tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmailed for Wife's Crimes

Blackmailed for Wife's Crimes


Note: I am well aware of the mispellings of certain words. They are deliberate, and meant to portray the foreign accent of the character in question. This is not like my normal stuff, which tends to involve dominant men. I thought that an attempt at femdom might be a nice challenge for me.


Dr. Willem de Graaf certainly never expected his good deed of finding a job for his wife Elsa to backfire on him. Then again, he hadn't counted on Chelsea Worthington. The new head of the firm of Maxwell and Worthington was a foreigner, like himself, only from England, whereas he was from the Netherlands. Her being a fellow immigrant didn't seem to give her much empathy with him and his determination to find employment for his stir-crazy spouse.

Of course, he didn't count on his wife stealing from the firm where she was now a paralegal, either. The evidence was more than just disappointing to him. He felt genuinely betrayed. He went out on a limb to get a job for Elsa, now that Pieter was old enough to go to school, and she repaid him with her theft! He was rather jolted by this news, since he couldn't grasp what would motivate the embezzlement of funds. He wouldn't have believed it, were it not for the documents and other proof that Ms. Worthington dropped on his lap when he was asked to see her.

De Graaf was not a lawyer like Worthington. He was a psychologist. Nevertheless, Worthington was a friend of a patient, so he had been able to land Elsa a job at her firm. Despite his education in matters of the mind, he was truly stunned at this new information. Was his dear wife a kleptomaniac, perhaps? That was the obvious conclusion that occurred to him in light of his professional background.

"So, Dr. Graaf, you can see what kind of a difficult situation we are all in. My friend asks me, as a favor, to arrange a job as a paralegal for your wife at my firm. Instead of proving worthy of such a favor, however, she takes full advantage of cronyism and steals from us. Not only is that a betrayal of trust, but it is absolutely stupid to steal from a law firm. Security is excellent here, so her exposure was inevitable.

"I'm afraid that some sort of restitution shall have to be paid and she shall have to be prosecuted. It also means that we shall have to see to it that any purchased with stolen funds is confiscated. You could even be prosecuted for receiving stolen goods. Naturally, this might mean more than imprisonment for you. It could mean loss of your license to practice and the deportation of both of you back to the Netherlands.

"The only alternative is to seek an informal program of restitution and co-operation. This would involve returning the money at various points until it is all paid up. Oh, don't look at me like that. It's just enough to qualify for grand larceny. You'll still be affluent after paying us back, even after we terminate her. I'm afraid that her dismissal shall be unavoidable, of course. Your practice is prospering, is it not? She'll get a nice severance package if you co-operate, and that can be used to help pay the restitution as well.

"In addition to the restitution for the initial amount stolen, we'll need your co-operation, since we need to have some kind of beneficial effect from having hired your wife. So far, it has been nothing but trouble. Do you understand?" Chelsea declared.

"Vat sort of co-operation do you mean? As long it's legal, I'll do it. I love my vife, even vith her evident kleptomania. I love my children, and don't vant zem to grow up vith no mother. I don't vant to be deported, either. By the vay, I am Dr. Villem de Graaf, not Dr. Villem Graaf. Do not send her to prison, and I vill co-operate vith you, as long I do not have to break zee law," Dr. de Graaf reacted to this demand, somewhat anxiously punctuating his English with his heavy Dutch accent.

"Very well, Dr. de Graaf. Would you like a cigarette? I feel like smoking right now, and no one will have to know any differently. In fact, the nature of the co-operation will require some secrecy as well," Ms. Worthington spoke crisply as she lit up.

"Zank you, Miss Vorthington. I vill have a cigarette, if you don't mind. Is it legal?" he inquired.

"The co-operation is perfectly legal, if that's you're asking. So is the fag, come to think of it. At least, they haven't managed to outlaw tobacco yet," she hinted further, while clearly flirting with him.

"So, vat is it?" he demanded.

"The dirty old man who used to head this firm, Mr. Warren Maxwell, was kind enough to share his body with the women here. Since his tragic departure, we have had no office stud. Ours is a relatively small, but successful firm, and he was the only available male attorney toward the end. The other two men here include a gay partner and a happily married associate. There are some male interns, but they are all underage, so that's not an option. For a firm with a dozen available women, including 3 partners, 5 associates, and 4 paralegals, that's a bit of a quandary. That's not counting any married or involved women, who might become single or otherwise available at any moment.

"So, you see, the answer is simple. I want you to become office stud. We can make appointments to meet you at your convenience, but you have to fuck all of us whom ask for your services. Before you protest that you're a married man, that we're all perverts or deviants for wanting your body, or that you don't have the stamina for that many ladies, just remember that you're protecting your wife and family. It's a simple matter of which part of your wedding vows matters more, 'forsaking all others' or 'love, cherish, and protect'.

