tagMind ControlBlackmailed Into Perversion Ch. 5

Blackmailed Into Perversion Ch. 5

byLinda Jean©

I opened the door and held my head up as I went to my desk, grabbed my keys and walked downstairs. The men who were making catcalls this morning were now standing around. Some of them were pointing at me, others laughing. One man quickly closed his door so his customer wouldn't see me (I think). I heard one man call out, "You were hot upstairs. If you want, you can hang around here for awhile. It looks like it is going to be a slow night, and we could all party." I looked at him, smiled and said, "Can't. Got to get on home."

I wasn't lying. I had to hurry and get home before Bill did. I figured I had enough time to get home, shower, douche and give myself an enema, then still have time to make Bill his supper. As I walked to my car, I heard air escaping from between my legs. Air was whooshing from my vagina, along with wetness. I thought that Jane, as much as she sucked on my pussy, should have gotten all of the sperm out of me. It was apparent that she had missed some. Then, of course, I also had sperm dripping out of my ass as I walked. I could feel the wetness and the crusty cum on my stockings. I smelled like sperm. I reeked of it. A couple men gong to their cars that worked in service waved and said some things that, to be honest, I blocked out of my mind.

I did not want to speak with anyone, I wanted to get home and scrub off this day of perversion. Once in my car, I drove straight home. Traffic wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but there was certainly enough of it. And the men in the vans, trucks and other higher vehicles would go nuts when I was alongside of them. My skirt was so short that every one of them could see my bare pussy, along with my dirty stockings and my messy face and hair. I had offers for sex yelled at me maybe 15 times.

I was beginning to get scared when I thought I saw a car following me, I drove all around watching it and finally they (two men) got caught behind a car at a red light. I saw that and I was gone. I pulled into my garage and closed the door so no one would see me get out of the car. I looked at my watch and found I had a good two hours before Bill got home, so it was going to be a bath instead of a shower. I had to soak. I had to take control over my body and make sure I had no signs that could possibly let Bill know that I had sex today with another man. What the FUCK am I thinking? I fucked so many men today I have no idea how many actually did use my cunt. Then to try to figure out the blowjobs, and all the anal? I felt lucky to be alive and I felt lucky not to be raw between my legs. The way my jaw felt, soup seemed the perfect supper meal tonight.

Going into the bedroom, I looked at myself in the mirror. I could feel sperm on my inner thighs, most of which was crusted. Reaching down between my legs I touched myself and found that my vulva was still swollen and still, surprisingly, very wet. My clit felt a tiny bit sore. When I slid a finger inside my hole, it seemed to open the floodgates. Gobs of sperm came running out. I decided to see if the same would happen if I touched my butthole. I did and it did. I looked again at myself in the mirror and saw myself standing there with both of my hands touching my most private places. I thought just for one tiny moment that it might be nice to try and get a climax standing there like that. I felt my eyes locked on my wrist as I kept playing. I said out loud talking to the woman in the mirror, "STOP IT!"

I listened to myself and began to strip. I decided I better hide my clothes so Bill would not see them. I put them in the bottom of the laundry basket and began my hot bath. Getting into the bath, I just put my head back and began to try to forget the day's events. The harder I tried to put them out of my mind, though, the more I kept remembering. As I lay there, I tried to focus my mind on Bill and just how much I loved him. God, that was the wrong thing to do. When I began to think of him, my eyes teared up and all I could then think of was how I had betrayed him. I was lying there thinking if only Bill knew he could help me fight this sick bastard.

My excitement turned to disgust again as I laid there talking to myself. The bad part about all of it was I was answering myself. So I guess this was the first sign of going out of my mind. First, I thought to myself, "Can Ballard be right? Am I really nothing but a slut, a woman that lives to just fuck men?" I said out loud, "Hell, no! All that is going on is you have been tricked into screwing men for his pleasure, not yours." Then I thought, "You can't help it, you have always loved sex. Sex with Bill has always been hot. Ballard is wrong; he is tricking you into thinking you are a slut." I said out loud, "Yeah, but if you didn't love fucking those men why did you go crazy today doing all those things with them and Jane?" I thought, "You had to, you had to make everyone believe that you are nothing but a fucking, nasty ass whore living to be fucked. You had no choice."

