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It is 2am. The key turns in the lock, barely making a sound and the door moves inward. The hallway is dark with the only light that being cast from the open door. I move into the hallway and listen; nothing in the house seems to be stirring at my entrance which pleases me, as I maintain the element of surprise.

I move quietly further into the hallway, pausing only to remove my shoes and check the living room for signs of life. Good, nothing there. I move to the base of the stairs, listening intently. Satisfied, I begin to climb, slowly, carefully, avoiding making any unnecessary noise.

I reach the top of the stairs and turn towards the bedroom at the front of the house where I know you will be and begin to make my way along the landing. The bedroom door is wide open and I can see that there are no lights on which indicates that you have already gone to sleep.

When I reach the bedroom door, I carefully enter and look around the doors edge. I see your shape in the bed, and take pleasure in noticing that although asleep, you are lying on your front and the duvet is partway down your body, exposing your back to me.

I move closer to the bed and as I do, the light being cast from the gap in the curtains glints briefly on what I have in my hand. I sit on the bed, leaning towards where you are lying, prone, still, but breathing softly.

I briefly touch the skin of your back with my fingertips, running them down the middle of your spine and only stopping when I reach the top of the duvet, then moving them back up again to the nape of your neck. I ease into a position where I am kneeling next to you and bring the knife up in front of me – it's a fairly standard kitchen knife but the blade is extremely sharp and about 8" long.

I bring the blade down and lay it flat on the skin on your back – its not cold, but you stir slightly as it touches you although not enough to wake. I lift the blade again and using extreme care, touch the back of your neck with the tip, holding it there as if it were just a feather... then slowly, slowly, move the tip down the middle of your back, just as I did with my fingertips.

This time however, when I reach the top of the duvet, I don't stop, but use the blade of the knife to move the duvet further down, exposing more and more of you until you are exposed to me from the tops of your legs upwards. Only when I have done this do I retrace the length of your back with the tip of the knife, again being very careful not to use any undue pressure.

While I do this, my other hand is moving down your bare skin until it reaches the softer skin of your bottom. I cup one cheek in my hand, slowly squeezing it between my fingers. The action of doing this pulls the cheeks of your bum slightly apart, allowing me to see you more intimately.

I move the knife back down your body and trace the tip down the cleft in your bum and then laying the blade across the small ring of your arse. A small moan escapes your lips. I pause, not wanting you to awaken just yet.

You quieten again and I then slip the blade of the knife between the tops of your thighs, exerting just the right amount of pressure for your legs to part. The parting is enough for me to turn the blade and lay it flat over your pussy, applying some pressure to the soft flesh beneath.

I move the blade aside and replace it with my finger, tracing it upwards, separating the soft lips and feelings the beginning of moistness inside. I run my finger up and down your opening feeling the wetness accumulate on the tip, before tracing the outline of your arsehole, using the wetness on my finger upon it. I squeeze the soft skin of your bum again, before moving back up your body and applying the blade of the knife to your neck, applying just a small amount of pressure.

I lean in close to your ear and whisper your name; you stir, slightly but do not wake. I whisper again, louder this time and your eyes begin to open. You try to move but feel the knife against your throat. Your eyes widen as you realise what is holding you there. You begin to speak but I motion you to be quiet.

Slowly, using the knife against your neck, I apply more pressure making you turn first your head and then your body until you are lying on your back. Your head is tilted back and the blade of the knife is against your exposed neck. I straddle your body so that I am holding the knife against your neck and your breasts are exposed to me. My legs hold your arms by your side so you cannot struggle.

With my free hand I grab your hair and keep your head back against the pillow, while my other hand takes the knife and runs the tip down between the swell of your breasts, tracing the shape around each one, allowing the sharp blade to make contact with your skin – only slightly more pressure and the blade will mark, more than that and it will cut the soft skin of your breasts.

A moan escapes your lips, which encourages me to explore this intimate area more... I take the tip of the knife and run it over your breast and circle your nipple, with the tip tracing a circle around it. I then take the tip and run it over the top of your nipple, teasing it into hardness and applying enough pressure to make you gasp – I know this is a particularly sensitive area to you as far as the appliance of pain is concerned and it thrills me to hear you respond to the sharpness of the blade as it presses into the increasing hardness of your nipple.

