Blazing Glory Ch. 01


The inside of the Frisky Mare was a complete surprise. It was actually quite a nice place after all. The inside was even better looking than the outside with nicely painted walls and well lit so you could see where you were going easily. On one side of the large room was a bar with stools occupied by many patrons and a stairwell leading up to the second floor. In the middle of the room were many tables and even some booths along the walls. His eyes turned towards the other end of the room and the sight made his dick jump and throb in his pants.

There was a raised stage at the end of the room. The wall behind it was covered by an expanse of purple cloth acting as curtains. The stage itself was wide enough to walk on without worry of falling off. A portion of the stage itself jutted out towards the center of the main room and had what looked to be a shiny metal poll extending from it up into the ceiling. The sight that really grabbed his attention though was the half naked brunette shaking her jiggling breasts to the hoots and hollers of the guys at the tables.

In a shocked daze, Blaze moved over to an unoccupied table and sat down. He'd heard only a few of the fishermen and tradesmen of Kyros talk about places like this. It was surprising to find himself suddenly in such a place he'd always fantasized about. He couldn't help but grin and lean back in his chair to enjoy watching the brunette dancing on stage. She was much better looking than the women on the street for sure. He admired her body as he watched her sway to the beat of the band. Her breasts swayed about to the approval of the crowd that got even louder when she turned about to shake her ass towards them.

"She's not bad is she?"

Blaze jumped slightly when he heard the words spoken right behind him and a hand rest upon his shoulder. There was a chuckle as the owner of that hand pulled out a chair next to Blaze and sat down, "I apologize about that, kiddo. I didn't mean to make you jump out of your pants," the man said with an apologetic smile.

Blaze nodded that it was all right as he took in a relaxing breath while studying this friendly newcomer. He was a man of middle-age and a big in the middle. It seemed most of his hair had vacated his head and moved south to give the man a full rich beard. Even though the old man had crows feet on the edges of his eyes, a bright youthful light was still evident in those eyes. The man was now watching the dancer before noticing that Blaze was looking at him.

"Forgive me. It seems I've forgotten my manners and have not yet introduced myself. I am the owner of the Frisky Mare. For the sake of protecting my household as well as the ladies here, I won't give you my true name and hope you understand. You may call me 'Big Papa' as most of the locals and the ladies have come to call me. Sometimes, I wonder why they call me that," he said with a big roaring laugh.

Blaze managed a smile before nodding in understanding that making so much money, thieves could be after the man's family for ransom. It was also kind of him to keep the security of the women in mind from stalkers and rapists. Then the thought flashed into his mind about his own journey. Heroes can make dangerous enemies. Such foes could harm his home and mother. Blaze had almost been ready to give the man his real name, but decided to play it safe.

"My name's Blaze. It's a pleasure to meet you and you really have a great place here!" Blaze looked back to the dancer and did his best not to drool as she shook her ass towards him before bending over. She then reached an arm around to spread the lips of her pussy. She then winked at the open mouthed Blaze before disappearing behind the curtain.

Big Papa laughed again and smiled broadly at him. "Thank you! I put a lot of elbow grease into this place and I'm glad to see you enjoying it. You're new to Aidan aren't you, Blaze?" After Blaze nodded silently, the tavern owner sighed, "Well, it's good to see new folk true enough, but I have to warn you. There have been a lot of deaths around Aidan these days. All of them have been men and range from your age on up to mine. There is no similarity between any of them other than one thing. When they are found, not only are they dead but also naked as the day they were born. The weirdest thing of all is that there is no sign of physical injury. I'm telling you this because you look like a good kid. I would hate to see anything happen to you."

Blaze could hardly hold back his excitement at this news. This was the break he was looking for! A monster could be doing this or maybe it was something deeper. Something bigger! He decided then he would stick around Aidan and investigate this. Firstly though, there was the matter of why he was originally here. "Would you happen to have any rooms available?"

