Blackmailed Pretty Wife


"Why fuck him and his cousin at Bornholm and why the damn porn video? Didn't you understand that that damn video in wrong hands had cost your good job at the bank?"

"One of the girls at his office rang me and told me that she had to cancel her vacation at Bornholm and I could get it for reduced price, witch both you and me accepted. I didn't know anything about Peter's holiday there. Probably he paid a part of the price so we got it for a bargain. Peter rang me a week before we left for the holiday and promised his silence for all the future against a fuck a week at Bornholm. Of course, no talk about any video or sex with his cousin."

"Why didn't you tell me about his blackmailing?"

"I didn't dare. I love you so much and was afraid to be dumped. But I told Peter that if he did anything foolish at Bornholm I would rather tell you everything. He didn't believe me"

I told her, "He did an attempt" and gave her cell phone back to her. Then I continued, "That damn asshole envoys you for your promotions at the job because he had been there much longer than you but still remains on a low level. You as his boss, even when it lasted for only one week, were too much for his ego to take."

"What about us? What are you going to do to me?"

"Nothing for the time being. I still love you and only an insane stupid would dump an as lovely spouse as you for being a prey for a cunning bastard. As far as I know, the Good Lord has already punished Peter. His holidays got cancelled, his new car is a wreck, and your brother have told me that his house is totally damaged of at least 100,000 liters of hot water and it takes at least two or three months before he can move in again and even that the insurance companies are paying a lot of the damages, Peter's share will cost him a fortune which he don't have. Maggie and the child are at her parents120 km away and will remain there until her work begins at the mid of August. Peter is living alone in a temporary shabby two-room apartment in a slum area. He has been severely beaten by his alcoholic neighbors when he complained about their noisy drinking parties during the nights. Of course, even I'll have a serious talk with him if I'll see him in the future."

"Oh Ken, I love you so much and I promise never do such a stupid thing again."

I never told Carolina that the Good Lord had been assisted by friends from the navy, their connections and by a large amount from the secret account I've saved for Carolina's and my wedding, which was planned as a surprise for her next birthday but is now delayed to some time in the future. As I wasn't supposed to know anything about the several hundreds of voice and text messages to Peter and Maggie's cell phones I never mentioned anything about them.

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