Blazing Glory Ch. 10


"So I see you found her as easily as you found me, Rae," Tyra laughed as she was instantly embraced tightly by the catwoman. "Good thing, too. I've noticed a few nasty creatures beginning to wake up for the evening hunt as I've been flying around."

Rae nodded, her small smile fading swiftly into her usual cold stoic assassin mask as she looked down to the forest floor. "Then we'd better find Blaze and Kendra as swiftly as we can..."


Blaze edged forward cautiously, blades drawn. Kendra slowly moved by his side gripping her whip as her green eyes cast about. This wasn't good. He knew they were in a seriously bad situation and hoped that they would be able to make it out of this alive. A part of him doubted they would as his eyes scanned the layers of bones laying all about them. They had tried to turn back only to see they were already lost in this terrible area.

As the day had worn down in their search, the jungle before them began to change before their very eyes. Lush green vegetation soon began to look sick and wilted. Tree trunks were no longer massive in their thickness, but thin and warped looking. Everything had a sick look to it as if something evil was permeating this area of the lush rainforest. It looked even worse when the light faded and night fell upon them. Luminescent fungus and large mushrooms illuminated the jungle in a sickly green light that made everything look more threatening. Especially the bones...

At first, the light revealed just a few bones to them. The ivory pieces of what was once the living gleamed harshly in the green light. Then more bones began to appear around them as they continued onwards. Then the bones began to resemble beasts or creatures of unfamiliar kinds stripped of all flesh and meat. The further they moved on, as they began to look for a way out of this place, the larger and more fearsome the bones became. One in particular made him stop in amazement. It looked like it was a massive beast as monstrous horns extended outwards from its skull. Kendra told him it looked to have been an elephant. Whatever that was, he thought, it was huge!

Creatures that looked as fearsome in death as they must have in life soon surrounded them. And the lovers could tell these beasts didn't die peacefully. The bones had numerous scars of claw and teeth marks. Some thick bones like that of the elephant look to have been shattered completely as easily as he could break a twig. By Stavros, he had no wish to meet whatever had done all of this...

"Blaze," Kendra whispered with a firm grasp to his arm, drawing him to a sharp halt. Her emerald eyes narrowed dangerously as she looked forward. "There's something ahead... I don't like this feeling I'm getting..."

His eyes followed hers toward what lie ahead and saw the opening in the sick jungle. A poisonous bog expanded outwards before them like a large pond or lake, for it was hard to tell with the noxious mist that hovered over it. Covering their mouth and noses from the stench, they looked for any swift way around this obstacle and saw none. It was clearly a large body of fouled water that would take some time to travel around.

With resigned sighs, the couple began walking to the right to try and go around rather than spend a night in this place. But Blaze only took a few steps before he drew to a halt, swearing he heard something. Kendra stopped and looked back to him questioningly but he didn't notice as his gaze turned to the mossy and foul waters of the lake. He saw what he thought he'd heard as a bubble formed and broke the surface with a nasty plop before more began to follow.

The young warrior's eyes widened as what happened next seemed like a vision out of his worst nightmares. The dark shadow fell over them and the jungle grew silent as it rose above them. The slimy waters and mud sliding off its massive form into the waters of the swamp was the only sound made. Not even their breath came from them to make a sound, frozen as both Blaze and Kendra were as the monster of the jungle swamp reared up before them.

Blaze could only describe the horrifying creature as disgusting. It looked like a large malformed lizard of sorts. It walked on all six legs that angled out from its sides. Three long tails climbed high to the forest canopy above it, hypnotizing sway in motion with a wicked looking stinger on the end of each. A long snout snapped loudly in their air to reveal ugly sharp teeth made for rending flesh into tatters. Beady black eyes focused on them hungrily before it unleashed an unearthly deafening roar.

"Stavros protect us..." Blaze whispered prayerfully.

