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Blazing Glory Ch. 07


This is a work of my own creation and, being so, is a parody of many races of fantasy that have been created over the past century. Any similarity of characters with real world is either coincidence or intended with implied differences (Example: If I wanted to write a story on say Jasmine of Disney because she's hot, the character will be similar in appearance but different physically in ways as well as psychologically). Under no circumstances should anyone under 18, or 21 (under local government law), or any non-Adult read this! This work contains graphic violence and acts of pornography. Regardless of description (or me simply forgetting to state it in the story), none of the characters in my stories are intended to be under eighteen years of age.

With that disclaimer aside, sit back and enjoy the stories filled with sex and (gasp!) plot.

Feel free to send feedback to me.

Chapter 7 - Spirit Necrosis

A massive cloud of dust slowly settled back down to the earth just north of the town of Lachlan in the country of Kozue. The length of those great mountains still echoed the thunderous sound from the massive explosion that drew the attention of humans, dragons, and others alike for leagues beyond its location.

Standing calmly before a group of travelers, a woman stood calmly. Long blonde hair flowed down and about the large white feathery wings sprouting from her back. Clothed in red flowing robes, the attractive figure of a beautiful woman could not be hidden still. The only weaponry this woman carried was the longbow firmly clutched by her white gloved hand and the quiver of arrows strapped cleverly to her back, between her wings. Brilliant golden eyes like that of the sun looked to upon the group with more formality than any other emotion.

"I am Kiora Celeste. Your presence has been requested and I will take you to have your audience with Stavros himself...."

Every member of the party before the winged woman looked to her in complete disbelief after she spoke those words. It was as if she had told them that the most outrageous lie they'd ever heard in their lives.

"Whoa! Wait a moment," the young warrior spoke finally as he stepped forward to address the woman. "Have an audience with a god? THE Stavros? You're kidding us, right?"

Kiora looked calmly to Blaze before smiling slightly as she shook her head. "No, Blaze. I am not. I am his personal avatar and messenger. I would not jest in such a matter. Besides, you have met him once already. I was in the shadows behind him as he told you about the deaths along the coast as the old man."

Blaze stood there paralyzed in shock, words not being able to come forth at this revelation. Kendra glanced to him worriedly as she began to wonder why this was all beginning to happen this way.

"How do you know our target has eluded us," Rae demanded defiantly, "And if you knew where she was, why didn't you stop her?

The servant of Stavros turned her gaze towards the drowess with a small frown now. "If I could have, I would. But I have been given specific instructions by Stavros, himself. As with such, I was not able to pursue the fire demon. Others of my kind have tried to stop Danika, but have failed. Many died in the process."

Rae snorted disdainfully but said nothing more at the moment, seeming satisfied with those answers. Kendra couldn't believe the fire demon had managed to get away from them after they owed the thief a thorough whipping for what she'd done. Looking back to Tyra, she saw a look of dismay and guilt. A rare feeling filled the succubus at that moment. Sadness. She felt such pain for the gargoyle at having lost the weapon to Danika and getting revenge for all the other guardians killed by the fire demoness.

Nadine took Tyra's hand within her own comfortingly, but the guardian shook her head and whispered back to catwoman that it was okay. They would get it back eventually and she had her new charge in Blaze to watch over now. Kendra gave an assuring smile to Tyra and nodded in agreement, but knew by the look in Tyra's eyes that the guardian was finding it difficult to convince herself it was okay.

"Come," Kiora interrupted before any more conversation could be made. "We need to be going to Oren now. If you wish to ask any more questions, then do so as we travel. Time is a luxury at the moment and quickly waning away ere of the coming storm."

Silently, the group grudgingly followed the winged woman around the massive crater in the path before continuing along it towards the north. Troubled thoughts moved through the entire group as they followed without another word. What could an immortal like Stavros want with them to where he wanted to meet them in person? What would he tell them? Some wondered what would happen to them as surely a succubus and drowess were not exactly welcome in the presence of one who is aligned against evil.