I then said, "That isn't true. You could have made them do it in the office, but you wanted to do it in the lounge. You wanted to fuck all those men. You wanted to get fucked in your ass and cunt at the same time because you love it so damn much -- you can't lie to me." I heard the door open and Bill say, "Honey, I'm home!"

I stopped fighting with myself when I heard him walking into the bedroom and then the bath. He came over to the tub and bent down to kiss me. I smiled and said, "You're home early today. I haven't started supper yet." Bill said, "That's all right, I figured as much and I brought some pizza home. My, you look lovely lying there like that. Want me to rub your back?" Now I know my husband, and when he talks like that, it means he is interested in having sex. At first I became frightened thinking that he would be able to tell I had cheated on him. Then I looked at his crotch and I could see he was beginning to get hard. I smiled back at him and said, "Well, I'm ready to get out. Why don't you take a shower and I'll wait for you on the bed."

Bill helped me get out of the tub and we kissed. Bill was really turned on; I forgot how easy he gets turned on seeing me naked. I grabbed his cock and he was very hard. He reached for me and I quickly broke free and said, "Oh, no, you don't. Take a shower first; you stink of sweat." He stripped and got in the shower as I dried off and got under the sheets. I did not want him to see my vagina, I felt if he did get a look at it he could tell I was swollen and abused down there. As I waited for him I had all kinds of things going through my mind. I felt excitement and I was scared at the same time. Would he be able to tell? Would he notice how big my pussy was? Was I stretched so much that I could not feel him? Would I come with him? Could I get through this without being found out?

Bill walked in all dried off and slid under the sheets with me. I decided the best thing to do was to get him off real fast, because that way I might get away with him not seeing anything different. I quickly got under the sheets and went after his cock. I know he loves to 69 but I knew that if we did, he would know something was different between my legs. I moved down the bed and worked his cock fast and furious. He moaned and was breathing hard. I knew he was close. I could not remember just how long it had been so I just knew if he had not been jacking off, I was going to get a huge load in my mouth. I knew it was going to be there at any moment.

I stopped and I moved up to straddle him, Bill always loves it when I get on top and work his cock with my cunt. I knelt over his dick and squatted down, feeling it fill my well-fucked hole. What I really loved was hearing him groan as my cunt lips engulfed his cock. He felt tight to me, so I knew that in spite of all the fucking today, I was still nice and tight to my loving husband. Once I had him inside of me, I began to move back and forth. God, I love the way it feels fucking my husband like this. I felt my clit rubbing his dick as I moved my hips back and forth like that. I heard him say, "Fuck, Pam, you're so fucking wet. Oh, Jesus, you're so good. I can't wait, I'm sorry, I'mmm ... oh fuckkk."

He grabbed my hips and held onto me as I ground myself fast on him as if I was going to climax with him. I was right, he was loaded for bear: He ejaculated and ejaculated and ejaculated. I thought he was never going to stop pumping his seed into me. I leaned forward and we kissed passionately as I flexed my muscles surrounding his cock. I told him, "I want to try clean you." I raised myself up off of his shrinking cock and I brought my mouth to it. I felt Bill grabbing for my hips and once he had hold of me he pulled me to him. I did not want him to clean me because I was afraid I still had some cum in me left over from today. I felt him pulling my left leg open and over his head. I decided I better not fight him too much or I would cause him to wonder why.

I brought my cunt down to him and when his lips touched my cunt, it felt like electricity. Just the thought of what he was doing, and knowing how much I loved doing all the screwing I took earlier in the day, made me feel incredible. I flexed my inner muscles and I knew that his -- and whoever else's -- sperm was emptying into his mouth. It was so fucking nasty that it was a turn-on beyond belief. I worked his cock with my mouth, thinking if I was good, I could get him hard again. I felt him begin to slow down licking me, and no matter how hard I tried to get him hard again, he was out for the count. I raised up a little so he would not suffocate. And before I knew it I heard snoring. Bill fell asleep under me.

I got off of him, and gently covered him up as I went out to the kitchen naked. I felt my wonderful afterglow as I walked. I almost could not believe it; Bill had not noticed anything different about me. I figured it was because he was so turned on. (You know how men are, they start thinking with their little head and all the blood just leaves the big head leaving very little blood for thinking straight.) Opening the pizza box, I saw that Bill had eaten half of it on his way home. I ate what was left and watched some TV. About 9:30 I decided to get to bed and sleep.

