Blazing Glory Ch. 06


Nadine and Tyra blinked before looking at each other. Blaze passing up two hot babes in a spring? Both shrugged, knowing he was missing out on a good thing. But the ever observant guardian returned her gaze to him. "What's eating you?" She smiled when she saw him jump at her question and knowing how he was feeling. She winked and lowered herself a bit further into the steamy water, "I take my charges seriously, Blaze. I've come to recognize how you are feeling emotionally and physically through your own actions, words, and expressions. I wouldn't be too great a guardian if I didn't, now would I?"

He nodded his head in admittance that she had a point and was spot on with his feelings. Sitting down upon a raised outcropping of rocks overlooking the spring, he looked down to the two women.

"It's just the fact of dragons being the cause of this. All my life I have heard them in tales as the evil beasts who burn villages, destroy kingdoms, and kidnap helpless virginal maidens and princesses. All this wrongdoing until the hero comes along and vanquishes the winged lizard and rids the world of an abomination," he said with hand raised in mock flare of the theatrical tales, but then shook his head.

Nadine frowned cutely as she looked up to him, brushing wet strands of hair from her golden eyes, "And you didn't?"

"While everyone grew up in fear of such monsters, I grew up in awe of them. The stories described in great detail their ferocity, wisdom, and unfathomable power. I dreamed of meeting such creatures that were not supposed to exist anymore. Soon I formulated my own opinion and ideals on how they were through listening to the tales with the idea in mind that the humans were probably being ignorant through fear of the unknown," he said with a disgusted look. "Much like the villagers were with you, Nadine. Such belief made me believe in you then and believe in these dragons now rather than the people of Lachlan. By the heavens, did you see how that one just assumed Tyra was a dragon and attacked her?"

Shaking his head in further distaste, he watched his two friends swim up close to him in the steamy waters. Nadine was grinning in fond memory of his heroic actions in her defense while Tyra gazed appreciatively at him for his insight to not take in everything as it seems.

Nadine giggled up to him as she leaned forward up against the lip of the spring with her arms resting on the dark rock, "Well you are right in some ways Blaze." She purred in response to him when she saw his look of confusion. "We lycans have dealt with dragons from time to time."

Taking in his sudden eager posture of leaning forward as a sign to continue on, Nadine smiled once more. "Dragons are physically everything I am sure you have heard in the stories. Lizards with wings essentially, but something more to them that one cannot place. They are so mysterious even when you see one face to face. Everyone is instantly seized with fear in their presence and holds you still as stone. It is because of not only their obvious lethalness in body, but a sense of such power within that terrifies the mind."

"But do they act evil like so many stories tell?" Blaze pressed.

Nadine shook her head, "I cannot fully answer that. Some have acted purely evil in the past to be sure, but others have acted so noble that you can't help but admire and love them. But most tend to keep to themselves and hide their intentions within. So you never know with a dragon and this adds more to their mystery. Put that together with the fact that most races, even us lycans, hardly ever see them or even interact in Kozue."

"Thus leading to suspicion, fear, and wild tales nothing more than made up lies," Blaze finished with a sigh.

Both women nodded as he they looked at him from the spring. He thought it over silently for a few moments before looking to them. "Well I refuse to take part in such. I'm going to find one of these dragons and find out the truth."

Blaze noticed Nadine's eyes slowly begin to widen in astonishment. "Blaze..."

"Nadine, I know what you're about to say. It's dangerous and suicidal, but I still think we can do it."

Tyra's eyes were wide as they both stared at him in astonishment. "What?" he asked.

But both of them stared at him as if at a loss for words until both finally summoned enough breath to shout at the same time. "Blaze!"

"WhaAAAAAH!!!" His question turned to scream before fading into the massive rush of wind sending both women sprawling back into the water. Nadine surfaced spluttering about with her long hair all about her. A naked Tyra had already leapt out of the water and her spiked mace in hand. Of Blaze, he was nowhere to be seen. Both Tyra and Nadine stared at the spot he had occupied moments before.

"Did you see what I did?" Nadine asked, scrambling out of the water.

Tyra's looked around the surroundings searchingly. "I looked up just in time to see a shadow rise behind Blaze before the wind hit," she muttered angrily.

