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Blazing Glory Ch. 10


This is a work of my own creation and, being so, is a parody of many races of fantasy that have been created over the past century. Any similarity of characters with real world is either coincidence or intended with implied differences (Example: If I wanted to write a story on say Jasmine of Disney because she's hot, the character will be similar in appearance but different physically in ways as well as psychologically). Under no circumstances should anyone under 18, or 21 (under local government law), or any non-Adult read this! This work contains graphic violence and acts of pornography. Regardless of description (or me simply forgetting to state it in the story), none of the characters in my stories are intended to be under eighteen years of age.

With that disclaimer aside, sit back and enjoy the stories filled with sex and (gasp!) plot.

Feel free to send feedback to me.

Chapter 10 - Faith and Heart

One of the volcanoes of Nealon erupted violently near the castle, suiting Koas's mood. The evil goddess's emotions were in turmoil as she angrily wished that Blaze would just die. On the same note, she was having trouble locating him now. The storm had wiped out their ship completely. Sonora discovered a lifeboat filled with survivors of the storm, but none among them were Blaze and his female companions. Upon her orders, the maddened siren continued to scour the seas and coastline for signs of where the troublesome group could be.

They could be dead after all. Closing her glowing red eyes, the gorgeous goddess sighed as she drummed her fingers on her throne's armrest. Wishful thinking will get you nowhere, she thought. After all, they have shown a resiliency thus far that would lead her to believe that they are not dead. That fact alone made her consider what had her in deep consideration at this moment. The Mistress of Discord was tired of their interference with her plans. If she didn't act soon, they would likely surface in time to ruin her plot of worldly chaos.

"Lexiss," she said softly.

Always at the ready to serve her mistress, the dark beauty emerged from the shadows and knelt before the garish throne. "Yes, Mistress Koas?"

Her glowing red eyes opened with the full lavender lips curving into a wicked smile. "It is time, my dear avatar. Go to the army assembled at the Boaz Wall and inform the commanders that the war has begun. First we destroy the wretched dwarves and then the rest of Anlon."

"As you command, my goddess," the shadow mistress answered obediently before rising and disappearing once more into the darkness.

There was no stopping her now, she thought pleasantly. The size of her assembled force was beyond comprehension to those who went about their pathetic normal lives on the other side of the immense mountain range. The dwarves would fall swiftly with the elves still reeling from the surprise attack. The elves would soon follow with the other races unable to reach them in time to help by being unaware of their plight. Without the forces of dwarves and elves on their side, Anlon would be crippled before any resistance could form. It would work perfectly and not even Blaze's small group could stop her now!

A powerful knock that shook the doors at the entrance to her throne room brought her out of her thoughts. Frowning at the disruption of her improving mood, she flicked her wrist and the doors flung open forcefully. Her red eyes narrowed as she saw a figure cloaked in darkness blacker than the deepest cave in the underworld. Its presence seemed to even soak in the very little light in the room. It was a tall figure with massive wings billowing out behind it, but no eyes or any facial features were evident.

"You wished to see me goddess?" his deep voice resonated within the room yet no mouth could be seen.

But Koas knew who this individual was now and smiled warmly. In a gracious manner, the tall beauty rose from her throne and walked down the steps as she studied his massive size. He was bigger than her sources had informed. This being was even taller than she. He was probably a match for Stavros himself in that area. But even more so was that this was one of the most powerful beings in the Abyss, although not a god.

"Yes, my dear friend," she hummed pleasantly as she looked up to him. "I see your form has yet to take effect after leaving the Abyss. But the reason you are here is that my sources have informed me that we have a mutual acquaintance of sorts."

"How so?" he asked simply, not paying her any courtesy.

Koas frowned slightly in annoyance of his attitude towards her as if he was her equal. She shook her head clear of any anger that started to form and forced a smile. "I have a minor nuisance that goes by the name of Blaze. He's a human pest that just doesn't want to seem to go away. Our mutual acquaintance is his current lover."

The figure shifted as her words revealed to whom she was indicating. He leaned forward to her as he trembled with wrath. "She is here in this realm after all?" his voice boomed.

