tagErotic CouplingsBlake at the Girls School

Blake at the Girls School

bymangrove jack©

“Roll over, I want to kiss you,” Blake whispered.

Cameron groaned as he rolled her over and pushed her legs apart. “Oh sweetheart no more. I have to go to school today.”

She sighed and fell back as Blake’s head pushed up between her legs. A shudder rippled across her body when his tongue found her enlarged and excited clit. He was creating a feeling she would struggle to describe, when she lay thinking of this moment in future.

She smiled as she thought how one night with Blake had changed her perceptions about sex. She had always been critical of women who seemed to live for the next sexual escapade. Yet she was lying here whilst Blake kissed her pussy, planning how to do this more often.

There were no words to describe what she was feeling and what she had experienced with Blake during the night. Her pussy was on fire. His tongue and his wicked lips had driven her crazy with lust. Yes, that was it lust.

She had never been so sexually excited. She had never allowed a man so many liberties with her body. She had done things she had never even dreamed of doing. Things that she had only read about. “Yes,” she screamed silently, “lust. If this is lust, I love it.”

Blake felt Cameron drift off as though she was thinking of something else. Maybe she’s had enough; he thought maybe she wants me to go home.

He ran his finger down from the moist slippery underside of her pussy and tentatively fingered her arse. She had told him when his cock had entered her rear, that she had never had anyone even touch her there before.

.She had screamed and moaned when he finally got all of his cock embedded in her forty year old arse. He had asked “Do you want me to stop?” Cameron’s response had been quick and loud, “don’t you dare, I love it, stay there, fill me up.”

Blake’s finger rimming her arse hole brought Cameron back from her thoughts. “Oh yes!” she whispered as she took hold of his head. “Lick me love, push your finger in there and lick my pussy.”

“What’s up?” Cameron asked when he suddenly stopped stroking her rear and stood looking around on her bedside table. “I want to fuck you, my cocks dry, it needs lubrication.”

She sat up quickly, “I’ll make it wet.”

He stood beside the bed watching as she sat with her legs wrapped around his knees, nursing his cock in her hands. She was humming as she created mouthfuls of spit and saliva then lovingly depositing it all over his cock.

He grinned when he heard her humming quietly as she licked and mouthed his cock. His grin changed to a groan when she moved one hand down to massage his balls. Her fingers continuing on to rim his arse gently.

Cameron smiled up at him; she could feel his cock responding to her massaging. He was growing harder.

She looked him straight in the eye, as she started to suck. “Do you want to come in my mouth?” Cameron was surprised when he gently pushed her away. She gasped when his hands immediately returned to stroke her pussy and run along the cheeks of her arse. Bewildered she slumped back on the pillows trying to watch him as he fingered both her holes.

She relaxed enjoying the attention his fingers were giving her pussy and arse. Her hear skipped a beat when his hands gripped her ankles and pushed her legs apart. He pulled her body up towards him and placed her ankles on his shoulders. “Oh hell, what are you going to do now?” she moaned as he stood looking down one hand fingering her exposed pussy lips.

Blake ran his tongue along his lips as he replied, “We are going to do what we’ve been doing all night. We are going to fuck. I want to fill your pussy with my cock. I want to bottom out until you can take no more.”

He ran his finger lightly around her clit. “I’m going to fuck your arse off.”

Her heart was beating wildly. Trying to hide her excitement, she lay quiet, watching as Blake eased the head of his cock forward. Holding it in his hand, he rubbed it up and down, over and in the mouth of her pussy.

Cameron shivered in anticipation. She tried to move her legs further apart. “Stop teasing me,” she whispered, as she ran her tongue over her lips mimicking him.

Blake was not teasing her. He had only come twice during the night. He knew that his cock was ready to come. If he came now he was unlikely to get hard again. He was slowing things down so he would not come quickly and leave her frustrated.

He eased his cock deep into her pussy and then withdrew until the head was touching the lip. His hands gripped her body moving it so his cock would make contact with the roof of her pussy. He held her body up off the bed and smiled to himself when he felt a little shudder run through her body. He knew his cock was now touching and rubbing her clit lightly each time he moved in and out.

Slowly he built up the pace. He heard her moan and start to speak. She was asking him to go faster. “Now” she cried. He took no notice. He knew if he went too fast, he would not last.