Nadine shook herself, spraying the water off of her fur as she meowed worriedly, "It looks like Blaze doesn't have to find the dragons to learn the truth. The dragons found him!"

"Yes and now we are the ones having to find him. Come on let's go!" Tyra growled as she grabbed her clothing and ran in the direction the wind rushed towards as it blew them over. Unsurprisingly, both naked females found themselves hurrying further up into the mountains in the chill nighttime air. Tyra kept a sharp eye on the sky as Nadine listened with her cat ears for any sound.

It had been almost an hour of looking when they came upon it. A split in the path. Off to the left the path rose steadily up into the mountains that still towered above them impressively. To the right, the path dipped down into a dark narrow canyon that looked to continue a good length on through the mountains. Both of them came to a stop so as to catch their breath as they gazed frustratingly at the fork in the road.

"Great! How are we going to find him now?," Nadine sniffed as she rose and stomped her foot angrily on the ground.

Tyra silently gazed between the two choices with her calm expression before sighing. "The dragon's lair could be either in the higher reaches of the mountain or down in that long canyon. It looks like we have no choice but to split up."

The catwoman blinked before looking at both routes hesitantly. Both looked dark and foreboding in the night. Clearly they were not wise places to go alone either way. But concern for her friend and to get him back quickly overshadowed any fear. The lycan nodded to her gargoyle companion.

"I'll take the low pass and you can take the high one. Please be careful, Tyra," she whispered fearfully.

The guardian nodded slightly, firm in her resolution to get Blaze back. Both friends shared one more silent look before walking to their paths. Soon, the rock wall separated both from sight as they each moved on in search of the young warrior.


Lexiss stepped silently into the dark tunnel. Where there was light in the universe, everything cast a shadow. Even here in the subterranean underworld beneath the surface, there were areas where shadows were cast by lights and phosphorous algae. Nothing was out of her reach, the shadow mistress thought with a pleased feeling. That feeling soon faded as she remembered her goal for coming here. This was by far the most dangerous task Koas had given her in recruitment for her plans.

But for the first time Lexiss felt dread. These were by far among the most dangerous creatures Koas had shown interest in. Lexiss wondered if it was wise to trust them and have them as part of the army. Koas had made it clear that they were essential though. The shadow mistress shivered though. There was no guarantee that they would accept and join. They could even kill her, as dangerous as they were.

The grey-skinned beauty moved down the beaten path lit by torches of violet flames and the occasional soft green glowing algae. The only sound she could hear were her own footsteps and it unnerved her. She should have felt comfortable in such darkness, but she couldn't help but look in every cranny for one of them waiting to attack her.

It had been another few minutes of traveling when she heard it. But in truth her ears hadn't heard a thing. In her own mind she had heard the delicate hiss and she knew then she had been found rather than the other way around. Turning about quickly, she found herself looking at one of them. The sight repulsed her and made her take quite a few steps back away.

It stood like any normal person and was clothed in flowing robes with a high stiff collar. All about its robe were images of death and despair. A human skull dangled on the chain hanging around the neck of the six foot monster. Its skin was a hideous mauve glistening with slime. White eyes without any pupils evident stared through her flesh and bone into her very mind. Its mouth was a beak that clicked softly as four tentacles surrounding it waved about. She shivered inwardly as she stared at the illithid.

Or more infamously known, a mind flayer.

She took up her guard instantly, knowing it may not do her much good if it decided to hit her with a mind blast that would knock her unconscious or destroy her mind completely. Then she would be able to do nothing as it latched onto her skull with the tentacles, cracked open her skull with that sharp beak and feed upon her brains.

"Relax, agent of Koasss," it said with a hiss, its words not spoken by mouth but within her mind. "I am here to meet you asss requesssted of the goddesss."

"Are you the leader then of the illithid in this region?" she asked nervously.

The mind flayer waved its hand, three reddish fingers and thumb, in dismissal. "No. I have been sssent to meet you by the elder-brain. It sssensssed you but we are ssstill too far away for communication. Now follow me ssso we may draw clossser."