"In case you're wondering, there are so few men at the firm for a reason. We have token male lawyers to throw off suspicion, but Warren and I liked it as a mostly female office. He called us his 'office harem', and I thoroughly enjoyed being head of it. The unavailable women like it that way for platonic company's sake, but they have no idea of what goes on under their noses. That was certainly true of your wife. Since I am bisexual, I benefited from it as well, not to mention from regularly fucking Warren himself. I have to admit that I am hooked on the idea of screwing a successful man like that.

"You fit that profile as well, darling. In fact, since it's my turn to head the firm, I find it appealing to be the one in charge for once. I have the power here. Not that I minded doing what Warren asked. There was a certain appeal to that as well. It's just a refreshing change to be the boss myself. I have a rather enormous sex drive, as did Warren.

"Bear in mind that you'd be fucking someone else anyway, if you went to prison. Both of you would be raped often in prison, if for no other reason than being attractive foreigners. Besides, you would both be horny and desperate from being away from each other. So, which is it? Do you want to be some murderer's bitch or have at least 13 women fucking you until you have nothing left in your balls at the end of each week?" Chelsea clarified in her cold, upper-class English accent.

"Vell, I suppose I can go along vith zat. Hovever, I am curious as to vy you'd vant me? Besides, vat vill zee other vomen say? Vill zey go along vith zis plan of yours?" Willem asked nervously, as he smoked the cigarette that Chelsea offered him.

"They'll do as I ask, darling. For one thing, they're used to having a stud and they miss that. For another, I am the boss. For a third, several of them also like pleasuring me, and will do as I ask them out of consideration for a lover. Why I want you is simple enough. You're a handsome, masculine-looking Continental with long blonde hair and blue eyes. You sound like you might even be a blueblood like myself. That would be a great change. You're exotic and familiar at the same time. And that accent of yours is very stimulating, love.

"Besides, you're married. It would be a nice kick to give a married man back his chance to sleep with other women. It would also mean that you're less likely to try to make it a romantic arrangement. I'm rather a cold fish when it comes to love. Sex is nothing more than shagging to me.

"Your intellect and success also make you a good choice. I can tell that you are a smart, refined, and cultured gentleman of means. I think that you're also manly enough to be worth my attention. You seem strong, not wimpy. And I like that you're a smoker, just like me. I doubt that any of these factors appeal only to me, darling. So, please, for your sake, mine, and that of your family, be a dear and take us as lovers. Start with me, of course. I have a strong temptation to bend over the desk here and present my bottom for your pleasure. You wouldn't be opposed to buggery, would you? My arse is very tight and shall delight you a great deal," Chelsea encouraged him as she puffed on her cigarette.

"I have never had Elsa's bottom. She has alvays refused me. Vell, I suppose zat that zis vill finally take care of my frustration in zat respect. Vee von't tell her, of course," he agreed, unzipping his pants in the closed office.

"Why not, darling? She should know that there is a penalty for theft, love. This way, she shall accept it as being what it is: the price that she has to pay for stealing from us and betraying you. Didn't she betray you, after all, by stealing from us? Besides, it won't be cheating, and she shall be more eager to leave the office. Knowing that half of her colleagues shag her husband shall be a bit much to handle for someone who appears to prefer a conventional marriage. And, like I said, it wouldn't be infidelity if she knew about it.

"This is really blackmail, after all, and you're saving your family, especially her. It wouldn't be happening if she had kept her hands out of the cookie jar. She took something that belonged to us, so we're taking something, or someone, who belongs to her. Well, as much as any person can belong to another, that is. You're bound only by vows that she already broke by breaking your trust. You're not a possession of hers. Even if you were, however, she owes us a debt. She also owes you something. You went out of your way to get her a job and her response was to make you look bad. Don't you think that she should pay a price for that?" Ms. Worthington urged him, while removing her slacks and placing herself between his chair and her desk.

"Yes, but vat would you vant from me in bed? My marriage is very old-fashioned, in that my vife is old-fashioned, more than I would vish. I am not experienced in matters of sexual kinks or anything that you might like. All I have done is make love to her in bed, mostly nude, but sometimes vith her in lingerie. It is alvays at night, about vonce or tvice a week at the most. She only likes 'cowgirl' and 'missionary', not 'doggie'. She doesn't suck me off. She doesn't let me lick her pussy. And she has only cum tvice in the 8 years of my marriage. She keeps blaming me for that and claiming that I have a dysfunction, because I 'can't get her off'," Willem warned her.

"By Jove, I've got my work cut out for me! You unlucky sod! That must be miserable, being married to a completely priggish woman like that. Don't worry. Your inexperience in matters of this nature should make you teachable, love. I'm going to be in charge in the ultimate sense, no matter what, darling. That's that, unless I should ever decide to give up that control or power. But it does make it easier if you're in need of a trainer.

