Blame Abba Ch. 03



Transgender-themed stories which I hope will be of interest to those who like women, or would like to be a woman. Which includes me!


Part 7 First date

I do like making entrances, that was one of the best. I didn't wait for anybody's reaction, I just strode across the bar as easily as my tight skirt would allow. I didn't see Patrick at first, but Jeff was there, and he was looking at me. I had assumed none of my mates would be there on a Saturday evening, they often took their girlfriends into town. Then I remembered that Jeff had just finished with Lisa. I walked up to him and smiled, putting my hand onto his.

"Hi Jeff, how are you? OK I hope. Very sorry to hear about you and Lisa, I hope things work out OK."

"Christ Don," was all he could say.

"Donna," I said, smiled, and moved across to where I had just seen Patrick waiting.

I KNOW Jeff was watching my bum wiggling, I heard a strangled cry from behind me as I walked away towards my 'date'.

"Donna!" was exactly what Patrick said as I held out my hand towards him.

He took it gently and pulled me a little closer. I did what I knew I had to do. I knew that, behind me, Jeff and Jacqui and Mary and probably Eric and Cheryl and several others were watching. Jacqui told me later she could see Eric adjusting his trousers! I leaned over towards Patrick and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Not just a little peck, quite a bit longer than that, our cheeks caressed for a few seconds before we parted.

I was glad to see Jacqui's 'Kissable' lipstick worked - there was no trace left behind. I heard a movement behind me, Eric was moving my chair by the table in the small dining corner in the corner of the bar. The new dining room, I knew, was nearly finished, so we would have to eat in the bar. We would not have to be in full view of all the customers but our dinner date would not be as private as it could have been. I didn't care. I was happy.

"Patrick, are you sure about this? You know what everyone is thinking - about you, about me?" I asked, looking him straight in the eyes.

He reached over the table and took my hand again.

"I don't care, Donna. I am dining with a gorgeous woman and I don't care what anyone else thinks"

I smiled to him, grateful for such an opportunity to 'come out' in public. We did the ordering, I went for a small meal, I couldn't imagine fitting much inside Mary's waist cincher, and Patrick poured the wine.

"To us," he said, holding his glass up.

I 'clinked' his and repeated the toast, revelling in every moment of the experience.

The meal wasn't sensational but it was good, and Patrick was great company. He told me about his job, his life in London, the bits he liked and the parts he detested, and then moved onto asking me about what I liked to do. He was careful about that, he didn't dwell much on my past life. Just after the dessert as we were waiting for the coffee I realised - I had to 'go'. I just hadn't thought of that! I excused myself and picked up my handbag.

Patrick knew his manners, he stood when a 'lady' left the table. I turned and walked towards Jacqui who was behind the bar, in a quiet moment, watching. She realised what was wrong.

"Hang on a moment, Donna. I'll have a quick word with Cheryl."

I had thought that I could sneak through the back, into the 'en-suite' toilet in our changing room, Room 4 but Jacqui had put a stop to that. She came back quickly, smiling.

"Go ahead, Donna," she said, smiling and gesturing towards the Ladies.

I know I had dashed in there accidentally once before, but this was new, an acceptance from Cheryl about who or rather what I was. I went in. There was fortunately nobody in there, I slipped into a cubicle and did what was needed. Coping with that dress and my under-garments was not easy in the confined space but I managed. As I was about to leave Jacqui came in.

"OK Donna, I thought you might have problems but you seem to have done well here. How is it going then, little sister?"

"It's going OK," I said non-committally.

"It's going better than that, I've been watching Patrick all evening. He really is rather a dish, you know. And he is totally smitten with you, and that means the next possible problem IS going to happen. It serves you right for all the flirting you have been doing, you tart. I hope you are ready for it."

And before I could reply Cheryl put her head round the door.

"Now then girls, come on. Jacqui has work to do."

As we left Jacqui slipped behind the bar again and I headed back over towards Patrick. I noticed Jeff, who had been hidden from my view, sitting beside a girl I recognised. She lived about three doors down from us, I couldn't remember her name. The family had only moved in a couple of weeks earlier and I had only spoken to her once. I was sure she would not recognise me. I slid my bum onto the bench seat next to Jeff and put my hand over his.

As I sat my skirt slid up to reveal, to Jeff and his companion and to anyone else who happened to be watching at that moment, the lace tops of my stockings, and a garter, and a stretch of bare thigh. It felt great, Donna the tart!