She would have scoffed at the haughty arrogance that this illithid gave off, but she was cautious to not anger it and did as it said instead. The shadow mistress followed the creature with the head like an octopus for what seemed like an hour, but she couldn't tell time underneath the surface as she was. She was beginning to get irritated when the mind flayer before her stopped, turned around and stood there patiently.

"Greetingsss, Lexisss Makora," a new voice suddenly whispered in her mind. She somehow could feel that this voice held an undeniable power greater than the illithid before her. "There isss no need for you to tell me why you have come. I have looked into your mind already and know."

Lexiss looked around for the source of the voice, but it was only her and her escort. "Where are you?" she demanded. She would at least see who she is dealing with!

"Far away ssstill, Lexisss. I am the elder-brain, a sssentient being ruling over the illithid in thisss region. You may wisssh to sssee me, but you would not accept what you would witnesss."

The voice quieted and the mind flayer before her looked to her as if he was dealing with a petulant child. "The elder-brain isss in our city. It isss a pool of briny fluid containing the brainsss of dead illithid telepathically unified into one consssciousss being to rule our city," it hissed into her mind.

Lexiss felt her stomach turn as revulsion grew within her. How could they align themselves with such nasty, despicable things? But Koas's demands were absolute and failure would be punished horribly.

"Koasss wissshesss for the illithid to join her forcesss," the elder-brain hissed, "But what would the illithid gain from sssuch an obligation that could cossst many their livesss? Essspecially when we abhor the light of the sssurface world."

Lexiss swallowed and cleared her throat, unsure if she should speak aloud still or try mentally. She decided she might as well speak as she was used to. "Koas knows of the ancient hatred between your race and the drow. She has plans for the dwarves to be taken care of, but she felt that you would like to destroy the drow in this area and claim their territory for your own. And in doing so, establishing yourselves as the true rulers of the underworld rather than the drow. I believe your kind has always desired such?"

"Yesss," the elder-brain confirmed tonelessly, "Long have we fought againssst the vile dark elvesss for dominance. Many of my brainsss are of illithid fallen by drow handsss. We long for their agony, dessstruction, and brainsss."

"Will you join us then?" Lexiss asked.

"An opportunity to remove the infessstation of dark elvesss once and for all isss something that cannot be ignored or disssmisssed easssily. We will fulfill out part of the plansss Koasss hasss and then the ressst you will all do alone. We desssire the drow'sss demissse and territory. Nothing more."

Lexiss nodded as she watched the mind flayer turn about and leave her without a gesture of parting. She felt the presence leave her mind with him and knew that her task was completed successfully. Stepping into the shadows, she left that area more than eagerly...


Two dark clouds made their way through the town of Lachlan that put the fear into all of the people living there. One cloud made its way through the city in the form of death. A wraith making its way from one building to the next. Glowing red eyes from within the darkness of that hood made many a men tremble and women quail as they answers its questions. The dark cloud in their lives would pass as silently and quickly as it had come after answering the questions given. So quickly that many were left wondering if it were a dream and soon dismissed it as ever happening.

The other cloud moved through the city like a growing storm cloud. Often when with the presence of the other cloud, this one's weather seemed to take a turn for the worse. Many villagers stayed clear away from this one as it was clear that it could lash out in its anger swiftly any moment. Though some didn't have a choice in the matter as this one questioned them as well. They were left quaking in terror and checking themselves to see if they were still alive once left alone.

The latter was the most beautiful woman they had ever seen but would rather not have seen to begin with. Kendra, too, grew tired of seeing the villagers and getting the same answers. The succubus was in a terrible mood. And it was all about Rae. The drowess was pissing her off. What was she up to? Kendra was grateful to the Matron Mother for saving Tyra's life and helping them in other matters, but what had she to gain from coming with them? A drowess willing to tolerate the harsh conditions of the surface world and threat to her life must be after something in return.

That chain of thought always led to the same conclusion and worsened her mood every time it did. Rae wanted Blaze. Kendra knew as well that the drowess had every intention of keeping him for her own. She had heard Rae's whispered words a few nights ago. 'Patron' she had called him. No drowess ever shared their personal lover with anyone else. Death's Mistress must be biding her time while she, Nadine, and Tyra had their fun. Once their guard was down, she would take him from them.

