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Blended Family


Eric Robinson wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. He finished his first year of medical school and just wasn’t sure he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. He decided to take the summer off and visit his recently married dad in St. Louis. Eric had known his dad’s new wife, Nan, since he was a youngster. She was his father’s longtime nurse and assistant.

The fact that Nan was black was not an issue for Eric. She had a daughter, Jolene who was born when Nan was sixteen. Eric and Jolene played together when they were kids. He was two years older and hadn’t seen her for years. He wondered what she was doing now. Probably married with a bunch of kids… he thought to himself.

When Eric arrived he was greeted by Nan who appeared younger than her forty years. She gave him a warm hug, pressing him into her large breasts as she did when he was a young boy. He always enjoyed the feel of her tits against his chest and now he could appreciate them even more. He held his canvas bag in front of his crotch, trying to conceal the hard-on Nan’s boobs had created. Wow.. He was really horny, he thought to himself as a beautiful woman appeared in the doorway.

“You remember Jolene.. Don’t you Eric?” Nan said.

Damn… she was all grownup and lovely. Her skin tone was a bit darker than her mother’s milk chocolate. Her tits were just as large. She smiled and nodded as Eric stood there with his mouth open.

“Jolene… what a lovely surprise… what are you doing now?”

She explained she was in her second year of law school and beginning to interview with firms to hire her when she finished. “And then find a husband!” her mother added. Jolene shook her head.

Nan said Eric’s dad was running late, as usual, and would be home in time for dinner. Jolene showed him to his room and he unpacked.

Dr. Richard Robinson (Dick to his family and friends) is a successful family doctor with a large practice. A handsome, sixty year old, blue eyed, balding man, six feet three inches tall and at two hundred pounds, stayed fit by working out. He played golf when he had time. Eric’s dad arrived just before dinner and greeted him warmly.

At diner that night each give an update of what they had been doing and their plans for the week. Eric’s dad had a medical convention in Kansas City the day after next and Nan was staying home to catch up on some work at the office. Jolene had been there a week and was staying with them for the summer. Eric wasn’t sure how long he would stay.

During dinner he couldn’t keep his eyes of Jolene’s terrific tits and when he did look away he was staring at Nan’s bountiful boobs. He had a hard-on all through dinner and wondered how his dad dealt with having two sensual women in the house.

After dinner Eric meet some friends for drinks returning around midnight. The house was dark when he entered. He went to his room and undressed. Thinking about those two sets of beautiful boobs in the house he began stroking his cock.

Hearing sounds down the hall he followed the laughter and moans noticing a low light emanating from the master bedroom. While several yards away he could see his father and new wife touching, kissing, sucking and… Drawing closer Eric noticed the outline of someone on all fours… it was Jolene. She was naked, her large tits hanging down, a hand between her legs.. Playing with her pussy as she peeked in the room.

Jolene jumped as Eric knelt behind her and began running his tongue up and down her beautiful brown butt. He placed his hand over her mouth to keep her from crying out… She licked his palm as he continued to delight in her derriere.

Nestling his nose between her cheeks his tongue found her pussy. Tasting her warm juices, he flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue. Arching her back she pushed against his face as he continued his oral exploration. Raising up, his throbbing cock pressed against her ass crack and they watched his father fucking her mother.

Jolene reached back and positioned the head of his prick at her pussy’s lips, pressing back. Eric felt her tight hot flesh as he began to move to the rhythm of the newlyweds fucking in the room. He grabbed her swinging tits, pinching her large nipples as she met his thrusts. Their pace increased. Jolene bit her lip to keep from crying out each she had an orgasm.

“Oh doctor Dickey… fuck your naughty nurse Nan… give me that injection… make me your black slut… fuck me Dickey.. Fuck your mama hard…” Nan said in a throaty low voice.

“The doctor is in… and loving it baby…. Ride daddy’s rod…. Cum on my cock.. Cummm….. The doctor is ready to deliverrrr.. Ohhhh …god… baby…”

As his father shot his load, Eric filled Jolene’s cunt with his cum. Their pace slowed, bodies glistening with the sweat of love making. Eric withdrew and Jolene stood. Bending over she licked the residue from his semi hard cock as he laid on the floor. She kissed his lips and quietly returned to her room. Eric found his way back to his room.