"Hi there, I'm Donna," and smiled at her.

She was puzzled but replied quietly.

"Hello, I'm Caroline, pleased to meet you."

"Sorry, Caroline, am I butting in? I just wanted to tell Jeff, that was a great goal he scored on Saturday. He really is something, our Jeff. Say hello to Martin for me when you see him".

I squeezed his hand and smiled at them both, then stood and strolled across towards Patrick, trying to pull my skirt down as I moved.

We finished our coffee and I was thinking we would probably move back to the bar when Eric re-appeared again with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Again we toasted each other. The bubbly, and the two glasses of wine I had during the meal were having an effect. I giggled. As we got up and began to move across into the main bar, I felt Patrick's hand stroking the seat of my dress. I looked up at him and grinned, and grabbed his hand.

Then it was his turn.

"Excuse me a moment, darling, I need to speak to young Jeff over there."

I was puzzled, then I realised. Jeff worked at the paper factory, Patrick was obviously sorting a little business. Jacqui was at my elbow and steered me to one side.

"Donna, I thought this would happen. I've brought some of your clothes with me, they are in our small blue case in room 4. If needed. OK?"

She had thought ahead. She knew. I was about to lose my virginity as Donna, and she didn't mind. In fact she was beaming, she accepted it. She was almost accepting me as a sister.

I turned and took Patrick's hand once more, looking round at the few customers still in the bar. I must admit I got a little upset at that moment. Jacqui, Mary, Eric and Cheryl had all been so kind. But I could see Jeff standing with Martin and a couple of other guys. They weren't exactly laughing but they were chatting and looking together, in a not-too-kind way. I imagined the comments they were making. I didn't like that. Hell, I thought, who cares what they think. I'll get even, I will.

And with that I followed Patrick out of the bar towards the residential part of the pub. He paused for a moment outside our changing room, Room 4, and looked at me. I squeezed his hand harder and smiled, he smiled too, and gently pulled me along towards his room. Room 2 wasn't splendid though it was the best in the pub. But it was more than adequate for our needs.

As we closed the door behind us he turned to face me.

"This is it," I thought. "No backing out now"

As if I would! I moved towards him and slid my hands up his lapels, holding his head in my hands, and reached up to kiss him.

Apart from the pecks for Eric and a couple of other guys in the previous few weeks, that was my first real kiss with a man. And what an experience. My lips caressed his at first, then I became more passionate. I felt a hand slide down my back to my bum, then down further until it slid my skirt up. I opened my mouth wider and gave it all I had got. That kiss went on for absolutely ages, we were both engrossed, both excited by new possibilities.

Patrick had explained things to me over dinner. Quietly. How he had never 'got on' with girls, just didn't seem interested, dates had just fizzled out in his teens and early twenties, fun but no more. How he had once met a man who seemed to like him, and who he liked. But the other man was a more experienced 'gay' and realised there was really nothing between them. And how he had once been excited on meeting a transvestite in a gay club, had gone as far as visiting 'her' flat, but had chickened out at the last moment, having problems coming to terms with his rather strange tastes.

As our lips parted Patrick spoke first.

"Donna, this is different. I know what you really are, and what I am too. But I am excited, as never before, being in the presence of such a gorgeous creature."

I was thrilled, flattery does wonders for any girl's self-esteem. I kissed him lightly again. I slid my hand down his shirt front, I could feel his excitement, he seemed to be having an enormous erection. I began to unbutton his shirt, kissing his hairy chest as I went.

"Patrick, we have to do this now, I have been so horny all evening. You have no idea what it's like, seeing you looking at me like you have, I can feel the lust oozing out of you."

My fingers reached the belt of his trousers - I didn't stop, undoing the belt, pulling the zip down, reaching in and finding.... the most gorgeous, hard, massive erect cock. I held it gently in my red-nailed hands, then realised it did not need to be handled so gently. I gripped it firmly and kissed Patrick hard on the lips again, feeling his wonderful shaft respond as I did so.

I heard his cry and looked up, his face was one of ecstasy.

"Donna, that is fantastic, you do so much for me."

"Patrick, I just hope I can help you, give you more success than before"

"Donna, any success would be welcome, I had begun to think it would never come my way."

I realised what he had said.

"You mean - you never actually did, I mean, you are a virgin. Hell, Patrick, that's an awful responsibility to put onto -- a woman like me"

He looked down into my eyes, smiling still.