I lean forward and take your other nipple between my teeth, sucking it and biting it to the same hardness as the other, but I know you prefer the knife blade... I know that with enough attention in this area you could cum, but I want to save that pleasure for later. I draw the knife away and run the tip down your stomach. Your legs are closed and I can only see the top of your pussy, but I am able to slip one finger into that gap and can feel how wet you have become.

The knife is laid flat against your stomach, holding you in one place as I move down, which releases your arms. It pleases me to see you begin to caress your erect nipples now that your hands are free... all threat of a struggle is gone and you have succumbed to the thrill within you.

I part your thighs with my hand so that you are open to me, and I can see you spread apart before me, glistening with your own juices. I cannot resist running 2 fingers up your wetness, first for me to taste, and then to do again for you to taste. You suck your own juices hungrily from my fingers, while you squeeze your nipples.

One of your hands threatens to move down between your own legs to increase your pleasure there, but I won't allow that. I remove your hand using the knife to assert my authority over you and then let the blade slip between your thighs, the sharp edge slipping between the crease of your pussy lips- some of your wetness coats the blade, which I offer to you to lick off, which you do with little regard to what damage the blade could do.

I run the blade back down your body and allow myself to slip further down your body so that I can run my tongue along the length of your cunt, pausing only to suck your clit into my mouth. The blade of the knife is between your thighs applying pressure to the small area of skin between your thigh and pussy. I lick your pussy and every so often allow the knife to run up between your lips, the thrill of the sharp blade so close to you making you shudder with pleasure.

I hurriedly remove my clothes, then straddle you again. Further up this time though, so that it only takes a small movement to grab you firmly by the hair and pull your head up. You seem to resist initially, so I place the knife at your throat again, pulling you up towards it. Your struggling diminishes and you are forced to accept my hardness into your mouth.

Despite your position of having a knife held against your neck and your hair being pulled hard from the root, you accept it and begin to suck on it, running your tongue around the end. I let go of your hair and rely on the knifes pressure to ensure you remain compliant and reach with my free hand and stroke your pussy again. It is absolutely soaking to my touch now and I know that I need to be inside you.

I pull back from your eager mouth and keeping the knife held at your neck, I slide down your body and feel myself slip inside you, the warmth of your pussy enveloping my cock. I begin to move in and out of you, keeping the knife held at your throat, you unable to move for fear of being cut. The sounds escaping your lips indicate to me though that struggle is the last thing on your mind.

I need to feel you pushing back onto me so I withdraw and throw you forcibly onto your front, before pulling you back onto your knees. I pull your head back with your hair, gripping hard so that head is bent back so far that your neck is fully exposed. I slide into your pussy from behind and hold the knife at your neck. The pressure I apply there is enough to make you push back against me, at the same time as I move forward to meet you.

You seem to care less about the knife and more about moving backwards to meet my oncoming thrusts, even knowing that one wrong move could cause you injury. I let go of your hair and reach for one of your breasts and squeeze your nipple hard between my fingers which causes you to gasp again, but you don't flinch – you know that could be fatal.

Whilst still moving in and out of you, maintaining the blades presence on your neck, I move my free hand to your bum, running my hand between your cheeks, moving my thumb around your arsehole. Its still wet from you, and my finger slips into you whilst I am also inside your pussy. I can feel my cock inside you with my finger and I can hear you moan more loudly at the feeling of being fucked in both your pussy and arse, even with the knife at your throat...

I can feel your excitement building within you and I thrust harder, determined to meet your climax with my own. You push back harder against me as I thrust into you, deeper inside you than I could imagine with both my cock and finger. The thrusts begin to increase with pace and intensity and I can feel one of your hands up between your legs, your fingers stroking your clit and my balls.

This cannot go on for much longer and sure enough we both soon succumb to the climax that is building. You finally surrender to your own orgasm and I feel you contract hard around me as I also reach my own climax and begin to cum deep inside you... the knife never leaving the skin of your neck pressing harder and harder but neither of us caring while we climax.

Only when we have both relaxed does the knife fall away and become just an ordinary, although lethal, kitchen implement again.

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