I start undressing in front of him. Evidently I wasn't undressing fast enough because he started pulling my pants down to expose my panties. He said, "I've already seen your bare legs and a glimpse of your crotch. Come on, let's see what you look like in the nude"

He pulled my panties down, pushed me on the bed, and moved his head to my crotch. He roughly licked my pussy and ass.

He got up, held his hard cock and said, "Alright, you little whore, suck it."

That made me mad. I yelled back at him, "Stop calling me that and take it slower."

"I know you have been fucking that young guy and he got you pregnant. You are a whore! Accept it."

"Alright, maybe I am, but shut up about it. If you want to fuck me, go ahead but keep your damn mouth shut."

That quieted Bruce down and he started moaning a little as I took his cock in my mouth.

He moaned as he said, "That's good, keep sucking it. Keep it up. Take more in your mouth."

His cock was a little smaller than my husband's cock, and I could easily deep throat him. When I went all the way down to his balls, he really let out a groan.

I could feel he was getting a little more excited as he started fucking my mouth faster. All at once he backed off and said, "I want to cum in your pussy. Ride me."

He rolled onto his back while I started getting up on top of him. I started riding him. Then I decided I was now in control. I'm going to have understanding with him."

I waited until he was nearly ready to cum, then I stopped my movements and said, "Bruce, I'm going to just sit here without moving while I tell you something."

"What are you saying? I was just about to cum."

"I want you to know you will never be able to fuck me again if you tell my husband."

"I promise I won't tell him. Start riding me again."

"Do you agree to never call me a whore again?"

"I promise, I'll keep my mouth shut."

"Do you promise to treat me with respect?"

"Yes, Yes."

I started riding him rather fast to bring on his climax. He humped up to me with jerks and I soon felt his cock jerking inside my pussy. I knew he was shooting cum in me. I rode him as fast as I could while he was wailing and yelling.

I left to go home to Dick and fix his dinner. He greeted me with kindness and a kiss and handed me a bouquet of flowers. He asked, "How is my sweet wife and our child?"

Dick seemed to be his old self again now that I am going to give him a child. Maybe our child will bring us together again. Hopefully, Dick will never know he is not the father. But now I have Bruce to contend with and he will insist on weekly sex. I'm stuck with that so I'll make the best of it.

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