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Blade Play


Author's Note: A tale of forced play and realization fantasy for joeys-game. I hope you enjoy this story that was written for him. ~ Red

The rain splattered against the pane of glass that shielded the young man from its cold touch. Joey listened quietly. His heart pounding in his chest. His fingers worked at a knot he couldn't release. The beat of his heart sounded in his ears and he felt the sweat of terror slip down his spine as the noises in the room filled his mind. His head turned to the left and then the right trying to hear what was happening or recognize the voice of whoever it was that had broken into his home and knocked him out. His eyesight shielded behind a cloth of what he thought was silk.

"Scared aren't you Joseph?" the voice said quietly.

Joey jerked. "Who are you? What do you want?" The hair on the back of his neck stood up as his assailant breathed against him.

"You Joseph. I want you," the voice answered back, running a hand down his chest and then over to his left nipple.

"Get the fuck off me man," Joey said and tried to struggle from his bound position. He heard the "Yeah, we're gonna fuck and I'm gonna get off" brush over his ear and then a warm tongue slipped across the curve of it.

Joey shuddered in fear, yet his body reacted as some do and he felt a tingling deep in his balls as the wet tongue traced the shape of the gentle sloping cartilage. "I'll be back Joseph. Don't go anywhere," the voice whispered and trailed a hand down Joey's chest, gripped his cock and stroked it several times. "Think of your friend Brian and how much you'd like to fuck him."

"Brian You know Brian? Don't you hurt him. You son of a bitch " Joey growled. Laughter filled the room and then a door closed. Silence was his only audience.

Joey thought of Brian, his best friend's uncle. He felt his chest tighten as he pictured the handsome man. Brian had been a constant source of friendship for Joey and Chad the last three years, and he cared a lot for him, more than he should. Chad lived down the road from Joey and after the death of his parents, Brian had moved in and become Chad's guardian. Chad had only been fifteen, just like Joey; Brian had been thirty. Brian took to the job and Joey had taken to him.

He felt his heart calm as he focused on the thirty-three year old mentor. He saw his blue eyes and his soft, sandy brown hair. His tanned skin and buff figure only added to the Adonis like image that he saw whenever he looked at Brian. Mentally, he shook his thoughts away and began to think of how to get out of the mess he was in. He couldn't have Brian. It was wrong to want a guy and he needed to focus on getting free.

His hands were bound behind him and drawn tight. The ball and sockets of his shoulders felt as if they were being ripped apart. His legs were stretched wide and his ankles tied down to the back leg of the chair, forcing his body forward. Joey felt as if he were on some wooden rack, but instead of being laid flat he was forced to stretch out in a sitting position.

Joey stilled as the sound of the door opening brought his heart back up into his throat. "You shouldn't bother trying to free yourself Joseph," the voice said. "The knots are intricate and very secure."

"Where's Brian?" Joey asked.

The sound of steel sliding out of steel suddenly filled the room and for a moment Joey's heart stopped beating.

"Look man. I don't know what the fuck you want with me, but whatever it is I'll do it. Just. . . tell me you didn't mess with Brian. . .or Chad." Joey suddenly felt like a complete ass. He'd not even thought about Chad.

"Chad is fine Joseph and so is Brian. I just asked you to think about him, because I know how much you want to fuck him. You do want to fuck him don't you Joseph?" the voice said and then Joey felt the sharp knowing tip of a knife slip down his chest, his stomach, and then back up again.

Joey took a deep breath and held it. He blinked, hating the cloth that covered his eyes. He tried to breath deep, only to breathe in the same cologne Brian wore. "Fuck you asshole You're lying to me. You did something to Brian What kind of sick fuck are you?"

Suddenly Joey's head was pulled back and the blade was pressed to his crotch. "You've got balls, calling me a liar. . .you could lose 'um for that." The blade ran back and forth over the hard marbles. Joey swallowed the lump in his throat. "I didn't hurt Brian or Chad. I only came for you. I knew your parents were out of town and you were alone. You should have gone to Chad's like he asked you. Then you wouldn't be here. You'd be at his place with Brian drinking soda and eating pizza. But you stayed home, even though they asked you."

"How the fuck . . .?" Joey asked. Joey's mind raced a mile a minute. He listened to the man walk away and tried to focus on the voice. That was all he had to work with on identifying his attacker. He knew he was disguising it. There was a raspy quality. The words were deeper than normal, or so that was the impression Joey got. He thought of how this could have been done and wondered if the man had some kind of voice scrambler. That was the only thing he could think of.