"Don't worry, Donna, I've felt good before but never like this. I want you to be my woman."

"Only for you," I breathed in his ear.

My lace-encased tits brushed against his chest, my leg rubbed his.

"Touch me," I asked, "Please. I'm your woman."

I took his hand and placed it on my breast.

"Oh God."

I leaned in and kissed him. He resisted just a little but I pushed him down onto the bed, then I rolled onto him and groped his body with my hands. I couldn't resist, as he knew I couldn't. He tentatively slid his free hand inside my bra.

"Yes," I moaned.

He rolled on top of me. I kissed his lips, explored his mouth, felt his tongue tenderly caress mine. I ran my hands down his back as he kissed my neck.

"I need it. I want it. Christ, Patrick, I need to get fucked. I want you to be the one to do it," I moaned.

I pulled him hard against me, kissed him long and hard. Nervously, I reached down again with my right hand, and gently gripped the shaft of his cock. I saw my scarlet-and-gold tipped fingers on it. I moved my hand back and forth. The skin felt like satin, and is was so soft but over a rock-hard core. He must really like me.

I was fascinated. I moved my head forward and felt the dryness of his cock-head on my lips. I pursed my lips and kissed the bulging blood-engorged head. I liked the way the dryness felt on my lips, as I kissed my first cock. I could not help but to look up at him. I saw his blue eyes looking down at me. I wondered what I must look like to him.

Did he see me as a pretty girl, kissing his cock for him? I hoped so. His eyes fascinated me. He smiled with them, then he spoke quietly.

"Open your pretty mouth, Donna, and put my cock inside your mouth."

It was the right thing for me to do. I opened my mouth and felt his cock as it moved ever so slowly over my sensitive lips, as he entered me. I could hardly believe what I was doing, but I could not stop myself. I wanted to please my boy friend, like any other girl wants to please a man she likes.

I received him till I could feel his cock head pressing against my cheeks. I wanted him to be very happy. I had never sucked a cock before, so I really did not know what I was doing, but I licked at it, and I sucked hard on it, as he withdrew it from my mouth, till only the head of it was still inside of my mouth.

Then he moved forward again, once again filling my mouth with him. He seemed so big. As his cock moved back into my mouth, I licked the underside of it for him. I knew that he was using my mouth, like a man used a vagina, but I liked the way he felt as he moved inside of me. Over and over again, I took him in my mouth, and sucked hard as he withdrew again from me.

Then I greedily swallowed him again. I wanted to please him. I wanted to be a loving girl for him. I wanted him to like me, and to like what I was doing. I wanted for him to want me to do this again and again for him.

"Ohhh... Donna... You are so good at cock sucking. Yes... Suck me darling. Make me cum for you. I want to cum in you, my darling. Yes... "

As I heard his words, I felt him start to get bigger in my mouth. I slid off him and off the bed.

"Come here," he beckoned.

He slowly moved towards me, then he quickly bent and grabbed my breasts.

"Umm," I moaned and my hand grabbed his cock and stroked it again.

He moved from tit to tit, his face was flushed with lust. I stroked him more until he was rock hard again, then held his hot cock firmly in my hand. I put my free hand under his chin and lifted his face to mine. We kissed hungrily, our bodies grinding together.

"Now. Please. Please, Patrick."

After a long pause, he put his big hands on the cheeks of my arse. My breath caught and my legs tensed involuntarily.

"Yes, take me," I urged.

My arse clenched.

"Relax," he said, "this will be sensational, I can feel it."

"Thank you Patrick," I snuffled. "I want it so much, I NEED you to fuck me."

I relaxed a little and one finger slid into my hole, followed by a second and a third.

"Wait," I said.

I wiggled my arse, pushed it higher in the air, and spread my legs wider.

"OK," I murmured and his fingers slid in and out again.

"Oh. Yes," I said softly.

I stared blankly straight ahead


I turned and lay on the bed, opening my legs and lifting my arse high. As I felt his hard prick, I gasped. Steadily he increased the pressure against my anus. I spread my legs even farther and pushed my arse-hole toward him. He slid his gorgeous cock in and buried a few inches.

"Uh!" I grunted.

He moved back and forth, slowly, a fraction of an inch at a time, travelling deeper and deeper into me each time. I wanted it so much, but it hurt. I whimpered, grunted and moaned. I bucked my arse, trying to help him along, but we were not quite in synch. It was hot and lusty but also clumsy, awkward and painful, we were both new to this. I hurried my motions, trying to get more, trying to make it end.

