Blackmailed Husband-Seduced Wife


Ron came in the back door, and asked if I wanted a bite of his ice cream. He acted like nothing had ever happened between them. Good! I’ll act the same way, and forget the whole thing. It’s never going to happen again, anyway.

After dinner, I went to bed early, saying I had a headache. Richard came up a few minutes later, and wanted to know what was wrong. I told him, “having a black man in our house for another 27 days is what was wrong!” Then he had the nerve to want to make love! “I’ll let you in on a little secret, you are not going to touch me, as long as that animal is in our house! When he goes, you get your wife back.”

“Has something happened? Has Ron gotten out of line? What has he done to make you hate him so?”

“He’s black, and that is what’s wrong! No, he hasn’t done anything else wrong. He has been a perfect gentleman, if an animal can be called a gentleman.”

“Okay, I’m going back downstairs and sip a few beers with him. He’s really a nice guy, you know. Your prejudice is clouding your judgment.“

The next morning, Ron and Richard left at the same time. I cleaned the house, and must have picked up a dozen beer bottles. About noon, I took a long relaxing bath, and was lounging around in my bathrobe, when Ron came in the door. He took one look at me, and came over to the sofa, sitting down next to me. His thigh was brushing against mine. I could feel the heat from his leg. He put his arm around my shoulder, and pulled me against his chest. I had no will to resist! What was happening to me? Why do I let this black man touch me at his whim? I hate blacks! Still, he was so strong and masculine, so sure of himself, not like Richard at all.

“Today, Linda, I think you should prove something to yourself. I know you are curious, and will never be satisfied until you know the answer.”

“The answer to what?”

“Whether my black cock will fit into that small pussy of yours.”

Sitting upright, I said, “You’re crazy, if you think I’m curious about that. I don’t care if that monster will fit or not. I do know that it would stretch me so big, that Richard would never want me again. You go find yourself another woman! You will never fuck me with that thing!” I was curious. I was dying to know how it would feel to have a 12 inch dick inside me! He only ignored me, and stood up, dropping his pants. Naturally, he had on no underwear! He was already about half hard. He sat back down next to me, and put my hand on the shaft. Immediately, it started to grow. He reached over, and took the tape measure out of my sewing kit. By now, he was completely hard. Handing me the tape, he said measure, and see exactly what you are going to get.

“I’ll measure it, but I’m not going to get anything.” It measured almost 13 inches, and was 6-1/2 inches around. Even looking at him, and seeing the proof with my own eyes, I still couldn’t believe it!

“Now, here is what we are going to do. We are going to try an experiment. When you are ready, I want to try and put the head inside you. That’s not fucking. That’s just an experiment to see if a white woman can take me. Do you agree that it’s not fucking? I’m not going all the way inside. I’m not going to cum, so how can it be called fucking?”

“Well, honestly, I am curious. Do you promise that only the head is going inside? You’re just going to see if it would, as if we were really going to make love?”

“That’s all I’m going to do, but I have to get you ready. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the sensations. First, this sofa is not high enough. Stand up, and let me put another cushion under you. I did as he asked, and when I sat back down, my feet didn’t touch the floor. What was I getting myself into? Why was I doing this, with a man I detested? His magnetism? The unknown and forbidden? Whatever the reason, I was about to find out the answer.

He got on his knees in front of me, and opened my robe. He was surprised when he saw there was nothing underneath. He never tried to kiss me. I think he knew I wouldn’t. He went straight to my breasts, and started sucking like a hungry baby. First one breast, then the other. I was getting wet, already. He kissed his way down my stomach, till I could feel his breath on my love bud. He took it into his mouth and began sucking on it, just as he had sucked my breasts. I was so hot and feeling so good, that I almost had an orgasm right then. When he stuck that long, thick tongue inside, I couldn’t control myself any longer. I had the biggest orgasm of my life! All I could say was, Oh God, Oh God, I’m cumming…I’m cumming. The Dream! It wasn’t a dream! That is the tongue that made me cum. No wonder it was so vivid! Usually, a dream fades when you wake up, but mine was still sharply etched in my mind. No wonder! It really happened, and now it was going to happen again. I came back to my senses, and he was up on his knees with his monster pointed at the opening of my pussy.

I looked at him, and said, “remember, only the head, and you will take it out whenever I say.”

“Okay, I will. Now take your fingers and spread your pussy lips. Sit up straighter, so you can see every inch as it disappears inside you.”

I spread my lips, and he was rubbing his dick up and down my slit. It was almost like he was masturbating me with his big dick. Then, he stopped and placed the head at my tiny opening. He was putting pressure against my pussy, but there was no way that thing was going to go inside.

“No more! No more! It is starting to hurt. Stop pushing.” But he didn’t stop! He kept up the pressure, more and more! “Ah NO..NO..Not anymore!!! It won’t go! You’re killing me! You said you would stop!” I spread my legs as wide as they would go, to help ease the pain. I was pushing on his shoulders and chest, but it didn’t even bother him. He just kept up the relentless pressure. MY God, He’s going to split me into! God help me!” I was moaning and crying.

Suddenly there was a pop and the pressure was gone, but I felt as if there was a log inside the lips of my pussy. I looked down and saw that the head was inside, along with an inch of his massive shaft!

