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Blast from the Past


It had been a long day at work. Eleven hours long, to be exact. Delaney had only been scheduled to work eight hours, but her manager had conned her into overtime. Because of the snowstorm that was battering the city, some of the people who were scheduled to come in couldn't make it. With nothing better to do, Delaney had stayed, but now she wished she hadn't. She was starving, hadn't had time to go to the grocery store, and her feet were killing her.

Out of desperation, she got a bowl of cereal and a cup of hot chocolate and sat down at the computer to see how many emails she hadn't gotten while she was at work. She wasn't expecting to find any, but there was one in her most private account.

From: Elias J.

To: Delaney C.

Subject: LTNC

Hey, Delaney-kid, how have you been? Bet you never thought you'd see me in your box again. LOL. Hope you're doing okay. I'd like to talk to you, so when you get this, turn on your IM, okay? Luv ya, kiddo. EJ.

Delaney reread the message a few times, trying to make herself believe it. Elias? After all this time? She wasn't sure she even wanted to talk to him, but she turned on her instant messenger, and a message popped up immediately.

EJ: Hey, kid, how's it hanging?

DELA-C: Elias? It's really you?

EJ: Who else would it be?

DELA-C: I don't know. It's just kind of unbelievable that I don't hear from you for three years, and now all of a sudden, here you are.

EJ: Yeah, I was an asshole.

DELA-C: That's an understatement.

EJ: A lot of stuff happened, Delaney. I didn't think you'd understand.

DELA-C: Yeah, well, thanks for the confidence. So you just emailed me why, to tell me you'd been an asshole?

EJ: To explain.

DELA-C: Then start explaining, because I've had a shit day and my patience is wearing thin.

EJ: Sorry to hear about your day.

DELA-C: Save it. You bailed on me. You lost the privilege of sympathizing with me.

EJ: I didn't bail on you. I had to leave.

DELA-C: Without even letting me know? Without even having the guts to tell me? Dammit, Elias, you better tell me what the hell happened, because I'm about to block you.

EJ: Don't, kiddo, please. I had this all planned out, but now I don't know what to say.

DELA-C: The truth would be a hell of a start.

EJ: You remember me telling you about my new job, right?

DELA-C: Yeah. You said it would mean more hours and a lot more money. You said you were going to save up for us.

EJ: I was. I have.

DELA-C: Well, that sucks for you, because there isn't an us anymore.

EJ: I know, I know! Do you want me to explain or not?

DELA-C: Sure. Go ahead.

EJ: Thank you.

EJ: That job was for a private investigation agency. I finally got to put my detective skills to work, LOL. But I didn't realize it was going to be dangerous.

DELA-C: Dangerous?

EJ: I thought they'd just have me follow people around, take pics, like you see on TV. All the "my hubby's cheating" crap. Problem was, one of the women who hired us was the one who was really cheating.

EJ: She tried to hit on me. I turned her down.

DELA-C: So what, you had to take off to keep her from calling you?

EJ: No, I had to take off to keep her hubby from killing me.

DELA-C: You're full of shit!

EJ: No, I'm not. Seriously, Delaney. He caught me with my pants down. She was sucking my cock, had her hand in her pussy... He got the wrong idea.

DELA-C: So not only did you bail on me, you cheated on me? How the fuck can there be a wrong idea if your dick was in her mouth?

EJ: Yeah, that's what he said. Except she'd drugged me.

DELA-C: Okay, that's it. This conversation is a waste of time. You're so full of shit your eyes have probably turned brown.

EJ: I'm telling the truth. I know how ridiculous it sounds. It's something out of a movie. But it really happened.

EJ: Her husband has some pretty shady connections. He called a few of them out on me.

EJ: I had to disappear for a while. And then I had to testify against them because of some stuff I uncovered while I was investigating him for his wife.

DELA-C: Right. That does some like something out of a movie.

EJ: I know. Believe me. There were times I wished it was a movie so I could shut it off and come back to you.

EJ: I've never stopped thinking about you.

EJ: Your hair, your eyes... your tits, your pussy...

DELA-C: Stop it.

EJ: The first time we made love... Delaney, you were amazing that night. I've never been with a woman as hot as you.

DELA-C: I said stop it!

EJ: Your body is beautiful. And when I slid my cock into your pussy, it was like I was joining with my soulmate. I've never felt anything like it, kiddo.

DELA-C: Why are you doing this to me? Why are you making me feel this way?

EJ: What way?

DELA-C: You know what way.

EJ: Tell me. Horny?

DELA-C: I'm not going to answer that.

EJ: I feel horny. I keep thinking about fucking your sweet pussy, sucking your tits, feeling your arms around me while I'm inside you...

DELA-C: You can't talk to me like that!

EJ: You haven't blocked me yet. You can't hate it that much.

DELA-C: It's like a train wreck. I can't turn away.

EJ: LOL. I love you, Delaney. I've always loved you. I had to stay away until I was sure it was safe, but I'm back now.

DELA-C: And you're assuming things can be the same as always between us?

EJ: No, but I'm hoping we can try again. I know you didn't forget about me. If you had, you wouldn't have turned on your IM when you got my email.

DELA-C: I still don't believe a word you said.

EJ: You don't have to, but I promise you, I told the truth.

DELA-C: We'll see.

EJ: We will? Does that mean you'll see me again?

DELA-C: Depends. Are you going to beg for my forgiveness?

EJ: On my hands and knees, baby.

DELA-C: And while you're down there...

EJ: LMAO. I'm in the neighborhood, baby. Can I see you tonight?

DELA-C: Meet me at the corner deli in half an hour.

EJ: I can't beg for your forgiveness there.

DELA-C: Not unless you want an audience.

DELA-C: Seriously, I'll meet you to talk. But that's it. You hurt me, Elias. I don't know if I want to even see you again.

EJ: Corner deli, half an hour. I'll be there.

DELA-C: See you then.

She left the computer. She didn't want to listen to any more of his drivel, true or not. And she didn't want him to know how her body had responded to what he'd said about them. Could she forgive him? Only time would tell. But if her body had anything to say about it, she would. They'd always been good together. After three years, her feelings for him were still there.

She went to her room to get ready, and missed the last messages.

EJ: Delaney-kid, you can never be too careful. You shouldn't make plans to meet someone unless you're sure who you're talking to.

EJ: Are you there?

EJ: Guess you're not. Hope you aren't too surprised at the deli.

EJ: You should know things aren't always what they seem.

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