Blackmailed Into Perversion Ch. 3

byLinda Jean©

How can I? How do I justify to my husband how I sucked their cocks, taking them the same way I take him? How do I justify loving the feeling that they gave me when they treated me as a sperm receptacle for their pleasure? How do I justify the craving that this fiend brought out in me, making me want to be used just like this? I kept going over and over in my mind the pleasure that these men here at work gave me. Along with the way that I craved to come with Bill just minutes ago.

Thinking about all of this was driving my mind into a sexual frenzy. I realized that I desperately wanted and needed to climax. That asshole; if he would have only waited one more fucking minute! I opened my legs and brought my hand down to my soft bare skin. I felt my lips; they were swollen and it felt so good when my fingers slid inside my wet hole. I drew my fingers out and began to work my swollen clit. It felt so big and so sensitive. I moaned as I felt myself climbing to that place that I loved so much. I felt my body responding to my need and my fingers. I knew that my fingers would not really put out my fire; however, they would help me somehow endure the crap that I was being put through.

I closed my eyes and I pictured myself between those two men fucking me standing up. I could feel their cocks in me again, slamming in and out. I was using my right hand on my cunt and clit. I raised myself up enough to move my left hand behind me and began to play with my asshole. I love being fucked and I love being fucked in my ass. I love the feeling of both of my holes being filled with big cocks. I was going crazy, squatting over the stool, working both of my holes fingerfucking myself like a sex-crazed whore. I felt myself getting closer to that point that I wanted. I heard the door open and it startled me. Standing in the doorway with a huge smile on his face was Ballard.

I pulled my hands away from myself and fell back onto the stool. He said "Pamela, you are keeping Johnson waiting. Should I send him in here?" I suddenly felt like shit; I had lost control over myself and I fell right into doing exactly what Ballard wanted me to do. I became caught up in his sick game and I got caught in the most humiliating way possible. He stood there, smiling and waiting for an answer. I hid my face between my hands and I said in a cracking voice, almost crying "I'll be right out." I heard Ballard say "Johnson, go on in. Pamela is waiting and warming herself up for you." I looked up in a panic and I saw Ballard move out of the way and Johnson walk past him inside of the restroom. He was unzipping his pants as Ballard closed the door. I started to get up when he held my shoulders and said "no, I want you sitting down. I want you to play with yourself as you suck me off."

He had his dick out and was standing right in front of my face. His dick was average-sized to me; he was smaller than Bill (my husband.) He wasn't all that small, really, just average. Like I said in the beginning, prior to getting married, I had a very active sex life and I had seen many a man's dick. He had his pants up and I did not want to run my face against his zipper, so I reached up and undid his pants, pulling them down out of my way. I closed my eyes and leaned forward an inch or so, then took him in my mouth.

I found that once I closed my eyes and had his cock in my mouth, I was right back where I was just minutes ago. I was on fire all over again. I sucked him in and gulped I had it all inside my mouth in one motion. I wrapped my arms around his naked ass and pulled him to myself. His pubic hair was matted against my nose. I knew I couldn't explain this change in me to anyone; I didn't quite understand it myself. I knew that all of this was wrong; I knew that everything I was doing was against my true nature. I mean I would never go out and cheat on my husband. Bill was the best man that I had ever known; he loves me and I love him he is my mate for life. What made me ill was, all of a sudden, I did want this possessive – stranger's cock in me. I did want to suck him off, I did want to fuck him, and I wanted him to make me come. I loved Bill, yet I wanted this to happen.

The room was full of moans, both his and mine. I would release him just long enough to get some air and then I would pull him back in my mouth. In a way, I was glad he was smaller than my husband; at the same time, I was disappointed that I did not feel the pressure inside my throat, expanding it as Bill had done minutes earlier. I reached down between my legs again, trying to time my self-induced climax with the one I knew this man was about to have. I gulped some air just in time because he grabbed the back of my head and held me to himself as his cock flexed in my mouth and throat, shooting his sperm down my belly. My hand was flying over my clit and I was pushing in hard to make sure I had the strongest contact possible.