"You've gotten quiet," the voice whispered. Joey said nothing, choosing to listen.

"I see. Well, since you're not talking then we'll get started."

Feeling a hand on his cock, he wanted to jerk away, but couldn't. He was tied down and wasn't going anywhere. He closed his mind off to the sensation of the man stroking his cock. He felt the hard calluses dragging his sensitive skin up and down. "You're getting hard, you sick little fuck."

Joey cringed. "Yes," he thought to himself, "I am getting hard. Oh man, don't let this happen to me." He felt his body respond as the stroking got stronger and more demanding.

"Come on Joseph you know you like it. Some old man rosy palming you. Getting your dick nice and hard so they can fuck it."

"No!" Joey shouted only to hear laughter escape from his captor's throat.

"Oh, you don't like that thought? Your cock did. It jumped in my hand as if it were hungry for a good ass fuckin'."

Moistening his lips with his tongue Joey tried to breathe.

"Joseph, we're going to play now. . .and Joseph, I'm as naked as you," a soft chuckle followed and then the words, "Feel this?"

Cold steel pressed against Joey's cheek and he flinched. "Careful Joe," the voice sounded and then coughed.

"Joe?" Joey thought, but said nothing as he tried to think of the few people who called him Joe and not Joey or Joseph. A small list ran through his mind. He'd always been Joey to everyone, and Joseph to teachers, parents, coaches. Joe was reserved for men usually, men he considered important to him, men he thought of as authority figures who deserved his respect not because of a job title, but because they simply made you admire them because of who they were. The list was short, and on that list was Brian, the man that he was concerned with and the man who owned the same cologne that this unknown wore.

"Going quiet again?" the voice whispered and then tugged on Joey's ear lobe. "Joseph tell me what you want."

Joey swallowed. "I want to go home, you freak." He hissed out his words with a throaty growl. His cock hurt, the man's fingers hand never let up, the stroking firm and steady.

"No Joseph, that isn't what you want."

The knife tip ran from his jaw, down his neck and then over his collarbone. "I'm going to describe things to you Joseph. I want you to imagine this so you know what is happening. I want you to know. I want you to realize what's going to happen to you."

Steel traveled from the center of his neck and then over to his right nipple as the voice began again. "This room is fifteen feet, by twelve feet. It is painted a dark blue. You can probably smell the fresh paint."

Joey breathed in. "Yeah, you can, can't you?" the voice said. "See Joseph, use all your senses. Breathe deep, and calm yourself," the knife traced the shape of his nipple, Joey shuddered, "breathe in and out," the voice whispered and the knife slipped over to the left nipple.

"Joseph. You can feel too can't you? Feel my breath as it slides across your skin. My hand on your cock and the knife Joseph. . .feel the knife as it explores your body?" The deadly tip slid back to the center of Joey's chest and then began to move down. "What else can you feel? Think about it, you can feel my fingers rolling over the head of this cock. I've seen your cock Joseph. I've seen it limp. I've seen it half-cocked. I've even seen it hard. I love seeing it when it is hard. Makes me want to suck it. To taste the hot liquid creme."

"Fuck," Joey muttered. His cock was swelling and the thought that this man, whoever he was had seen him in all those ways, meant he'd either been stalking him for some time or it was someone he was really close too. That made his mental list shorter.

"Joseph, concentrate!" the voice shouted.

He swallowed. The knife moved further down and slipped over his pubes. The hand fell away from his dick. Joey felt a warm wet liquid cover his groin and his balls. Suddenly two hands were washing his cock and testicles. His whole crotch was soon hot. "What are you doing?" Joey asked.

"Washing you. Now, Joe don't move, baby." The voice was suddenly laced with concern and this made Joey breathe deep. He smelled the hint of Ivory soap, another clue to who was fucking with him. That clue was dismissed when he felt the scrapings of the knife shaving his pubic hairs. He wasn't sure how much time passed. His body was tense as the knife moved over his skin. Eventually, a cloth, soaked wet with hot water was pushed against his shaven form and he sighed in relief. "See, you're safe."

Joey's relief fell away as his cock was suddenly enveloped by more heated moisture. This time he knew what was happening and he clenched his eyes shut under the black cloth. The assailant's tongue moved around the head and then further down. He felt his dick rise back up, the shaving experience had brought it down several inches. Those inches however, were quickly rising again. "No man, don't. . ."

