tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBldg #201: Movie Night

Bldg #201: Movie Night


© 1997, 2006

I opened the door to see Stacy standing there with the popcorn; two huge bags that only one store in the entire city carried. We loved popcorn, and it would be far less time consuming and expensive to just buy pre-popped. Deidra followed her in the door. This was the one-year anniversary of Deidra's divorce. She didn't feel like she wanted to be alone, or in the apartment she and her ex-husband shared.

Stacy and I already had plans to kick it that night. I was getting out of the shower when she called and said Deidra was having a rough day. I can't say that I didn't get a quick image of ménage à trios; but Deirdre was a cool friend, and now wasn't the time for that. We've known each other for about two years. If I were in need, I'm sure she'd open her home to me. So I put my libido aside, and invited them both over here. I didn't have a roommate or anything, so we could be up all night and not bother anyone. They both claimed a spot on the floor; I curled back up on the couch and brought up the fact that we still hadn't decided on what video to watch first.

We agreed on New Jack City – something we could talk and heckle our way through since we had each seen it several times before. I got it out of the bag of videos I picked up on my way home from work and Stacy popped it in. I have to admit, my motives for inviting Deidra over weren't totally altruistic – I'm a man. Not that a man couldn't be the kind of friend she needs right now, just that I couldn't be – easily. I am very attracted to Deidra, have been since I met her. She's about 5'8", skin tone that of mahogany, and curvaceous. We work in the same office building.

I was trying to talk to her, when it came out that she was married. I had come at her from a friend angle because I had watched her enough to know that she responded best to slow approaches. I got to like her as a person, and didn't want to just distance myself from her once my game had been blown. As much as I wanted her, I respected her marriage. Later I told her I was looking for a woman, and she hooked me up with Stacy.

Stacy was cute: about 5'6", about two or three shades lighter than Deidra, and somewhat less curvaceous – she had a round, sexy ass, but her titties were a size a two small for her proportions. I'm 6'and about 190, by the way. Stacy and I got our swerve on a couple of times, even though we knew there weren't any love connections going on. In fact, she joked one time in front of Deidra that as good as our sex was, if we lived together we'd end up in the hospital. I hated that Deidra knew that Stacy and I boned, because part of me felt like that blew my chances of getting with her after her divorce.

While my comments were apart of the conversations that were going on, my mind was on what this night might be like if Deidra had come without Stacy. Granted, I would feel bad in the morning for violating the friendship I had with Deidra at a time when she was vulnerable, but I would feel oh so good in the meantime. I would've had some Jazz on the radio, expensive wine in the glasses, and my array of massage oils warmed up and ready to go. I could see myself rubbing and nibbling on Deidra's pleasingly plump body. I was glad that I was behind Deidra and Stacy because it seemed like I was adjusting my dick every ten minutes. I couldn't help looking at her curves, and her bare feet that peeked out from the blanket she was under. I was all too glad to let her wrap up in it, so it would have her body's scent all through it. Not that I was going to do anything too freaky with it afterwards, but I could just see myself wrapped in it while I . . . relived some tension.

I went to the kitchen to mix another drink at the beginning of the closing credits. When I came back to the living room, Stacy had put the DVD back in its case and was looking through the bag for our next selection. It didn't dawn on me until I heard her squeal that I didn't take the porno that I rented for myself out of the bag. Stacy, being the wild child that she is, waved it in the air and repeated that she didn't know I was like that.

"Girl please, that's the one you recommended!" I shot back.

Deidra got curious about what Stacy was waving around. Stacy tossed it to her before I could get it out of her hands – now my chances with her were really shot.

"I ain't freaky like that!"

Deidra joined in the teasing, "Ain't you the one who took me to a Secret Treasures party?"

"He wasn't suppose to know about that," Stacy shhh'd her.

"She's already showed me a book of harnesses and contraptions she wants me to put her in, Deidra."

"Oh no you didn't!" Stacy screamed. "Girl, he is lying through his teeth!"

"One of them is still under my bed, right now!"

"I know you ain't lying, Greg. I've known this girl was a freak for years!"

"I'm through with both of you," Stacy laughed. She really wasn't as wild as I teased her to be, but she did have a healthy sexual appetite.

"But you never did say what you were doing with this," Deidra looked at me.

"I, uh, got it for a bachelor party I'm going to tomorrow. I was in charge of the entertainment."

