tagNonHumanBlasphemia Ch. 05

Blasphemia Ch. 05


Lily lounged on the circular bed in the dorm room, wearing a bathrobe. She'd just gotten out of the shower after one of Filia's thralls had fucked her silly, and she smelled like lilac shampoo. "So you're doing it tomorrow night?" she asked.

Nico drew away from the soaking wet cunny he was pleasuring, licking the young woman's juices from his lips. His hands slapped her ass roughly, leaving red marks that contrasted with her peach skin and the gleaming orange rune right on her left buttock. "Yeah," he panted, struggling to speak through the intense pleasure coursing through him from the other human riding his cock. "At the beach party. Everything's... ready to go."

Lily grinned like a feral cat, rolling over so her robe fell open a little, exposing a flash of her small, perky tits. She rested her head on one hand as she watched him. "Good, gives me time to rest up. Who knew that dean McGarvey was such a good lay?"

"Surprised he of all people is who you wanted," Nico said, diving back into the pussy above him. She squealed and ground her hips against his mouth, her juices flowing across his tongue and down his throat like sweet nectar. He felt the power contained within, the essence of life that kindled the fire in his belly. The girl riding him sped herself up, the sound of their hips meeting filling the room.

"Filia told me he had a nice dick on him," Lily said, licking her lips. Something flickered in her eyes.

Nico saw it. He touched both girls and willed them to stop. They obeyed, sliding off to his other side so he could turn towards Lily. "What is it?"

Her eyes flicked to his cock. Neither he nor Filia had fucked Lily yet. They hadn't even branded her. Why would they? She was a willing participant in their debauched conquest of Saint Bethany's. She got to reap the rewards, with a plethora of willing cocks that would do anything, fuck anyone, that their Master or Mistress commanded them too. But Lily had expressed no desire to sleep with either of the Infernals - at least in her body. Every so often Nico would catch a glimpse, a look of longing, of yearning in the human woman's eyes when she looked at him or Filia. It would be easy, so easy, to reach out and squeeze, to make her one of his thralls.

But he'd grown rather fond of her just the way she was. If she wanted a piece of them, all she had to do was ask.

"Just wanted to know if you'd... considered my request," Lily said.

"Ah." Nico grinned and wiggled his fingers. "I think Filia is seeing to the last of that right now personally." He reached over and slapped the ass of one of the human girls. "I know I did my end. These two are the last of Chastity's clique. She's got nobody left now."

Lily made a contented noise of pleasure. "Oh, fuck yes. Music to my ears."

Nico grinned and watched her body move. "Glad I could please."

There was that look again, there and gone in her eyes. "Well, don't just let that go to waste," she said, gesturing to his erection. She rolled over to the edge of the bed and stood up, stretching so that her bathrobe pulled taut against her ass. "I'm gonna go take a nap."

"Be ready," Nico said, rolling over to watch her leave. "It's gonna be a long night."

"Wouldn't miss it for anything." Lily blew him a kiss, then turned to leave. Nico wondered if it was just him, or was there more of a swagger in her hips as she left the room?

His erection hadn't gone down in the slightest, and when he rolled back over the two women were looking at him expectantly. "You ready to get back to it, Master?" one asked. Nico dimly remembered that her name was Gina.

"Aye," Nico murmured, touching her thigh and imbuing her with his will. He touched the calf of the other - Vanessa - and willed them to come together. Gina tackled Vanessa, pinning her to the bed, grinding her hips into the other girl's. Their legs and arms tangled together, and they both moaned as they kissed and rubbed against one another. Nico slipped his cock between them, feeling both of their pussies kiss his shaft, Gina's on top and Vanessa's below. He reached down and rubbed along their sides, feeling their soft skin under his rough fingers. Gina's rear was red and raw from his spanks, the rune burning bright. He caressed it as he slipped inside her, her velvet pussy squeezing him tight and making him see stars. "Fires, that's good..."

"You like my pussy, Master?" Gina purred, undulating her hips in a perfect way to slide all the way down Nico's shaft while simultaneously pressing her pelvis to Vanessa's clit below her. "I just turned eighteen a few months ago - you're the first to really use it. My boyfriend tried, God bless him, but he's just nothing compared to you." She clenched her muscles around him, slowing the pace of his thrusts. "I love your fucking dick..."