I woke briefly when Bill kissed me goodbye the next morning. I said, "I love you, honey, you know that, don't you?" Bill smiled and said, "I'll see you tonight, honey. Maybe we can have a rematch?" I moaned softly and said, "That would be nice." Now, I knew that would not happen but it was a lovely thought. It was still dark out and I went back to sleep.

I heard the buzzer going off. Stretching, I laid there a moment, thinking how my day was going to go. The moment I began thinking of that I could not believe that I became sexually excited. I mean, I felt a tingling between my legs and my mind began to remember yesterday and all the pleasure I received. I caught myself before it was too late and flung the sheets off of me to get up. It was one thing to be forced to be the company whore, but I sure as hell was not going lay there and masturbate because for a moment it turned me on.

After a quick shower and putting my makeup on, it was time to choose what to wear or, actually, what little to wear. I picked a pair of white stockings, black garter, and a short red skirt that did not fit skin tight. Although I knew it would definitely show my ass as I walked. I choose a black, push-up bra. I knew that Ballard was obsessed with the way I dressed and I knew he wanted me to show myself off, so before putting it on, I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut two big holes so my nipples would show through my thin, white, almost-see-through blouse. After fixing my hair, I decided to use the darkest red lipstick I had. I looked at myself and I thought, "All you need is a stick of gum and you'd look just like one of those women that walk the street."

Driving into the dealership, I had all kinds of men in vans, trucks and those bigger cars looking in at me. I felt funny; it wasn't excitement, and it wasn't shame. I just felt different the way when they would all honk their horns and yell something at me. One yelled, "How much for a blow job?" Another yelled, "Want a date, baby?" I ignored them, yet something inside made me feel dirty -- and, well yes, a tiny bit excited.

I parked my car close to the door and took a deep breath before I got out. By the time I opened the door one of the salesmen had run up to it and opened it for me. I saw him looking at my stocking-covered legs and when I felt a rush of air hit me on my bare pussy, I knew he was there to get a free look. So I put my left leg out, opening myself very wide, knowing that he could see everything down there. He whistled and then said, "I'm going to make salesman of the month next month so I can be with you every afternoon." I gave him a big smile as I stood up, then kissing his cheek I whispered in his ear, "I can't wait."

I wound my arm through his as we walked inside, and he walked with me to the stairs and I went on up. It was 7:30 on the dot as I put my clutch purse in my desk drawer. Ballard's door was open and he saw me. "Come in here, Pam," he yelled. "Lets get a look at you." I went inside and he said, "My, I think you are the hottest gal I ever had working here. Go get your black rubber dick and get back in here. I want a blow job while I watch you fuck that cunt of yours." I turned around, went to my desk and pulled out the big one I used in his office yesterday. Going back inside his office I asked, "Want the door open or closed?" He said, "Close it."

As I walked over to him behind his desk, he stood up and undid his pants. He sat back down and I knelt in front of him. After inserting the rubber cock inside myself, I leaned forward and took his half-hard cock in my mouth. Just as I went all the way down on him, his telephone rang. He reached up and put it on hands-free. I went to stop sucking but he said, "Don't stop sucking my cock, Pam, this won't take long." Then I heard the voice on the phone say, "Fuck, I heard you got a new secretary. If I know you, she's down between your legs right now, sucking your puny ass dick." Ballard barked back and said, "Jesus, Carson, your timing sucks. What the fuck do you want? I'm busy right now." Carson said, "Busy, my ass. You don't fucking know what work is. Hey, I want to meet her tonight. What do you say we have a little party at your place, what do ya say? Ballard said, "Tonight, hell yes, great idea. Sure, I'll call Betty and get it set up, It won't be big, just some close friends."

The man interrupted and said, "Don't forget Duke. I got to see Duke in action. Do you think she can handle him?" Ballard said, "Hell yes, fuck yes. Duke, yeah, she can handle him easily. Now this isn't going to be a big party, after all, we don't want to wear my new gal out. Tell you what. I'll have her and her husband come over, and I'll invite Jane to keep Betty busy as well as her husband." I heard that and froze. Ballard barked out, "Don't you fucking stop now, bitch! Suck that cock!" I heard Carson laugh and say, "Jesus, Bill you're fucking crazy. But I'll be there at 8 for cocktails, see you then." Ballard hit the button again and there was silence. Well, sort of. Ballard was breathing fast and his cock was stiff as a rock. I knew he was close. I felt him grab my hair and pull me back. He did it so fast it caught me off balance. I ended up on my back still holding the black fake cock inside my cunt.