"Joseph. You want it," the voice said, and then went back to sucking.

"Ohhh fuck, man." Joey moaned as his cock began to feel with blood. He could feel his hips moving, pumping up for more of the sweet blanket of heat. Inwardly he cursed and fought his body's desire.

"Mmm. . . You taste so good Joseph. You've got pre cum baby and I'm loving it. Do your balls taste just as nice?"

Joey muttered and then groaned when a pair of hands grabbed his balls. Suddenly, they were swallowed up within the man's mouth and Joey felt his heart stop for a second time that night.

"Don't man, please don't." He pulled on his arms and tried to free himself. He stilled when the knife was pressed against the sensitive flesh under his balls.

The man continued sucking and Joey fought an inner battle with himself. He wanted to be sucked off. He didn't want to be sucked off. He bit his lower lip, to keep from growling for more. As quick as his balls had been consumed, they were dropped and then his cock was inhaled in the hot mouth. Joey's hips thrust up and his head fell back. The mouth moved up and down, up and down, faster and faster. He could almost see it in his mind. He could almost imagine the one man he'd been wanting to fuck him there with him, drawing out his seed and taking the heavenly milk down his throat. As he felt his cock erupt, he muttered, "Brian."

His cock was emptied and then left to hang limp as his mouth was plundered and the hot seed was forced into his mouth. Joey was shocked, but had no time to respond; swallowing by instinct, he quickly moved his tongue with the one that invaded his throat. They parted and Joey was left whimpering for more. "You thought of Brian while I sucked you off didn't you? Don't lie . . .I heard your words."

Joey shook his head. "Yeah, I thought of him." He felt his cheek grow hot.

"You like Brian don't you? What about his son Chad? Do you want to fuck his little boy?" the voice hissed in Joey's ear.

"No! No, Chad's my bud, but. . ."

"But what? Joseph. Chad's a boy and Brian. . .what? He's a man? An old fucker. Who you have the hots for." The voice moved away from Joey and he found himself worried he'd upset the attacker. He rolled his eyes under the cloth that kept his surroundings hidden and then thought back to the man's words. Brian often called himself and 'old fucker', Chad did too, he was always referring to his dad in those words. Was the attacker Chad? Brian? Who was it? "Think Joey!" he told himself.

"Joseph you tasted amazing. I'm going to release your arms and legs, but don't try anything," the voice told him.

Joey could hear the ragged breathing from his attacker. It mimicked his own. He felt the knife cut free his right leg then his left. "Hold still while I massage the blood back in." Joey felt strong hands moving down his legs and then up again, paying close attention to the ankles and calves. The touch was welcoming and surprisingly a bit arousing. Joey cursed again for responding. "Your arms are next, but I swear to you Joseph, one wrong move and Brian will be hurt."

The rope was cut away and blood rushed back to his fingers. A groan of relief escaped him and he rubbed his hands together, flexed the joints and shook his hands as the pain of a thousand needles filled him. "Give it some time and. . . Sit down Joseph," the voice said from behind. Joey had stood up; he stilled and turned. He reached up to take the blindfold off, but was stopped when he heard. "Take it off and he'll be next."

Joey stopped. "Who?"

"Me, Joe," a new voice sounded.

"Brian? Oh God are you okay, where are you?" Joey turned his head, but kept the blindfold on. "I thought you said . . ."

"Forget what I said," the voice answered. "Take off the blindfold and he'll be bleeding. I'm not fuckin' with ya. I'll slice him right down the middle and make you lick the blade clean."

"Joe, just stay calm it'll be alright."

"Brian can you see him. I can't see him, man. He's got me blindfolded." Joey turned his head toward where he thought Brian was.

"I can't see him either. But just cooperate and we'll get out of this," Brian answered.

"That's right, listen to him. Now, work with me. Not against me." The voice grabbed one of Joey's wrists and led him a few feet to the right of where he'd been standing. Joey tried to hear Brian's breathing, but he could only hear the attacker's. He felt a calm wash over him as he thought of Brian being in the room with him. Brian would know what to do. Brian would take care of everything as soon as he could find a way to escape.

"Here. Sit."

Joey felt two hands on his shoulder and was pushed back. His knees hit the side of a piece of furniture and he sat back down. The knowing comfort of a bed welcomed him and he paled. "No man. . .ohh fuck don't. . ."

"Shut up Joseph."