Nico growled, hooking his hands around her hips and pulling her down onto his cock. His tongue lolled and he dropped his glamour, feeling like a snake shedding it's skin as he pounded away. His heavy balls slapped the human girls' young, nubile flesh gently as he plowed Gina. White heat coursed through his body, gathering in his shoulders. He ignored it - he was too focused on claiming Gina, making her his.

"M-Master!" she wailed. "Cum in me! Cum in me! Master!"

Nico roared and slammed his hips into Gina's, and felt himself erupt inside her. Jet after jet of hot, thick demon cum poured into Gina's willing pussy, dripping out around his cock and her labia down onto Vanessa's quivering thighs. Nico breathed in deep through his nose, his nostrils flaring like a steer's.

Then the sensation in his shoulders burst outward, and he felt his skin shift and bones crack. Nico flopped onto his belly, his wet cock trapped between him and the sheets below. Pain flared along his spine, and he clamped his hands over his mouth to keep from screaming. He bucked and writhed, feeling the pain push up and out. "Master!" Vanessa and Gina yelled.

Nico hung on grimly, gritting his teeth as the pain flared, spiked, then began to dull, like a forged knife being quenched in water. It faded gradually, leaving him only with a dull ache in his back, along with a curious weight. He groaned and picked himself up, sitting up on his knees... and them promptly falling head over heels to the floor.

Gina and Vanessa's heads poked over the side of the bed. "Are you alright, Master?" Gina asked.

"I think so.." Nico groaned. He felt something hard underneath his back. What had he fallen on? He reached back and grabbed it, then realized he could feel his fingers. Slowly, he turned his head.

Wings had sprouted from his back, nebulous and bat-like akin to Filia's. Nico swore and jumped up, spinning around in place. "By the Fires and Fallen!"

"Master, you've grown wings!" Vanessa said, sounding completely in awe.

"But how?" Nico wondered aloud, staring at his hands. They were shaking with excitement. In order for a demon to earn his wings, he had to participate in actions that brought harm to the Divine. Since Satan had forbidden all hostilities with the forces of Paradise until the Apocalypse, no lower-rank demon such as himself ever had a chance of gaining his wings and becoming more powerful as they ascended into the higher levels of the demon order. He never would've guessed that what he and Filia were getting up to at Saint Bethany's could bring about the same effect.

He grinned and clenched his fists, feeling the strength flowing through them. In addition to wings, he'd gained more muscle in a matter of moments, his figure becoming cut like the finest of bodybuilder's. His cock swung free between his legs, still slick with his cum and Gina's passion. He couldn't wait to show Filia. But for now...

"Vanessa, Gina," he purred, delighting in the delicious thrum his voice now had. "Clean my cock with your mouths, would you?"

"Of course, Master!" they chorused.

The next night, as the sun set on Saint Bethany's, the Infernals went to work.

Nico, Filia, Lily, and the enthralled demon hunter Judith strode barefoot along the sand of the beach near the Saint Bethany's campus. The sun was setting, and the beach was deserted save for a few tourists that were packing up and getting ready to take off. It was a rather nice beach, all things considered - soft white sand, little to no trash, mangroves growing healthy and thick here and there, growing denser as you went to the north.

Through a thick copse of the dense trees was a secluded section of the beach. Filia had scoped it out earlier in the week, and had sensed a faint thrum of sexual energy in the area. Evidently it was a popular spot for clandestine meetings. There were certainly plenty of places to hide oneself. It was a wide stretch of beach, big enough for a couple hundred people to pack themselves into, and that was what they needed. A good number of students were already there, and the Infernals saw their brands glimmering like coals in the fading light.

The bonfire had already been built, a big, tall thing with a base of moss, pine needles and mangrove twigs, with the outer layer made of thicker pine branches. Nico caught a whiff of kerosene off the kindling. A little extra, just to be certain the light would take when the fire was lit.

"This. Is. Adorable." Filia gestured to the plastic tables that had been set up, stacked with soda and vegetable platters from the local supermarket. "No alcohol? No spiked punch? It's like they've never heard of a college beach party."

"It's always this lame," Lily said, folding her arms and watching the proceedings. She blinked and looked at Judith. "Is, ah... is she okay?"

The demon hunter was white as a ghost, her body covered in sweat and her eyes twitching. She looked like she was about to pass out at any moment. "Oh, bollocks," Filia said. She reached over and grabbed Judith's shoulder, and a faint hissing noise could be heard. Judith relaxed, her eyes glazing over as her whole body shuddered and spasmed. "There, there, dear."

