Blackmailed Housewife


Curtis smiled at her as he wiped his dick on her bed sheet before putting it back in his pants.

"Nope, I'm not nearly finished. You got a date tomorrow night, I'm going to pick you up around the corner at eight, dress nice and smart now, a nice suit and jacket outfit I think, and we're going to a party, a real special party."

And with that he disappeared from the room and was out of the house before Kimberley was even out of bed. The afternoon and the rest of the day were a blur for her. She did everything she normally did on a weekday automatically, her mind was elsewhere entirely. She considered discussing the events with both her husband, Raymond and her son but she could never quite see how she could broach the subject while not giving away what exactly she had done and always at the back of her mind, lurking like a dark cloud was the thought of her own, unwilling arousal and how she had felt, it made her more than uncomfortable. But that night as she checked the reports on the stabbing on the internet she was in no doubts as to the seriousness of the trouble Zack would be found in if Curtis went through with his threat so she knew she had no choice but to do as he said and hope he would keep his word.

That next day she told her family that she had a meeting of her local women's institute and to not wait up for her and she headed out just before eight dressed as Curtis wanted – in a smart fawn coloured suit jacket and trousers and nice black high heeled shoes, looking very business like. Which struck an incongruous sight when she rounded the corner from her house and got inside Curtis's bashed up wreck of a car and he sped her off into a cold and unwelcoming night....

The car stereo was playing extremely offensive rap music way too loud for Kimberley's tastes and she literally grimaced at the anger in the singers words as he spat them out and Curtis joined in every so often. He barely said two words to her since she had got in the car and she had just sat there and tried to keep track of where they were headed. But that became more and more difficult as Curtis headed into the poorer areas of the city, areas Kimberley had never been in before and within twenty minutes she knew she could never find her way back without aid. They were in a real poor looking district, half the houses were derelict, the other obviously slums and Curtis pulled up in front of the best looking house in the street, though that wasn't saying much.

As they stood beside the car and looked towards the lit up house Curtis turned to his 'guest' and spoke properly for the first time that evening.

"You look good Mrs Cole, real good. Now get down on your hands and knees and put this bit of rope around your neck, I'll use it like a leash. I'm gonna walk you into the party!"

Kimberley's heart sunk, she could only guess what kind of party this was going to be but if it was one where she crawled in like a dog on a leash that could in no way be good. Still given the day to think things over she had decided not to even argue with what Curtis told her to do from now on, figuring it would just antagonise him and prolong her ordeal. And she was more determined than ever to save her son from any kind of danger. So, in accordance with that line of thought, Kimberley did not protest and just got down on her hands and knees on the cold, cracked path that led to the ramshackle house and allowed Curtis to loop the thick blue rope around her and tried to keep up as he led her up the path to the front door. Once there he did not knock but just opened the door and entered an entirely different world to the cold, dark night outside.

In seconds they were in the living room and it was a crowded affair what with four other black teenagers lounging around on the dilapidated furniture each flanked by a girl of similar age and each dressed and scantily as Kimberley could ever imagine – what on earth was she doing here?

Their entrance certainly brought everyone to a standstill and got everybody in the rooms attention. One of the guys got up and approached Curtis, giving him a high five followed by some sort of hand gesture before pointing down at Kimberley.

"Hey man, what up? What is this bring your own old, white bitch on a leash night? You know this is colours only, unless...."

Curtis smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, unless it's for paint a bitch white night, and that my man is exactly what we are going to do with this (he jerked at the rope making Kimberley look up)."

That got another high five and a chorus of cheers from the other guys in the room while the girls looked at Kimberley with a strange mixture of disgust and pity. Not that she had long to dwell on that though as she was pulled to her feet and ordered to turn around and let everyone get a good look at her. Of course she was so out of place here, this white thirty something housewife dressed smartly in a suit surrounded by young black men and women dressed loosely and casually, she was like a fish out of water and felt so conspicuous here that she just wanted the ground to swallow her up whole. And what the hell was 'paint a bitch white night'? It didn't bear thinking about. But she was about to find out.

