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Bled Dry


He smiled across the crowded dance floor of the multi-colored rave, his waistcoat open to show the silk t—shirt above the tight jeans, a beacon of lust. She smiled back, the raven hair and dazzling green eyes radiating sex above the puckered pursed purple and bubblegum lips. Ivory skin kept ballooned with a corset tied in barbed wire, the fulsome roundness making all the men noticed the she-creature. Her gloved hands lifted a martini glass, staring back beyond the bottleneck and deep into his brown eyes. The dark skin goose bumped, his body touched by her glace as the air conditioning of the meat-market members flowed back & forth amid one another. She just saw him, and he her, as if they had done so for ages. Songs changed, he smiled again, and suddenly she was there, unblemished under the illegal-club lights shakily attached to the ceilings. Around the pair young couples took vitamin e, pulsing to the mad techno-inclined beat, pounding frantically in wild gyrations of unimaginable needs, unmet on the dance floor, but nonetheless stimulating.,

“You don’t look like you belong here”, she said into his ear, playfully licking the lobe. He smiled back: “Nor do you. We look like we belong in a Goth club or dungeon.

“Both laughed, then came almost nose to nose as they had started a second round of drinks.

“I’m Julian.”

“Ariana; nice meeting you. How did you wind up here?”

“A fellow artist had a show so I went there. This 2 a.m. shindig is supposed to be the after party.”

She laughed, smiling, touching his hand. He took her fingers, a cold embrace, smiling deeply into here eyes. She smiled back.


They found themselves in the backseat of a cab, kissing with delighted mad passion. Ariana giggled as Julian’s’ touch leapt and crept over her nape, his fingers deftly uplifting the smooth perfect breast, revealing it to the brilliant scant flashes of streetlights. His tongue swirled and quickly wrapped around the hear bud, lapping like mad. Another gasp, this time cutting but not bleeding the fingertip of the too-real barbed wire, and Julian felt both breast bouncing freely under his vision. The tongue slapped and slurped at both, licking and loving them wildly, gnawing, chewing, biting the hardened delights atop the full, perfectly smooth and round candied breast. Ariana groaned, feeling the warm sensations touching all of hers’ as the fingers intertwined in his hair, her legs whipped over his back and along his spine. Keeping him closer, suckling the amazingly hard sweet nipples. He pressed her to the vinyl, licking and sucking with wet, delicious sounds, grinding into the passage between her thighs. She kept him in a tight hold, groaning, stroking egging him on. His teeth bit, and then tugged the nipples, testing the elasticity, dry humping upward, into her, and the flashed of the passing making her emerald eyes glow like cats eyes. She smiled, perfect teeth, thick lips, and needy kisses, sucking his tongue, wanting him to enjoy the woman inside the amazingly perfect body.

Suddenly, he snapped upward, his fingertip, stopping from nursing the breast, sitting up in the leg lock. Ariana peered past the dimness, looking, locked on the single droplet of blood oozing out of his fingertip.

“M-m-may I... “, she asked hesitantly, smiling a bewitching smile, upturning her brows for a touch of the innocent all men craved. He smiled back, lowering his fingertip to her receiving tongue, watching it gently swirl and lap the wound. Hurried flicks touched and slurped the tiny droplet, consuming it, locking and surrounding the fingertip as it gently pumped teasingly over her tongue, her cheeks hollowed as she gave him a the licks a summers’ ice cream cone knows, eyes fixated on Julian’s returning gaze.

He smiled back as she sat up, tapping the cab glass: “Driver, we’re here”.