Big Papa sat back in his chair and looked to be running a few thoughts through his mind before nodding, "Sure do, Blaze! I have just a couple left. I'll make sure to keep one available for you. Since you're a first timer to the Frisky Mare, I'll make sure it's one of the best here!" The bearded man laughed and clapped Blaze on the shoulder before rising out of his chair to his feet. Big Papa then stopped and looked across the room. Blaze looked to where he was staring and saw he was looking at the band finishing their break and getting ready for the next song. But something was different. A man was urgently cleaning the stage to make sure it was spotless and another was snuffing out numerous candles in the room to dim the light a bit. Most of the patrons had quieted down. The air was full of hushed anticipation. What the heck was going on? He looked up to Big Papa with a confused look.

Big Papa looked down to him with a knowing smile. "Looks like you've arrived at the perfect time. You're going to meet the lady who's been the biggest reason I've been able to make the Frisky Mare this clean and successful. Just don't go falling in love with her like the rest of these poor saps here have." With another bark of laughter, Big Papa strode away as the band began to play.


The stage was set and all was quiet. Every single eye was focused on the stage intently on the stage when the drum musician began to hit his drum with an alternating pattern of palm and fist. The slow beat with a deep base filled the silent room to where all present could hear and feel the rhythm. Then the curtain swayed aside as the figure stepped out into the light. The very sight literally took Blaze's breath away.


That was the only word Blaze could think of that could come close to describing the woman that stood before him now. She was quite tall in comparison to the other women of Aidan, only an inch short of his own height. She was tanned so perfectly that the women of his seaside village could only dream of such as they lay on the beach trying. Her skin was the softest brown like that of toasted almonds and looked truly natural on her. Long soft hair the color of light vanilla cream spilled down her back to caress her butt. The rest of her long hair split at her shoulders with the hair on her front side cascading down to her full breasts as dual long swaths of silken hair. Soft bangs reached down her forehead and at some points past her eyes helping to frame a beautiful face that every goddess existing must be jealous of. Her eyebrows and soft lips were of the same color to complete the dazzling contrast to her darker skin.


What nearly stopped his heart as well as his breath were those eyes. Bright, intense emerald green eyes stared out at them. He couldn't control the shiver running down his spine when those eyes reached him as she looked around the room. Those eyes could make a man's dick explode in his pants in an instant while melting his heart at the same time. Her body was not to be ignored either. She wore a sleeveless leather vest that stopped a little bit below her breasts, leaving her smooth brown belly for all to see. The crisscross of ties down the center of the vest strained to hold in her D-cup breasts as it displayed the beginning curves and cleavage beautifully. Black leather pants encased her firm shapely ass and long legs that seems to go on forever until they reached her black high-heeled boots.

Then another beat of a lighter drum took up to match the deep base. At that moment, her hips began to sway in the beginning of the dance he would never forget for the rest of his life. Her hips swayed suggestively to and fro with the beat as she lowered her head. Her arms lifted up over her head to draw those full breasts taunt against the straining vest before her arms began to sway in a dance of their own. Then those twirling arms slowly descended as her hips rolled about sensually to the beat. Her eyes closed as her descending hands ran through her silken hair and lifted her mane of bright hair. There was no hooting and hollering as every being in the room was entranced by the dancer losing herself to the beat of the band.

Her hands began to descend slowly, fingertips gently grazing her slender neck down to her shoulders before reaching her full breasts. Hands cupping full breasts through the vest, her hips continued their enticing motions. Then an intake of breath from anticipation filled the rooms as dancer's fingers undid a few laces to her vest. The garment loosened to reveal more flesh of those high rising mounds until her hands dropped away, leaving the vest still covering her. She spun around with arms extended before coming to a stop facing away from everyone. Her hips continued to roll about but with everyone now having full view of her leather-encased ass.

