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My husband Rick had been bugging me to fuck a black man since his buddy had got a black guy from an escort service to screw his wife.

"No, I'm not going to let some guy I don't even know fuck me!" I insisted.

In the early years of our marriage we had done some swinging with two other couples that were friends of ours. It had been fun but as we started families we gradually drifted apart.

For the past several years it had just been Rick and I had been just screwing each other except for that one Superbowl party where I got drunk and the guys all gang-banged me.

At least I knew all the guys that fucked me and Rick had talked about it for weeks how much his buddies had enjoyed screwing me.

But fucking some black guy I didn't even know? I don't think so!

Rick would not let up, every night when we were in bed fucking he begged me to fuck a black guy, "just for him".

I had never had a black man before. Some of my girlfriends had tried it and they all said it was great. They all agreed their black studs had been really well hung and knew how to give a girl an orgasm.

Finally I relented.

"O.K. But I have to meet him first." I told Rick.

My husband was overjoyed as finally he was going to get to witness his fantasy.

"I know just the guy, you will love him." Rick beamed.

"Yea, sure." I said sarcastically.

I was hoping that was the end of it. Having agreed to take a black man may have been enough to satisfy my husband's fetish.

No such luck! The next night Rick couldn't wait to get home to tell me he had invited one of his workmates to drop around later.

Rick informed me Lloyd was to be my black bull.

He said Lloyd was a real family man married to a colored wife and had seven children. He said his friend was built like a pro footballer and boasted a twelve-inch cock!

The news hit me unexpectedly and I was speechless. I could think of no was to go back on my promise and Rick was babbling on about how much Lloyd was going to enjoy stretching my pussy with his monster cock.

A twelve-inch cock? Was such a thing possible? I had once seen a guy with a ten-inch cock and couldn't imagine one two inches longer!

Rick volunteered to clear up after dinner so I could go and get ready for my adventure.

I sat in the bubble bath pondering what a twelve-inch cock would feel like in me?

My heart was pounding when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." Rick volunteered.

It was shortly after nine, Jessica was in bed and I was wearing the short black negligee Rick had asked me to wear.

I heard Lloyd's baritone voice coming from the foyer as Rick greeted him. In minutes they entered the living room where I was sitting.

My heart skipped a beat, before me stood the biggest black man I had ever seen. He was over six foot tall and must have weighed over three hundred pounds.

I am not a small woman and at five foot six I tip the scales at a pleasing 185 pounds. This man looked like a mountain of black muscles to me.

I could see Lloyd's eyes scanning my half-naked body imagining what it was going to be like screwing me.

"This is my wife who is about to get her first taste of black cock." My husband introduced us.

"My pleasure." Lloyd said with a smile.

What my loving husband did not know was that when he started bugging me to fuck a black guy I had stopped taking my birth control pills. Knowing my body I reckoned that right about now my garden should be receptive of any seeds planted in it.

With Lloyd having fathered seven children there was no doubt his sperm was potent.

"I want you to do her in our bed, I have the camcorder set up." Rick announced.

My loving husband was going to film me taking his black buddy's cock and likely getting pregnant!

Dutifully I followed my husband down the hall to our bedroom, Lloyd following close behind me.

"Take off your gown and get on the bed." Rick directed me.

Obediently I shed the gown while Lloyd checked out my naked body that soon would be his.

"I want you to suck him off first." Rick announced, "Give her your cock Lloyd."

Lloyd fumbled in his pants and pulled out his dreaded cock. It looked every bit of the twelve-inches and was as thick as my arm. The huge mushroom head had a purplish sheen and thick veins bulged out from the sides of the big black trunk. He walked over to where I sat.

Sucking a black cock was not part of our deal. I wasn't crazy about sucking cocks and certainly didn't want a black one in my mouth.

As the giant cock came closer to my face it appeared even bigger, I did not know if I could get it into my mouth if I wanted to?

"Open wide Honey." Rick coached.

The head of Lloyd's erection was almost touching my lips. If I didn't open my mouth I was going to be kissing it.

I opened my mouth as wide as possible and reached out to grasp his cock, I did not want it dragging over my lips.

It was so thick my hand could not encircle it and my fingertips and thumb were inches apart as I gripped it tightly.

It was as if I was putting the business end of a Louisville 'Slugger' into my mouth, Lloyd's cock was impossibly large.

Even with my mouth open as wide as possible I felt my lips touch the sides of his shaft as it entered my mouth. It wasn't even half in when the massive cockhead pressed against the back of my mouth.