I had a small climax, however, it was not as good as I really desired. The man backed away so fast from me, his cock made a popping sound as it popped out of my sucking mouth. When he backed away, I looked past him and saw the other men. He said "next" and pulled up his pants as another man moved in to take his place. I think he was Mexican, but that didn't matter. His cock was hard and by the time he was close enough to my lips, I opened my mouth and took him in. He began telling me "I'm gonna fuck your pussy, baby, I'm gonna fuck your pussy." I moaned with my own lust because that was what I needed right then and I needed it badly.

He pulled back and again. With the suction that I had on him, he also made a loud popping sound as his cock came out of my mouth. He pulled my hand and said "turn around, honey. I'm gonna give that pussy a yours a good fuck." The toilet behind my desk was good size and I was glad it was, because there were so many men in there with me, I could only see the top of the door. I turned around and bent forward over the stool. When I did turn around and bend over, my tiny skirt rose up over my hips, exposing my naked cunt to all of them.

I felt a cock being inserted into me and wanting it, I pushed backwards. It was all too late now; I was on fire and I knew that these men desired me. I knew they all wanted to fuck me or have me suck their cocks. Knowing that did something to me; I found that I wanted to not only let them fuck me, but I wanted them to enjoy fucking me so much that they would want to fuck me again and again. I closed my eyes and no longer thought about my husband Bill; I no longer thought about how I had gotten to this point of my life. All I wanted was to get fucked and fucked and fucked. I wanted them to fuck my cunt and asshole, I wanted to suck their cocks, I wanted them to watch me be the whore that I am. I was nothing more than a common whore that loved men's cocks and I would do anything to obtain that wonderful climax that I loved and wanted so much. I wanted them to know just what kind of a cock-loving slut I was.

With my eyes closed, talking to no one man, I said "Oh Yea! Oh Jesus! Oh Fuck, that feels good! Oh God, fuck me baby! Give me that cock! Harder, harder! Faster, fuck I'M CLOSE, I'M CLOSE! OH JESUS! SO CLOSE. NO, NO DON'T STOP! KEEP FUCKING, KEEP FUCKING!!" I felt him grab hold of my hips and hold on tight as his cock pulsed inside of me. The son-of-a-bitch came before I did. I tried to grind backwards hard against him to somehow increase the pressure, hoping it alone would take me over the edge. As he pulled out, I heard him say "You're in for the ride of your life. This bitch knows how to fuck." I felt another cock sliding inside of me; it expanded me and I felt it right up against my cervix opening. It did not slip past the opening, but it touched it enough to give me that big dick feeling. Because of the last man taking me right to the edge and not taking me over the top, so to speak, I was ready and willing for this man to fuck me.

I felt him ramming into me like a jack hammer and again, just as I began to lose it, he pulled his cock out of me and asked "You like it in your ass, Linda? Here it comes, baby." I felt him push inside my ass with no resistance at all. I felt him fill me up and my head swooned with pleasure. He began fucking me hard again, as he had before. I wished I had a dildo to stick in my cunt at the same time. After yesterday, I found myself craving that feeling again. I put my fingers down to my hole and slid first three, then four fingers in and out, trying to give myself the same kind of pleasure that Pat and Jake gave me yesterday in Ballard's office. I began to climax and as I did, my asshole clinched around the man's dick. I guess that was all he needed, because he began to shoot his sperm deep in my ass as he gripped my hips, pulling me hard back against himself. I had this wonderful feeling of pleasure coursing through my body, while at the same time, my legs were beginning to hurt. As he pulled out of me, I quickly turned around to face the rest of the men.