"And you got a damn DVD, instead of a live stripper?" Stacy laughed. "They gonna kick your ass when you walk in with this!"

Finally I give up trying to explain why I have the movie and just let them joke away. Then Stacy asks if she can put it in. I was too shocked to answer, and she said since I was going to watch it tomorrow night anyway I might as well preview it now.

"I got Hoodlum in there too. Don't y'all want to see that?" I reached for the bag.

"Nope," Stacy snatched the bag, pushes play and gets back in her seat.

The movie was from the Double-Dipped series, and every scene was of a girl and two guys. She sucks their dicks, one fucks her from behind while she sucks the other dick, then she rides the one she sucked while sucking the one she fucked. The room was quiet, except for Stacy, who was kind of rooting the girl on. Deidra's feet kept fidgeting under the blanket, and my hand was dying to rub my dick. Then the three in the video positioned themselves so both guys could fuck the girl at the same time. Stacy got up and sat on the couch with me to rub my dick with her eyes glued to the television. She worked her hand into my pants, and I put my hand under her shirt to rub her titties.

By the time the guys are cumming on the woman's face and in her mouth, Stacy had my dick out of my pants and her shirt was off. Deidra looks back when that scene fades out and sees Stacy and me very into each other. She looks at us for a second, then gets up and folds the blanket. I sit up, apologize, and say that we just got carried away.

"Don't apologize, I was the one who honed in on your night. I know you guys had plans already."

Stacy put her shirt back on, "No, we wanted to be here for you – we just got carried away."

"It's okay."

"I told you to put Hoodlum in, Stacy."

"Hey, I said its okay," Deidra said putting on her shoes. "You guys did help me feel better. Now I need to get out of your way and let you have the rest of your night."

Stacy straightened her shirt, "Are you sure?"

"Trust me, I'm sure."

I get up, "Let me walk you to your car."

"No," she watches me pulling my pants up, "that's okay. Actually, that's kinda nice," she points to my swelling dick, but you don't have to walk me out. My car is right in front, and its well lit out there." She opens the door, "Y'all have a good night – thanks again."

No sooner then the front door closes, Stacy is out of her shirt. In a flash, my pants were back around my ankles and her lips were wrapped around my dick. Regardless of how many times I have to apologize to Deidra on Monday for making her uncomfortable, I wasn't about to tell Stacy to stop at that point. Stacy took her time sucking my dick. Long, strong strokes, letting me feel the roughness of her tongue glide across my dick. I stood there in the classic Superman pose, sometimes looking down on her with words of encouragement, and sometimes with my head back moaning in full enjoyment. The last time we were together was two months prior; and, not that she wasn't good then, but she must have picked up a skill or two since. She tickled my nuts with her fingertips, and soon I was cumming in her mouth.

After the main pumps, Stacy looked up at me with a smile while tapping my tip on her tongue, "You liked that, didn't you?"

"Hell yeah!"

She smiled, then she used my tip to wipe some of the spilled-over cum back into her mouth, before giving me a few more sucks as she swallowed.

I wasted no time in getting her out of her remaining clothes and kneeling down to burying my face between her legs. Stacy had trimmed her hairs, so there was very little obstruction to where I wanted to go. She shifted so she could put one foot on the back of the couch and the other on the floor to give me easier access. I took that opportunity to see just how turned on she was by the scene in the video by circling my finger around her asshole. She squirmed and her moans got deeper. Little by little I worked my finger in, and stroked her like it was a dick. I licked her pussy lips and poked my tongue in her pussy for a while. I did the Sam Kinison Alphabet Technique before I concentrated my attention on her clit. Stacy grabbed my locs and grinded her pussy into my face as she moaned.

Just as I started flicking it with the tip of my tongue, I heard my door opened. Stacy hadn't heard it, and couldn't see the door from her position even if her eyes had been open. Deidra came around the corner. I finished eating Stacy to climax while looking at Deidra. She stood there with a look I was sure was lust on her face watching us. Stacy rode my face until her body had stopped convulsing.

"I'm glad you came back."

"Oh baby, I'll always come back to a tongue like this!" Stacy thought I was talking to her. She looked at me, and I pointed to Deidra. "Girl! How long you been there?"

"She came back in for the good part," I smiled, wiping my mouth.

"I guess you guys didn't keep watching that movie after all."

I looked over, and there was a whole new set of people on the screen about to cum all over each other. "I guess not," I laughed.

