Blake Lively


Michael Jonathan Carter was 22 years old and was a young big shot producer in Hollywood responsible for movies like ; Aquaman 1, 2 and 3, American Pie: Matt Stiffler's Return, Rush Hour 4 and his latest project a Justice League Movie. All cast was signed on except for the part of Supergirl. Michael knew exactly who he wanted, he had seen her in Accepted and saw her in the tight fitting blue, yellow and red supergirl suit. Blake Lively would be Michael's Supergirl and more.

Michael drove down Hollywood Blvd. in his Mercedes CLS550 On top of a building a giant billboard read:

Michael CARTER


Michael Bay's

Justice League

With a giant JLA logo in the centre.


Michael smiled. He had signed on Brandon Routh as Superman, Christian Bale as Batman, Vincent Chase as Aquaman, Jessica Alba as Wonder Woman, Paris Hilton as Black Canary, Will Smith as Green Lantern, Adam Brody as the Flash and Brad Pitt as Green Arrow. He had all the big names but was only missing his supergirl, in fact that was where he was going right now to meet Blake Lively to sign her on. He saw the Starbucks where they were supposed to meet, his Merc roared into a spot right outside the coffee shop. As he got out many people pointed to him he was as famous as any A-List celeb especially as he was dressed like one in a black Armani suit with a purple silk shirt unbuttoned at the top wearing quicksilver glasses.. He spotted the blonde beauty outside smiling that knock-out smile at him. Blake Lively had been Michael's dream girl since he saw her in Accepted, she was more beautiful in person with her flawless skin, shiny blonde hair glinting in the sunlight and her green eyes holding as much warmth as her smile. She was dressed in a tight white blouse wearing curve hugging jeans long brown boots and a brown felt coat.

"Hey Michael." She said in her angelic voice as Mike drew near.

"Blake Lively, wow." He said shaking her hand he noted how soft her skin was

"Why are you saying wow you're the one everybody is staring at." She laughed. Mike looked around and indeed people were staring at him, when they noticed they hastily resumed their conversations.

"Hollywood." Michael laughed. Blake smiled that knock-out smile again.

"So what are you hear to ask me Michael Carter?" she said trying to make her face look serious, on her it looked impossibly cute. Mike took his glasses off revealing his face, he had classic good looks with dark brown untamable hair and a rugged stubble with piercing ice blue eyes. Blake was momentarily stunned staring at a man who looked like he belonged in a magazine.

"Well, Blake I want you to be Supergirl." Michael said. The conversation at the Starbucks died down again.

"Come on people! Your silence isn't helping! You want her to be Supergirl?" Michael called

"YES!" The whole coffee shop roared, Blake laughed.

"Let's do negotiations I want to see the Studio." She said. Michael nodded.

"You have your car?"

"I walked here."

"Well to the Carter Mobile."

After a short drive to Warner Brother's studio's. Michael and Blake stood outside what looked like a real-life version of the Watch Tower from the animated show Justice League Unlimited.

"Wow." Blake said she walked forward.

"This is real metal." She said. Michael stared at her swaying, ripe ass he wanted to spank her bad.

"Huh? Oh yeah, it's a real structure, we want to have a trilogy so we needed a permanent structure, everything works."


"it's a Carter production Blake, everything must be real, for Aquaman 1 we actually built Aquaman's house and lowered it into the ocean, it's in the Hall of Fame now."

"A trilogy right?"

"All main characters are signed on we just need you, you're the perfect Supergirl, beautiful, smart and a real tease." Michael's eyes widened he couldn't believe he said that.

"What?" Blake laughed turning to stare at him.

"Uh nothing, so do you want a deal?"

"How much will I be paid?"

"Brandon Routh is getting twenty million for the whole trilogy and he's Superman he appeals to girls Justice League will be a mainly nerdy audience and because of your costume we're offering you twenty five million but if anybody asks you say you're being paid fifteen."

"Twenty five?" Blake stumbled she giggled.

"What's wrong with the suit?" Michael opened his mouth to say something then smiled and nodded his head to a door labeled: COSTUMES.

Blake walked out of the changing room in full Supergirl gear, the top hugged her chest leaving an exposed flat and toned midriff, the red skirt ended just above her knees and the red boots ended just under her knees, Michael stared at her chest.

"Eyes up here." She said.

"That's why we're paying you more." Michael said, his 11 inch cock was aching in his pants. Blake looked down and saw the bulge she bit her bottom lip.

"You'll be the producer for all three movies?" she asked.

"It was my idea from the beginning I'll be seeing it through." Michael nodded trying very hard to focus on her beautiful face.

"I'll do it."

"Great, so you wanna get changed or-?"

"I just want to let you know what's about to happen is because I really like you and has nothing to do with my career." Blake said stepping forward she grabbed the back of Michael's head and pulled him into a kiss Michael rolled with it his hands went from her hips to gripping her ripe ass, their tongue's wrestled each other, Blake had her arms draped around his neck. Michael kissed her neck she whispered in his ear.

"So are you gonna shove that fat cock in my tight pussy?" she said seductively. Michael was shocked to hear such language from this angel.

"I'm gonna fuck you like a whore." He said back. They made out furiously looking for a bed or a couch they found a couch in a dark storage room.

"This'll be kinky." She said. In two swift motions she had Michael's belt off.