Fingertips now caressed her sides before gliding down to her hips. Her ass stopped swaying about whilst fingertips delved into the waistline of her pants. Another intake of breath filled the entire room as the dancer slowly pushed down her pants to slowly reveal that perfect ass. Before anyone knew it, her leather pants were off in a flash revealing satin smooth legs as well as her ass with not a bit else. All eyes rested upon the soft smooth mound between her legs now revealed to them that every hard cock now ached for. The dancer rose quickly and twirled about with the beat, her hair fanning out about her beautifully as she discarded the pants to the stage floor.

She came to a stop once again and faced her captive audience, left leg extended in front of her and right hand firmly on her hip in a pose of confidence before the mind-blowing sway began again. The dancer's hands reached up to her vest and slowly began to undo the laces of her vest teasingly. The corner of those pearly lips quirked into a small smirk as she undid the final lace but kept the vest covering her breasts as she turned around to face away. Both her hands finally reached up to rest on the back of her head, resulting in the vest dropping quickly to the floor to join the pants.

She stood there before them now fully nude, with the exception of her boots, ass swaying about erotically and arms raised. The sides of those full brown breasts could be seen by all from behind her as she danced. She danced towards the back of the stage with short well-timed steps before finally turning around and dancing quickly up into full view of all. Her tits were big, round, and firm. The vest was probably held up by the breasts rather than vice versa! The high rising mounds were capped by pale nipples centered perfectly. Every woman's dream of perfect breasts was before them all. Her hands cupped her tits before sliding up to her nipples, fingers gliding over them teasing before rolling and tugging them. Her nipples quickly hardened as she played with them before everyone.

The drum beat from the band began to pick up in pace with everyone else's increasing heartbeat and throbbing cocks. The dancer turned about and rolled her hips in a very suggestively forward and backward in increasing speed along with the beat. Her hands slid down to squeeze her gorgeous ass as she looked back over her shoulder to them with another small smirk. Her left hand left her ass to grasp the stage pole beside her. Leaning away, she spun around the pole before facing it and grasping with her other hand. She tossed her head back with eyes closed as her hips sensually humped towards the pole like her lover. What a man wouldn't give to be that pole right then!

When her smooth pussy finally touched the cold metal of the pole, she spun around to press her back against it. Sliding slowly downward, the dancer dropped into a low crouch with her legs spread wide apart for all to see. Raising her hips forward and up, her right hand slid down her belly to give a teasing rub of her cunt as if she were going to masturbate right there in front of her audience.


A few guys chuckled and whispered about a young warrior that had just caused the racket. Also the fact was that the volcano had exploded and the kid had the mother of all nosebleeds! The dancer kept on without notice as she rose to her feet with her hand seductively dancing up her perfect body. That hand finally reached up to run through her hair again as the band's song drew to an end. With a teasing wink, the dancer turned around to pick up her clothing and walk towards the back of the stage, ass swaying the whole way. The whole room erupted into applause and whistles.


Blaze groaned and rose to his knees while pulling out his handkerchief. He pressed the dark cloth to his bloody nose as he stumbled to his feet and leaned back against the wall. Who was that dancer?! Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined such a woman. He glanced about to see Big Papa with a big shit-eating grin directed towards him before given him a thumbs up. Blaze nodded with a woozy grin of his own and gave a thumbs up return.

He moved forward to lift the toppled chair back in place with an embarrassed feeling now. The sound of soft footfalls reached his ears and made him look up towards the source. What he saw made him freeze instantly. It was her! She was dressed the same as when she first appeared and was making her way through the tables in a path that would bring her right by him. Staring in astonishment, Blaze watched her long beautiful hair sway gently with her movements as she walked towards him.

A shiver ran up his spine as she stopped right next to him. Those intense emerald eyes glanced to him for a moment. Blaze blinked and suddenly realized he was holding the bloody cloth to his nose still. Oh no! Not in front of this goddess, damn it! Her eyes gazed into his as if searching his very soul before turning down slightly to regard the bloody hanky. Those soft vanilla lips curved up as she gave him a small smile and wink before she continued on right past him. The young warrior stood there swaying as if the Frisky Mare's bouncer had socked it to him. What a woman! In a daze, he watched her walk all the way over to the stairs before stepping out of sight as she climbed them.