Stacy didn't make any attempts to cover herself, "Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine."

"We can go to the bedroom if you want to watch something."

I was a little upset that Stacy was making the assumption I wanted to be with her more so that Deidra, but not so much that I wouldn't go to the bedroom with her. Deidra was being hesitant, but I had my toes crossed that she wanted to join. I ate Stacy's pussy well; but given a shot at Deidra's, I would eat her pussy like Thanksgiving Dinner – until I was fat and needed to go to sleep.

Stacy stood up and started to the bedroom when Deidra pushed "Can I come too?" through her lips.


"When I got outside the door, I remembered that I'm not attached to anyone anymore," Diedra said while she walked around us to the loveseat. "Plus, I could hear you two in here quite clearly. After listening for while, I asked myself why I was standing in the hallway."

"Were we really that loud?"

She laughed while nodding her head.

"You must've liked what you heard."

"You two were certainly into it."

"Pervert," Stacy sat up to lean over my shoulder and rub my chest when I turned to face Deidra so she had a clear view of what she commented on earlier, "So what did you have in mind, besides listening?"

She shrugged, "Mind if I watch?"

Stacy moved her hands down to my dick, and Deidra's eyes followed. I was semi-hard, but her stroking got me the rest of the way up. "I don't think you'll be able to just watch for long," she slid off the couch onto her knees in front me.

I took my cue and positioned my dick to slide into her pussy, though keeping my eye on Deidra as she stepped out of her pants and opened her blouse. She sat down on the loveseat perpendicular to the couch. Stacy's pussy felt good to my dick, but my mind was on Deidra. I wanted to see her out of the rest of her clothes. I wanted to see her bare, from head to foot. I wanted to see how even her skin tone was; I wanted to see her titties free; and I wanted to see the creases that formed the Y.

"C'mon baby, don't hold back on me," Stacy moaned.

Deidra was aware of my gaze, and cracked a smile as she slowly moved her hands over her body.

I put my mind on Stacy, and dipped my hip on the downstroke.

Her body jerked, "Yeahhhhh."

I dipped a few more times, then smacked her ass.

"That's what I'm talking about! C'mon, baby!"

I put my hands right where the thigh and ass connect, and pulled her back hard to push my dick deeper.

"Yessssss, work it!"

"Mmmmmmmm, work it," Deidra moaned.

I looked over, and she was licking her lips as she watched us, with her hand in her panty waistband. Her left leg was over the arm of the loveseat, and I could see her fingers working under the purple material.

"You want more?"

They both said yes – Stacy moaned, and Deidra whispered.

I slide my dick out to where I was pushing only an inch or two into her, "I didn't hear you."

"I want more," Stacy lifted her head from the sofa cushion.

I kept short-dicking her, and asked again if she wanted more – while looking at Deidra.


Deidra looked right at me, and mouthed the words 'fuck her' to me.

I bit my mower lip.

Deidra lifted her hips, and used her other hand to help pull her panties past her thighs and calves, and off her feet. She put her leg back over the arm, and mouthed 'fuck her' again as she put her hands just above her pussy and pushed them down

I saw how wet Deidra was, and that her clit was exposed. As much as I wanted to suck on it, I turned my attention back to Stacy. I slid deep into her pussy, feeling her cervix part.

"Fuck yeahhh!"

I slowly pulled back, then thrust in deep several more times. I took my left hand off her hip, and rubbed it over her back as I thrust. Then I brought it back to her ass, and smacked it a few times. She let out a little scream with each slap.

I looked over to Deidra, "You like that?"

"I love it," Stacy said over and over through heavy breaths.

Deidra had opened the front clasp of her bra. She was using her left hand to tease her nipples, and rubbing the fingers of her right hand over her clit.

I slowed down my thrusting and smacked her ass a few more times, asking, "Are you sure?"

Deidra nodded her head, and slid down on the loveseat so I could see two of her fingers slide inside her mahogany pussy. When her fingers slid out, I could see that wonderful contrast of pink on the inside. 'Fuck her good,' she mouthed again.

"Are you ready to cum?"

Deidra nodded, while Stacy called out, "Yesssss!"

I dipped my hip a few times, then put both hands at the small of her back and started a rhythm that steadily increased until I almost let loose inside her. I paused for a second to regain control, and Stacy cried out as she orgasmed. I stayed still and tried not to release as her body shook and her pussy pulsed around my dick.

