tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmailing Lucy

Blackmailing Lucy


Lucy Wright was forty two and divorced with two grown sons. Both sons were in college but that did not mean much as the college was just across town. John the oldest was a senior and due to graduate in the fall. He had an apartment near campus, which he shared with his girlfriend. Joe the youngest was a sophomore and lived at home most of the time.

The sun was hot on Lucy's body as she lay out by the pool. She had the pad off the lounge chair laid out near the edge of the water. She lay on her belly, the string top of her tiny bikini hung from the rail of the pool ladder. Her ass was bare except for the strap of the throng bikini bottom showing at her tailbone.

Lucy shifted her hips from side to side and pushed up on her elbows, her full breasts hung down, her nipples rubbing on the rough material of the pad. She smiled as she felt them harden. She rocked her shoulders and whimpered softly as they rubbed even more.

"Horny old bitch," she whispered softly. Then she sighed and pushed up until she was on her hands and knees. She sat back on her heels and looked at the clock on the wall under the covered patio.

With another sigh, she got to her feet. Joe would be home soon and she needed to get dressed before he got there. It was a pain with him still at home but she loved him too much to insist he live in the dorm.

She replaced the pad on the lounge chair and started toward the house. After a couple of steps, she paused and returned to retrieve her bikini top. Then she grinned and hung it back on the rail.

"That should tease a few of his friends if they come over tonight," she whispered.

It was Friday and usually on the weekends, Joe had a few friends stop by. The pool and patio was where they mostly hung out. Lucy shivered as she thought of how some of Joe's friends looked in just swim trunks.

"Down girl," she whispered to herself as she turned and walked toward the house.

As she approached the patio door, she ran her hands over her upper chest, breasts, stomach, and then her arms, pressing her breasts together. Her body was slick and slippery with sweat. She loved the feeling; it was so sexy and sensuous.

As Lucy reached for the doorknob, the door opened and Brad, Joe's best friend came through it and ran headlong into her. He had been looking over his shoulder so he had not seen her until they collided. She grabbed at him and he grabbed her around the waist to keep her from falling.

Lucy ended up in his arms, her breasts pressed to his bare chest. Brad grinned at her and then looked down at her bare breasts. He pulled her even tighter and looked back into her eyes. "Sorry, I didn't see you."

From over his shoulder, Lucy heard someone whisper, "Holy shit!" It sounded like Tommy, one of Joe's younger friends. He was a freshman and new in town.

The shock of running into Brad was wearing off but Lucy still did not move away from him. It felt so good to be held and.... She shivered hard as she took a deep gasping breath and let it out slowly. Her breasts and nipples moved against brad's muscular chest.

"Where is Joe?" she asked suddenly as visions of her son seeing her mostly naked in Brad's arms flashed through her mind.

"He has a date with Shellie and waited around for her last class to get out," Brad said.

Lucy gave a sigh of relief and tried to step back from Brad but he did not let go of her. "I've often wondered what it would be like to hold you in my arms," he said softly.

"I... I... I..." Lucy stammered.

Then Brad released her and she slowly stepped back. She shivered again as his eyes devoured her body. "Even better than my fantasies," he whispered and then he asked, "Sunbathing?"

She nodded and took another step back, her hands coming up to cover her breasts.

Brad reached out and gently pulled her hands away from her breasts. "It's a little late to hide those now," he said with a grin.

Lucy groaned softly as his eyes dropped to her breasts and then went lower along her belly to the tiny bikini bottom. The top swell of her mound was not covered and the swell of her puffy outer lips showed at the bottom of the suit where it disappeared between her thighs.

"Very sexy and very beautiful," Brad whispered and then he added, "You put most of the girls I know at school to shame."

Tommy whispered, "Holy shit," again.

Lucy groaned and stepped forward to mash her breasts against Brad's chest again. Then she was kissing him. He still held her wrists and slowly moved her arms down and then behind her back. He pulled her tightly to him as he kissed her back.

Somewhere down deep, Lucy realized she was playing with fire but her head was swimming from the kiss and the feel of brad's strong arms and body against hers. She moaned loudly into his mouth as their tongues dueled passionately. If Tommy had not been there, she would have broke the kiss and led Brad away to her bedroom.

As it was, she broke the kiss and pulled away from Brad. "I shouldn't have done that," she whispered softly.

Brad grinned and nodded. "Probably not but I enjoyed it so no harm, no foul," he said and winked at her.