The goddess nodded with a smirk. "That she is. Do with her what you will, but I want him to suffer as a result by whatever you do to her..."

"Very well then," his deep voice said as he calmed once more. His large bulk shifted as he turned about towards the door. "I will seek her out and make sure she suffers terribly. And then she will die..."

The evil goddess smirked as the powerful entity left her room. His arrogance had been annoying but she knew it was worth having to deal with. This was the one threat Blaze could never defeat. Blaze could overcome numerous foes. The young human could somehow overcome terrible curses. He could even bring death to the most ghastly of monsters known to the world. But he had no hope now.... For the matter was that no being in the world of Anlon could ever kill this new ally of hers...


Blaze coughed and spluttered as he came awake with the wet splash to his face, sitting upright with eyes wide open. Blinking at the bright sunlight, he looked up to the tall sensual figure of the succubus standing over him with a small smirk. Her bat-like wings on her back dripped with wetness after having dropped the water they had gathered from the sea.

"Are we awake now?" she hummed sensually as her one hand rested on her cocked hips as her other hand extended out to him.

The young man managed a weak smile and nod as he grasped her offered hand and was lifted up to his feet. No sooner than he was did he embrace the beautiful demoness tightly. She gave a short gasp of surprise before relaxing, her arms wrapping about him as well. The couple embraced there on the beach for a few silent moments as Blaze thought it over.

How many times? How many times would he come so close to losing her? He realized she was an immortal, but did not know her limitations. From stories he had heard and lessons learned from his master, Blaze knew there were some varieties of immortals that could still die by very specific means or special circumstances. At that moment he fully understood her fierce passion in protecting him as well. He made a solemn promise to himself to protect her with his very life, even though he knew she would not wish it so. He would never lose her...

Breaking the embrace, noting her small huff of disgruntlement in doing so, he looked about their surroundings. As he had glimpsed before blacking out, they were indeed on a beach along the lapping waves of the Sonel Sea. Blaze looked in both directions and could see the coastline run as far as his vision could see. It was a comforting sight. Either they had been stranded on an incredibly large island or were on the mainland. It was certainly better than being stuck on a little barren hunk of rock.

Looking behind him, Blaze saw nothing but green. Vibrant green with splashes of so many different colors he never thought possible let alone even knew. The trees were odd as well. The vegetation reached so high with a canopy dense enough that deep inside the woods it looked as dark as dusk in the midday light. Frowning, he looked to Kendra whose gazed had followed his.

"Where are we? And where are the others?" the troubled young warrior asked.

"Well I do not want to even think that they didn't make it," Kendra scowled as she looked around the empty beach that had no signs of their missing friends. "They must have washed ashore at a different place. Either they are on the beach still or they've gone into the jungle looking for us. We must have been washed too far south and are now in the jungles of Sevar"

"Jungle!?" he blinked and looked at the trees, having never seen a jungle before. "That's what a jungle is?"

The beautiful green-eyed succubus nodded as she flapped her wings gently to dry them of the last drops of water. "Yes. I've only been to a jungle once before though. From what I learned in that experience, the jungle is a lot more dangerous than many of the forests you'll find in Anlon. Poisonous plants, animals, and insects are abundant as well as large predators that can blend in with the surrounding jungle so much as to seem invisible."

"Sounds lovely," he muttered in exasperation. He looked into the menacing tropical landscape in front of them as he thought their options over. They could stay where they were and hope beyond hope that their friends survived and would find them. Or they could comb the beach in both directions for days as both sea tides and wind swiftly erode any evidence of their friends' passage. Then there was the last option. Go into the jungle and hope to find them as they were searching for him and Kendra. All three options seemed hopeless.

"By Stavros's might I hate this," he growled and shook his head. "But it looks like we'd have a better chance of searching the surrounding jungle for them. It's a better place to find food and water than here on the beach, which makes it more than likely they went in."

Kendra remained silent for a moment as she mused over his logic before giving an affirming nod. Blaze swallowed deeply as they walked towards the threshold of the tropical vista. Sharing a look of understanding and caution, they stepped in together and were soon lost within the darkness of the wild jungles. He didn't even bother checking to make sure his blades were loose in their scabbards, but simply pulled them out to be at the ready if needed.