Taking the chair, he had to sit and put his head down into his trembling hands until his breath returned to him. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath but those green eyes stared into his still even while closed. Feeling a hand suddenly on his shoulder, he looked up to see Big Papa's grinning face as he pressed a key into Blaze's hand.

"You look pretty tired, kiddo. It's been an eventful night for you to be sure. Room three on the second floor is the one I booked you under. Go get some rest. Just remember my warning, alright?"

Standing with a nod, Blaze took to older man's hand and shook it. "I sure will and thank you for your hospitality. Good night."

Big Papa laughed with a nod and bid Blaze a good night. Blaze made his way over towards those very stairs she climbed and made his way up as well. The air about him was filled with the hint of her heavenly scent. Before he even realized it, he had opened the door to his room, closed the door and locked it behind him. The room was fairly big with a large bed, chests with drawers present. There was nice big bathtub and wash area in the corner. Setting his things down beside the bed, he quickly removed all clothing except his breeches before jumping into the bed.

Damn this bed felt great! Closing his eyes, he quickly fell into a deep sleep filled with passionate dreams of the exotic dancer. Nothing would wake him from those fantasies in his dreams, not even the scream of a man in the same building later in the dark of night.....


Most of the next morning was occupied with asking questions about the mysterious rash of deaths from many people of Aidan who knew some of the victims. Blaze soon found out that the best sources of information were the guards on patrol. They knew every detail of the circumstances surrounding all of the deaths through their own investigations. There were still no leads or even a clue as to who or what was killing of these males. The only common factor was finding them naked and grinning like madmen.

"Hear me out, buddy. You shouldn't go sticking your nose about in this business unless you want to end up like those other corpses," Captain Barret of the guard said. The man with grey beard and many years of public servitude glared down the street towards the south city gate. "The last thing we need is another pointless death to add to an already long list."

Blaze shook his head as he kicked at the dirt, "I appreciated your concern, sir. I will be cautious but I want to find out the cause of the deaths and bring peace of mind to the souls lost"

Captain Barret turned that glare upon him now with a disapproving look. Even though it seemed impossible, the man's frown deepened further. "We see guys like you all the time. Supposed heroes in search of adventure and danger around every corner. Most end up dead before they realize it!"

Blaze returned the glare. "While that may be true, this is my dream as it was those people. Even though they died, at least they were living their dreams! Would you deny someone like me that opportunity?"

The captain sighed and took a moment thinking Blaze's words over before he shook his head, "All right, young man. The first death was located over by the stream under the grove of tamaracks. They grow just a mile southwest of the city. Just you remember that I warned you. I won't be having your death weighing on my conscience. If you find anything of importance, though, you make straight for me or one of my guards. Got it?"

Blaze couldn't help but grin as shook the man's hand gratefully. "Thank you and I will make sure to do that. Good day to you, Captain!"

He didn't wait moment longer before walking towards the gate on the south side of Aidan. Moving at a quick pace, he turned off the path once he exited the south gate towards the southwest. It took him quite some time to find the place in the heavily wooded area. He finally heard the gurgling of flowing water in a stream. Following that sound, he came upon the stream that had a number of large tamarack trees near the bank. It was quite the site with beams of sunlight shining through the forest canopy to light areas of lush greenery. Obviously a nice place for romance, he noted.

Blaze crouched down near the base of one tree to carefully study the grass and dirt. It looked like he was right as he saw plenty of evidence of different people resting here and even some broad areas of bent grass where some had even had picnics out here. Over the next hour he searched in frustration for any clue or hint of the recent murder. He searched in the shallow stream for any discarded murder weapon or other physical evidence. The opposite bank was scoured by his eyes for any suspicious footprints, broken tree limbs of a rushed getaway, or disturbance on the ground for signs of struggle. In the end, he could find nothing!

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