“Don’t move, please don’t move. It will kill me if you do. I feel as if my pussy is ripping apart. You said you would only put in the head. Now, I know I can take it, but it hurts too much. I could never be fucked with something that big.”

“Let me hold it here until you relax, and your pussy adjusts to having a real man inside you. Since we have gone this far, why not push it in a little farther when the pain stops? What do you say? It’s not like we are fucking.”

“I don’t believe the pain will go away, but if it does, maybe, you can put in a little more. Wait a few minutes. I hate to have come this far, and never really know if I could take something that big. Are you sure you aren’t going to try and fuck me? I trust you to keep your word. It’s not hurting so bad, anymore. Try pushing again. I’m more relaxed now.”

I was watching, as he pushed, and another couple of inches went inside. I could feel the walls of my vagina stretching, trying to accommodate his size. He stopped again, and it actually felt good. There was a fullness that I had never felt before. He pushed again, and was at the deepest point any dick had ever been.

“NO one has ever been deeper than that. I think you should stop now. I’ll never have anyone, but my husband, and his doesn’t go as far as you have it now.” My mouth was speaking those words, but my body wanted more. I wanted him to go as deep as he could. I wanted to take all of him!

He pushed again, and it looked as if there was still four inches to go! I was adjusting now. More relaxed. It hurt a little and filled me completely, but I knew now that I could handle a monster cock! Once, I had taken the entire length, he would remove it, and that would be the end of the whole thing. My curiosity would be satisfied.

“Try and slowly push the rest into me. Please stop, if I scream. I can feel it pushing my insides ahead of it. I don’t know how much farther, they will push.” While I’m talking, I am watching at the same time. Slowly it all disappears, and finally our pubic mounds are against each other. I have taken a 13 inch monster cock!

“OKAY, I have taken all of you. Now take it out and lets call the experiment a success.” As I said this, he twitched his dick, then again, and again. My Lord, I never felt anything so good. It was like he was fucking me, without moving his body! My juices were coating his dick with a slick film of lubrication. I was so hot, I could cum by just having him inside me.

“It’s time to stop! You said you would stop anytime I said!”

He very gently flicked his hips, and there was a slight in and out movement. That felt so good, so wonderful. I hope he does it again, before he completely removes himself. Then he pulled out about 4 inches, and pushed it back in. He did this a few times, and I started to moan. I couldn’t help myself. I had never had anything in my life feel so wonderful, so glorious. Oh MY God, he is fucking me! He promised! But, I can’t help myself. I want him to! Now, he is using longer strokes, as I adjust to him. There’s no pain, just feelings and what feelings!! I’m CUMMING…….I’m Cumming… with a 13 inch dick in my pussy. I never want it to end! I want to fuck this big black cock forever. I’ll never hate blacks again. Only a black dick could give me this pleasure. “Oh fuck me, fuck me! I’m yours! Do whatever you want with me, just give me your big cock for my pussy! I’m Cumming again!!! I can’t stop Cumming! You have to stop! Not anymore, No more! I’ll die! My body can’t take that many climaxes.” Then she felt his body tense, and all of a sudden it felt like a water hose had been inserted into her pussy! Squirt after squirt of cum flooded her insides. It seemed to be coming out of her mouth. Nobody could cum that much. This triggered another climax, and she screamed with pleasure. Cum Inside Me? Cum? NO! NO! NO! You can’t cum inside me! I’ll get pregnant! You put your seed all the way in the mouth of my cervix. Why? Why? You said you wouldn’t even fuck me. Now, look what has happened!

“Don’t worry about getting pregnant. I had a vasectomy 4 years ago. I could never make you pregnant.” Like hell, I can’t, I was thinking.

“Oh, Thank God. You wouldn’t lie to me again, would you?”

“I would never lie about something like that. Trust me. If you have recovered, lets go upstairs to the bed. I want to show you something.”

They went upstairs, and he lay down on his back. His enormous dick was still sticking straight up. “Come here and straddle me. Squat down over my dick, and put the tip inside yourself.” She did as he instructed. “Now lower yourself, until about 4 inches are inside you.”

“I don’t know if I can take you again”

“Yes, you can. You still have my cum dripping out of you, so my cock should enter you easily. Go slow, and let yourself get used to me again.”

This time, the entry was without pain. She was still tight and filled like never before, but all the juices had her prepared. She stopped when about 4 or 5 inches were inside her.

“Now, I am going to pump up and you pump down. If there is pain, you can control the penetration. Is that okay?” He began pumping up into her and she was controlling the depth. She was taking more and more of him, until their pubic bones were smashing against each other. She was screaming out one long glorious climax! After only a few minutes, he cum so hard, she thought he was going to blow her off him. She fell exhausted and completely satisfied at his side. She dozed for a few minutes, but awoke when he started talking.

“I will be here for another 24 to 26 days, and I want this to happen every day, until I leave. Another thing, don’t let that wimp husband touch you this month. Do you agree with me?”

“Oh God Yes!! I want you more than once a day. I want you day and night! If you say so, I’ll never let Richard touch me again. That little dick of his could never make me cum again, anyway! Could you stay until my period starts?” That will be at the end of the month.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her, it would be at the end of nine months!

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