He and Kendra shared a fearful look before they sprang apart instantly. Moist dirt exploded where they had been as the three stingers slammed into the ground. Blaze rolled on the ground when he landed and came up to his feet swiftly. His feet were already moving him as the beast chose to center on him, the prey with more dangerous looking defenses with his blades. Just his blasted luck, he thought while grunting and diving aside to avoid another stinger. The young warrior gasped and looked up just in time to see the massive maw open wide and about to snap shut on him! Shit! Relying on sheer instincts and desperation alone, he sprang from his crouch as high he could. With a thunderous clap, the jaws slammed shut barely beneath his feet.

The damn beast was smarter than it looked he thought to himself with a curse. That damn stinger had been meant to push him right where it would attack. Kendra flew into view and grabbed him in midair. Spinning about, she hurled him out of the way before landing in front of the monster. He landed against a tree, driving the wind out of him and rendering him immobile for a moment. Her beautiful face bore a furious scowl as the creature focused on her supple form instead after the disappointment of missing the other prey.

Along with the sounds of slimy thrashing about as it worked its massive body more out of the swamp, the harsh cracks of Kendra's whip filled the air as she unleashed a hellish fury upon it. Not expecting such ferocity in its prey, the beast reeled back and roared as it experienced the unexpected pain of that dangerous red cord. Blaze felt a surge of triumph before it faded as quickly. The succubus's whip, instead of rendering its victim to pieces as usual, only dented its scaly armor. Still, brownish ooze seeped out from those impacts in what he supposed was the monster's blood.

Maddened to a hateful fury from receiving pain, the beast surged forward in a blind rage at Kendra. The demoness spun aside from the snapping jaws and slammed her fist into the side of its snout. The swamp monster gave a startled cry of pain as the powerful force sent it crashing onto its side. As Blaze's breath began to fill his lungs once again, he recognized the dangerous look on Kendra's face. She intended to tear the beast to pieces for trying to kill him.

Regaining its senses from the surprise blow, the slimy fiend righted itself and immediately rushed the leather clad beauty. Leaping backwards with the added momentum of her wings flapping, the succubus avoid those snapping fangs before slamming its snout down into the dirt with another powerful punch. Kendra flexed her hand and cracked her knuckles as she readied to pound this swamp monster into a stain on the ground.

Blaze stumbled to his feet and gasped hoarsely, "Kendra! Look out!"

Too focused on the beast in her furious rage, the tail caught her off guard. He heard her gasp of surprise with the air driven out of her lungs as it slammed into her midsection and sent her careening out of view. Growling in anger, he retrieved his blades swiftly and charged the monster as it looked up to him. That very tail stabbed forward with its stinger with speed he knew it already possessed now. But still he was barely able to bring his blade up in time to deflect the stinger.

All that the young human knew next was that he was in trouble as all three tails assaulted him immediately. The agile youth did all he can to deflect the attacks and dodging those that he couldn't parry. He crouched, rolled, flipped, and even was forced to uncomfortably drop down into splits lest he lose his head to the jaws snapping just above him. No matter how fast he desperately tried to get away, the monster was always upon him with its uncanny speed and strength from desire to kill its prey for the devouring to occur soon after.

Blaze knew he was beginning to tire, but couldn't manage to get any offensive going. His arms were aching from the constant motion of using his blades. His legs burned from the constant dodging jumps and thrusts as he was moving backwards in steady retreat. What eventually was going to happen finally did as he was too slow to react to the upward slam of the tail to his right and was sent soaring up into the vulnerable air. Another tail caught him at the peak of his ascent and with great force sent him crashing into the ground below.

Spitting up blood, Blaze gasped for air as he struggled to move. Damn his body! It was moving too slow! Come on, he thought desperately. The swamp monster now hovered only a few feet away as it poised its stinger high to strike its triumphant killing blow. Blaze cursed as his vision began to blur and dropped down back to the ground. He'd suffered a serious head blow from the fall and was beginning to black out, he realized. Of all the bloody damn times! In a foggy daze, he watched the stinger dart for the kill.

He wasn't sure what happened next, but Kendra was instantly above his prone position in putting herself between the deadly point and him. The massive tail curled up in its length as it was stopped forcefully in its forward movement. The demoness slid back but held her ground as her hands grasped the end of the tail. Blaze thought he must be dreaming now as it seemed impossible that Kendra could have stopped that huge tail, let alone catch the wicked end in her own hands.