Nadine was bonded to him in deep friendship and love. She had agreed to share. Tyra loved his company and humor. She was fine partaking with the others when it came to the young warrior. But Kendra could tell Rae wasn't going to be so easy and to the Abyss if she was going to let some pompous drow bitch take him from her!

Miss 'high and mighty' drowess was due for a rude awakening and Kendra was more than happy to deliver it. It was late in the afternoon when she returned to the inn. No one approached her or said anything as she passed through the common room. She could literally taste their fear of her and knew they didn't quite understand why they felt so. Coming to one of their rooms, she opened the door and spotted the drowess sitting quietly upon a bed.

With night's coming, Rae had discarded her cloak and sat as if awaiting Kendra's return to report as a dutiful servant. Kendra stiffened angrily with the indignation of it. Rae sat there expectantly waiting still as Kendra silently closed the door behind her. It gave her time to collect her temper before turning back to the assassin.

"Find any information on Danika, Rae?" the demoness asked, smiling inwardly when she saw Rae stiffen at being asked instead of reported to.

Full dark lips frowned darkly for a moment before a barely noted shake of her head. "Nau. I only found bits of pieces that could hardly be called worthy of note. It seems that a good number of red-heads have passed through here. Not to mention the number of them that live in Lachlan. And people come through here wearing armor all the time because it's normal in such wild lands surrounding this town."

Kendra nodded without comment. She had heard essentially the same thing. With a frustrated sigh, she moved over to the window and gazed down into the empty streets in the waning afternoon. "Rae. We need to talk."

"What about?" she heard the drowess speak behind her.

"I'm not letting you take Blaze from me," the succubus stated simply.

When she looked over her shoulder to the assassin, Rae was leaning back with her arms supporting her as she looked to Kendra with a smirk. "Oh really now. I didn't think you even had a choice in the matter, Kendra."

Rae laughed softly when she saw Kendra stiffen a bit. "I do plan on taking Blaze for myself in due time, but not until this matter with Nariko is finished. You can have your fun with him in the meantime," she said with a smirk.

Kendra nearly ground her teeth as she clenched her fist tightly. The arrogance of this bitch! The pleasant image of ripping this small dark elf to pieces entered her mind. With a reluctant sigh, she reigned in her anger once more. Barely. "I hate to disappoint you, Matron Mother," she growled mockingly, "But I was with him long before your black ass came around. Once this is all done, Blaze is staying with me and you can go back to humping whatever stalagmite you like in the underworld."

The succubus smirked now as she saw the drowess stiffen and sit up quickly. Rae hissed angrily as she rose slowly from the bed and stood before the demoness. "You vithing bitch.... How dare you speak to me like that! Blaze is my Patron and I will have him!" she spat as she stepped up to Kendra daringly. "And when I take him from you, you will never be able to find us. You can search and I welcome you to go ahead and try. But remember this when you do. Every moment you spend wandering around the vast underworld trying to find the drow, he is with me! And I will fuck him so well that all memory of you will disappear and from then on he will scream out MY name!"

Within a flash, Kendra's hand seized Rae's throat and lifted the drowess off the ground. Her arm trembled with unbridled fury from those words whispered by the assassin. Those glowing red eyes gazed into hers darkly yet calmly. It was then she felt the cool, wet metal pressed against the skin of her neck.

"You know you can't kill an immortal like that," she whispered darkly.

All mocking arrogance was gone now, replaced by the cool steady mask of a heartless assassin. "That's where you're wrong. My special blade here is coated with poison blessed by the priests of Lloth. One little knick is all it will take. Once in your blood stream it won't matter if your immortal or not. You'll die and die painfully."

"And what makes you think you'll be quick enough, Rae? I could paralyze you by crushing your neck and spine in an instant."

"You really think you can be quick enough?" Rae hissed.

"Try me...."

Two of the deadliest women in the known world stared icily at each other for minutes as they stayed frozen. The dark blade pressed firmly to Kendra's throat and Rae's neck gripped tightly by the demon's hand. Each woman looked into the other's eyes and calculated their emotions and the situation in silence. Both soon realized neither was going to back down and they were at a stalemate.

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