The next morning Jolene walked into the kitchen and found a note from her mother. It advised that they had left for work and gave instructions on what was available for breakfast. Jolene poured two cups of coffee and entered Eric’s room. He was naked sleeping on top of the sheets.

Putting down the cups, she proceeded to give him a good morning blow job. Eric felt the warm moist mouth on his cock. Opening his eyes he watched Jolene’s pink tongue lick his now rigid rod. Her full red lips engulfed his shaft. Her beautiful black hair rippled as her head moved up and down with increasing speed until he exploded in her mouth.

Wiping a droplet from her lips, she kissed Eric and said with a laugh, “You don’t fuck bad for a white boy.”

“And you sure know how to work that black pussy of your's….what a fabulous fuck..” He retorted.

Eric took her full tits in hand and began to trace the large halo around her erect black nipples. He sucked one then the other as she held his head moaning with pleasure.

“Wasn’t that erotic?… last night… watching your dad fuck my mom… It really turned me on. And then when you started licking my ass and pussy…. god I was so wet.”

“Yah that was quite a sight….. Your mom sure knows how to fuck.”

Jolene continued to stroke his cock as they talked. “Looks like you’re ready for some more action.” She said as she bent forward and kissed the purple head of his thick cock.

Jolene straddled Eric and slowly lowered her dark labial lips over his pink prick. Her boobs bounced as she increased the pace… faster and faster… till she cried out and felt Eric’s emission fill her.

They spent the day exploring each other… touching… feeling …. licking …sucking… kissing and fucking. As they lay in each other's arms Jolene said, “I can’t get over how hot and horny I got watching Dick with mom last night…. You know I’d sure like to fuck your father.”

“Well thank you… I’m not enough for you?” Eric said with a smile…. “I know what you mean… it was a real turn on… and your mama is a fantastic fuck…I’d love to get some of that black booty. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do my dad and I could fuck your mom?”

Contemplating… Jolene said, “I have an idea how I can get alone with your dad… but you’ll have to figure out how to get in mom’s panties.” She giggled.

During dinner Jolene talked about having some appointments in Kansas City the next day but was concerned because her car was acting up and she was afraid of a breakdown. Dick reminded her his convention was in KC and he would enjoy her company on the drive. Eric smiled to himself as Jolene gave him a quick wink.

That night Eric didn’t bother with the newlywed show and went directly to Jolene’s room. He slid his hand under the sheets finding her sopping pussy. Fingering her love hole he kissed her lips before going to those marvelous melons he so loved to suck. Jolene stroked his shaft. Turning on her side, back to him she slid his shaft between her legs and into her waiting receptacle.

The next morning Jolene and Dick left for Kansas City. After Dick checked in his room he received a call from Jolene. She told him that the hotel had lost her reservation and there were no available rooms. (As planned, she didn’t make a reservation and knew the hotel was sold out.) Dick told her he had two beds in his room and she was welcome to stay there if she was comfortable with the idea.

Shortly after, Dick heard a knock on the door. As he opened it Jolene said, “Oh Dick you’re such a sweetheart to let me stay here… The damn hotel lost my reservation… you’re a life saver.”

After dinner they had a drink in the hotel bar. Dick excused himself going to the room. Feeling a little uneasy with the arrangements, he wanted to shower before Jolene got to the room.

Jolene had another drink with some of Dick’s collages who were falling over each other to impress the Ebony beauty. Dick showered quickly and got into bed to read. As the door was being opened he threw the sheet over his naked body.

Jolene smiled as she entered. They exchanged greetings… with Dick expressing his hope that his horny friends weren’t too crude. She assured him she handled their passes and entered the bathroom leaving the door slightly ajar… just incase Dick was curious.

A half hour later Jolene emerged wearing a short thin black nightie. Dick gulped as she sat on the edge of his bed.