"What's going on?" Nico asked.

"I keep having to rebrand her," Filia said, pinching Judith's cheek. "Either her half-demon nature makes her resistant to the mark, or she just has the force of will to fight it off. Perhaps both."

"Interesting," Nico said. "There's no way you can amplify the power?"

"That runs the risk of turning her into a zombie, and neither of us want that." Filia ran her hand down Judith's body, giving her right breast a little squeeze. "She should be pliant and suggestable... right, Judith?"

"Yes Mistress," Judith said.

"That's a good girl!" FIlia bounced on her heels a few times, then skipped forward towards the throng of students. "Come on! It's almost time!"

"She is a little too eager," Lily snickered.

"That's just her," Nico said. He surveyed the throng, sending out a pulse of command along the invisible ley lines that connected him to his thralls. They all turned their heads toward him as one, eyes shining with their devotion as they awaited their marching orders. Just a little longer, he told them. And then you'll be free to do as you please with everyone else.

Yes, Master, a chorus of voices replied.

The sun sank below the horizon soon after, and a gangly blonde haired male student with the top button of his shirt scandalously undone lit the fire with a few matches. Nico stared at the base of the pyre as the matches caught the kerosene soaked kindling. Slowly, the flames spread, licking up through the gaps in the teepee structure of the wood as it burned bright. In minutes, it was fully alight, the flames reaching ten feet into the air, the heat making skin glisten with sweat. A good fire, even for a mortal.

What followed was the most boring party Nico ever could have imagined. The students - including his thralls playing along - talked among themselves for a solid hour, and despite Nico's studious examination of everyone around him, he couldn't find one sign of them being anything other than squeaky clean. No sneaked kisses, no surreptitious gropes, not even a pair walking off into the trees for a bit of out of sight making out. The students stood apart from one another, leaving space between them, not even bothering to make a connection in the most basic skin to skin way. It was maddening. He could feel how much many of them wanted to, a tangy smell that undercut the scent of the smoke from the fire, blending together into a savory cocktail that made his nostrils flare and his skin crawl. His glamour felt like he had been wrapped in plastic wrap. The urge to break free and just rut his nearest thrall was almost overpowering. From across the fire, Filia caught his eye, and he knew that the feeling was mutual. The succubus looked like she was almost in pain.

But they forced themselves to wait as the evening dragged on. Their moment would come later, if Lily had been telling the truth. The crafty human hadn't lied to them yet, though.

Finally, around nine-thirty, the male student who had lit the fire clapped his hand a few times to get everyone's attention. "Alright everyone, listen up!" he said. The low murmur of conversation went quiet. "It's getting late, and we've already gone a half-hour past when we were supposed to wrap things up."

No party should ever end at nine fucking thirty! Filia's voice was absolutely livid in Nico's head. I mean, seriously!

Lily tapped Nico's shoulder. "This is it. You guys know what you're doing?"

"I hope so," Nico murmured. "Otherwise this is going to be very embarrassing."

"So before we go!" the male student said. "Let's all circle up around the fire."

Lily stepped back, grinning like a predator. "Go get 'em."

Across the fire from him, Filia rose and joined hands with the male student, as well as one of her thralls. The circle formed in a few moments, and Nico wound up between two female students who weren't branded. Their hands were warm in his. One of them looked up at him and smiled. "It's a beautiful night, isn't it?" she whispered to him.

Nico found himself smile. "It's about to get even moreso," he replied.

The gangly male student began to sing Amazing Grace. Nico had to admit he had a nice voice, and studied him a little closer. His lanky build, coiffed hair, posture - oh Fires, the boy was in the closet. He absolutely radiated repression. Maybe, if the runes worked as they did, maybe Nico could give him what he so desperately craved. He thanked the Nine Rings that the song the boy chose wasn't in Latin - the power of the words might have counteracted what they were about to do. He heard Filia among the voices, sounding like she was barely containing her glee.

I once was lost, but now am found...

Nico reached into the well of power that had grown every day since they'd started, a vortex of dark Infernal might. He focused on a rune in his mind's eye. It was the same as the runes they had been branding the students with, but with some extra accoutrements added to it courtesy of the demon hunter's lexicon. Marks of connection, marks of binding, and an extra slash down the middle for added control. Across his mental connection, his thralls focused on the same rune. In a moment of brief satisfaction, Nico noted that those under his and Filia's sway were arranged in a perfect pentagram. Totally unintentional, but fitting. His grin grew wide.

