tagSci-Fi & FantasyBlazing Glory Ch. 12

Blazing Glory Ch. 12


This is a work of my own creation and, being so, is a parody of many races of fantasy that have been created over the past century. Any similarity of characters with real world is either coincidence or intended with implied differences (Example: If I wanted to write a story on say Jasmine of Disney because she's hot, the character will be similar in appearance but different physically in ways as well as psychologically). Under no circumstances should anyone under 18, or 21 (under local government law), or any non-Adult read this! This work contains graphic violence and acts of pornography. Regardless of description (or me simply forgetting to state it in the story), none of the characters in my stories are intended to be under eighteen years of age.

With that disclaimer aside, sit back and enjoy the stories filled with sex and (gasp!) plot.

Feel free to send feedback to me.

Chapter 12 -- Fields of Anarchy

The hawk's scream pierced the air as it soared high on the air currents in the sky. The sound would have been audible to any living thing on the ground. However, it was not above the chaos on the surface for miles around. From its vantage it could see two massive armies crushing into one another in a bloodbath that would have turn the most bloodthirsty ill. Despite there being many different humanoid creatures in both armies one could easily tell each apart.

One army was distinctly more organized than the other in its formation. Even amidst the turmoil of the front line, they maintained rank and order as they fought ferociously for their lives. The other army by comparison was simply an oncoming horde of monsters. They charged mindlessly towards their enemy in an attempt to overwhelm and crush. Gradually they were succeeding. The more orderly army was giving ground slowly and grudgingly with its back to the Sonel Sea not far away in the east. The massive army simply hammered upon the smaller repeatedly in its effort to whittle them down to nothing.

Among the grunts of effort and screams of agony an odd sound could occasionally be heard above the anarchy. It was a low whistle that was often followed by sharp metal clash or thud of a meaty impact. Grunts and cries shortly came after those sounds. Another low whistle sounded and a goblin screamed as it was thrown into the air only to be skewered on a raised spear a good distance away. The low whistle announced itself to the world once more. This time a massive orc grunted and crumpled down to the ground quickly, its helmet half caved in with blood pouring out.

Even though the surge of the army continued on against the other army around them, the numerous orcs and goblins surged backwards from the onslaught of this sound to form a ring. In the middle of the temporary clearing a low figure crouched with the source of the sound. Glancing about, the supple figure rose slowly and whipped the metal staff about it so quickly it became an almost invisible blur. The low whistle sounded against as it sliced through the air before terminating as the figure slammed one end into the ground.

"C'mon boys," a rich sensual voiced purred softly, "don't tell me that is all you have now?"

Ridiculously in such a dangerous environment, the female lycan confidently leaned against her staff nonchalantly. Her free hand moved up to brush long black bangs from her golden eyes to observe the situation she was in. The orcs and goblins around her gazed hungrily in return. Some hungered simply for her blood as they had watched her drop many of their comrades with ease.

Others gazed hungrily at her body in a lustful desire to possess it. The lycan's figure was a luscious sight to behold with full firm breasts that bounced only slightly with her movements. Her supple hips and heart shaped ass a sight to behold that often distracted the focus of her opponents all too easily. She was a catwoman whose long midnight black hair was waist length and swayed behind her in a loose ponytail. Much like a cat, a white underbody fur traveled from her groin to cover a significant portion of her front torso to frame an elegant face of beauty. But unlike most cat lycans, this one had tiger stripes across her body everywhere else. Dark black stripes over fur that was red. Blood red. But not from the damage she had inflicted as one would think.

"And I was looking forward to having such a good time today," Kali Teigra sighed mockingly with a flourish of her hand. "You boys are so disappointing..."

A goblin to her right rear appeared to have had enough as it screamed with its short sword raised and charged. "You damn bitch! I swear I am going to skin your hide for a trophy after I kill you and skull fuck your corpse for a week!"

"Ah! Finally someone with some balls to fight!" Kali grinned as she spun about to face him. Her staff spun with her and arced upward to rise in time perfectly to smash into the goblins groin. The goblin's angered war cry instantly turned into a high pitched squeal as it was lifted up into the air and sent backwards out of sight behind the circle.