This jungle was a whole new type of world to him. And it unnerved him as much as the ruins of Nervei had. It was dark with little light reaching through various thin places in the otherwise thick canopy overhead. This caused a shadowing affect that caused the eyes to just nearly go crazy. Anything could hide anywhere in this environment! Either in darkness or thick vegetation crowding the jungle floor. The potential danger could drive any cautious person mad with paranoia. But Blaze didn't and took comfort that he was with one of the most powerful beings he had met so far in this journey. And he knew damn well Kendra wasn't going to let any harm come to him.

But fear wasn't the only thing that coursed through him. Shear amazement and awe filled him as well. Creatures he could have never imagined lived in the jungle. This place must be their only home and thus made them very rare and special. Birds with multicolored wings and beaks flew overhead. Rae would enjoy the wickedly dangerous looking spiders hanging from large webs in their bright colors. He stopped to watch as a massive swarm of ants overwhelmed one of those very spiders with their sheer numbers. Dangers came in different forms, he observed in surprise. Once, he even believed he saw Nadine but soon saw that it was a very large striped jungle cat striding away from them.

Vines and plants of all kinds were everywhere and in their path. The young warrior looked down to his blades and sighed, not liking the idea of having to use them for such means of cutting a path. If he caught a tree or a rock he didn't see, he could damage or at the least dull the blades. Oddly enough, he couldn't remember a day when they had been dull. They'd always been razor sharp. About to begin hacking away, he pulled back in shock to avoid hitting Kendra as the winged succubus stepped in front of him.

"Allow me, my dear stud," she hummed with a glance back to him and smile before her whip dropped out of her coat sleeve. With movements of blinding speed that his vision could barely follow, the blood red whip lashed out with deafening cracks in rapid succession. The demoness finished by letting the swinging cord twirl about her hips to rest as the normally loud wild jungle went deathly silent. Nothing stirred for a moment before his ears picked up a distinct rustling. Blaze nearly jumped out of his skin when the wall of vines gave way in front of them to come crashing to the jungle floor, including some large trees with their trunks sliced cleanly through. Those beautiful emeralds looked back at him as she cocked her hips and smirked confidently.

That soon changed as he walked past her and made her yelp with a slap to her ass with the flat side of his blade. "Show off," he chuckled.

Kendra rubbed her ass, smirking as she winked. "Mmmm, save that for later stallion!"

They wandered the jungle for an hour with their eyes casting about for their missing friends with no success. They did manage to procure some fresh water from a sudden rainstorm that soaked them completely. They snacked on a few wild berries that the immortal demoness tried first to verify them being safe to eat. At first he objected to such before she explained that she would become ill only briefly before her demonic powers kicked in and removed the toxins from her. His fears put at ease, the couple managed to stay strong in the hot steamy environment by gathering food and water.

The young warrior drew up to a halt in front of Kendra, making her stop as well. He was about to turn about to suggest a brief rest upon the fallen tree trunk he saw to his right when it happened.


"GAH!" he cried out as he stumbled backwards into Kendra's arms. He couldn't see as his hands quickly wiped at the muck having plastered his face. "What the bloody hell!? I've been slimed!"

Kendra helped him regain his balance as he was finally able to clear his eyes to look out from his gunked face. Then the smell hit him and his eyes nearly bugged out of his skull. It smelled bloody awful! "What the hell is this? Where did it come from," he wheezed as he frantically wiped it off his face.

"Up there," Kendra said, pointing to odd creatures with tails pointing and cackling at them. "They're monkeys."

Monkeys? That was what Blackbeard had called him? Those things! "Why the hell would they throw this muck at me?"

"Just the way they are, or so I've heard," she chuckled as she strode past him. "And that isn't muck, dear Blaze."

The young warrior just stood there looking after her with eyes blinking before the realization hit him. Oh.... shit!

Startled tropical birds exploded out of the forest canopy with the explosion. "YOU DAMN DIRTY APES! GET YOUR ASSES DOWN HERE SO I CAN KICK THE REST OF THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!!!"