They came upon a fork in the road by midday. Kiora didn't hesitate for a moment and took the path leading right. Now they were heading northeast towards the massive mountains which were becoming enshrouded in clouds from a coming storm. If they hadn't noticed those mountains, the path beginning to rise at a slow incline was enough to bring one's thoughts to such a conclusion. Blaze had been silent all this time as he mulled over the mind-boggling events soon to occur. He couldn't remain silent any longer, though, as his curiosity was just too great.

"What is this Oren? How come I've never heard of it?" he asked Kiora.

The avatar looked back to him with a calm expression, "Oren is the home of all my people and to our god, Stavros. He resides in his temple near the capitol city. Oren isn't known to many races because of how far away it is on the other side of the Eshkol Mountains."

"So.... You're an angel?"

"No," she said with a wry grin.

"Who are your people then?"

"I am a volarian of the volaris race," she stated simply. "Some that know of us refer to us as avians. They come by that name because of the majority of the volaris race being winged like all birds. Like there are different races of your race, Blaze, so there is in mine. I am of the dove lineage and proud family line of personal service to Stavros."

A fascinated young warrior couldn't help but grin in excitement as all this information was absorbed. Kendra smiled softly as she saw this while walking by his side. Hours passed with short periods of rest that became more frequent the high they began to climb high into the mountains. When they began to move through a mountain pass, another thought came to his mind.


"Yes, Blaze?" she said looking over her shoulder to him at that moment.

Snow began to fall then as little beautiful myriads of white crystals. The sight of Kiora with the snow falling about was an enchanting sight that made him pause as the words came to his tongue. "How did you do what you did to those giants earlier today?" he asked finally.

A small grin crossed those lips as she looked to him. "I'm of an elite class in my race, Blaze. My people refer to me as an 'arcane archer'.

"Arcane archer?"

"It's complicated, but the easiest way to explain is that I take my arrows and cast spells through them when I shoot them," she said with a knowing smile before turning her gaze back to the path.

Blaze now finally understood why that arrow Kiora had sent flying at the giants had been glowing. He was seeing magic in a way he never thought could be used before. If magic could be used on arrows, what else could it be cast upon? Magic was so mysterious and amazing all at the same time.

Another few hours passed as the daylight began to get dimmer and snow fell in ever-increasing amounts. Dark shadows in large scale were being cast by the pillars of rock and canyons they traversed. Kendra began to think of suggesting they set up camp after a long day's trip and trudge through the deepening snow in the pass. Then they came upon a small shack nestled under the lip of rock and sheltered from most any weather.

Kiora made for the structure directly and opened the door. They all came to a halt behind her as the volarian reached inside. Much to Blaze's delight, she drew out multiple heavy cloaks that were thick for harsh wintry weather.

"We are now on the border of Oren," she said as she looked to all of them. "We still have a ways to go and the weather will get much colder from this point on. We put this here for travelers wishing to come to Oren and prevent them a bitterly cold death."

"Yeah! I think Kendra needs one quickly or else she's going to poke someone's eye out!" Nadine said in a fit of giggles.

Kendra blinked and looked down to herself. The cold hadn't bothered the demoness from the Abyss, but clearly her body still responded like any other mortal's would. Her hard nipples pressed firmly against the leather encasing her heavy breasts and stood out to any observant person. Kendra looked to Nadine and smirked.

"Speak for yourself, kitten. You look like you'd win any jousting contest with those baby-feeders," the succubus chuckled sensually.

The catwoman looked down to find her own red nipples standing out from her fur. She yelped in dismay and quickly covered her furry tits with her arms. Blaze was still trying to prevent a nosebleed from the hot nipple-capped boobs from three of the four women. The last thing he needed was a blood sickle dangling from his nose! Kiora handed out the cloaks to himself, Kendra, Tyra, and Nadine. Rae declined as she was enshrouded in her own piwafwi.

The company soon set up camp within the shelter there. They ate, talked and rested as they waited out the storm as it went on through the darkness of the cold night.


The journey lasted almost three full days from that point. The snowstorm lasted well through the night. When they awoke, they found the path hard to find under the deeply packed snow. They would have likely turned back from such a suicidal journey if not for Kiora. The volarian assured them that she knew the path by heart with such confidence that they were all convinced shortly after she finished speaking.

