tagAnalBlame It on the Cat

Blame It on the Cat


Though in truth, if I had an en suite bathroom, the awkward encounter would have been avoided just as easily.

Except I did not have an en suite. So I had to go down the hall to shower, even though my son often had friends sleeping over. I had grown used to counting strange shoes in my back porch. Except this weekend, the party was elsewhere - a bonfire somewhere out in the boonies - so I knew there were no shoes in the porch.

Or you could say it was my fault, for forgetting my housecoat in the bedroom. The evening had been chilly, so I had slipped into flannel jammies for sleep. They lay pooled on the tile beside the shower. The thought of slipping the pants back on to return to my room just never entered my mind.

But even if it had, it was too late - that was why I say to blame it on the cat. Entering the bathroom I had closed the door, wanting to step out of the shower into a nice warm cloud of air, but the cat long ago had mastered the art of bumping the ill fitting barrier open, all the better to satisfy her curiosity about what I was up to.

So I stepped out of the shower, dripping wet, reaching for a towel, my naked flesh exposed to the hallway. Just then, my coworker Glynis appeared. There were no shoes in the porch, because her shoes were inside. Somehow, the absence of young adults tricked my brain into forgetting that I had offered my spare room to this mature raven haired accountant while the exterminator fumigated her termites.

"Ohmigawd..." she exclaimed, eyes locked on my groin. My hands fell, covering my junk.

"I'm sorry - you must think I'm a pervert," I stammered, too startled to dash into my bedroom, even though in my mind, that is what I pictured happening.

"No, not at all," Glynis spread her lips into a grin, her eyes twinkling."I've just never seen a soft cock that big before. It surprised me. I don't think my ex-husband was that big erect."

By this time, it was not quite correct to describe my cock as still being soft. The attention from this experience and sexy woman was all it took for the blood to have started flowing from my brain down to fill my shaft. It had been a while since I had been touched by any hand other than my own.

"Did you invite me to stay here just so that you could fuck me with that big fat cock?" Glynis teased. "No, I bet you spend all your time perving over your son's hot young friends."

"None of them are as hot as a curvy beauty like you."

No sense pretending I did not notice the fine young things wandering the property, but I thought I was saving the situation pretty well.

A pink blush was spreading across Glynis' chest, making me notice for the first time that her top was a low cut scoop neck stretchy number that exposed much of her ample cleavage. She wore a loose knit sweater open over the top, so I could not tell whether her nipples were stiff - and then I realized that I was curious to know. That thought was all it took to prompt my cock to full turgidity.

"You like women with curves?" she asked in a teasing tone. As she spoke, she turned, and tilted at the waist, her rump was presented to my eyes. "If you like curves, I bet you'll love this."

As she uttered the last word, Glynis popped the button at her waist and nudged the pants down, exposing her ample but firm ass to my view. She was wearing a pair of boy cut shorts so pale and sheer that they seemed to be flesh. I realized that my hand was caressing my naked exposed hardness.

"I'm guessing from the size of that wood that you do like this," Glynis chuckled, glancing back over a shoulder, waggling her butt and tugging her sweater up. With her back to me, I could not see much, but it was apparent that she had freed her tits from her bra and was kneading them.

I could not answer, frozen in the hallway, staring at that bouncing butt. With another chuckle, Glynis dropped her sweater. I deflated a tad, thinking that her teasing had ended and she no doubt would rush to hide in her room. The thought was fleeting though, as my friend arched her back and nudged those pretty lace underthings off of her posterior, shimmying as she did so, prolonging the act like a pole dancer teasing for extra tips.

The only tip I had for her of course was the head of my swollen cock, and I was still too mesmerized to say so - and given that comparing women to strippers is unwise, it probably was for the better.

Glynis continued to glance back over her shoulder, watching my hand automatically manipulating my member as I stood there open mouthed in shock that my seemingly conservative coworker was so bawdy, and that I was so turned on.

I pumped the shaft a couple of times, just as I typically did while masturbating alone. Then I rubbed the corona at the base of the helmet with my thumb and forefinger forming a fleshy ring. I noticed Glynis lick her lips as I did so. Her panties had dropped almost to her knees, but she scooted them back up so that one hip was temporarily covered and the other exposed, then reversed the situation. I proceeded to flick a spare fingertip over the slit in the very tip of my cock, making it gape open like a little mouth, encouraging the first drops of pre cum to emerge as lubricant.

"You're such a naughty little boy," Glynis laughed. "well, not so little..."

My cock was swollen to its full eight inches and easily filled my fist. Nothing like a porn star, but from all I had heard, not too shabby. I grinned in appreciation of her compliment, and wiggled my weapon in her direction. This provoked her laughter, this time right from her belly. Then she spun on one foot and swiftly lifted her top, popping her boobs out of her bra just for a quick flash before dropping the sweater and presenting her ass again.