The succubus hissed in sheer seething rage as Blaze began to surely hallucinate more in his delirium. He had to be. Because Kendra was glowing in his blurred vision! A red aura surrounded her form, expanding and growing brighter with every passing second. Those black wings on her back grew in size along with the aura to a large wingspan big enough to dwarf Tyra's. A red barbed tail like a true devil swung from her shapely ass. What surprised him even further was Kendra's face. From his angle, he swore her fangs grew longer until she looked like a vampire! And her eyes.... There were no whites, as her eyes were glowing a brilliant evil green! Surely this was a nightmare with the monster and now this. For he was looking at a demon from the very pits of hell!

"He's mine..." she hissed in an unearthly voice. "I won't let you take him from me!"

With a primal scream, the succubus's muscles bulged with demonic power. The shocked monster was lifted off the ground as she twisted around with the tail in her steel grasp. Unleashing both a startled and fearful roar, the slimy creature swung around with the demoness. With a smirk of bloodlust, Kendra swung the creature around in a circle like a toy to crash through several trees with such force that they splintered into bits. Bringing her arms up, she slammed it down upon its back into the ground with so much force that a crater was created by the thunderous impact. A new roar emerged from the beast as one of agony as it writhed about on its back in an effort to regain its feet so it may retreat.

"Now die," Kendra whispered venomously.

Her red aura that had been continuously growing brighter up until this point flared up to where it was nearly blinding before erupting into a swirling mass of black and blood red hellfire. A column of the conflagration exploded forth from her to engulf the struggling ugly beast. The swamp monster screamed now in pain before it was swiftly silenced as it was reduced to nothing. Not even ashes and bone fragments remained.

Blaze's vision was getting worse as did his concussion and obvious hallucinating. The demoness turned around to look down at him now with those glowing green eyes. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she studied him before kneeling at his side. He felt warmth embrace him before she scooped him up in those wings to embrace him tightly to her as he finally blacked out...


Groaning in the dim light of the lush jungle, Blaze's eyes squinted open as he came to. He about jumped out of his skin when he found himself looking into glowing eyes once more. Heart pounding with the fear, he came to realize they were red and not green. The beautiful obsidian face above him smiled softly.

"Good to see you're awake, Patron," she whispered softly as she ran her dark coveting hand down his cheek. "You're fine now."

He groaned as he sat up, muscles stiff. "What happened?" His mind tried to answer him with flashes of the monster and Kendra... changing, but he quickly dismissed it.

"That is what I was about to ask you, dear Blaze," the assassin said with a frown as she dropped from her crouch to kneel by his side. All about them the jungle was alive and lush with life once again, convincing him further that the dying jungle, monster, and... It was a dream! Perhaps that 'jungle fever' he'd heard old men tell tales about.

"We found the both of you out cold," his drowess lover continued on, red eyes studying him as if surely something was wrong though he did not know why she would. "Both of you were fine. But what troubles me is where we found you two."

Blaze blinked as he felt a dangerous stirring in his heart about what she was alluding to. "And?" he asked tentatively.

Death's Mistress sighed with a troubled look herself as she was recalling the vision of it. "Everything was destroyed. We found you two in the middle of an area clearing that had been completely destroyed. The ground was blasted black from whatever force had hit it. The trees around the perimeter of it were dead as well, but not by burning to ashes from some fire. Their sides facing inward toward the destruction were melted Blaze....."

Blaze looked to her in complete shock. It was a dream wasn't it? It had to have been! Rae saw his looked and frowned herself. "Surely you know what happened, Blaze. Don't you remember? How could you do have survived such annihilation?" she asked pressingly.

"I... I'm not sure... Not quite yet..." He muttered before looking around quickly. "Where's Kendra?"

Rae snorted as she folded her arms beneath her breasts. "That woman? She's fine. Problem is she won't answer any of our questions about this either. She just remains silent and looks away. I'm convinced that succubus knows something and isn't spilling it."

If she wasn't telling her friends, he doubted she would likely tell him. Close as the two of them were, Rae's description of Kendra's reaction to the pressing inquiries told him that she was uncomfortable with it. No discussion would be accomplished by pressing harder.