Cameron squirmed and wriggled each time his cock touched her erect clit. Her senses were so excited she swore she could hear his cock sloshing against the warm insides of her sloppy pussy. His repeated withdrawal to the very edge created exquisite indescribable feelings in her body. “Fuck me! Stop teasing me; come on fuck me,” she moaned.

Blake rolled his hips to move his cock and keep a light pressure on her clit. He added a thumb to massage the top of her clit at the same time as his cock moved in and out. “Slowly,” he cried as they struck a rhythm together

They rode each other. Their eyes locked together. They watched staring as their faces showed the tension they were feeling. He drove in as deep as possible. Then he slowly eased out, until it was so close to the mouth of her pussy they both thought it would slip out altogether.

Blake was on tenterhooks. His senses became sharper, his feelings more intense. The room seemed to go quiet. He could hear himself gasping for breath. Cameron’s piercing cries seemed to grow louder as she wriggled and bucked. He felt her ankles squeeze his neck.

He counted the slow mind blowing strokes. The sound of his breathing filled his ears. Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty, He counted, until his balls and cock told him they were ready to blow. “Now!” he gasped. He gripped her hips, drove hard deep, and stayed deep.

He pounded deeper and deeper, until she pushed up hard to meet him. He could feel her back rise from the bed. Her eyes were staring at him, her mouth open, her head thrashing from side to side. “Yes, yes, yes, now” she cried as they came.

Their bodies slapped together noisily as they grunted and struggled to draw the last drop of come from each other. Then their pace slackened until they finally slumped together, gasping for breath.

They lay for a while until Blake took her head in his hands and kissed her. “Your beautiful.” he whispered. “Thank you,” she replied as she kissed him back. They lay together their bodies covered in sweat. They quietly kissed and stroked each other, as they collected their thoughts and started to look around.

Cameron found her watch. It was four o’clock in the morning “My god we have been together for hours. It was nine o’clock last night when you came in for a drink.” she said as she blushed.

Blake noticed the blush that swept across her face. Reality was hitting her, she was probably thinking, what have I done. He moved to reassure her, “What a woman,” he whispered. He held her hands as he kissed her lovingly. “You were magnificent, what a night.”

Cameron’s Philippine maid heard strange noises as she wandered down from her quarters. She was about to call when she heard voices.

She stopped to listen; it was a strange man’s voice. Moving quietly she saw her boss standing in the nude while a young man knelt in front of her, kissing her pussy.

Her heart skipped a beat as she heard Cameron say, “no more lover, no more. Let me kiss that magic cock of yours and send you home.”

Cameron was no sooner out the door on her way to work than Geneva was on the phone. “She’s a sly one,” she told her friend Rosita. “She enforces the rules against students taking men back to their quarters but she had a man here last night.”

“I saw her kissing him down there, you know going down on him. He was very big; you know what they say, hung like a horse. ”

“Who is he? What’s he like?” Rosita’s questions spilled out in rapid succession.

“I only saw him standing in the nude while she sucked him. He looks about six foot, not an ounce of fat, a flat belly light brown hair, and,” she laughed “a big dick.”

Cameron sipped her coffee, “Let me tell you the whole story,” she whispered as her best friend Millie settled down. “His name is Blake; he’s twenty six, he has been hired as a special computer consultant by the school to get our IT systems working.”

“He needed to know about our girls sports programs and called around to my office late yesterday afternoon.” “The girls in my office were excited; as you know not many good looking young men visit our girl’s school administration block.

He was charming; he met them all, listened to their ideas one by one until only the two of us were left.” “He was very professional, very competent, a smart young man. We hit it off immediately.”

“We worked together. I found him extremely well mannered, very kind and considerate. It was nearly six o’clock when the janitor came to lock up.”

“Blake told me he was staying at the Grand and asked me would I like to join him for dinner.” “At first I declined. I changed my mind when he pointed out that It would be more fun discussing the last remanding matter over a fine meal, than starting again early in the morning.”

“At the restaurant he commanded a good table, ordered a fine wine and assisted me to select an excellent meal. The meal and the wine relaxed me. We finished the bottle and danced together a few times, each time he held me closer.”

“He called a taxi to take me home. He escorted me from the taxi to my door. I invited him in for coffee.” “Inside my front door it seemed quite natural when he took me in his arms and kissed me.”