"I know which view really excites you - again, such a charming combination of little boy excitement and manly good taste."

She clenched her buttocks and made her globes shiver, that generous ass shaking as I continued to stare and stroke. I felt my balls tightening to my groin, and understood that this rare treat was pushing me dangerously close to climax. I contemplated how embarrassing that would be if I lost control, and expected that the mess of great gobs of goo flying in the hall would shock Glynis back to reality, send her scampering to her room for sure.

"Oh, don't waste that load," she spoke as if reading my mind. Glynis walked toward me, stepping right out of her panties and pants, leaving them behind pooled on the floor. I stood frozen, cock in hand but barely breathing. When she stood near enough, maybe a foot and a half away, she gently brushed my hand off of my cock. We both stood there for a moment, breathing heavily, staring at my erection.

"Yes, definitely a shame to waste such a fine tribute to my womanly attributes," Glynis finally giggled.

She reached her hand out and nudged my cock, making it bobble up and down before she wrapped her hand around the shaft and gently stroked me a couple of times. Bubbles of pre cum smeared her palm as she massaged the spongy head. Then she stepped closer, her hip brushing my cock as she caressed it. My hands automatically reached around and cupped that ass, kneading her abundant flesh.

"I love an ass man," she sighed, bending closer so that our lips met for the first time. As her tongue invaded my mouth one of my fingers slid around and explored her anal opening. I was much more gentle and tentative than she was at first, but she dropped my cock and reached back to guide my hand around so that the finger pierced her anal ring. If she had been less excited, it might have been difficult, but clearly the teasing had relaxed her muscles in readiness for what she craved.

Glynis grabbed my hair with her other hand, and dragged my mouth back to hers, kissing me savagely. My cock was now rubbing against her labia, which felt swollen, slick with her wetness. I wondered what she tasted like, but knew that I might never find out - I assumed we would fuck, probably right there against the wall, or maybe on the floor, but whether she would want a rerun, or even better, let me clean up the cream pie, I doubted, still assuming that she was simply overtaken by the moment, and that once passions cooled, we would return to our prior friendship, perhaps ruining it with awkwardness.

I continued to finger her anus, first with one digit, and then adding a second, and a third, until I was really finger fucking that forbidden passage. I could feel her moans being stifled by our kiss as her fingers tore at my hair and her cunt rubbed up against me. I started to fear that I might splodge all over her, wasting the load she had claimed for her own use.

She again seemed to read my mind. "I need your cock in my ass."

My knees were already weak, so she nudged me to the carpet easily.

"I've never done that before... won't it hurt?"

"Don't worry, baby, I'll be gentle your first time," she laughed, "what you're supposed to say is that my fine ass is made for fucking."

"So it is," I agreed, the conversation distracting me as Glynis nudged my hard pulsating cock past her sphincter, sitting on me, her excitement all the lubrication she needed. The audible "pop" as I slid inside her bowel startled me but I quickly recovered enough to run my hands from her hips to her tits, flicking her rock hard nipples with my thumbs.

"You are a beautiful woman," I sighed as she whimpered at my touch. The gyrations of her ass twisting around my cock were driving me crazy.

I barely got used to that sensation when Glynis sped up, bucking up and down rather than twisting, fucking my joystick like her ass was a cunt. My hips responded, pushing up from the floor to meet her down thrusts.

"For the first time, you're a pretty fine ass fucker," she laughed, "but you're so excited, I know this time won't last long- we'll need to rest a while and round two will be even better."

That promise of more to come was all I really needed to hear. The rest of that first ass fucking session sped by in a bit of a blur for me. Ceding control to Glynis and just letting her use me was tremendously liberating. I just enjoyed the sensations of her soft moist anal glove around my meat as she plunged down over and over . The jolts of electricity flowing through me seemed to originate from deep within her lush body. Soon though I felt my explosion building. Glynis must has sensed too, because she changed directions, starting to rock back and forth sliding along me rather than fucking as vigourously.

This allowed Glynis to catch up with me, and her climax built from somewhere in her belly. I felt the warmth spreading outward, and then she shook and screamed, filling my hallway with guttural cries of joy.

"Yeah, that's it, fuck my ass, fuck me deep and hard. Come inside me," she screamed, and I did. My back arched and I pushed up inside her ass one final time as my balls spasmed, my shaft convulsed and my seed flooded her bowels. As Glynis collapsed on top of me, spent, but nibbling my ear and neck lovingly, I lay there wondering how it would taste to eat the precious fluid leaking out of that ass. I did not have to wait long to find out.

But first, I glanced over and saw that darn cat sitting on the edge of the bathtub, watching, grinning at all the commotion she had caused.

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