Kimberley spent the next half hour or so feeling like some strange, exotic animal in a zoo. Like somehow her different skin colour and age marked her out as from a totally different species than the other people congregated in the house (and another four guys, two with girls had arrived since they had come in). She just stayed at Curtis's feet as he greeted his friends and in turn they examined and groped her, complementing him on his offering to the group. The girls barely spoke to her but eventually Curtis handed the rope to one other girls and all the girls got up and left to go to another room, leaving the guys laughing and joking while Kimberley was led away.

The room they led her into was bare, completely empty, the only feature was an almost circular half a foot deep hole in the centre of the floor boards in the room. One of the girls seemed to be sort of in charge and she pulled Kimberley to her feet, uncomfortably by the rope and glared at her.

"Alright you fucking old, white bitch, get your clothes off and get on your fucking knees in that hole!!"

The girl was called Sharmell and had been one of the guys girls the longest and knew what they wanted tonight. She had a mouth like a sewer and an attitude to match. All this in a girl young enough to be Kimberley's daughter. When Kimberley did not react immediately Sharmell slapped her across the cheek.

"Didn't you hear me 'ho? I fucking told you what to do, now get a fucking move on else me and the girls will have to do it for you! An' I'm guessing you don't want your fancy clothes fucked up, do you?"

No she did not but neither was she keen to undress for this mob but she realised she really didn't have a choice so reluctantly began taking off her smart suit and everything else besides and moments later found herself covering up her boobs as she carefully knelt in the hole while the girls made all kinds of crude remarks about her body, she cringed and wished herself out of there. Sharmell let the guys know she was ready and in they trooped, all with their zippers down and a collection of black cocks hanging out. Kimberley could guess what was coming next but knelt there waiting to be told. In a daze she knelt there while she was surrounded by a myriad of young, erect black cocks, each straining for relief. As they circled Kimberley the other girls got behind their men and reached around to stroke their cocks, the effect was for them to wank their man's cum over the white bitch before them. The guys who couldn't get right up to Kimberley hung back and waited their turn, besides it was often more fun to add the last, thick coating of cum to an already cum drenched bitch.

Kimberley literally did not know which way to look. She wanted to just close her eyes and imagine she was elsewhere (anywhere!) else but she found herself unable to, as if kept open by some form of hypnotism by the array of black flesh that surrounded her face. Strangely the trash talk ended momentarily as everyone concentrated on what they were doing, the bare room echoed to the noise of foreskins being yanked back and forward with a faint sound of skin on slippery skin. But even that was deafening to Kimberley where she was and she found that she had been holding her breath for near a minute before finally exhaling. That coincided with more chatter in the tense room. The girls, who were hard at work pumping their men's dicks, started it off, encouraging the guys to get "a fucking move on and cover the bitch" with their loads. The guys groaned as they were wanked more furiously and then Kimberley's face was hit with the first shot.

It came from an overweight member of the gang standing to Kimberley's right. He was being jerked off by his similarly overweight ho' and she had obviously done the trick as his black trouser snake erupted in five sharp bursts of white semen that splattered on the housewife's forehead and hair before slowly starting to drip down her face. As he celebrated and enjoyed the aftermath of his climax Kimberley's face was hit from the other side by another stream of cum, this time targeting her eyes and nose from the left. Then from in front two more ejaculations hit her and she could barely see the guys move back to let the other guys forward for their shot.

In total she took nine loads of cum on her face. The sensation was bizarre and humiliating for Kimberley. Her skin crawled as she felt the thick man seed slide slowly down her face, running over her eye lids, nose, lips and chin on its gradual descent. She lifted her hand to wipe some of it from her face but it never made it as it was held back by someone and Curtis spoke in her ear.

"What you doing Mrs Cole? We ain't finished just yet. Got one more person want to cum all over you. Go on Sharmell give us a show!"