“He spoke quietly, asking questions about my life and my work. As I answered he nuzzled my neck and ran his hands over my body.”

“You know Millie; even now I can’t really fill in the details. I let him strip off my clothes, as if it was the most natural thing to do. He didn’t ask and I didn’t try to stop him. Before I knew what was happening, we were on my bed fucking.”

“Did he force you? Were you drunk?” Millie asked her eyes wide. “No I wasn’t forced. I encouraged him.” “I would let him do it again tonight.” She licked her lips, “it was fabulous.”

Millie could feel her pussy growing moist, “How long did he stay.” Cameron sighed as she poured another cup of coffee “That’s the bit that’s so exciting. We arrived home about nine and he left about five would you believe we made love all night.”

“He licked and tongued my pussy for what seemed like hours. She blushed. I have never kissed a man’s cock. Last night I took most of his cock in my mouth and swallowed his come.”

“He chewed my nipples.” Cameron ran her fingers over her blouse touching her breasts. “They’re tender this morning.” She blushed, “my god you won’t believe it when I tell you, he fucked me so hard for so long, that my pussy’s sore.”

I won’t tell her about my rear she thought. “Enough, enough,” Millie cried I’ve got to get back to my department, I think your I.T. man is scheduled to visit us today.”

Blake had a late breakfast in the Grand’s coffee shop unaware that his name and the size of his sexual equipment was the subject of much discussion at the school.

Geneva’s assessment that he was hung like a horse was the main topic of discussion, when the Philippine maids from the senior staff villas met for their regular morning coffee break.

By lunch time a few students could be heard discussing the stud, who was fixing the computer system. “He can fix my system,” Elizabeth Curran told her cheer leader group.

Blake looked over at the cheerleaders as he sat down under the big Moreton Bay fig tree to check his notes. He was thinking how great it would be to work with so many young women when he heard a rustle in the fallen leaves behind him.

Turning around he spied two identical blonde babes walking his way. “Hi,” one said, “can we talk to you please?” “Sure,” he said as he stood up. “I’m sure you are sick of being asked this question, am I seeing double or are you twins?”

“We’re twins,” the second one laughed, “yes identical twins except for one tiny difference,” the other added. “Ok that’s enough; you’ll have me confused if you don’t tell me your names and point out the tiny difference.”

“Our names are Cynthia and Clarice but everyone calls us Candy and Randy. You can’t see the difference with our clothes on.” He laughed “I won’t ask who’s randy; I have some spare time, let’s go somewhere where I can discover the difference and find out who really is Randy.”

Candy caught her breath; this was even better than she had expected. “All the girls in our computer class have heard about you,” she said as looked him over. “They all want to meet you.”

“A whole class would be nice but there would be too many. I like to get to know lovely girls personally. Now twins would be about the right number.”

He knew Candy was checking him out. These cheeky young buggers had obviously set out to test him. Alright he thought let the test begin.

He was startled when his mobile vibrated in his pocket, “excuse me,” he said as he answered. “Is this Mr. Blake Howard?” a female voice asked. He watched Candy run her hands over her full young breasts. While he watched, she stuck her tongue out as if she was going to lick them.

He was brought back to earth by the voice on the phone.” I’m Millie Watson I am in charge of staff accommodation. I understand you are to stay here for four weeks. Cameron Milliner our Deputy Headmistress has asked me to look after you.”

“Thanks that would be nice, I need looking after,” he groaned as Randy turned away and lifted the tail of her skirt to show him her firm hard naked rear.

Millie unaware of Blake’s distractions explained, “I have made arrangements for you to occupy a senior staff villa. The villa has maid service if you need anything at all just ring me.” Blake hardly heard her he was watching the twins.

They had returned to the larger group of girls. He headed over towards them. “I am going to live in one of the senior staff villas, can someone show me where they are?” he asked.

A tall long legged slim brunette stood up and approached him. “I’m Elizabeth Curran, come with me. I’ll take you.”

Blake studied her closely; she looked about nineteen or twenty. Her knitted top fitted tight around a substantial set. Her skirt was light weigh and short, displaying more than it hid. She was hot and she knew it.

“This is kind of you,” he said as he explained he would be at the school for some weeks. “The villa is self-contained but you will have to cook for yourself. The Pilipino maids will help you,” she said with a smile.

