Blazing Glory Ch. 01


She took a breath and dipped herself beneath the water for a few moments before rising again. Her thoughts turned to this young warrior now as she propped her feet up on the rim of the tub. Relaxing her back against the other side of the tub, she brushed wet locks of her bright hair away from her eyes. This Blaze didn't seem like too bad a fellow. Most men she had met were always chauvinist pigs only interested in a quick fuck for their own gratification. That was why she had no problem killing such scum. But there was something different about Blaze she couldn't quite figure out.

He had surprised her in his own little ways numerous times. First of all, the fact he acted to save a succubus was in itself unheard of. He could just as easily sat back and whacked off to the show. Then with him laying on her tit like he did, he pulled away quickly and apologized rather than start groping. And lastly, he understood the father-daughter like relationship that she and the tavern owner had formed and gave his word to not threaten it. A respectful man? An honorable man? Never could she think one could have ever existed or ever would. But perhaps...

There was a small knock at the door at the door that brought her out of the sea of thoughts. Looks like the waitress had told Blaze she was ready to see him as she had requested.

"Come in, Blaze!"

The door opened and the young man stepped inside before closing the door silently behind him. He was a cute man to be sure. She then noticed his face was suddenly turning a bit red as he looked at her in shock. But why? Blinking her eyes, she looked back to herself to see if something was wrong. With her feet up on the rim, her long tanned legs were clearly visible. Her wet hair draped about her face still framing her beautiful features. Her full breasts rose like islands above the water, firm and glistening softly in the candlelight with wetness.


Looking back to Blaze, she saw him sitting back against the door quite passed out with another big nosebleed. Her lips quirked into a smirk. Guess she did present a rather intense sexual scene to the poor man. She couldn't help but chuckle darkly. She'd made up her mind now. This was going to be fun.....


Blaze slowly opened his eyes and looked about. He remembered the glorious sight he beheld of Kendra before suddenly passing out from the loss of blood from his brain. Upon sight of her, all blood either went out his nose or straight to the biggest hardon he'd ever had in his life. A man could only lose so much blood, but damn what a woman! He looked about his surroundings and found himself lying on a large bed.

"Glad to see you've finally come to, Blaze."

He looked up to see her over by the window. Kendra looked at him with that smirk of hers as she sat upon the windowsill. She wore a simple, creamy nightgown of very thin material. It was low cut to show ample cleavage and short enough on the bottom to ride up her shapely hips. Her hair swayed gently from the gentle breeze coming through the open window. The full moonlight created a breath-taking effect of light and shadows upon her already gorgeous physique.

Blaze saw those bright green eyes something that both scared him and made his cock tent his trousers. Hunger. Soft lips still smirking, she rose from the windowsill. Kendra slowly walked towards the bed he lay upon with her hips swaying sexily more than ever. Oh shit, he was fucked! In both ways of the word! She had reached to foot of the bed and slowly crawled on it towards him. He saw her wings appear and unfold from her back, tearing through the nightgown, as well as her head. She was in full succubus form now. Fear for his life flashed through his mind. He pushed himself back away from her as she reached his legs. She must have seen the look of fear in his eyes as she revealed perfect white teeth in a sex-hungry smile to him.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you. I fed not too long ago. Time to get your reward for saving me, my strong hero!"

Though still uncertain, her words made him feel better. Like it mattered if she was lying. Either get the greatest fuck of your life or get whipped into tiny pieces. Blaze chose the former. Kendra had now crawled over him and gazed down hungrily at him. She lowered her head quickly and pressed her lips against his hungrily. Fireworks exploded in his head! Bells thundered as this man had died and gone to heaven! His arms wrapped about her winged body and pulled her firmly against him as he returned the kiss. She groaned hungrily in approval. Their mouths opened simultaneously so their tongues met in a passionate dance. He literally melted in her mouth as her tongue caressed his. Melt in her mouth, he thought. He couldn't wait for her hands!