"Let's leave her be then. If she wants to tell us about it, she will in due time," he sighed.

Rae grudgingly nodded in agreement. "But that woman is hiding something from us that she doesn't want us to know. I can promise you that."

Kendra must have her own reasons for not wanting to talk about it, he thought. Regardless, he would trust her in whatever action she chose.


Within the hour, the group of friends was reunited finally. It was getting later in the day and they made the decision to forage for some food and water wherever they could before settling in for the night. The next day they would set out to make their way out of the jungle and back to the ocean where they would travel northward.

Kendra remained aloof in talking about the incident while they went about their searching. She remained friendly and talked well enough while helping the others. But she never once mentioned a word about it. The others could tell she would have nothing to do with saying anything about it and that was that. So they put it out of their minds and moved on rather than jeopardize friendships by pushing the succubus.

"..and then after I spoke, she did the best spider imitation I'd ever seen as she hung upside down by her claws!" Rae laughed as the others chuckled.

Nadine pouted and lightly punched Rae in the shoulder, "Well you didn't have to sneak up on me and scare me so bad!"

The drowess smirked and laughed all the harder before giving the lycan a light-hearted hug. That had been the mood they were all in now. They were all incredibly relieved to have found the others alive and well. Joy filled them so much that even the dark assassin was unusually bright in mood.

Blaze grinned back to them before looking back to the bush he was studying that bore an odd looking round fruit. It looked edible enough but he wasn't sure if it was poisonous or not. He reached in to grab one as he looked back to Kendra. The fruit felt smooth and soft yet firm, hinting at maybe the inside not being so edible.

"Hey, Kendra! I need you over here to see if you know this fr..."

His breath seized as something seized his throat powerfully. The young warrior could only wheeze out a gasp as the others looked to see why he stopped speaking suddenly. They were shocked to see part of the bush lift up and Blaze along with it. His legs kicked out in the air now as his one hand gripped at his throat. Looking down, he was surprised to see that it was a hand gripping him!

Following the hand up to the muscled arm and further towards its owner, he gasped when he saw the large woman camouflaged much like the bush along with mud and paint. Looking down, he blinked when he saw that he wasn't grabbing a fruit but a large melon rather in an Amazonian woman's tit! Oh shit...

"Don't move," her voice commanded as his friends began to come to his aide, "or I crush his throat."

Blaze swallowed audibly at that threat as sweat trickled down his face that was certainly not from the tropical heat. His four companions froze hesitantly as they shared uncertain looks, questioning whether they could act swiftly enough in killing the Amazon warrior. The strong cold stare from those blue eyes of the warrior dared them defiantly to try so she could prove that they would fail. He waved them off with his free hand before they could decide. Threatening as she seemed, the Amazon could have killed him already had that been her intent all along.

Her blue eyes looked to him now coldly with mild disgust hidden in those depths. "You're not as stupid as I'd expect a man to be, I'll give you that. You must also have trust in your companions to heed your commands to remain where they are. But still a disgusting man nonetheless..."

He was half-tempted to stick his tongue out at her in response to her sexist rhetoric, but she was going to squeeze it out anyway at the rate of her hand gripping his throat tightly! Lifting her free hand to her supple lips, the jungle warrior unleashed a short high-pitched whistle. They all waited for a moment as nothing happened. Blaze studied her looks in the meantime to take his mind away from the painful burn in his neck.

Her physique was amazing. He knew he was toned himself as well as his friends being very strong or athletic in their bodies to suite their abilities. But he was nothing compared to this woman. He doubted there was an ounce of fat on her. Yet she managed to keep a very attractive womanly figure. He'd seen in a circus before a strong arm woman as an attraction. That woman was so massively muscled that many thought she was a man for she had a flat chest and tight ass due to the intense muscularity. Not so with this Amazon!

If not for the blood circulation being cut from his head by her grip, his blood may very well be gushing out of his nose. Her tits were as big as Tyra's and an ass shapely enough to give Nadine and Rae some competition. Her long blonde hair swayed gently behind her in the moist, humid breeze. Beautiful, yet not more so than his friends, let alone Kendra.

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