tagNonHumanBlackness of The Night Ch. 02

Blackness of The Night Ch. 02


Six months had passed since Viv had flown me out to TAP University. We now accepted the fact that we were in love and told each other "I love you" frequently.

It was winter break, and we were sitting on the bed in the infirmary. I figured now was as good a time as any to ask a few questions I had.

"Viv, how did you become a vampire in the first place?"

"It's a rare genetic mutation. About 1 in 1,000,000 humans are born with it."


I paused to do a quick calculation in my head.

"...about 7,500 of you are around?"

"That's right, Tom. 7,500 of earth's population, or thereabouts, are vampires."

"And you can't reproduce?"

"Vampires are born sterile, yes."

"Or turn people?"

"Can't do that either."

"Next you'll tell me you're not immortal."

"Normal human lifespan, unless I'm deprived of blood, in which case I die of malnutrition."

"A wooden stake..."

"Would one kill you if someone pounded one into your heart?"


"It would also kill me, as would any other way of killing a human. We can die of blood loss and gunshots to the head and being crushed under a heavy object and being T-boned while in a car. We can't be killed by a cross."

She indicated the necklace she was wearing, which featured a beautiful silver cross that hung down in between her bare breasts. We were both naked and ready to snuggle.

"I'd better take this off. Wouldn't want it to get in the way." She placed the necklace in her purse. "Any other questions?"


I kissed Viv. We twined tongues and I ran mine over her fangs.

"I love you, Tom."

"I love you, Viv."

We lay down parallel to each other and kissed again.

"You're very handsome, you know."

"You're very beautiful."

She kissed my neck and teasingly drained a little bit of blood.

"Flattery will get you everywhere."

I kissed her neck and caressed her slender body.

"It's not flattery if it's true."

I moved my lips downwards towards her pert breasts.

"Mmmmm. You make my body feel good."

I kissed through her cleavage, very gently tweaking her nipples with my fingertips as I did so. Viv shuddered appreciatively.

Then I kissed my way up her breasts and took a nipple in my mouth. Viv moaned softly and pressed more tightly against me.

I suckled her mipples for a while, switching back and forth every minute or so. Viv purred and held me against her.

"You're sweet, Tom."

I blushed. My hands moved to her butt and groped her teasingly.

Viv giggled. "I'm ready if you are."


"That's a hole with water in it." She disengaged her body from mine, reached down, and stroked me to hardness. "You're ready."

Viv indicated what she wanted by lying on her back, legs spread. I rubbed my cock against her wet slit to lube it up, then slid inside and began slowly pumping.

"Mmmmm. You can go faster."

I continued to make gentle love to her. "Patience is not one of your strengths, hon. I love you anyway."

She moved beneath me, trying to get me to speed up. I placed my hnads on her wrists and held her down, continuing my slow movements.

"I don't have supernatural strength, dear, but I can always drain enough blood to weaken you to the point I can flip you over."

This marked the first time we'd had any sort of disagreement, and I was outvoted, one to one. Just like when other guys had disagreements with their girlfriends.

"All right, love."

I sped the motion of my hips. Within moments, Viv climaxed. I kept thrusting, still not racing, but at a faster clip than I had been going.



I leaned down to kiss her. "I love you, Viv."

She wrapped her legs around my hips. I dipped my head and kissed her breast, still pumping into her.

"I know, sweetie. I love you too."

Viv secured my head against her chest and locked her legs in place. I felt my own climax start approaching.


"Fill me up, Tom."

I kept my steady rhythm. Viv had another orgasm, and when her pussy spasmed around me, my cock sent jets of sperm into her. She kept her legs locked until my balls were empty.

When we disentangled, I ended up lying next to her.

"That was lovely, Tom."

"Glad you liked it, Viv. I like making you happy."

She drained some of my blood to help restore her a bit. "You make me very happy. Time to rest." I closed my eyes. Viv nestled closer to me. "I'm a very lucky girl."

"I'm the lucky one," I murmured. Then I let myself fall asleep in Viv's loving arms.

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