My mouth closed, my lips sealing around the fat shaft. Lloyd's black giant lay on my tongue.

Suddenly Rick reached out and pinched my nostrils closed causing me to take a deep gasp though my mouth. With my guard down Lloyd shoved a couple of inches more of his cock into my head.

He was now in my throat skull-fucking me. His hands were full of my red hair preventing me from dislodging him from my windpipe.

I gagged and he rammed harder gaining a bit more of my throat to fuck.

I couldn't breathe but he continued to use my head for his gratification.

Mercifully he came quickly, great spurts of his thick, salty slime hurtling down my gullet.

His sperm was disgusting, a sticky goo that tasted like the bottom of a long-neglected aquarium. I swallowed the vile slime as fast as I could so I would be allowed to breathe again.

Smiling Lloyd withdrew his spent cock from my mouth still trailing a string of residual cum from its head to my lips. The cum dropped from my chin down onto my bare breasts.

"Take a break while Lloyd gets it back up again." My husband said.

I knew as soon as Lloyd's hard-on was restored I would be taking his enormous cock into my poor cunt.

"Give me the KY jelly." I asked my gleeful husband.

I slathered the cool slippery lubricant around and into my entrance in hopes of lessening the damage Lloyd's cock would cause invading my inadequate space.

Lloyd approached the bed waving a full-blown hard-on in his right hand. I lay back, knees in the air and spread wide forming a notch for him to lower himself into.

I felt the bed yield under his weight as he climbed between my legs. His smooth cockhead nuzzled between my pussy lips spreading them to access my passage. With the coating of KY jelly his cock started into be like a cork being forced back into the neck of an opened wine bottle.

I tried to relax, not to fight it. The huge cock slowly stretched my cunt as it inched its way deeper into me.

Lloyd paused giving me a break. He had about four inches of cock in me and still had lots to go.

"O.K., more." I said as my cunt adjusted to his size.

The enormous black monster resumed its journey into me as a tear formed in the corner of my eye. The pain was intense as my pliable vagina widened to allow him access to my womb.

Finally I felt his massive balls kiss my labia, I had taken all of him!

"Fuck her Lloyd, make her squeal!" my husbands cheered.

I felt like the Christmas turkey, stuffed until I was almost splitting apart.

Lloyd began to thrust and slowly my cunt was adjusting to Lloyd's monster cock.

At first my hips went up and down with his, my cunt gripping his cock too tightly to let it slide in my fuck hole. As I began to self-lubricate and relax his cock begin moving more freely in my tight hole.

It started feeling good as Lloyd's cock started sliding in and out like a normal size cock.

"Oh yes!" I moaned.

My husband wanted to watch me fuck a black man so I decided to give him a show he would remember.

"Fuck me Lloyd, make me come." I groaned as he plunged into my deepest depths.

My legs wrapped around his powerful hips and I drew him into me, clamped on his huge cock imprisoned in my breeding tunnel.

"Fuck me you black bastard." I taunted him and then kissed him.

I could tell by the look on my husband's face her was surprised at my sudden desire to fuck his buddy.

"Oh God, I love you!" I groaned as he ravished my cunt with his giant home wrecker.

I knew I was going to come with this stranger and decided not to hold back but to go for it.

"Make me come Baby!" I begged and then we kissed again.

As soon as my resistance disappeared Lloyd detected my desire to be fucked by him and to have an orgasm with his cock in me. He started fucking me like I was the love of his life and not just another white whore sampling black cock.

His cock throbbed as he reached new depths inside my pussy.

"Now! Now!" I pleaded as I felt my orgasm welling up around his cock.

Lloyd's toes dug into the mattress as he made a power thrust into me. It felt as if his cock was going to come out my mouth, no man had ever penetrated me so far before.

My orgasm was released, charging through my body like an escaped animal. My entire body trembled as if a 7+ quake on the Richter scale was passing through it.

My legs clenched Lloyd's cock inside me as the gusher of thick black baby cum flooded my womb.

"Oh my God!" I moaned as Lloyd's sperm filled my cavity.

Our bodies shook in shared ecstasy for what seemed like forever before Lloyd collapsed exhausted on me.

We lay there with Lloyd's cock soaking in my saturated cunt while Rick gleefully recorded the climax of out breeding.

It took a while for Rick to accept Lloydell as his daughter but she was so beautiful she melted his heart. Before long he was joining her nursing on my swollen nipples.

Lloyd visits regularly to see his daughter and to give Mom her needed dose of black cock.

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