Kendra broke the kiss to his frustration as she straddled his hips with her legs. She gazed down at him with green eyes beneath those vanilla locks and sexy smile. He couldn't resist any longer! Blaze sat up quickly as his right hand pushed up her night gown. Her tits popped out and bounced in their freedom before being captured by his mouth. His lips kissed and nipped her tit all over, eliciting lusty groans of approval above him. His mouth encompassed her rapidly hardening nipple and he sucked like a man starved for nourishment. His left hand was not to be left out as it fondled and squeezed her other brown mountain of softness.

Kendra was pleased by his eager acceptance to commence their fucking. She gasped then as she felt his teeth clamp down on that nipple as he suckled. Another sensual groan escaped her as he teasingly tugged with his teeth while sucking on the sensitive bud. His hand on her other very sensitive tit was driving her to new heights with pleasure. Most men just mauled her tits, but Blaze was worshiping them instead.

"Oh yes, suck on my tits! Oh fuck yes!" she growled as her back wings spread and she raised her arms over her head. He switched to her other breasts and gave the big jug equal treatment. Kendra just continued in a low moan as she let the pleasure wash through her.

Blaze nipped at her nipple teasingly to draw a small gasp from the succubus before he suddenly felt himself pushed flat onto his back. He looked up to her, wondering what she was doing. He saw her hands moving with frantic lustful need as she grabbed the bottom of his shirt and forcefully pulled it over his head. Tossing it aside, her delicate hands worked expertly to undo his belt and trousers before they were tugged off to join his shirt wherever it was.

She smirked wickedly down to him as she looked down at his naked form. Not bad, Kendra thought. He wasn't all big muscle like some dumb behemoths but lean and well-honed for speed and endurance. Her eyes locked hungrily on the fully erect cock standing straight up. She hummed in satisfaction. His cock looked to be right between seven and eight inches with a nice girth about it. He was above average of normal guys but not gigantic to the point of pain. Most idiots thought women enjoyed huge cocks, but those brainless dolts didn't realize that those sizes could hurt like hell instead giving pleasure. Blaze looked to be just the right long length for her.

Humming in self-satisfaction, the succubus grabbed her nightgown she wore and ripped it away from her perfect body easily. Tossing the shredded rags away, Kendra kneeled between his spread legs and gazed yearningly at the hunk of man meat before her. Best take care of him now so he can last longer for later.

Blaze watched her the whole time before his world suddenly turned white again. And he thought her lips on his felt wonderful? He had had no fucking clue! He groaned as his head felt back into the pillow as she teasingly kissed the head of his cock a few times. She dipped her head to run her soft tongue up the shaft in slow, repeated strokes. He heard her chuckled softly before she spat upon the head of his cock and rubbed the wetness up and down his shaft with her hand. Precum slowly began to ooze out the slit of that big cock. She dipped her tongue to slide across the top of that sensitive head and taste his sweetness. His hands gripped the sheets as the assault of her tongue on his cock as she now twirled it about the sensitive spongy head was driving him crazy.

"Yes, damn! Please suck it baby! Fucking hell, suck my cock," he cried out.

She could only smirk as she then took the cock into her mouth. He moaned his approval as she sucked the sensitive spot as her tongue teased and probed his slit. She then dipped her head forward and took more of that hard cock into her mouth. The suction she was giving was beyond incredible and forced loud groans from him. She bobbed her head up and down up him in sweet long sucking strokes as her eyes gazed up to him lustily. The intense pleasure he was now receiving and those green eyes he was starting to like more and more was just too much.

"I'm gonna cum! Damn it Kendra here I fucking cuummm!!" he cried out as his erection jerked inside her mouth.

She groaned and kept that cock in her mouth as sweet creamy cum erupted into her mouth and the back of her throat. She swallowed his seed hungrily as if it were the sweet nectar of the gods. Her eyes then opened wide as he kept giving her spurts of his thick cum. She gulped rapidly down his cum to keep up before he finally ended. Swallowing a good mouthful of his cum, she gazed at him wondering what other secrets he held other than cumming more than normal men do.

Pulling her mouth off his cock with a loud, wet pop that filled the room. She was glad to see his cock was still raging hard and ready for more action. Oh how she loved youthful men and their stamina!