"So, I guess I shall be your Mistress in more ways than one. Being European, you should be familiar with that concept, the notion of a mistress. Whomever wields the whip with the other women is not my concern. In fact, I know of at least 3 who would prefer that you took control. It would please me very much to have you show them a firm hand. Now and then, I might even relinquish power for the night and let you top me. However, I feel a certain craving to take full advantage of my leverage with you and your wife to make you my sex slave. Don't worry, love. You'll enjoy it, I believe. You'll start by fucking my arse, like I asked you to earlier. This time, it's an order," Chelsea insisted.

"Yes, Ms. Vorthington," Dr. de Graaf agreed, dropping his own pants in surrender to her command. He knew very well that refusal would mean prosecution and disaster for his family. It was best to comply with her whims.

"Yes, Mistress Chelsea, love. That's my title. Call me 'Mistress Chelsea'," she ordered him. "Yes, Mistress Chelsea," he repeated.

"That's an improvement. Now, bugger me, darling!" she instructed.

"Yes, Mistress Chelsea. Vat of zee lube?" Willem wondered.

"There's a bottle right on the desk. Put some on your dick and some on my bum. Then take my bottom, and don't be gentle. I like it rough, no matter whom is in charge. I like primal, animalistic sex," Chelsea told him.

"Yes, Mistress Chelsea," Dr. de Graaf replied.

He made certain to apply what seemed to Chelsea like a ton of lube on his cock. She could tell that he was as new to butt-fucking women as he claimed to be. He was also very liberal with the amount that he added to her ass. Finally, however, he slipped it into her tush, timidly at first. It took him a moment or so to relax, but then he began thrusting inside her sphincter like she truly wanted from him.

Both Willem and Chelsea grunted as he screwed her bottom, his movements clearly indicating an increase of excitement in his cock and balls as he took her anally. Her derriere felt as full as it once did with old Warren. God, she missed that dirty old man's cock in her bum! Then again, Dr. de Graaf pleased her as well, albeit in a more nervous, amateurish manner. The nasty feeling of "corrupting" a happily married man and making herself his mistress (as well as his Mistress) was also exhilarating.

Willem, for his part, could scarcely done this encounter justice in his imagination if he tried. She was so tight, and there was so much friction and heat on his dick, that his cock felt like it was being tanned in a booth or soaking in a hot tub. She made it even more intense by energetically thrusting back at him with her ass. Such extreme pleasure threatened to make his cum release far too soon. He held back as long as possible, but it was going to be quite a struggle.

"Are you trying to keep from cumming, love?" Chelsea interrupted his thinking process.

"Yes, Mistress Chelsea. I vant to please you," Willem groaned in desperation.

"Then cum NOW for me, darling! I don't want you to hold back. There will always be ways to satisfy me without forcing yourself to stay hard. Just fill me with your bloody seed! Take me!" she urged him.

"Yes, Miiiiiistreeeessss Cheeeellllsseeeaaa!" he exclaimed as he emptied his load inside her bowels and pulled out.

"That was wonderful for a greenhorn, love. Don't worry about orgasm control or anything like that in the future. That's not a fetish of mine, to make my men suffer like that. If I punish you for an offense, it shall be mainly directed at your arse. I love to take a strap-on dildo to a man's bum, roughly, of course. Now, go wash up, so I can suck your cock for a while. I want it nice and hard for my pussy. I'm not on the pill and it is my most fertile time of the month, so I hope that you knock me up. I always wanted old Warren to do that, but he refused on the grounds of being too old to become a daddy. Don't worry, I'll keep the child support payments reasonable. I just want to be a mummy at last. You're an excellent candidate, in my opinion. Besides, a child born in the States shall guarantee that both of us get to stay permanently. It shall also be another way that we can remind your wife of her crime against this firm," Chelsea ordered him.

Dr. de Graaf hurried to wash his dick, eager to feel Chelsea's mouth around him. He had stopped pretending that he didn't enjoy fucking Miss Worthington. He loved fucking her, in fact. She was a lot more fun already than his wife in terms of sex. His wife was so vanilla and traditional in every respect, a fact that he blamed on her strict Calvinist upbringing in the Reformed Church. She might have gotten away from that a little, but not much. Hell, she was even a virgin on their wedding night!

It was odd that this austere, old-fashioned morality wasn't enough to keep her from committing theft, unless one considered that she had a disease: kleptomania. There was no other rational explanation for her crime. He had seen people like that her all of the time in therapy. He hadn't seen too many like Chelsea in therapy, but that might have been because they didn't need much of it. Miss Worthington wasn't repressed or anything like that. In fact, her attitude toward sex seemed rather healthy, especially compared to his wife's.

As de Graaf felt Chelsea's lips and tongue on his cock, he quickly forgot about his wife again, and simply yielded to the pleasure of being sucked off. Oh, yes, there were worse forms of slavery or bondage than this! He could "serve" this woman without any problems for a long time. He especially liked the idea that he might knock her up. He wasn't bothered at the prospect of being an office stud. He wanted to be the office stud now. If half of the women in that firm were like this English tart, he would be in his own kind of Paradise for years to come.

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