Lucy flashed a grin and then clamped down on it. "I... uh... need to go get my top," she whispered.

Brad still held her hands behind her back. With a deep sigh, he slowly released her wrists.

With a smile, Lucy turned and walked back toward the pool putting one foot in front of the other, walking mostly on her toes. She could feel the sway of her ass as she did.

She heard Tommy whispered, "Holy shit," again.

This made her grin as she stopped by the rail and picked up her top. Turning toward the two young men, she took her time putting the top on. She even bent forward slightly to settle her breasts in the two triangles of cloth as she tied the strings behind her back.

With the top on, she walked back over to stand in front of Brad. "Are there going to be many people here tonight?"

"Joe, Shellie, Tommy, and me are all I know about," Brad replied.

"Maybe I'll find a more respectable bathing suit and join you later," she said, her eyes locked with Brad's eyes. "Or maybe I'll just stay in my room with a good book."

Brad grinned and said, "I love to read."

"I'll just bet you do," Lucy whispered as she stepped around Brad and entered the house. Tommy scrambled to get out of the way.

Lucy smiled at the younger man and winked. "This will be our little secret, right?"

"Oh, yes ma'am," he said with a big grin. "And I must say, it is the most beautiful secret I've ever seen."

Lucy grinned and headed for her bedroom well aware of the two young men staring at her ass again as she did.


When her bedroom door closed, Lucy leaned back against it and moaned softly as her hands came up and caressed her breasts through the bikini top. Her nipples were so hard they ached. Her palms on them shot jolts of tingling pleasure straight to her soaked pussy.

One hand stayed on a breast but the other reached up and untied the string at the back of her neck. When the cloth fell away from her left breast, her fingers found her nipple to squeeze and roll it back and forth. She moaned again as visions of Brad sucking her nipple floated around in her brain.

With a shiver and a deep groan, she pulled her hands away from her breasts and brought them up over her head as high as she could reach. Taking a half step to the side spread her thighs enough for her to feel cool air on her hot sex.

Brad holding her hands tightly behind her back had brought back memories from a long time ago. Memories of a young man who had tied her up, blindfolded her, and made slow sensuous love to her for hours on end. She had come so many times she had lost track of the number.

Lucy groaned softly as her hips rolled and flexed at the memory. Then she sighed and lowered her arms. "That would be so nice to relive," she whispered. Mentally she wondered how she could get the idea across to Brad.

Opening her eyes, Lucy sighed and shook her head. "Don't play with fire horny and you won't get burnt," she whispered as she headed for the bathroom and a shower.


When Lucy disappeared into the hallway, Brad looked at Tommy. Tommy grinned at him and blew out a long breath. "That is one hot MILF," he whispered.

Brad nodded and replied, "You've got that right. I've been ogling her since way back when." He paused to grin and added, "She has starred in more than one fantasy of mine."

Tommy nodded. "And she will be the main star in a lot of mine from now on."

Brad laughed. "No shit."

Tommy felt his face grow warm. "Uh, yeah."

Brad looked thoughtful and then turned to walk out on the patio and took a seat in a chair by the table. Tommy joined him. Time dragged by as Brad just sat there and stared off into space. Tommy grew restless and finally said, "I'll go get the cooler out of the truck."

Brad just nodded.


Later that evening, Joe was in the pool with Shellie and Brad and Tommy sat at the table. "Shellie is one good looking girl," Tommy said softly. He did not need to talk softly as the music from the radio by the pool was loud enough to cover anything he might have said.

Brad nodded. "Yeah, she is but she doesn't hold a candle to his mother."

Tommy nodded and sighed. "No joke. His mom has ruined it for a lot of girls our age, believe me."

Brad looked at Tommy and grinned. "Maybe, maybe not. Maybe she has just opened up a new door for us."

"What do you mean?"

Brad leaned forward and asked, "What would happen if Joe found out about this afternoon? How his mother was as close to naked as a person can get and how she was kiss me and rubbing her breasts against my bare chest?"

"Uh...." Tommy said and then grinned. "What would she do to keep him from finding out, is an even bigger question."

Brad nodded and grinned also. "My exact thoughts and I've been thinking on it long and hard."

"I can believe the hard part," Tommy said with a chuckle.

Brad ignored the remark and said, "The problem is, Joe lives here and is around almost all of the times we are."