The room erupted in cheers and shouts as Sharmell hiked her mini skirt around her slim waist and stepped up to Kimberley. At that moment Kimberley was glad her eyes were gummed shut with the copious amounts of sperm. She could well imagine the sight that she would have been looking at – the angry young woman with her skirt hitched up and her, no doubt bare, pussy being thrust aggressively at the kneeling Kimberley as it was vigorously played with. Which was in fact exactly what was going on. But she could hear what was going on. The others encouraging her.

"Yeah babe, you go for it, spray that bitch!"

"Hell yeah, that's what I'm talking about!"

Worse, she could also hear the sound of skin playing furiously across wet skin. The undoubted noise of Sharmell playing with herself just inches from Kimberley's face. Oh, Zack what have you got yourself mixed up with, she thought to herself.

Meantime, Curtis enjoyed the spectacle he had created. He only wished that Mr. Cole could see this now. I mean sure he was recording it on his camera phone for posterity but it would have been even sweeter revenge if the racist bastard was watching this right here. It set the young blackmailer thinking...

Sharmell was near to climax. Her face was screwed up in intense concentration and her hand was rubbing at her clit with an amazing energy. She inched closer to the old white bitch on her knees until she touched her cum covered face with her own pussy and that was the touch that sent Sharmell over the edge. She gave an animalistic grunt and arched her back wildly as her hairless pussy exploded with liquid all over Kimberley's face. What an amount she sprayed out, almost like a water pistol coating Kimberley's face even more and leaving her feeling as if she had been marked, almost like a dog marks its territory. She had to kneel there and endure as the gang cheered and slowly moved on to other business.

It was a quiet journey home. Curtis deliberately did not turn on his stereo to allow Kimberley to sit and brood in unnatural silence. He had told her not to wash or wipe her face so it was still a total mess, obliterated with dried cum (both male and female). Kimberley, for her part had a hell of a lot to contemplate in the passengers seat. Like: What was she going to do when she got home? She could hardly enter the family home with her face plastered with assorted loads of cum without arousing suspicion. Like: How was she going to finally extricate herself from this blackmailer while at the same time saving her son? And like: What was her body reacting like this to these humiliating situations, how on earth could she be turned on?

All these thoughts raced through her mind as Curtis weaved the car through the streets back to the Cole's neighbourhood. All of a sudden he braked and came to a stop. He literally had to prod Kimberley to break her reverie.

"Hey bitch, that's us, get out and get lost. I'll tell you when I want you again!"

Kimberley turned to Curtis, for the moment ignoring the ejaculate all over her face.

"Look I can't do this forever, whatever it is you want you've had it! Whatever sick version of revenge you were after you've had it. I want no more! I'll not do this indefinitely!"

She was clearly angry and distressed and almost screamed at him but he just sat there, casually listening to her as if she were talking about some mundane matter to him. Finally, when she seemed to run out of steam and vitriol he spoke calmly to her.

"Ok Mrs Cole. You want this over? You want this finished for good? Fine. I can do that. Tell you what you do one more thing for me, one more little job and I'll give you all the evidence I have and we can move on. How about that?"

"Anything. Anything to get this over with!"

"All right. I'll let you know once I get things organised. Now get outta my car you're dripping sticky stuff all over it!"

As Kimberley stumbled from his car and it sped off into the night for the first time since this ordeal had begun she could believe there was an end in sight. Something about Curtis's demeanour when he addressed her in the car convinced her that he was telling the truth, that he would only ask one more thing from her to give her the evidence. She was so desperate for it to be true that she ignored the possibility that he may be lying and did not even contemplate what the 'one last act' would be, because going by what he had done so far it could only be bad for her. But no matter, as she sneaked her way around her house and cautiously used the outdoor tap to cup water in her hands to briskly wipe her face with she could finally see a way out and she would do whatever it took to get to it. The rest, sneaking into the house and taking a quick shower proved amazingly simple, no one would know what she had done to preserve her family that evening.

Kimberley jumped at every phone call to the house for the next week, trying hard not to rush to be first to answer it and not show her nervousness. Finally Curtis called on the following Thursday and his instructions were concise.