"I take it you're a pro."

"I've only had sex twice the last time was nearly a year ago."

"What?! No one wanted to tap this?" he said gripping her ass again.

"No there were plenty I just wanted the right guy." She pulled his pants down and pushed him on the couch his cock was making a large bulge in his boxers.

"Get those boxers off." She said pulling the supergirl costume off till she was only in her bra and panties, they were incredibly sexy she wore a purple bra with a purple silk thong. Michael had his boxers off revealing his 11 inch cock, it's width and girth matched it's length so it wasn't thin, it was fat, long and thick. Blake got on her knees flipping her hair behind her she grasped the base of Michael's cock and started to jerk it up and down.

"Mmm, you like that baby?" she asked.

"I love it." Michael's head fell back, Blake spat on Michael's cock, he felt it and groaned. She then took the tip into her mouth she licked the urethra, Michael shuddered she then started bobbing up and down his cock expertly Blake had great suction with her cocksucking mouth when she came up a long line of her spit and his pre-cum led from her mouth to his cock which was swollen due to Blake brining blood flowing to it, she returned to her blowjob she looked up at Michael with her stunning green eyes, Michael thought he was about to cum right there but he didn't, Blake was disappointed she sucked him harder Michael felt his balls tighten so did Blake she stopped sucking and opened her mouth to receive the load, she didn't expect how much there was, it filled her mouth and overflowed down her chin. After a few minutes she swallowed the cum which tasted wonderful to her she wiped the excess of her chin.

"Wow did you cum or piss?!" she laughed.

"I have an overactive prostate."

"Well it's a good thing I'm on the pill. But can you keep yourself up?"

"Look at my cock babe." He said his cock was still throbbing on.


"It's never like this I guess it wants to feel my dreamgirl." He smiled. Blake grinned she stood up and unclipped her bra it fell off revealing perfect firm flawless tits that were C cups at least, she had pink, stiff nipples. Michael stood up he had to feel them, he took both glorious tits in his hands and squeezed them, she groaned, Michael crouched down slightly he took her left nipple in his mouth he licked, kissed and nibbled on it while tweaking and pinching her right nipple, he changed positions she was moaning continuously.

"I'm gonna go down on your sweet pussy." Michael picked her up she was so light he did it with ease he threw her on the couch and wrapped her legs around his neck he pulled her thong off with his teeth and stared at a miracle, the perfect pussy, a thin nearly invisible landing strip, with wet swollen lips, Michael hit her slow at first picking up speed he softly bit her clit she screamed in pleasure she placed her hands on his head pulling his hair. He had only been going for a minute or so before she climaxed sending sweet juices all over his face.

"Man you taste good!"

"Fuck me now." she said. Michael stood up and pushed his cock head against her lips, it didn't look like it would fit.

"Just shove it in honey!" Blake groaned. Michael complied he hit her pussy like a jackhammer she screamed, Michael felt a nub every time he went all the way in he fucked her relentlessly she was screaming and groaning until she climaxed, Michael stopped but kept his cock in her, her pussy tightened around his cock as she climaxed, Michael couldn't hold his in he exploded as well shooting a huge load inside her.

"OH FUCK!" she screamed. They didn't move for a while basking in their ecstasy


It was the premiere of Justice League: The Final Battle. Michael and Blake had revealed their affair to the world and were now more popular than Brangelina. They sat in the front row hands locked together, watching the movie.

The Justice League were gathered on a stage most were injured sporting slings and bandages, Superman's suit was ripped everywhere and he was bleeding, Supergirl was holding him up. The President of the USA played by Donald Sutherland was with them. Superman limped forward to face a crowd of humans and heroes.

"Today, we fought as one throughout the world we were joined by a common cause, survival. We fought for our independence for our right to live freely." Said the President

"Perhaps it is fate that today is the 4th of July but it will no longer be known as an American holiday, today is the World's Independence Day!"

"Heroes and Humans we are all the same race even though I am Kryptonian I think of Earth as home the ships of Darkseid have fallen all over the world and today we raise our heads as one throughout the world there is peace and this will commemorate those who fought and those who lost their lives"

A curtain behind the stage fell revealing two large stone structures


"Today we will rebuild our planet correcting our mistakes but bringing back our fallen history."

The Justice League looked to Superman to say something else.

"A year ago exactly a day before our invasion I stated the League would disband, but this episode has taught me that without unity and teamwork we might not have made it through so therefore I announce that every hero everywhere will be invited to join the new Justice League Unlimited."


The screen showed Washington DC rebuilt looking the same but better than ever. A silver ship tore through the sky and veered heading right for the camera which only just caught the Justice League logo and the original team seated behind the windshield before the screen went black and the movie theme song started.

Back in the theatre, everybody cheered! Blake and Michael stood up with the rest of the cast and crew and bowed. Michael and Blake kissed.


"Do you Blake Christina Lively take Michael Jonathan Carter to be your lawful wedded husband?" asked the priest. Blake and Michael were gathered at an altar most of Hollywood seated behind them, Blake looked beautiful in a pristine white dress and Michael in a black suit.

"I do." She said happily.

"Then by the power vested in me I pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride." Michael wrapped his arms around Blake's head and they lowered slowly until she was an inch above the ground they were sucking on each other's tongue's. When they broke the kiss everybody cheered.

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