A small church in a quiet little post-boom neighborhood, and into the woods she led Julian by the hand. Ariana smiled, walking into the cemetery, smiling and tugging him. A flash of steps later and she stood atop a slab monument, smiling and cavorting like a creature of the night. Giggling as the wind swam through her hair leaves her partners in the air. Julian watched her peel her skirt down her smooth wonderful legs, a lycra puddle on her heeled ankles, tossing it past him. He licked hips lips, seeing past the smooth legs, the sweet round as cheeks and, and the perfectly cropped pussy hair, a small strip above the puffy lips and the sweetly exposed clit. Another turn to the unheard symphonies of the darkness and her corset went into the air behind her, carelessly lost, to the delights of being naked in front of the lusty, attractive man. She smiled again, sitting on the cold coffin enclosure, curling her finger to him.

“Strip Julian... join me in the delights of now and forever.”

Julian stood transfixed, watching the long ebony strands dance past her face, slipping off his coat, the silk t-shirt floating gently and his trousers careless around his ankles before stepping out of his loafers, crunching the leaves and into her embrace. Their souls melded in the deliciousness of the kiss, tongues swirling, nipple to nipple naked in the predawn hours of the cemetery. Ariana held tightly, the arch of her foot stroking his thigh and calf, then slowly wrapping around his buttocks, ankles joined, keeping him on her. He craned her back, the long hair cascading, dazzling teeth glowing in the moonlight.

“I want you in my mouth”, he whispered.

“Me too”, she replied.

Both slipped side by side, licking, kissing, touching into the deliciousness of each other. Ariana tasted precum, more necessary than blood. Julian slipped over the butterfly pinkness, encircling the clit, in a maddened pace, hungry for her. She groaned, the skillful hands kneading his testicles as she fucked her mouth with his cock, her nose on the balls, stroking them licking them. His finger, then fingers pumped deeper, faster, madly as his tongue spun the clit in wild flicking circles. Ariana’s thighs tightened and she pushed Julian away.

“You’re very good, but that’s not all that there is to me.”

And with that her head went to the slab turning her ass upward, her knees parting slowly exhibiting the perfect pink smile in the lashing touches of moonlight. Julian eyes the slippery passage, his cock raging in animal lust, bouncing in his lap as he climbed behind her. One hand hooked the waist, as the other steadied behind her. Perfect nails stroked the thick length, taking it slowly into herself.

Ariana howled a deep, unruly noise, as the cock entered inside, slowly widening her passage and lust. Julian gasped, enjoying her form behind, slowly, deviously fucking the snug little passage, right into the woman, willfully and growling his cock drowning in her juices.

“Oh Ariana! You’re so amazing!”

“Fuck me Julian... fuckme fuckme fuckme fuck meeeeee...!”

Shrieking, she met his strokes, fucking faster and deeper into her, his balls slapping her fingernails as groaned, humping back into herself, his cock a needed deeper and faster inside, and always harder. She wailed as the night air cascaded them in a blanket of cool breezes and scraping floating leaves. More unearthly moans filled the night, the couple copulating like frenzied wolves needing to fuck lest they die.

Ariana took all of his speed, a cold sweat breaking out on both of them, squealing, scrambling strokes, and the cock shuttling so fast the friction made her pussy drool like a mouth; her paleness blushed with the heightened delights. The moans of the duo rifled through the quiet, whispering cemetery, the pair almost a blur as she whipped his cock deeper and faster into Ariana’s needing furnace of womanliness. Julian felt the aching of his bloating cock, his body touched by the night’s mystery and power, groans splitting the moonlight asunder. Julian flipped Ariana onto her back, her fingers spinning her clit incredibly, as his cock flew out of her and into her mouth, feeding her all his power and strength. Ariana choked a groan, gobbling the cum as she took her body to the next level, her clit frenzied and unmistakably tender. A spew and a scream and both delighted in their mutual orgasms coursing through every nerve, every pore, every inch of their bodies. As Ariana finished her off, she smiled, saying softly, “Most men can’t get into my vampire kick, especially after just meeting me.”

A giggle and she sat up naked for his eyes delight, adding, “I hope you didn’t get bled dry?”

Julian smiled his canines suddenly larger, and protruding. “No, but you might be...”

The End

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