Deidra was going into her own orgasm, and tried to muffle her moans. Stacy heard her and turned her head to watch as well. Deidra panted and shook for a minute, then opened her eyes when her body calmed down. She saw us looking at her and smiled, "Hi."

"Hello," I laughed as I pulled my locs back. "How are you?"

"Oh, I'm fine," she slid her fingers out. "Just fine."

Stacy shifted to get up, "You two are silly." Her movement caused my dick to pop out. She turned to get me to lay on my back, then straddled me. She reached behind her, and guided my wet dick back inside her. Once she slid down, she brought her hand to her mouth to lick her fingers as she started moving her hips.

"Damn," Deidra hissed.

"What's wrong?"

Deidra shook her head as she started touching her pussy again.

I loved the shape Stacy's body took when she was on top of me like this – her hips spread out, with her ass cheeks pushed up behind; the lines on either side of her abs leading up to her titties. But my attention was split between her and Deidra.

She got off the loveseat and spread her legs on the floor. "How's that dick feel, girl?"

Stacy smiled and looked at her, "Feels real good."

If dreams came true, she'd push Stacy off and find out for herself.

"Tell me about it."

Stacy grinded her hips, "I can put him right where I want him," she shifted directions, "I can stroke him up," she shifted again, "or I can stroke him down," she put her hands on my chest, "or best of all, I can ride it like a horse and let nature take its course."

My eyes had been open to watch them both, but when she started bouncing on my dick I had to close my eyes to concentrate on not cumming.

"Look at him," I heard Stacy say. "That's how I know I got him, when he wrinkles his forehead like that. That's when I know I got this pussy feeling good to his dick."

"Is that right, Greg?"

I bit my upper and lower lips into my mouth.

"Answer her baby, if you can," Stacy teased as she changed motions again. "Don't my pussy feel good?"

"Real good," I blurted out, then bit my lips again.

"Ain't it sexy to have a man jacked up like this?"

"Girl, it sure is."

"Knowing when he's in public, folks look at him and think he so strong and together."

"Or when he's got on his suit at the office, people think he's so professional."

"Right! Then you get him home, put a little pussy on him, and that strong, professional façade falls away."

"The powerful brotha, reduced to shreds," Deidra laughed. "At the mercy of pussy," she said slowly in my ear.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh," my face was contorting at the feel of Stacy's pussy, and their words. I put my hands on Stacy's hips to assert what little control I could on her movements. Hearing them taunt and tease me like that added a strange excitement. I had to shake my head a few times when I felt myself on the edge.

"Ain't that sexy, seeing him fight like that?" Stacy asked. "His dick wants to shoot its cum inside me so bad, but he's not ready to come out of this pussy yet. Ain't that right?"

"Uh huh," I moaned. "That's right."

"But he's trying his hardest to hold back," Deidra said. "Don't you hate it when they do that?"

"I do; he's just trying to make me work harder." Stacy started bouncing again, "You know this pussy is good, and you know you want to paint the walls of it with your cum – so just let go!"

I bent my legs and shook my head 'no'. I felt one of Stacy's hands move from my chest, and then I felt a hand on my nuts.

"So damn stubborn!" she rubbed my nuts. "You know I'm gonna get it! You know its mine! So just give it to me!"

I took a deep breath, and shook my head 'no' again.

I heard a smack. Stacy cried out, but I knew I hadn't moved my hands from Stacy's hips. I also knew her hands hadn't moved from my chest and my nuts. I heard another smack, and opened my eyes to see Deidra delivering a third smack to Stacy's ass. Stacy responded by moving her hand from my nuts and bouncing on me faster.

"Ride him harder," she smacked her ass a fourth time. "That's what he wants, right? He wants you to fuck him!" she smacked again. "So fuck that mutha fucker!"

"Oh shit," Stacy cried as she bent her back to pump her hips even harder on my dick than I thought she was capable. I felt the begining sensations of rug burns forming on my back, but didn't care at that moment.

"Fuck that dick, girl!" Deidra smacked again, "Fuck that dick!"

"Daaaaaaammmmmmmmmnnnnnnn," Stacy's head fell back as her body shook and trembled.

I curled my toes and moved my legs to keep from letting loose.

"Did you get him?" Deidra asked when Stacy caught her breath.

"No," she slapped my chest. "He's still holding back."

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