Another man was already aiming his cock at me when I turned. I said "My legs, I need to sit down." he said "On the counter, sit on the counter." I looked at the sink counter and thought "yea, that will work just fine." He helped me sit on top of it and as I did, he lifted my legs over his shoulders. I reached down and guided his cock to my throbbing, wanting hole. As he slid inside, I gave a moan that told him just how much I loved being filled up that way. His cock was average in length; however it was wider around. I felt really stretched as he slid in. I reached for my nipples and started to pinch and play with them. I could feel every little piece of his dick as it pushed in and out of me. My whole body and mind focused on his cock and the feeling he was giving me with it. He was like a lunatic fucking me so fast. He kept pulling back further each time, giving me one hell of a wonderful feeling as it would slide all the way back inside. I felt him ramming and pulling back more and more till his big fat cock came all the way out and then he would cram it back as deep as he could.

I was fucking back at him just as fast and just as hard. I loved the feeling that he gave me, fucking me like this with that fat cock. I zigged when he zagged because he pulled out and when he shoved back, it went into my asshole. When he did that, I went crazy. "FUCK, JESUS, FUCK, OH GOD, FUCK OH GOD, OH GOD, FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS." I guessed that he had not planned to do that, but once he saw how wild it made me, he began to do something no one had ever done in my life up till then. I felt him pull out of my ass and then shift to slide his cock deep inside of my cunt; he pulled back and, shifting again, crammed it back into my asshole. This was taking me higher than I had ever been with pleasure. I did not think at the time how dangerous to me this was, or the problems it could cause me. All I desired was for him to continue fucking me like that. I told him "OH BABY, DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP, OH FUCK YES, YES, JUST LIKE THAT, OH FUCK, JESUS I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, FUCK ME FUCK MEEEEEEEE!" I came and I tried to hold onto him, but he kept pumping me in one hole, then the other. My climax was the longest and hardest that I had ever experienced in my life. He kept fucking and I kept coming.

I closed my eyes and held on for dear life as my body shook and shook and shook. I guessed that the other men became tired of waiting because I felt wetness on my legs and, opening my eyes, I saw where two men were now standing next to us and had jacked off, spilling out their sperm onto my stocking-covered legs. I heard someone say "Come on, Ken, hurry up! Come on, don't be such a fucking pig." I heard the man fucking me groan out loud and he held himself deep inside my pussy as he ejaculated himself in me. His fat cock seemed to swell up even more when he came; I felt my whole cunt flexing with him as he finally finished.

I felt him step back and a black man now moved between my legs. He had his cock in his hand and I reached out and guided into myself. I say guided, but it was more like I pulled him into me. I looked at his eyes as he slid inside me; he was young and he was strong. He lifted my legs up over his shoulders as the other man had done and he slowly pushed in. I felt his cock touch and pass my cervix opening. I felt full; very full indeed. While he was not all that big around, he sure was long. He never said a word; I looked at him and he looked at me. I was watching his facial expressions as he fucked me and I knew he was watching mine. His breath quickened and so did mine; he quickened his pace and I found it hard to catch my own breath. The closer he came to his climax, the closer I came to mine. The closer we came toward a climax, the closer he moved his face to mine and I moved my face to his.

As I felt my climax hit, I could see it in his eyes as his did also. Our lips were almost touching, When we finally touched our lips together, we came together. I felt my cervix being filled and flexing as his sperm shot hard into me. We both kept kissing at the same time my climax shuddered through my body. He made no attempt to pull out of me right away. I wrapped my legs around him and clung to him as I slowly came back down to reality. His nose was calming down now; before we climaxed, it was opening and closing with his breath. That, along with the fucking, drove me crazy. And the fact that he did not want to pull out of me right away after he came made me love it even more.

I broke the kiss and he slowly moved back as I let my feet unlock from his waist. I looked down as his cock slid out and it felt just as big and long as it did when he slid it into me. I watched as his cock finally pulled back and sort of dropped down. I had not noticed that the other men had jerked off while watching the two of us fucking on the counter; however, looking at my stockings and feeling the wetness, I could see where three more men had come, jerking off watching while I got the shit fucked out of me. I sat up and scooted off of the sink top. I knelt down and took his glistening wet cock into my mouth. I began to suck it in and down my throat. I wanted to thank him for the wonderful fuck that he just gave me.

** Now if you wish, feel free to write me and let me know just how this little story made you feel. Be safe and be careful. Linda **

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