"He's getting serious about Shellie, that might keep him away more often. This afternoon was a good example," Tommy pointed out as he watched Joe and Shellie kissing in the pool. Her legs were wrapped around his hips as they stood in neck deep water. The underwater light had them backlit.

"She's a good short term distraction but she lives in the dorm and has little to no privacy with two roommates. If they do anything it will be here or in his car."

"Here will be a problem with his mother home," Tommy said with a grin. Joe now had his hands on Shellie's ass under the back of her bikini bottom.

Brad looked to see what Tommy was grinning about. "She does have a good looking ass," he whispered more to himself than Tommy.

"What the fuck, she has a great ass, the greatest one I've ever seen anyway," Tommy said and then looked at Brad quickly. "Oh, you mean Shellie."

Brad chuckled and nodded. "Yeah, I'd bang her."

"I'd bang most anything that breathed," Tommy said and then added, "I'm one girl away from being a virgin,"

Brad looked at his friend thoughtfully for a moment and then whispered, "That gives me an idea. A sneaky, underhand idea but an idea that might get us exactly what we want."

Tommy's eyes narrowed and he whispered, "Joe's mom on her hands and knees with her gorgeous ass sticking up in the air?"

"Not at first maybe but...." Brad started to say but Joe and Shellie started for the ladder on the pool.

Shellie came out of the pool first. The top of her suit clung to her breasts as the water drained away. She paused to adjust the bottom of the suit as Joe started up the ladder. His face was just inches from her ass as she adjusted the back of the suit. He grinned and licked his lips.

When Shellie stepped to the side, Joe came on up the ladder and looked at the two guys at the table. "We're hungry. How about you two?"

"Are we talking food here?" Tommy asked with a grin, his eyes on Shellie.

She giggled and blushed and Joe gave Tommy a hard look. "Of course, I'm speaking of food," he said and then winked.

Brad shook his head as he picked up on Joe's signal. "Nope, you guys go on and have a good time. I'm going to take a swim and then take Tommy home and see if his mother has a muzzle."

"Hey, don't be telling everyone about my kinky home life," Tommy said and then grinned.

Joe grinned at Tommy and shook his head, "Kinky and you in the same sentence should never happen."

"Ain't that the truth," Tommy said with a crooked smile.

"Ok, we're out of here," Joe said as he put an arm around Shellie and headed for the patio door. "You guys have fun."

Brad watched them leave and then looked at Tommy. "We'll give them a few minutes and then we'll see if you can be kinky."

"What do you mean?" Tommy asked.

"You're going skinny dipping and I'm going to go invite Joe's mom to join us."

"But... but...." Tommy said. "What if she gets mad at me for swimming naked in the pool?"

"Just act like it's normal and that you didn't know I was going to invite her."

"Yeah but it's my ass on the line," Tommy protested.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained," Brad said and then added, "You are the youngest and still a virgin, as far as she knows, so you can get away with it. Just play it cool and everything will work out. We still have the blackmail of telling Joe if all else fails."

Tommy still looked unconvinced but took a deep breath and nodded. "You're the worldly one so...."

Brad grinned and went to the patio door. He went inside and returned a short time later. "They've gone so you get in the pool and toss your wet shorts up on the edge down by the deep end. I'll do the rest."

Tommy walked over to the pool and stopped at the edge. "I hope you have bail money because my mom ain't going to bail me out."

"Don't worry so much," Brad said as he turned and went into the house.

Tommy shook his head and stepped off into the pool.


Brad tapped on Lucy's bedroom door twice before he heard, "Come in."

He opened the door just wide enough to stick his head in. "Are you decent?" he asked softly.

Lucy was sitting up in bed with the covers pulled up around her neck, an open book on the covers by her hip. "I thought you were Joe," she said softly

"Joe and Shellie went to get something to eat or at least that was their excuse for leaving." When Lucy did not reply, he asked, "Tommy and I were wondering if you might want to join us for a swim."

"I don't think that would be a good idea," Lucy said aloud but inside she was remembering the kiss and the feel of Brad's arms around her.

"Well, I thought I would ask," Brad said and then opened the door wider. "What are you reading?'

Lucy glanced down at the book and then looked back at Brad. "Some old romance tales I like."

"Romance is good," Brad said and then grinned. "Romance, romance or bodice ripping romance. My sister used to read the latter and my mother read the former. I've glanced at both just so I had some idea of the difference."