Then his balls banged against me and he was all the way home. He stopped, amazed and frightened by what he'd done. I froze too; then twisted so I could see with my own amazed eyes that he was all the way in.

"Wow," I said.

Then I smiled, laughed and shouted

"WOW! You're in, I never thought you would fit! You're all the way inside me, that is just sensational."

Patrick was startled, then grinned and laughed too. As he recovered he leaned over me and caressed my boobs. Then he bent all the way over my and kissed my lips very tenderly. His hands gripped my tits.

"Umm. Nice. Very nice, in fact that is fucking sensational"

I encouraged him, still giggling lightly. He began again, smoothly sliding his cock almost all the way out of my arse, then smoothly forward, a little faster. The movements so relaxed me that it didn't hurt anymore. It felt wonderful—so hard and hot inside me. His hands caressed my boobs; he slammed his cock into me harder and faster. I'd never felt anything like that before. I watched his body strain, working hard, sweating over the gorgeous tart beneath him. He urged his cock on—faster and harder.

"You're so tight!" he gasped at me. "I don't think I can hold it!"

He kissed my nipple and bit it lightly with his teeth.

"Don't wait," I said. "Don't fucking hold it. Fuck me hard, Patrick, please. Make me a woman, I do so want it."

I felt his climax building deep within him. My mind was gone, blown away by animal instinct and lust. My lips curled back and my eyes rolled up in their sockets. Blinding, swirling, pleasure radiated from my arse. My primal instincts forced me on toward an explosion. I shook and vibrated, digging my long nails into his back, revelling in the total pleasure of the experience. I slammed myself back towards him in perfect unison with his strokes. Then my mind exploded and energy shot through every fibre of my body.

"AAAHHHH," I screamed as his cock spewed into my 'cunt', as my lover shot his thick seed deep into me.

"UUHHH! Christ, you are gorgeous, you are sensational, you are....!" Patrick blurted out as he spasmed more and more cum into me.

He was slamming his cock deep and hard, sliding ever more smoothly as his cum lubricated me and made the experience even more pleasurable. My mind slowly regained control of my body as small after-shock orgasms rippled through me. For long minutes I basked in the afterglow of our lust, soaking in the erotic sensations. He held me, caressing me and kissing me lightly.

I took his hand from my breasts, brought it to my lips and kissed it. His cock softened slowly and slipped reluctantly from my wet arse. I felt empty and disappointed when it was gone from me. I turned to him, we hugged and kissed softly. It was all tenderness now after our brutal lovemaking. Our hands slid lightly over each other. We enjoyed the curves, the muscles, the skin and the sweat of our bodies.

We cuddled together, him behind me, his arm possessively draped over my breasts and his deflated cock nestled in my arse crack. We slept the sound sleep of the satisfied.

Patrick was already up when I woke in the morning. It was a glorious day, sunlight streaming in through the gap in the curtains. He was just dressing.

"Well my lover, how was it for you?" he asked.

I smiled.

"Patrick my lover, that was the best fuck I have ever had in my life. Honest."

He beamed widely and came over to hold me and kiss me. I could see his pants bulging again.

"Er - Patrick. Have we got time?" I joked, looking at the sign of his obvious pleasure.

"I very much regret, my darling, that I am going to have to love you and leave you as they say. I have to be back in London later this morning. I am so sorry, I REALLY am."

We said goodbye, very passionately, Patrick really was very erect and my attentions did nothing to help. Finally though he dashed down to breakfast while I slipped along the corridor, carrying my dress and shoes, and into room 4. I threw the clothes on the bed and opened the blue bag.

But it was not what I expected. It was not a T-shirt and jeans and trainers and so on. It did contain my make-up, and the solvent for the breast adhesive and cleaning lotions. But the only clothes were a black leather mini-skirt, a blouse and my lower (4"!) stilettos. Jacqui knew - she didn't expect 'Don' to come home that morning, just 'Donna'.

I stripped off the small robe I had been wearing and grabbed the top and the mini. Within five minutes I was scampering down the stairs, probably giggling at the thought of Patrick's face - and Eric's. I dashed into the dining room as Patrick was just getting his juice from the small hatch. Eric wasn't there but Cheryl was. She didn't look at all surprised, she just smiled in my direction. Patrick caught her gaze and turned, just as I slid my hand into his.

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