Was blind, but now...

"I see," Nico murmured.

Power arced out from his hands like power lines, racing across the linked hands of the student body of Saint Bethany's. Many of them jerked, hands snapping down to their sides, shaking them as if they'd been jabbed with a cattle prod. A gust of wind whipped through the beach, skewing the column of flame from the bonfire. Nico, FIlia, and their thralls were the only ones who remained standing, watching as the young Catholics shook out their hands or massaged the various parts of their bodies where the runes had manifested themselves. The students blinked and shook their heads, their bodies and souls knowing that something was wrong, something insidious was flowing through their veins, yet they could do nothing to stop it. One by one, Nico watched them change sides, his breathing deepening a little every time he saw the moment their eyes flash as the lusts and desires they had chained for so long break free. Their liberated minds revelled in the newfound freedom, and Nico drank it in.

FIlia was already gone. She was half out of her clothes, her bare breasts mashed into the shoulder of a large male student next to her. "Oh, Nico," she cooed. "This one's a virgin." Her pupils were so dilated her whole eyes appeared black as she tugged at the sleeve of the guy's shirt. "I'm taking you first."

"Did it work?" Lily asked from next to Nico.

"Oh yeah," Nico breathed, his nostrils flaring. "It worked." No longer were any of the branded beholding to him or FIlia, but to both of them at the same time. The brand had been passed around the circled students like a virus, bringing a hundred of them under the Infernals control in a matter of moments. Plus, the new and improved runes would spread to anyone not branded with a simple touch by the branded, not just Nico or FIlia. Within a day, the entire campus would be theirs.

Until then, though...

Nico reached out and touched all of his new thralls with his mind, feeling their excitement at their newfound freedom. "Well," he said, both aloud and in their minds. "What are you waiting for?"

The clearing exploded into a frenzy of activity as the students fell upon one another like rabbits in heat. Clothes were flung away and torn off, reduced to scraps of fabric by the horny collegiates. All at once, the air was filled with the smell of sweat and sex as men and women who had never had a chance to indulge themselves began to sate their fill. What was sad was how goddamn attractive many of them were. The women had young, perky tits with full hips and beautiful rears, while the guys were muscled and fierce, many of them hung. How in the world they'd kept themselves in check was a mystery to Nico, but it didn't matter any longer.

Filia looked like she was in heaven as she alternating sucking on two hung guys, deep-throating one while stroking the other with her hand and switching every few seconds. Another guy knelt behind her, his fingers curled up roughly under her skirt as he fingered her. She mewled in abject delight, nuding her hips down against the invading fingers, not even stopping to breathe. She didn't have to.

"I should set up a video camera, tape this and sell it as Caligula Part Two," Lily said, her eyes drinking in the scene in front of her. "Holy fuck."

Nico looked over at her. She was biting her lip and breathing heavily. "Get in there," he implored her. "Pick whoever you want."

Lily bounced on her heels for a moment, then rushed forward, tearing off her blouse and bra with frantic movements as she waded into the burgeoning orgy. Her skirt went the way of her top a moment later, and Nico groaned as her whole backside was revealed to him, her slender shoulders flowing down to a slim, perky rear end. Lily tackled one of the male students, and Nico willed him to satiate her every whim, then sent the same directive to the woman he had been ravaging. Lily wound up sandwiched between the both of them, each of them nibbling on the side of her neck, and her moan was music to his ears.

Nico snapped his fingers and burned his clothes away with hellfire. His cock sprang free, long and thick. Across the fire from him, FIlia was fully naked, her breasts bouncing as she rode the guy who had been fingerbanging her moments before, still dutifully sucking and stroking every cock near her. Lily had another woman riding her face as the male student fucked her dutifully. The air crackled with sexual energy, and Nico drank it in, feeling his power grow and grow. His glamour felt restraining, and after a moment he realized he didn't need it, not anymore. Cracks appeared in his skin, and then his human skin peeled away like a healing sunburn, exposing his true crimson visage beneath. His wings snapped free, his nostrils flared, and he willed the three nearest women to his side to attend to him. They broke away from their partners and crawled towards him, eyes shining with devotion. "Master... Master..." they cooed.

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