Following the winged beauty, they embarked through days of harsh cold weather. When the brief snowstorms weren't ripping through them, the skies were blue. But the weather was not fair with powerful winds of such cold that it cut through any exposed skin to the bone. They were thankful for the cloaks that had been provided quickly. The protection kept them bundled in warmth and their faces wrapped from the blistering winds. Thankfully, heavy winter boots were also stored in the shack to protect their feet, even a size for Tyra's.

Blaze often worried about the one member of their party that had refused all of the equipment. Glancing back to Rae, all he could see was those glowing red eyes within the shroud of darkness. The eyes of Death's Mistress looked ahead with surety and such iciness that no wind could match. He often shivered at the sight. Apparently such cold was nothing to Rae compared to the frigid caress of Death she was so familiar with. Yet his worries were comforted when her gaze turned to him when he was looking and those red eyes warmed. One time, he even got a wink from the drowess. She was still such a mystery in many ways, but he was still glad she was along.

Kiora was yet another mystery, but to all of them. She was friendly to them sure enough. But in quiet, formal manner. She never let on about her own past and feelings. The volarian only answered questions about her people, their culture, and their long history with Stavros.

Apparently the Volaris race put every other race to shame when it came to the love and worship of Stavros. Their people loved him so much that they often did not think of him as a powerful deity, but thought of him as family. Many even referred to him as father. Such love and support had not gone unnoticed by him and Stavros chose to remain close by those he knew held him dear in their hearts. Through the centuries they had devoted a peaceful existence while honing warrior skills to protect him from any threat. The most elite were those Kiora's class.

Kiora tried to describe what her culture and city was like, but it was hard to understand as they listened to her. The Volaris never received very many visitors from other races other than the dragons because of their isolated location within the mountains. So there was almost nothing known about this race that remained to itself from the rest of the known world.

It was shortly after midday when they came out of one of the passes to reach a cliff face. The mountains dropped away sharply into a broad plain that reached out to an ocean on the distant horizon. A city as massive as the capitol he had seen in Shoushan sprawled out beneath them at the foot of the mountain.

But what made them all stare in wonder was the temple. Just north was a temple complex bigger than the city itself. Nestled up against the mountains, it rose like a massive fortress to almost their own great height where they stood. Yet it wasn't a fortress as no wall encased its perimeter for defense. It was open to all as if in welcome. When Kiora had mentioned they had built and continuously improved upon the home for Stavros, they could see this process must have taken easily a good number of centuries.

A narrow path zigzagged its way back and forth down the mountain they were on before leading straight into the city below. Blaze swore the trip down the steep incline was murder on his legs and knees, but thankful at the same time that the air about them warmed gradually the lower they went. Soon enough, they reached a conveniently placed shack to store their cloaks and boots before proceeding on.

By mid-afternoon, they had finally reached the base of the mountain and stood before the city gates. Kiora looked relieved as they reached their destination finally. She turned around to them and smiled.

"Welcome to Sanjay, capitol of the Volaris people and my home. Everyone is welcome as they normally are. There is no need to hide appearances. So you won't need your dress Nadine."

A surprised yelp was let out behind them that caused them to look and see a bewildered catwoman having just started to lower her pack. How did she know about Nadine's dress? After her bewilderment, Nadine brightened at being accepted in just her fur for once in a populated area. Yet Kiora didn't elaborate as to how she knew such. Blaze noticed Rae and Kendra not looking so sure of Kiora's promise of her people's accepting nature.

"Do not worry, Rae," the avatar said, noticing as well. "Even races known to be evil are welcome as long as they do not try to start trouble. Even succubae such as you are welcome, Kendra Tansanee."

Kendra's beautiful emeralds widened in astonishment. In all the time they had been in Lachlan, she had not revealed her nature through her wings. She had been about to relax such restraint as they left, but then Kiora showed up. The demoness refrained from showing her true form before an avatar of good who was interested in getting Blaze to Stavros safely. A drowess may be acceptable, but certainly not a demon. In all that time she had remained concealed, this winged warrior had known? How?