Kendra's laughter echoed soon after!


Nadine mewed in frustration as she leapt onto another tree branch high up in the canopy of the jungle. Her sharp lycan eyes scanned the forest floor for any sign of her friends. She thought back to when she woke up alone along the beach. The lycan hated being soaked in seawater like that and it took quite some time for her fur to dry. Even worse, she hated the feeling of despair as she wondered where the others were if they were even alive to begin with.

Refusing to accept such, she swiftly brushed that thought out of her head and scouted the beach for hours without any sign of them. Before too long, she realized she would have to try the unfriendly looking jungle in her quest to find them. She knew the dangers of the jungle as many of her lycan race resembled the creatures of the tropics. Wanting to avoid dangers like real pumas and tigers, Nadine figured it would be better to scout from above in the safety of the tree limbs.

The catwoman yelped slightly as a flurry of toucans erupted around her and flew off, leaving the frazzled beauty sitting there to catch her breath. She sighed and deftly stood up and sprung from branch to branch, careful to choose sturdy looking ones to cling to with her claws. She searched the next few hours with no success of seeing her friends. Not even a scent of them could be caught on the hot moist breeze.

The day wore on with no sign of them. Although she certainly spotted some interesting creatures during this time; including a massive male tiger prowling the bushes below. Sunlight was growing dimmer and shadows beginning to grow as the day wore down to a close. Nadine didn't like the idea of spending the night in the jungle. Night hunters would surely begin to go on the prowl. But she was too far from the beach now. The furry woman sighed in frustration as she put her hands on her hips.

"So there you are."

The catwoman shrieked in surprise as she just about leapt out of her fur! Death's Mistress stepped out of the shadows of the tree trunk behind the lycan and smirked. The Matron Mother's glowing red eyes looked up to the catwoman who was now suspended upside down on the tree branch above that her claws had sunk into. Her wide golden eyes looked to the drowess in shock as her long bright orange hair swung gently downwards.

Rae chuckled at the amusing site and smirked, "Did I surprise you kitty? It looks like one of your nine lives belongs to me now."

Nadine scrunched her nose up and stuck her tongue out at the dark elf, eliciting a laugh from her shadowy friend. Her claws withdrew with a click to allow the agile catwoman to roll about in midair and land on her feet with true cat-like agility.

"How did you find me?" Nadine asked, ruffled slightly that she hadn't even heard let alone sense the drowess come up on her.

Rae winked and stepped up to embrace the furry beauty. "We assassins have our ways of finding even those that don't want to be found, abbil," she hissed teasingly into Nadine's twitching ear.

Nadine suppressed the shiver running up her spine as she thanked Stavros that Rae Nitara was on their side. Her arms wrapped about the elf in a returning hug before she stepped back. "I'm so glad you're okay. I was worried... I thought you all... may have..."

Rae surveyed her sniffling friend for a moment as she ran over her own thoughts of fear when she thought she'd lost them as well. Though she would never publicly admit to such of course. She reached out to squeeze Nadine's arms comfortingly. Her friend quieted and gave her a winsome smile in return.

"Don't fret, Nadine. We'll find the others. But now I have to send out a signal now that I've found you," the drowess said as she turned towards the jungle.

Muttering a dark incantation in drow words that Nadine couldn't begin to comprehend, the dark assassin finished the spell with a sharp clang of her metallic spider gauntlets. A shower of sparks rained down from the impact before exploding into bright light in the form of spiders. Nadine's ears wilted swiftly as a piercing hiss filled the surrounding environment, silencing the normal jungle noise. The noise and light swiftly faded shortly thereafter. Nadine looked at Rae questioningly as the drowess stood there with her red eyes looking out towards the jungle.

Her ears then perked back up as her eyes lit up with hope as she picked up the distinct sounds of large wings flapping. Turning towards the noise, both women looked to see the redheaded gargoyle coming towards them, swerving around numerous tree trunks. The tree branch gave slightly with the weight as the powerful blue-skinned beauty landed there and smiled to them.

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