Blaze laid there in the soft bed in a daze. Nothing in the world had ever felt so good as cumming into her mouth did. He laid there and listened to her swallow the rest of his cum noisily before she moved up him again. Gazing down at him with a confident smirk, she winked to him.

"I see you loved that little bit of fun. Do I meet my hero's stamp of approval?" she said coyly.

He looked up at her before he laughed, "More than you can ever imagine!"

She crooned her appreciation of his satisfaction. "Well the best is yet to come, my dear Blaze. The main course is about to be served! Are you 'up' for it?"

His eyes lit up as his arms suddenly seized her sides. She gave a spirited laugh as he rolled her onto her back. The succubus's wings spread out beneath to extend out past the edges of the bed as he positioned himself on top of her. They both held their breath as he placed the head of his hard and ready member at the entrance to her wet pussy. He pressed forward and soon both groaned in pleasure as the head popped into her tight cunt.

Kendra moaned loudly as she felt that hard cock slide deeper into her cunt. "Ooooooh yes! .... That's it! Slide that big rod deeper!"

Blaze wasn't about to disagree, but she was so tight that his cock was slowly but surely delving deeper into her hot cunt. Sweat beaded on his forehead as her cunt muscles worked him as he pushed forward into her tightness. He felt a slight resistance before pushing forward and past it until his hips were firmly pressed against hers.

Kendra's eyes opened wide as his long cock pushed past her crevix and into her womb. "Fuck!... Yes!... Fuck me, now! Please dear pits of the Abyss FUCK ME NOW!!!" she cried as her legs wrapped about him.

Blaze winced as he felt her nails dig into the flesh of his back, but he grinned nonetheless has he heard the succubus crying for more. And more he gave her! Sliding back to where the head almost came out of her wet pussy, he slammed that rod right back into her. He repeated this slow but hard thrusting repeatedly. Kendra gasped with every hard pounding thrust. She groaned loudly when she felt him start to pick up the tempo of his thrusts.

He had only just started to fuck her tight pussy faster when she gasped and crooned long and sensually. "Oooooh fuuuck!!!" Her whole body tensed and locked him into her as she had a mind-blowing orgasm. Then it was his turn to gasp as Kendra's cunt spasmed all about his pounding cock until he could barely move. She was going to make him cum at this rate! Gritting his teeth, he closed his eyes and tried to ride out her orgasm as best he could. When he felt her start to relax, he heard a lusty growl of satisfaction escape her lips. Opening his eyes, he saw Kendra laying there with her eyes closed and the biggest post-cum grin on her face. Her tongue ran sexily across her lips as she savored the feeling before her eyes darted open and looked right up at him.

"MORE!!!!" she cried and literally threw him off her. Blaze was flat on his back before he knew it. Looking up, his eyes popped open wide as he saw the succubus crouched on her feet with the most voracious look on her face as she stared at him. He then realized he'd just given the starving lion its first bite of meat and it already wanted more.

"You're mine! You're going to fuck me brainless with that glorious cock NOW!!!" The lioness roared in ravenous madness as she pounced her prey! Kendra landed squarely on him with her hands pinning his arms to the bed. She squatted over his hard cock staring readily right up towards her waiting cunt. The succubus lowered herself and slowly he entered her. She moaned softly and her eyes closed as she sank all the way down that steel hard cock.

Blaze gazed in wonder at this perfect sexual demon sat straddling his cock in all her naked glory. He couldn't help but grunt in pleasure as the woman began to slowly rock her hips back and forth. His hands grasped her hips as she flapped her wings gently with her grind fucking with his hardness jerking inside her. Sweat was now covering her body with the sexual exertion, her tanned body glistening with the wetness. Kendra changed her movement to grind her hips into his with fast circular motions. She humped his cock for the next several minutes, eyes closed and panting deeply with passion.

Kendra couldn't believe he was driving her this crazy with lust. Pleasure filled every single part of her and only continued to grow further as she experienced multiple small orgasms as she rode that big cock stuffing her tight pussy. She squeezed her sensitive big tits with her hands as waves of pleasure continued to wash through her.