"Well... At least had some balls until that," she hummed impishly with an innocent look, tail swaying about.

The orcs and goblins growled angrily at her indifferent arrogance. Raising their weapons they readied to charge her all at once again, determined to cut her into bloody bits.

"Now that's more like it," she purred softly and dropped into a ready crouch.

Right as the first orc took the first step towards her, jaws filled with sharp fangs snapped closed around its head before the gatorman twisted its head. The orc's neck twisted with it until a sickening snap was heard. So preoccupied with her, they had failed to noticed a lycan surge moving towards them until it was too late.

"Awww," Kali moaned with a small pout as the lycan surge crashed through the line and past her. A goblin to her right screamed as a behemoth lionman raised it up in the air before ripping it in half with nothing other than strength alone. At the sight of Dio, Kali's shoulders slumped while he stomped up to her.

"Kali! What are you thinking!? Did you forget what we talked about?" The lionman asked in exasperation. He waved his arms about before letting them fall limply to his side, "I can't protect you if you charge wildly into danger like this."

With the lionman and leader of the lycan regiment towering above her, Kali couldn't meet his eyes even though she could have. Averting her gaze to the lycans streaming past the two of them to push the enemy line further back, she clenched her staff tightly.

"I told you already I don't need any special protection!"

"Heavens Kali! If I let you die out here, it would be me that would need the protection from your mother! That tigerwoman would tear me to bits!" He sighed as he peered over her quickly to assess their position and that of the enemy.

Kali leaned more heavily against the staff, not arguing the point that he was right about her mother. She had after all followed the army out of their main village. After being discovered a week later, she managed to convince Dio to let her stay with them. It still surprised her that she had managed to, but she never pressed any more why Dio quickly gave in to her.

"Look, the line is folding and falling back," he sighed. "This time stay with me and do not charge recklessly into the enemy line again by yourself. I don't think my heart could take another shock like that again."

Knowing better to argue with him this time, Kali simply nodded and whipped her staff about to ready herself as the orcs and goblins once again came at them. For a brief moment, she found herself thinking of her big sister and whispering softly to herself as she raised her staff to the onslaught coming once again.

"Times like this I miss having you around Nadine..."


With a sigh, Kali drew up to a halt and rested her hand on her cocked hip. She had arrived a little later than she wanted to and was now forced to wait in line for tonight's rationing of food. The day had been a long hard one after Dio had caught up to her. She had followed his orders and stuck by his side the entire time. He never ceased to amaze her in the simple yet brutal efficiency in which he killed on the battlefield.

A raised paw caught her eye and she saw Dio waving to her with a smile. She couldn't help but feel warmed by the gesture and return it in kind before he turned away to head off to the meeting with Queen Roselei of the elves.

Night had fallen across the armies and neither had an interest in continuing to fight in the dark with such numbers on both sides. Kali knew their side was killing the invading horde by the thousands but it hardly seemed to make a dent in their numbers that just kept coming. Meanwhile their side continued to lose many that they could ill afford to. It was getting bleaker with every passing day as they were pushed further east.

Lost in thought so much about the day's battle, she just then noticed the uncomfortable glances her way and the spacing of others who tried get away from her without her noticing. But she always noticed because they did it every time she came around. Rolling her eyes and sighing with impatience, the catwoman glanced around in hopes the food line would hurry it up.

"Well, well, WELL!" a male voice spoke from a few feet behind her, "I came here looking for food but did not expect my hunger to turn for some pussy.... cat"

A shiver of revulsion ran down her spine before she turned to give a cold glare at whom she saw now was a sneering jackalman moseying up to her.

"Careful now friend," someone else chimed in a low voice behind them, voice tinged with both revulsion and fear. "That's the Hellcat you're dealing with there. She'll come to you in the middle of the night to drain you of your soul if you cross her."

"Or drain your blood for sacrifice to the demons and bathe in whatever is left!" whispered another in a trembling voice.