As Rae slowly lowered her hood to reveal her dark Elvin beauty, Kendra relaxed cautiously as her back and head wings lifted into view. Kiora nodded in approval before turning about and leading them into the city. The architecture blew Blaze's mind as he looked about. If he hadn't known better, he swore it would have been a bird's paradise. Overhangs extended above them in platforms to fly from and land upon. Round extensions protruded like rods from the buildings for them to perch upon. Arches adorned many of the buildings and in large structures.

But even more unique and amazing were its people. For every avian creature in the existence of the entire world, there was a volarian with its wings. He saw colorful wings like that of parrots he saw in traveling road shows in Quinlan. Others had the impressive wings of the well-known birds-of-prey like the hawk and falcon. But they weren't just limited to birds.

A dark woman with streaming black hair strode past them with the dark wings of a bat upon her back. The bat-winged woman gave Kendra's similar wings a look before giving the succubus an inviting smile. Two children laughed over their heads as they played in the air. They sped about with incredible speed as the boy with dragonfly wings buzzed after the soaring girl with wings of a hummingbird.

Volarians of all kinds were everywhere. They were walking, flying, perching, hovering and going about their business. Blaze and his friends drew plenty of curious glances, but nothing more or threatening. It was drawing close to early evening when Kiora led them up to an inn. It might have been an inn, but in Blaze's eyes it was a palace!!!

"This is a best inn in the entire city," Kiora said simply as she turned to them. "I've already reserved two of the best suites it has for you. Feel free to tour the city tonight. There are plenty of shops and places to dine. I will meet you at the gate we entered tomorrow by mid-morning to take you to the temple."

With that the avatar left them on their own. Blaze was about right in his assumption. Marble flooring and pillars with fountains of sparkling water adorned the inside as soon they entered. The rooms were the most lavish he had ever seen in his life. Even Kendra looked impressed by the place. A whole family could live in these 'suites' as Kiora had called them. A kitchen area for cooking with both dining and living quarters. The bedrooms were decorated with beds so massive that four of them could have slept on one comfortably.

Once their packs and supplies were placed and secured within their rooms, they all met out in the hallway. This strange entourage, with a giggly excited catwoman included, the likes Sanjay had never seen set out to explore. They found a sprawling city bustling with a populace going about its everyday life. Blaze enjoyed observing the sights and was even surprised that there was a large forest in the middle of this city as they referred to a 'park', whatever that meant.

Kendra seemed fascinated with the structures of all the buildings and homes. She confided to him that she hadn't seen such beautiful architecture in ages. The bubbly catwoman was in wide-eyed wonder as she observed everything. Blaze was amazed that through it all she hadn't missed smiling and waving in greeting to everyone she met. He began to think the whole city would know the cheery lycan by the end of the day at her current rate! Rae kept silent and observed from afar. Although she seemed genuinely interested in watching a few of the volarians battling together in training as they passed various guard stations.

"Wow... " Blaze heard Tyra whisper as they began to head back towards the inn. They all stopped to see Tyra gazing longingly through a window of a shop. When they stepped up behind her to look in, they saw it was full of various weapons and armor. What had caught the guardian's eyes was a set on display. An impressive breastplate designed for a female warrior and pauldrons for each shoulder. They were the rich color of gold.

The female gargoyle then looked down at herself and the torn rags she wore before sighing. That sigh turned into a surprised yelp when a grinning Nadine and Kendra snatched the unsuspecting dreamer.

"What? Wait! What are you doing?" she protested.

Kendra laughed sensually, "Come on, girlfriend. It's time to get you something you obviously want and will be nice to wear!"

"No! I can't ask you all to do that! Blaze! Please help!"

The young male scratched his head uncertainly before he got a look from Kendra that decided it for him. She winked before the poor gargoyle was dragged inside. Clearly this was something for females only. Women! What a mystery! Looking back over his shoulder, he discovered Rae missing. Forget mystery. Unfathomable was more like it!

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