"Just calm Joe. I'm here, remember?"

Two voices came to Joey almost simultaneously, only a few seconds between them. One calming. One thrilling. He shivered at both and waited. When he felt a finger roll over his lips, he shook. "Joseph. I need you to help me out now. I washed your cock and sucked you off. Now I'm clean and hard. Open wide."

"No way man. I'm no. . ."

His mouth was full of cock. A handful of his hair was caught in a vise-like grip. "Bite me and your friend will suffer."

Joey sucked on the meat that filled his mouth. He fought the urge to reject, but he wanted to keep Brian safe.

"Joe listen to me," Brian's voice came back to him. Joey could have sworn it was closer to him than before. "I know Joe. I know you like me and that's okay. Imagine it's my cock in your mouth. It's okay. I'd imagine yours if I was in your place. Eating your come. Just think the same thing. I'm here."

Joey listened and soon had Brian's cock in his mind. His imagination worked to his advantage and his hands were soon encouraging the man to fuck his face. "Yeah, Joe. Just like that. Fucking suck it harder man." Brian's voice said.

Joey paused and came off his assailant's cock. "You okay Brian?" he asked. He cocked his head to one side and waited. He would have bet money on Brian being practically on top of him.

"Suck it, you cock lover!" the voice demanded and jerked Joey's head back.

Reaching out he grabbed the man's dick and went back to plunging his mouth back down. Over and over he lifted and dropped himself onto the man's rod. "Good boy Joe. Good boy."

Joey could hear Brian and knew he was close. He breathed deep and used his senses. Something was going on. Someone was fucking more than his mouth. Joey increased the rhythm and worked to distract his attacker. He concentrated on the room. Listening for Brian's breathing and where he was in relation to the cock he was devouring. When he couldn't hear anyone but the man in front of him breathing he knew what was happening and slowed down. His fingers began to massage the stranger's balls. Lifting, palming, and rolling them between his thumb and middle finger.

"Ohh fuck yeah," Brian's voice filled the air and Joey smirked. He lifted his mouth from the twins and began to lick his way under them, nibbling as he went.

"Spread your legs some," Joey whispered and immediately the man did as he was told. Joey grinned and sucked on one of his fingers, then searched out the puckered hole he knew would be tight, but pleasurable to his foe. Joey had teased his own ass while stroking his dick, and imagining Brian watching him.

"Yeah, fuck it man. Fuck my ass with your fingers. My cock man, fuck Joe, don't forget my cock."

It was Brian's voice and Joey chuckled. He reached up and pulled the cloth from his head. His eyes clenched tight from the initial reaction of light that filled his pupils. He kept sucking on the tool in his throat. Several deep breaths, while his fingers explored the man's ass were also continued. Soon Joey was ready to open his eyes. He blinked as he took in the sandy brown curls that lay just above the stranger's shaved groin. He sucked harder, knowing they were the same color as Brian's hair, hair he'd seen when the three of them were in the men's locker room at the "Y".

He lifted his face from Brian's cock. "How'd you do it man? How'd you do it?"

The question was repeated one more time, and on that third try, Joey broke through the passion-filled fog he knew Brian was experiencing. When the man's eyes opened, they looked through the lust-filled gaze.

"Ahhh. . .Joe. I wanted you to admit it man. . . but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't. You'll be heading to college this summer and. . ." Brian caressed Joey's cheek.

"You're right. I wouldn't have said a thing. I'm glad you did this. But damn. . .you are one talented fuck." Joey shook his head in disbelief.

Brian tucked a few strands of hair behind Joey's ear. "I took acting classes years ago in college, learned how to throw my voice, disguise it. I never thought to use it like this before though. . .but it came in handy, didn't it."

"Fuck yeah. Thanks Brian. . . now. . .I think you need to let me finish this cock of yours," Joey whispered and moved to take in the older man's cock.

"No wait. I wanna come in your ass. I'm clean man. Haven't had a lover in the three years I've known you, waiting for you to get old enough that I wouldn't feel guilty. . . before that I used protection. I wanna fuck you skin to skin Joe."

"Oh yeah Bri, I'd love that. I've never. . .well. . .only a dildo, but you know. . ." Joey suddenly blushed.

"I know Joe. I want to be the first. I'd like to be the only, but you're young. Just. . .be safe with the ones after me. I want you coming home on holidays to be my summer fuck toy." Brian grinned as he watched Joey blush.

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