Kali lowered her gaze slightly as she moved forward slowly with the line. Much as she tried to ignore their words and show no effect from them, those words stung like a hot barb to her soul. Her hand tightened into a clenched fist as she resolved herself to get her food and be away from them quickly if they desired it so much.

"Bah!" The jackalman dismissed their words with a harsh barking laugh. "You fools! Demonspawn she may be, but you cannot ignore such an exquisite figure. Such a fine piece of ass to have a nice fucking with and you all would give it up because of rumors!"

Her fur bristled on her neck with indignation at his comments that she was just an object for pleasure and nothing more. Her fist tightened painfully at her side as she tried to keep her temper in check. She was about ready to turn her head and snap a comment towards him at least when her blood went as cold as ice. Strong arms circled about her body from behind with his hands sliding about her fur covered torso. One hand moved up to cup her large breast in a squeezing fondle before his fingers pinched her nipple painfully. His other hand slid down her toned belly towards the destination of his filthy desires.

"Come now, love," He whispered huskily into her right ear. "All I'm asking is for a little fun that you want to have too, right? Let's go for romp in my tent. There you can howl and scream like a banshee all you want. Let the entire lycan army hear the filthy, slutty whore you really are!"


Kali gasped as she staggered forward to recover herself. Her vision had gone to hot white in an instant as her body had seized up. The back of her right hand stung so much in pain as she looked down to it in shock. Groggily coming out of her daze, she then heard the howls of agony behind her. Turning slowly, she could see out of the corner of her eye the jackalman rolling about on the ground clutching at a bloody, broken muzzle as others tried to get to him in order to help. Without moving, her eyes glanced about to see the line scattered and everyone backing away from her.

Swallowing back the tears from the pain in her hand and the indignation of suffering this, she simply marched past the others to the large cauldron. Grabbing a bowl quickly, she ladled stew into it swiftly and quietly made her way out of their presence. She could feel all of their eyes burning into her back.

Sitting down at the small campfire she had left by her tent, Kali nearly broke into tears but fought it back fiercely. She wouldn't cry. She simply refused to! She had endured their fear, their hatred, their contempt all her life and she wouldn't give in now of all times.

It wasn't outside the norm for lycans of different animal types to have mixed children through their unions. The lycan race was not so much purists when it came to that. The children of such unions often exhibited physical characteristics dominantly of one of the parents with a select few of the traits from the other. Her father was a black-furred catman and her mother a tigerwoman. Nadine and Kali naturally had the body of a catwoman but the select trait of the tiger striping.

Nadine was a bit unusual in that her fur was black and stripes orange, opposite of a tiger's true coloring. But she was able to quickly get others used to that with her cheerful attitude to win them over. But not Kali. Her stripes were black just fine. Yet her fur coloring was not orange, but a blood red instead.

She always remembered as a little girl the whispers around the corners about how it wasn't natural given both her parents' physical traits. Spawn of the netherworld gods they whispered about her. Her mother whoring herself to demons others surmised in quiet. She still heard them and when she asked her mother about what they meant, she never forgot what happened afterward.

Her mother's eyes teared up and such a look of sadness overcame the fierce, proud tigerwoman. Her mother knelt down before her and embraced her tightly. Those arms trembled slightly as her mother whispered those words into her ear.

"Never let those words into your heart. Never let them win. Never let them see you cry. You are more beautiful than they will ever know. Take their hatred and fear. Feed on it for your strength. Use that strength to silence their words with awe... Show them how special and incredible you are..."

Kali blinked as a tear rolled down her cheek at remembering her mother's words. She wiped her cheek and looked up at the stars as those remaining words echoed in her mind.

"As I know you are, my little one..."


Dio growled to himself in frustration as he looked out across the battlefield. That was if he could see the battlefield! A bank of dense sea fog had rolled in from the sea behind them with the land breeze overnight. Hence the source of his growing ire at being unable to gauge the enemy's distance. Raising his nose to the air and sniffing slightly, he could smell their coming stench of unwashed orc and goblin bodies above the salty tinge.

