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It seemed like so long ago Dianne had become the guys' whore. Tyrone had taken her first and then passed her around to three of his black buddies.

Dianne was a unspectacular looking eighteen-year-old, slender with pale skin and long brown hair. She wasn't ugly by any means but not a pretty as most of her friends. She was happy she had four black cocks that wanted her.

She lay naked on the bed having been just ridden by Lloyd and Jerome. Her bra and panties were tangled amongst the rumpled sheets and a large wet spot under her crotch marked the overflow of cum from her pussy. She had cum with each of them, Lloyd doing her "doggy" with Jerome's cock in her mouth and then with Jerome on top of her while she sucked Lloyd's cock. She enjoyed her time being the guys' slut.

Dianne liked black cock, how the big thick pricks felt in her young pussy. Stretching it and pulling at her vagina walls as they slid in and out of her. Dianne loved to feel their cream flooding her pussy making her cum.

She knew it was immoral fucking all four of the boys but she did not care, each one of them gave her exquisite orgasms. Why should she have to choose?

It was well known that she was the property of the black quartet and the whiteys steered well clear of her. If anyone disrespected her they knew they would have to deal with four ornery black guys.

"Dianne, what are you doing up there?" Dianne heard her mother's voice.

Damn! Mom was home from Aunt Dorothy's early.

"Just listening to music." Dianne answered.

"Who's with you?"

"Just Lloyd and Jerome."

Dianne's mother knew Lloyd and Jerome and Dianne knew her mother would soon be up to see them. She didn't bother to dress but just pulled the sheet over her naked body. Jerome and Lloyd had slipped on their jeans and sat bare chest on the bed.

Sure enough Joan Marvin soon entered her daughter's room. She was mildly surprised to see Dianne in the bed.

"Looks like you have been doing more than listening to music?" Mrs. Marvin smiled.

Joan Marvin was an open-minded forty-year-old mother. If her daughter chooses to take black lovers it was not a problem.

"Jerome and Lloyd were just helping me get rid of some tension." Dianne quipped.

"I have been a bit up tight today." Joan replied.

"Oh my God, is Mom suggesting what I think?" Dianne thought.

"Think the boys could help me?' her Mom smiled.

Suddenly the two colored lads took interest in the mother and daughter banter.

Joan Marvin was remarkably well preserved for her age. She stood five foot six and had long auburn hair that cascaded down her back almost to her ass. She had a pretty round face with a pug nose and unlike her daughter enormous breasts. It took a 40DD bra to contain her tits.

Dianne could not believe her own mother was hustling her boyfriends right in her own bedroom.

Joan now had Jerome and Lloyd's full attention as she began to unbutton the front of her Navy dress. One by one she unfastened the row of small white buttons allowing her well-filled black bra to come into sight.

Dianne could not believe what her mother was doing as Joan unfastened the last buttons and opened the dress to slip t from her shoulders. Her mom now stood before them in her panties and bra.

Tossing the dress aside she reached behind her back to unfasten the bra. Her tits were huge as they tumbled out of the bra, creamy white mounds crowned by large pink nipples.

Jerome and Lloyd watched in awe as Dianne's mother scooped her massive breasts up in her hands and displayed them to her fascinated audience.

"Who wants to fuck Mommy?" Joan teased.

Joan threw back the bed sheet exposing her naked daughter and climbed onto the bed beside her.

The guys wasted no time removing their pants again.

Joan smiled when she saw the two black cocks that had just brought her daughter so much pleasure.

Raising her ass up from the bed she peeled her panties down over her hips. Joan Marvin was a natural woman with a lustrous pelt of auburn fleece covered the entrance to her paradise.

Unlike her daughter she had never had a black man. Dianne's father had been the only man she had fucked aside from a brief affair she had had with her boss shortly after she had married, but that had been so long ago. It was time for her to get some strange cock!

Jerome took her mother first. Dianne lay there and listened to her mother moan as twelve inches of black cock buried itself in Joan's hungry pussy, the same twelve inches that had just brought her pleasure.

"Oh yes!" Joan groaned.

Dianne knew the pleasure her mother was feeling, she knew she would also enjoy Lloyd's ten inches in her too.

The bed protested as it took Lloyd's weight. "Why not?" Dianne thought as she opened her legs.

Dianne had not imagined in her wildest dreams she would be laying in bed beside her mother with a black cock buried in both of them.

She could hear the suction of Jerome's cock moving in and out of her mother's cunt as Lloyd filled her. She closed her eyes and wrapped her legs around Lloyd's hips pulling his into her again.

Amidst grunts and moans mother and daughter fucked. Joan was reliving the miracle of youth as Jerome's rock hard cock excited he pussy unlike it had been for years.

"Oh yes, fuck me Baby!" Dianne heard her mother moaning.

"Aaargh!" Lloyd went into her particularly deep causing her juices to begin flowing again.

Dianne had not witnessed her mother fucking since she had been quite young and she had seen mommy and daddy "doing it". Now her mother was right beside her in the throes of fucking one of her boyfriends.

"Yahoo!" Jerome squealed as he rode the sex-crazed mass of flesh writhing beneath him.

Dianne was a little embarrassed by her mother's wanton behavior and lack of restraint. Her normally reserved mother was fucking like some she-beast.

Lloyd nurtured Dianne's orgasm while beside them Jerome stoked the uncontrolled fire in her mother's cunt.

"Cum in me you bastard!" Joan cried as she surrendered to her climax.

Joan Marvin had never experienced such an Earth shattering orgasm in her life. The room was a kaleidoscope of bursting colors as she slipped from reality.

"Oh my God you're killing her!" she heard her daughter cry before all went black.

When Joan reopened her eyes it was Lloyd on top of her. She felt Lloyd slid into Jerome's mess.

"No, let me get on top!" she pleaded.

As they changed places Joan saw her daughter sucking Jerome's cock clean.

Joan lowered herself on Lloyd's pole and felt it slid all the way into her sloppy mess. Lloyd's cock was already cum coated.

Lloyd reached up and filled his hands with Joan's huge jugs, raising his mouth up to swallow her nipple. As he sucked Joan gyrated her swamp of sperm around his shaft.

Dianne was amazed what a slut her mother was. She had fucked Jerome and was now riding Lloyd's cock like she hadn't had a good fuck in years.

"Jeez, wait till Tyrone hears about this!" Jerome said after Dianne's mother had left the room satiated.

Dianne knew she now had competition for her four favorite black cocks!

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