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Blackmailed Mom


There she was lying on her back with her legs spread wide apart moaning away as my uncle pounded her pussy from in between her thick thighs. The sight was so remarkable, my mom, taking a cock up her cunt, getting fucked by her own brother in law. I had just come to get my assignment which was due that day. As I entered the house I could hear her moans which got me so excited, so I just peeked from the crack in the door. I could see them both sideways with my uncle on top of my mom fucking away. My mom's nightie was pulled up and her top buttons were open so her tits were hanging out for him to suck on. It was a quickie, they wouldn't try this for a long time. I also realised this and ran in to get my digital camera and got a few nice close ups and good shots of this erotic scene.

I couldn't get my mind on anything the whole day. I jacked off, then again I jacked off and then again I did it. I was so horny looking at the pictures, seeing my mom spreading it our for someone other than my father. Well I didn't blame her, my father was out on his job trip for more than a year now, it must be making her horny and the closest was my uncle who would visit once a month to get us things we needed.

The effect of the pics started wearing off after a while as I craved for the real thing. Well I had the pictures and they could be used.

So I waited for the day when she was angry on me for some reason, I would have to get her angry so I could get myself to hate her so much so as to blackmail her. She was upset about the money I lost and I thought this was a good time to spill out everything.

After dinner as she sat to watch tv, I went in and got the pictures and threw them in front of her. She was so stunned that she didn't say a word. She was just looking at me and I knew she understood what the consequences could be.

I simply told her to getup and come close, I thought maybe she will yell at me or just walk away but she just obeyed me. This gave me new powers. She walked and stood right in front of me now I didn't know what to do. With some courage I just caressed her thigh over her saree from where I was sitting, she didn't say anything. I put my hands around her and felt her plump ass, oh so soft. My mom had closed her eyes now, this made me feel more comfortable.

I turned her around and started lifting her saree with my trembling hands. Her white thighs looked so sexy as I pulled up her saree. I almost died of heart attack when I first saw her ass. Two big orbs, just sitting there to be caressed and squeezed. I held her saree up only till I finished admiring her wide panty covered ass. I pulled the panty in, into her crack so that I could see the whole ass naked. I ran my finger in her crack right down to her pussy.

I then turned her around and told her to hold her saree up. She did as she was told. Now I could see her fleshy mound, all nicely shaven. I touched her lightly, then applied little more pressure until I couldn't help but squeeze hard. I put my finger in between her thighs lightly touching her pussy, she was so wet, she was dripping on my finger. I shoved my middle finger in her wet cunt hole, feeling the hot canal of love. Till now she didn't say a word but as I motioned her to kneel in front of me she said we shouldn't do this. I was so hungry for her till then that I didn't care. I said if you can lay it out for others I too wanted it. She knew better not to argue.

She was now on her knees in front of me as I opened my zip and let out my hard cock. It felt so good to have my man out in the open. I started to open her blouse, releasing her tits too off her bra. I went crazy pressing her big boobs, pinching her nipples, yes she was moaning again. I was so charged up that as soon as I took her right nipple in my mouth I bit her. She let out a scream. I was going mad shoving my face into her cleavage and rubbing my face in between her boobs.

I guess she was also horny by now as she took my tool in her mouth without forcing. She was sucking me off so good as I played with her hair. It was too good to have her soft lips sucking in my cock. I couldn't last too long and came right in her mouth. She gagged as she tried to swallow the whole lot of cum.

I lay back exhausted. My cock was shrinking but the urge to have more of it was making me go for it. She thought it was over and got up and started walking away. I caught her hand and pulled her back. Once again I had to make her hold her saree up and now I made her sit on my limp cock. I made her sit in such a way that her legs were spread wide apart and her wet pussy was touching my cock. I made her rub her wet cunt over my cock and slowly again I started getting hard.

As soon as I was hard I made my mom get up and put her hands on the sofa I was sitting so I had her ass facing me. It was difficult for me to fuck her face to face for the first time.

My mom stood up and put her hands on the sofa back rest. I had her whole ass in view with her cunt lips hanging down. I came up from behind and squeezed her ass cheeks, spreading them and pinching them. I held my cock in my right hand and with my left parted her ass cheeks to place my cock right at her cunt lips. Rubbing my cock head there made it wet with her juices. Then it was all easy going up her cunt. Oh what a feeling. I bent her a little more and I could see her dark cunt lips around my cock as I started with a slow rhythm, shoving my cock in and out slowly. I was getting more excited by the minute. I held her waist as I pushed my cock in more forcefully. She started cumming at this moment, she was literally screaming. It made me feel so hot. My cock was so covered with her juice, making sloshy noises as I slapped her ass. I was at the brink of cumming again so I caught her boobs from behind and made one final shove spraying my cum right inside her belly.

I just sat on the sofa and I don't even remember when I fell asleep but when I woke up I thought it was all a dream till I felt my cock with all the dried up cum and juice on it.

I didn't talk to my mom about it and she also behaved as if nothing happened. So it was better left as it was. Just that when ever I get horny I just have to walk across to her room and get in bed with her and I have all of her to myself.

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