The lionman stood just out ahead of the line of lycans behind him in consideration of this weather in the early morning. Just maybe they would have an advantage if this fog held on through the day. He recalled the heated meeting the evening prior in the elven queen's tent. The dwarven and elven general were angrily arguing over the best course of action. The elf wanted to continue trying to press an attack with various strategies from his decorated past in conflicts. The dwarf and his men had been decimated in the underworld and knew firsthand the depth of the forces they faced. The well-muscled short man argued for a gradual retreat until the promised reinforcements from the human armies would arrive to press back.

Dio had simply shook his head and remained silent. Both were wrong in their desperation. No attack was going to work against the massive army out there. They were barely holding off being overrun each day as it was. The army was so large and covering an expanse of land that no retreat was possible. Their backs were to the sea with no escape. Dio preferred it that way. With one's own life on the line and being backed up against the wall, desperation turned into savagery that gave the men strength to tear into the enemy in their desire to live.

After arguing themselves breathless, Queen Roselei interjected that their best hope was to hold out as best they could where they were until the reinforcements came. Dio nodded his agreement before the other men grudgingly did as well. The situation still looked bleak for the next few days, if they were lucky enough to have such time left.

Peering out into the fog with a sigh, he wished more than ever that Kali were not here. How could have refused her? She had followed them without notice for too long before being discovered in order to send her back. Truth be told, the old lionman was soft at heart when it came to the catwoman. His life mate and child had died in birthing so long ago. His life felt so wretched and worthless afterwards. Then he met Kali. Her fierce defiant eyes dared him to judge her at such a young age. He accepted her when most of the rest would not and had come to think of her as he would his own cub. She'd brought the light back into his life.

Now, after arguing with him for an entire night until he caved, she was here in the army he commanded. The thought of losing her terrified him more than losing his own life. It made his hackles rise in growing fury in response.

The dull ominous horns of the enemy sounded from a distance in the fog signaling the advance upon them had begun. Dio reared back his head and let his lion's roar shatter the morning fog in challenge. Animal sounds of fury filled the air soon after from his men behind and the horns from the elves and dwarves sounded their charge.

Leaning forward, his great paws launched him forward into the fog as his claws clicked and sprang free in their hunger for blood. Through the wisps and breaks in the thick fog he charged through, a flash of red to his right caught his attention. No one should be out ahead of him already so swiftly! His heart dropped as he caught a glint of metal. No...

Growling as he started running harder, he could only think of how that catwoman was going to make him go gray in the mane before his time!


The air screamed past her ears and whipped into her vision. Fog flew past her in breaks yet it seemed so surreal in it that visually looked like she was not going as fast as she thought. But Kali knew better by the rapid pounding of her feet and bent over low in a full headlong sprint. The catwoman remained silent and grimly focused as she sped out ahead of her fellow lycans. She would show them all her worth! Today she would decimate the enemy so much that they would never forget her!

A break in the fog caught her attention from her thoughts, allowing her to see ahead at least fifty yards. At the same moment she broke out of the fog, her golden eyes locked onto a line of massive orcs and smaller goblins doing the same from the opposite end. Seeing her, they immediately lowered spears and pikes to skewer her. A small grin came to her lips as she sprinted even harder towards them. Above the roar of wind and battle cries, she thought she heard her named called but it was too late now.

Having had it tucked across her back for balance, Kali now whipped her staff around and slammed it into the hardened dirt ground. Her feet left the ground as she launched herself above the would-be piercing spears. Twisting herself in the air as she pulled her weapon with her, she spun around with it before she crashed into the scattering soldiers behind the front line.

"C'mon boys!" she laughed, "Time to dance!"

Her arms became fluid as she spun around with her weapon in an upward arc that crushed a goblin's chin and sent it screaming high into the air. Her staff whistled through the air as it came crashing down into an orc's helmet with enough to split both metal and bone. Every movement was executed in her vision clearly as her body moved like liquid quicksilver through the ranks of orcs and goblins in deadly efficiency. Her motions were lightning fast and smooth so much that the enemy ranks did not know what hit them. She tore through them and was gone before they realized what had occurred. This is what she had trained hard for all her life and she was putting her mastery to work. That vicious grin never left her face the entire time.

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