They will help him all right she thought. It was the maids who were spreading stories about the size of his cock.

“Are you married?” she asked unexpectedly as they approached the villa. “No I’m still single,” he replied with a grin. “Why do you ask?”

She blushed, “this is an all girl school. We don’t see many eligible bachelors around here.” She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, “especially one with your reputation.”

He took her by the arm and led her up on to the villa’s porch. “Sit here with me for a minute.” He sat down beside her. “What`s this about my reputation.?” “Nothing,” she stammered.

He took her hand “you’re a very exciting young lady but you’re not very good at telling porkpies. Those blonde twins were checking me out. You’re doing the same.” He leant over and kissed her lightly on the lips. “Come on tell me what this all about.”

“Kiss me again,” she whispered. Why not Blake thought as he slipped an arm around her and pulled her close. She looked up at him her eyes showing she was frightened.

He kissed her once more, this time a little firmer but still with his mouth closed. Her arms came up to hold his head so the kiss would continue. She opened her mouth and her tongue crept out. She was no longer scared. Her eyes were now showing an aggressive side to her personality

She broke away from the kiss still holding on to him. “The Pilipino maids were talking about you in the cafeteria. They say you are big down there.” She dropped her eyes to the lump in his pants. “They say you are a stud.”

“I don’t know any Pilipino maid. I’m not big down there,” he growled. “I’m no stud. That implies some sort of egomaniac who sleeps with women to prove himself.”

She giggled, “Why do you sleep with women” “Because I want them and they want me.” “Would you sleep with me?” she stammered dropping her eyes.

“Of course I would!” he exclaimed. “Any red blooded man would walk over hot coals to sleep with you.” He placed a hand under her chin and raised her face so he could look into her eyes. “What’s this all about love?” he asked.

She tried to pull her face away. “I’m so horny I could die. I’m nineteen and sleep in a room full of girls. Most of them are like me. We talk about sex all the time. A few of the girls are lesbians and a few have vibrators, but what we really need is a man.”

“When we heard the maids talking about you it was as though a surge of electricity had gone though our class. You are the only thing we have talked about all morning.” “Most of the girls will dream about you tonight. They would all like to be sleeping with you.”

She moved closer and clung to him, “don’t tell anyone what I’ve told you,” she whispered. “Of course not,” he said as he kissed her. They sat kissing on the porch. Elizabeth gradually relaxed, her hand crept down to stroke the lump in his pants.

“I’m still a virgin,” she groaned. “Will you please make love to me?” He pulled her too him and hugged her close.” Virginity is something very special,” he whispered. “Are you sure you want to share that with a stranger?”
“Oh Yes, I’m sure. I want to do it. Sometimes I get so horny I could scream.” He looked at her and shook his head, “settle down, it shouldn’t be like this. You should be seduced. This is too clinical.”

She leant in and kissed him, “I want to,” she moaned. “Please don’t say no.” “Bloody hell!” Blake exclaimed. “This is crazy. You don’t even know me. Your virginity is precious. You can only loose it once. The night you do should be a night you will always remember.”

He ran his hands over her as he looked down at the lovely young body in his arms. She is beautiful he thought. I’d be a bloody mug to pass up this opportunity.

He kissed her lightly on the lips, “Can you cook?” “Yes I love cooking,” she replied her eyes startled. “Join me here tonight. Let’s cook a meal together and see what eventuates,” he said as he stood up.

Right on seven Elizabeth rang the doorbell to Blake’s villa. She felt deliciously naughty; she wore nothing under her thin cotton dress, no bra and no thong. “Don’t let anything impede his progress,” her best fiend Marylyn had said when they decided on no underclothes whatsoever.

Blake gasped as he opened the door. She was gorgeous. Her short white dress highlighted her honey brown tan, giving a glimpse of young firm breast. He saw no more before she stepped up close to kiss him hard.

Blake hugged her close. “Ladies first,” he said as he pointed the way to the kitchen. Once inside she swung around inviting him to look her over. “You like,” she asked.

Blake had spent an hour with Cameron’s maid Rosita preparing the meal. He had planned to treat Elizabeth to a meal, give her a few kisses and a cuddle and send her home. His resolve to do the right thing disappeared immediately.

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