Lucy squirmed under the covers and chuckled nervously. "I think I'll keep that to myself."

Brad nodded and whispered, "Your movements, nervousness, and answer, tells me volumes."

Lucy squirmed again and replied, "I was afraid of that."

Brad walked over to the side of the bed and picked up the book. He looked at the print where she had been reading. After a moment, he looked at her and smiled. "This is closer to porn than romance."

Lucy pulled the covers up over her face as she felt a hot blush rise up from her breasts. She heard Brad laugh and then he pulled the covers down off her face. "There is nothing wrong with reading stuff that turns you on. I do it all the time."

"I read too much of it," Lucy confessed.

Brad held eye contact with the older woman as he asked softly, "Do you masturbate to it like I do?" Lucy groaned and looked away quickly. Brad smiled, sat down on the side of the bed and asked, "Are your fingers sticky?"

Lucy shook her head quickly and then whimpered softly as she said, "A little."

"Then come cool off in the pool."

Lucy looked at brad and chuckled. "I don't think that would help in the least."

Brad reached out and closed his hands over hers where they held the covers. "Are you naked under there?" He asked as he pulled down on her hands.

"I... I... I..." Lucy said as she resisted his hands. A moment later, she whispered, "Yes."

Brad relaxed his hands and whispered, "Show me."

Lucy moaned but shook her head.

Brad pushed down on her hands again. "Show me," he ordered softly.

Lucy moaned again and slowly let his hands push hers down. As the edge of the covers rubbed on her breasts and stiff nipples, Lucy whimpered and stopped his hands from moving hers. Brad pushed harder and said, "Show me, it's not like I haven't already seen them. You even pressed them to my chest as you kissed me."

With a soft groan, the fight went out of Lucy and she allowed her hands to be pushed down to her lap. She was now bare to the waist. "Beautiful, just beautiful," Brad whispered as he took his hands off hers. Lucy started to pull the covers up but Brad shook his head and she stopped.

Something about the way Lucy was taking orders from him rang a bell in the back of his brain. Combining that with the bodice ripping stories she liked, he grinned and whispered, "Is it the forcing you to do that or the release of responsibility that appeals to you the most?"

Lucy whimpered, shook her head, and looked away from Brad. Brad reached over, put his hand on the side of her jaw, and pulled. Slowly Lucy's head turned back his way. "Put your hands behind your head," he said, looking deep into her eyes.

Lucy moaned and started to shake her head. "Do it!" Brad said softly but sharply. "I'd hate to have a long conversation with Joe."

With a sharp gasp, Lucy whispered, "You wouldn't."

"Yes, I would and yes, I will," Brad replied.

Lucy's mouth worked as if she had something to say but nothing came out. Slowly her hands came up and she locked her fingers behind her neck. "Very good," Brad said with a smile as he stood up and pulled the covers down off her whole body. She was completely naked for his viewing pleasure.

"Beautiful, just fucking beautiful," Brad whispered. "Tommy's right, you are a perfect MILF."

Lucy looked at Brad and whispered, "MILF?"

Bread grinned and translated, "Mother, I'd Love to Fuck."

Lucy shook her head but there was a soft groan accompanying it. The groan was for the flashing sexual fantasizes that ran through her mind. The list of costars was short but all of them were Joe's friends. Brad and sweet shy Tommy were at the top of the list.

"Why don't you get that bikini you had on earlier and put it back on. Maybe swimming with you will get Tommy over some of his shyness around girls. I swear the guy must still be a virgin."

"He's... he's in college, that can't be right," Lucy whispered. A fantasy about showing a virgin Tommy the ways of sex jumped to her mind.

Brad shrugged. "It happens. He has always been shy. Joe and I keep trying to get him past it but so far, nothing has worked. Want to take a shot at it?"

Lucy groaned and shook her head. "That wouldn't be right," is what came out of her mouth but inside she was screaming, "Hell, yeah!"

"It took some doing but I talked him into swimming naked in the pool," Brad whispered.

Lucy looked up at Brad quickly and then whimpered softly. "Would there be three of us naked in the pool?"

Brad nodded and held out his hand. "I think that can be arranged."

"But, what if Joe comes back?" Lucy asked in a low soft whisper.

"Joe has Shellie on his mind and I don't think Pizza will be all he'll be eating," Brad replied with a grin. "But I'll lock the front door with the safety latch and the two side gates, if it will make you feel safer."

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