“Dick…. I really appreciate you giving me a ride here and now... staying in your room… you’re such a dear… and I would like to show my appreciation…”

Jolene opened the top of her gown revealing her large brown breast and thrust them in her step-father‘s face. The sheet covering his body rose as though he had pitched a tent with his erect cock. She reached under the sheet resting her hand on his swollen shaft pulling it free. Dick attempted to push her hand away.

“Jolene… no.. you don’t have to… besides I‘m an old codger……I‘m… ”

She put her finger to his lips continuing to stroke his shaft. “But I want to.. Dick… I have always been attracted to you… I find mature men very sexy.”

“But I’m… I‘m old enough to be your father…”

“I know…. Doesn’t that make it more exciting?…Daddy?”

As she stroked his cock Dick took her large left nipple in his mouth… licking and sucking.

Dick was now past the point of no return. He didn’t think about his wife … her mother… The only thing on his mind now was having this lovely young lady suck his cock.

“Lay back baby…. Daddy wants to feed you.” He said.

Jolene laid on the bed, Dick straddling just above her tits, slid his thick white cock to her full red lips. Her tongue playfully traced around his swollen knob and then she grazed the head with her pearly white teeth. Bring a wonderful shudder to his body.

Jolene ran her tongue up and down his shaft and finally took the full measure of his manhood in her mouth. As her head moved back and forth Dick met her drive and plunged his cock deeper. His cum filled balls slapping against her chin as he face-fucked his beautiful stepdaughter. Jolene choked…as she became the recipient of his pent up passion cream.

Kissing the remains of his spunk from her lips Dick moved, kneeling between her open legs. He spread and kissed her dark brown labial lips and slid his tongue into the pink depths of her pussy. Savoring every taste, he licked and kissed making her cum as her sucked her clit.

Their orgy continued as Dick placed her on her side and slid his resurrected rod into her vessel from behind.

“Oh yes fuck me daddy… fuck me like you do mama….make you little girl cum…. Ohh daddy…. Yes..yes…. Ohhhhh..daddy..”

Dick kept pounding his prick into her sopping hot pussy…. Giving her multiple orgasm with each thrust. Jolene felt his cock expand and twitch and then felt the rush of hot fluid fill her body.


As Nan returned home from the office Eric greeted her at the door. “Since we have been deserted by dad and Jolene why don’t I take you out to dinner tonight?”

“Oh Eric that sounds wonderful… I could use a night out…. Let me get out of these scrubs, shower and put on something a little nicer.”

An hour later Nan appeared in a revealing white dress giving a stunning contrast to her beautiful brown skin. Eric was taken back how sexy she looked…. Trying to hide his instant hard-on he said.

“Wow.. You look hot, Nan…. Good enough to eat!” Oops…he shouldn’t have said that, he thought to himself.

“You think so?… I’m flattered.. It’s been a long time since I’ve been taken out by such a handsome young man.” She said with a smile.

Eric called a cab taking her to a very sheik restaurant. He had reserved one of the special booths which had curtains that could be closed for privacy. Eric had seduced more that one young lady in this very same cubicle.

“Oh my… Eric this is very sensual.” Nan whispered with a smile as the maitre d’ seated them. “You’re not going to seduce me tonight …are you?” She said with a nervous laugh.

Oh if you only knew, he thought to himself. Eric just smiled and asked what type of wine she preferred. The table was arranged so the couple sit next to each other. Eric moved his leg next to Nan’s and she didn’t move away.

Being a very demonstrative person Nan was one to grab an arm, touch or pat as she spoke. Eric took full advantage and enjoyed ever opportunity he had to brush up against her lovely breast. Which were bursting out of her low cut dress.

They finished the first bottle of wine before the main course was served. Eric ordered a second and filled Nan’s glass. Putting up her hand Nan said, “Oh I don’t know Eric… I’m beginning to feel a little tipsy.” He kept pouring and she kept drinking.

As the waiter cleared the table Eric ordered an after dinner drink and coffee for two. After serving the drinks the waiter gave a knowing glance at Eric and closed the curtains. Nan turned to Eric.

“Eric this has been a most lovely evening… I am really enjoying myself.. You’re a dear!” She said kissing his cheek.