"Yeeesss! Oh fucking hell yesss!" she groaned fervently before she raised her wings and beat them up and down. Matching the rhythm, the succubus began to ride that cock up and down now with her hips. She no longer held back and screamed out her carnal pleasure as it drove in and out of her. She fucked herself upon him as hard and fast as she could. Her wings only helped to strengthen the hard riding as she lost herself in the mindless pleasure.

The pleasure of her tight cunt squeezing him hungrily with every stroke was driving Blaze closer to the point of no return. The sight of her long hair swaying wildly about in her passion and those full breasts bobbing provocatively up and down with each bounce was beyond incredible. His hands reached up to fondle those huge, bouncing jugs. He felt himself responding and thrusting his cock as hard as he could up into her. She felt him matching her downward strokes with his upraising hips. Stars exploded before her eyes as she went through the roof.

"Yes yes yes yes!!!! Fuck me you son of a bitch! FUCK MY DAMN BRAINS OUT! OH FUCK! YES! YES! YEEESSS!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

The loud wets slaps of their lustful motions filled the room along with her passionate screams. They were both in full sprint bodies meeting each other with wet resounding smacks as they fucked each other mutually as hard and fast as they could. Finally they both hit the breaking point (thankfully before the bed did). Kendra began thrashing about on his cock and simply filled the air with a wordless scream as her cunt flooded his hard pole with her hot juices.

"OH FUCK!" Blaze cried out as her pussy milked his cock for all she was worth. There was no resisting this time and he was lost to the rip tide of her animalistic passion.

"HERE I CUM KENDRA!" he roared as his cock dutifully erupted deeply inside her hot snatch. He held his hips up as he filled her sweet pussy full of cum.

Kendra's closed eyes bolted wide open as she suddenly exploded into another mind-numbing orgasm. She leered sexily down at him as they both climaxed together.

"That's it, Blaze! Fuck my cunt! Fill my pussy full of your cum you sweet fucking bastard!" she groaned as she shook in ecstacy.

Finally, both their orgasms subsided to leave them both sweaty and exhausted. Kendra simply collapsed forward against his laying body, panting heavily. That was the best fuck she'd ever had. Then the thought occurred to her that they were going to go their separate ways tomorrow. No! There was no way she was letting this man leave her. He was hers now and hers alone. No man had ever driven her to such ecstasy in sex. The sex alone was wonderful enough to feed her without any need for life energy for weeks! He was her toy now whether he knew it or not. She wasn't going to let him go.

Blaze meanwhile opened his eyes in surprise. He was still alive! She really had kept her word. He wondered if it had really been a dream that he had just fucked the most perfect woman on the continent senseless. He looked down to the sweaty succubus and she looked up to him with a fucked-me-good smirk. That answered that!

"I suppose you already know Blaze is probably not my real name." After all, she had given him her real name and it was only fair she new his, even if she ended up killing him. He waited until she nodded to speak again. "Richard Thorburn is my name and I use to my alias to protect my family and home."

She smiled slightly and nodded in understanding before he fell into in exhausted sleep. She rolled off of him and lay next to him for a while, gazing at his face. She would go wherever this adventurer would go. That thought drew a grin from her. This was going to be fun.........


Red eyes stared out of the pitch black darkness, watching the orb that showed the young man and succubus fall asleep together. And interesting event that had never happened before. A strange man and a succubus that was slightly different than the others of her race as well. This could be a fun distraction from the plans that were being laid out.

"My goddess Koas, I am here as you summoned."

Those red eyes turned to regard the woman in the light by the door kneeling before her. Lexiss Makora, her personal avatar and assistant looked up to her goddess for whatever she wanted to do. Koas studied her assistant with appreciative eyes.

"Lexiss, it is time for you to go to your task that I had planned for you. Make sure you do whatever they want to convince them to join me. And I mean anything. Am I clear, shadow mistress?" Those red eyes glared commandingly towards her.

"Yes, as you command my goddess," the woman said before darkness engulfed her form. The shadows quickly retreated and Lexiss was no longer there. Those red eyes turned back to the orb. Toying with these two would be fun. All the while her plans had begun that would lead the world into what she craved the most. Glorious chaos!

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