"Tomorrow night. Eight O'clock. Be ready. I don't care how you look or what you have to do just be in the same place I picked you up last time."

"And this is the last time? We finish it tomorrow and give me the evidence against Zack? I never see or hear from you again?"

"Yeah sure, whatever bitch. Just make sure you're there and ready to get fucked."

At that Curtis hung up and Kimberley was left holding both the phone and her breath, something about the tone he had used convinced her this would be the end but that it would not be nice for her.

In some ways Kimberley Cole seemed to land lucky that evening. Zack was out with his friends (and his mother made sure they were 'better' friends this time), her daughter was on a sleep over at a friends and her husband was out playing pool in his local league and wouldn't be back until later. It meant she would not have to lie about where she was going or sneak around to meet Curtis. She just walked around the corner and casually got in his car. That was where the evening went downhill from, he handed her a black bag and told her to put it over her face, he didn't want her to see where he was taking her. She did so reluctantly. What followed was an half hour car journey in the dark that could have left her anywhere in the city as she lost track of direction far too easily. She did not have a clue where they were when he finally brought the car to a halt.

He handed her a smaller blindfold and told her to tie it on under the bag and to take the bag off. She was glad to be rid of the bag but the blindfold was even better at cutting out the light and she had to be guided out of the car by Curtis and led along a stone path and into a building. Once in he bent her over a table, taking great pains not to move the blindfold and casually stripped every inch of clothing off the housewife, once again casting his eyes over her delectable ass as his hands roamed over her lily white body. He leaned forward his crotch pressing at her ass.

"You are gonna get fucked now Mrs Cole, a real good fucking. But I promise you, you take this fucking and make it a real good show, you know, act like your loving it and digging it and I promise I ain't gonna blackmail you no more, all right?"

She could hardly refuse him and just nodded her head.

There followed a period of silence followed by some shuffling and whispering from a nearby room then all of a sudden she felt a stiff penis at the entrance to her cunt and hands being placed around her hips and tightening as the cock pushed it's way inside her. She had to fight the urge to sigh with pleasure at the penetration until she remembered that was what he wanted and gave into her body, actually enjoying taking such a long hard cock in her pussy. She wondered if it was Curtis back there but suspected not and that was confirmed when her blackmailer exclaimed.

"That's it man, give that bitch the ride of her life, man! Fuck her like the slut she is!"

She gripped the edge of the table as she continued to be fucked from behind over it. As much as Kimberley did not want to be enjoying being fucked like this she actually was. It was like forbidden fruit and best of all she could justify it to herself because she was being forced to do this by Curtis. For the moment she forgot who she was and why she was doing this, transforming herself back to the young woman she once was in her teenage years where she got drunk and screwed a guy she didn't know the name of at a party. She had been in shock afterwards that she would have been so promiscuous and had not done anything like it ever since but could not deny it had been a total thrill at the time -–just like this, another younger man reaming her pussy out, so close to cumming.

What happened next all took place in the space of a mere sixty seconds yet it would be a minute that would forever alter the Cole family. Broken down here is how it all went down.

As Kimberley reached a climax herself she felt the hard cock inside her spasm and jump and felt the warm liquid that was her fucker's cum shoot deep inside her pussy. She barely heard the click of a door opening some yards in front of her. All of a sudden her eyes were in daylight as Curtis first tore off her blindfold then the blind fold of the person fucking her. When Kimberley's eyes had adjusted to the sudden impact of light after so long blindfolded it was to see that she was actually bent over her very own kitchen table. Before the impact of that fact had even started to sink in the kitchen door opened and in walked her husband! She looked up at him stunned but rather than shout or react angrily he just stared about two feet above Kimberley, almost ignoring her. She twisted her head around and looked over her shoulder and was mortified to see that it was Zack stood behind her (and still inside her)! She had just been fucked by her son! Her own teenage son had just cum deep in her pussy! She felt like she was going to faint but one look up at her husband told her now was not the time. Of Curtis there was no sign, evidently he had taken off after removing both their blindfolds.

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