He stood up and began jacking off, standing between my legs. He said, "Fuck it, honey, slam that thing into yourself. I want to watch you get off!" I watched his hand running up and own his prick as I began to fuck my cunt with the black rubber cock while lying on the floor at his feet. I reached down with my free hand and began rubbing my clit. It did not take me long before I was moaning in self-pleasure. Watching him jerk off, I was hoping he would shoot his stuff the same time I climaxed. I heard him moan and I kept my eyes on the head of his dick. It swelled up and as I felt my climax hitting the top of my head I saw it, I saw the end open and spurt after spurt of sperm shot out landing on my open exposed legs and stockings.

He finished and pulled up his pants. I lay there, still coming slowly down from my orgasm. Ballard said, "Not bad, Pam. Now, you better get out there; I think you're going to be every popular today. Oh, yeah, you heard Carson -- you and your husband are invited for dinner tonight. You can dress the way you did your first month here. Tell your husband that you two are invited to my house to meet the deputy mayor tonight because I want you to meet some of the city officials we work with." I got up and said, "Mr. Ballard, I'm not sure Bill can make it. He goes to bed early because he gets up early."

Ballard said, "I don't think I said ask him, I said tell him. I want him there and that is final. Now get your ass out there and keep my boys happy." I turned, holding my rubber dick. I walked out into my office area. It was 10 minutes to 8 and I thought I better call Bill's work and ask him to call me on his lunch hour. Grabbing the phone I dialed his office and when the lady answered I said, "Hi, this is Mrs. Jackson. Could I leave a message for my husband to call me at lunch, please?" The woman said, "You're in luck, Mrs. Jackson, he's here now. Let me get him."

That caught me off guard because just as she said that a Mexican man wearing the "get-ready" shirt walked in, and I knew he was my 8 a.m. appointment. As I sat there waiting for my husband to come to the phone, the man walked straight over to my chair and reached down between my legs, trying to insert a finger inside me. He began kissing the back of my neck, then said, "Come on, baby, I ain't got all day. Get off the phone." I covered the mouthpiece with my hand and said, "It isn't 8 o'clock yet, and I have to talk to my husband, so be quiet." I guess that turned him on because he really began to work at inserting his fingers in me. I felt his other hand begin to rub my breast and work my nipple. I felt myself losing control because of his manipulations, rubbing my clit and nipples, working a finger in and out of my now very wet pussy. Finally Bill came to the phone.

"Hi, honey," he said. "What's so important that you called me here at work?" I said, "Sorry, dear, but my boss was invited to the deputy mayor's house tonight for dinner and he wants us to go so you and I can meet the new people I am going to be working with. I told him I didn't think you could make it, but I promised him I would call you." I heard Bill say, "Deputy mayor, huh? Wow! Sure, what time?" I said. "My boss told me 8 but knowing him, we better be there before 8. I want to make a good impression." It was getting extremely hard to concentrate now because my assaulter, the guy actually molesting me, was working me real good. I opened my legs as wide as I could, allowing him complete freedom to finger me. His kisses on the back of my neck, along with that fingering, was driving me wild. I began to move my hips in my chair, fucking back against his fingers as I talked with my husband. I guess I forgot myself and I gave out a tiny moan. My husband picked up on it right away and said, "What you moaning about, baby? You OK" I moaned again and with a very sexy voice said, "I was thinking of what I am going to do to you tonight after we get home from the party. I got to go; you would not believe what I got going on in my office right now. I love you, Bill." My husband said, "I love you too. See you tonight about 6."

As I hung up the phone, I felt a climax coming on me hard and fast. I grabbed hold of the side of my desk with both hands as the man behind me brought me to a wonderful orgasm. My whole body shook in my chair as I came, and I heard a woman's voice almost yelling, "Yeah, fuck me, fuck me, of baby, OH BABY, YEAH, YEAH, FUCK ME OH GODDDD." As I realized that woman's voice was me, I shuddered in a hard climax brought on by this stranger who had fingered me as I spoke with my husband over the phone.

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