Blackmailed in Turkey


He pulled out of her. Emma turned to look at him. She drew in her arms preparing to lift herself. Another stroke of his palm stung her buttock.

"I did not give you permission to move!"

"But, you've had what you wanted. You said you would let me go..."

"Perhaps I will let you go when I have finished with you. And I have not finished with you yet."

"Please...," She whimpered.

"Now, time for the ultimate pleasure...,"

Emma sagged. She knew what he intended. The hope that sodomising her would not be part of his vile demands was now shattered. No resistance was possible as she felt him approach and position the bulbous head of his cock against her puckered ring. Her body felt hollow: An empty, pale, beautiful young flesh-vessel into which he could – he would - empty his dark sex organ at will. The little fight her sphincter presented to his cock broke quickly under his force. Once past, he filled her rectum slowly, twisting and grinding his manhood into her. As he found his desired depth, she felt his heavy scrotum press tight against her vulva.

He raised his left foot onto the ottoman to gain extra purchase as he pleasured himself deeply in her anus. As he did so, he arched over her to grasp greedily at her breasts. Enjoying the firm soft breast structure only a young teenage girl could possess. Rolling her nipples between his fingers he kept groping her heavy breasts. He ground himself into her mercilessly, enjoying the special tightness her virgin ass offered. He pace quickened as grunting with pleasure he approached his rut. Then Emma felt the friction of his cock ease as he sprayed his cum and welcome lubrication into her colon. He offered a couple of final thrusts to finish draining himself. She felt him sag and she took his weight for a while as he gathered his breath. Eventually he lifted away from her.

Emma tuned to her side and let her body slip onto the ottoman. She took up a foetal position, her knees lifted to her chin, her arms protective around them. Finally, the tears could flow. Through them she sobbed:

"Please... Now you will let me go...? Please...You've done everything...Everything you want with me...Let me go. Let me go, now...Please"

The hotel manager laughed.

"Why the haste, my pretty Miss America? You still have two weeks left. Plenty of time for us to get to know each other even better." He reached and took her chin in his fingers. He pulled her face up towards his. She tasted his sour breath as he added:

"Why, your vacation has only just begun..."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/13/17

Pregnancy and Marrage

Hope Emma was impregnated during her sexual encounter on the ottoman with the hotel manager. Hope she decides to live in Turkey and marries the hotel manager and raises a family with him.

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