Putting his arm around her he responded, “And it’s not over… Nan.” He pulled her towards him and kissed her. She pushed away slightly. “Oh god Nan I’m sorry…”

“No… no Eric… I’m to blame… the night is so lovely and I.. I… I am attracted to you. You remind me so much of your father as a young man… and I..”

Eric urged her to continued... "I have always been in love with your father.. Even before your mother died… I know it was wrong… You know I wasn’t married when I had Jolene… and your dad was so kind to us when I came to work for him.” She paused.

“We have lived together for the last five years and now we are married. I love him and all … but you and I are actually closer in age…”

Eric held her and kissed her once more…. This time she didn’t resist. His hand moved to her breast patting and stroking while her long fingernails traced the length of his hard cock through the material of his pants... stimulating his shaft even more.

“You know Nan I have wanted you since I was a young boy and knew about sex.”

During the cab ride home they held each other kissing. Eric slid his hand between her bulbous boobs… she laughed at his obsession with her breast. The cabbie wished him a fun filled night with a wink as Eric gave him a generous tip.

Once inside Nan kissed her stepson. As he reached for her bottom she pushed him back and said to wait ten minutes and then come in the bedroom.

It seemed like ten hours. Eric dropped his pants and began stroking his cock as he waited. The door opened slightly and he heard, “Come on in baby.”

Eric realized he still had his shirt on…But he wasn’t stopping now. Nan was wearing a short white see-through skirt and matching top. It was the same top she had worn while fucking his dad just two nights prior. Like her dress that evening, the contrast with her Ebony skin was breath taking.

Nan dropped to her knees and took Eric’s arching white cock into her hands. She licked the underside of the bright pink head. Taking the knob between her full lips she freed her huge hooters from their thin white wrapper.

Eric laid back on the bed foundling and kneading her tits as Nan continued to give him the best blowjob of his life.

“Oh suck it mama… suck my cock!” He blurted out. She stopped and with a laugh said,

“Mama…Mama?… well I guess I am… after all your daddy’s wife is sucking your big white cock…” She smiled and then went back to paying homage to his pulsating prick.

Eric could feel his dick swell and he knew it was ready to detonate. “I’m cumming mama….your big boy is cumming for youuuuu….Ohhhh Mama!”

Nan swallowed her stepson’s seed and pulled his half hard cock to her breast.. smothering it in the valley of the mounds. Eric pulled her up laying her back on the bed. He slid his hand between her legs. Opening her chocolate orifice he exposed her bright pink inner pussy. Feeling her wet tight depth, Eric finger fucked his father’s wife bringing her to cum time and again.

Eric raised up and placed his revived hard cock at the doorway of her love cavity. Sliding his shaft in, he felt her vaginal muscles tighten and release as she wrapped her legs around him squeezing each time she came. Eric was close to cumming when Nan said,

“Baby… you are wonderful… but … but.. I wonder if you would mind… fucking me in the ass?”

“MIND? Are you kidding… I’d love to…. You have such an awesome ass…. Mmmm.”

“I don’t know why but your daddy doesn’t seem to like.. to….”

“Say no more..”

Nan got on all fours and directed Eric to the tube of lubricant in the nightstand. He began by running his tongue between the cheeks of her butt and rimming her anal aperture. His well lubed fingers followed and were soon replaced by a ready rod. Slowly he eased the head in feeling the rings of constriction as he went deeper into her rectum.

Nan winced. Eric stopped. ”Are you okay sweetheart?” He asked.

“I’m fine… it’s just that you’re so big… and took my breath away… keep going baby.. Fuck your mama’s ass….Give it to me baby-big boy…”

Eric resumed ramming his rod deeper and deeper… His balls slapping against her slit as he squeezed her swinging tits. His body stiffened shooting his load... filling her anal cavity. They collapsed on the bed and feel asleep in each other’s arms.


“What do you mean you and Eric watched us fucking?” Dick questioned Jolene as they drove back to St. Louis. “And my son is fucking my wife?….. Well I guess… I guess that’s quid pro quo….

“We really give a new meaning to the term Blended Family.” He said with a laugh.

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