Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Ch. 6


Just then Nicole began to cum as she realized that her hand was somehow involuntarily rubbing her pussy and clit. Inhaling sharply Nicole moaned "oh daddy" as she came on her hand. Reaching for a tissue Nicole wiped her wet cunt and proceeded to pull on a thong as she dressed for work. Meantime, Steve too was in the shower and the images of his naked daughter had the same effect on him. As he lathered his naked body he couldn't control his now raging hard on. Steve reached down and gripped his cock and began to stroke himself. As the water rained down on the back of his head Steve imagined his lovely daughter was kneeling before him kissing his mighty cock. Steve looked down as he pumped his manhood and he saw the mirage of his daughter there kneeling before him lapping her tongue across the bottom of his cock before taking all of him into her mouth. Just then Steve felt his knees buckle as he felt the first spasm of cum racing down his shaft. Steve grunted as he spurted a rope of cum clear across the shower which landed on the tile wall under the towel rack. A second and then a third rope of cum shot forth from his cock as he continued to think about his lovely daughter kneeling before him. Finally Steve turned around and washed his now deflated cock before cleaning up the mess he made in the shower.

Steve quickly dressed and left for work. Nicole followed her father out the door and they each drove down the street in opposite directions. Nicole arrived at the salon and she arrived before Mandy. Nicole opened the shop and turned everything on. Soon, the salon was full and Nicole ran around all day. There were more people for her to keep an eye on today then she had ever seen before. As the day progressed thoughts of her father began to fill Nicole's mind. She found herself getting aroused at work like never before.

Nicole thought the day would never end but finally everyone was gone. It wasn't long before Brandy and Sylvia arrived. A few moments later Tina walked into the salon and the girls began working out on the weight machine.

Nicole went into the room with the tanning bed to work on her tan. She stripped down to her thong and bra and opened the top of the tanning bed. Quickly she unclasped her bra and threw it over to the table next to the tanning bed. Not realizing that anyone was behind her she felt a soft pair of hands touch her hips. Suddenly Nicole felt her thong being pulled down off of her ass and down her legs towards her feet. Looking around Nicole saw Brandi looking up at her smiling as she was squatting down to take Nicole's thong off.

"When you get done, I will give you a massage" Brandi said softly with a twinkle in her eye. Nicole set the tanning bed for ten minutes. She climbed in and laid down as Brandi closed the lid. For Nicole ten minutes seemed like an eternity as she wondered about the massage she was about to receive. Finally the timer went off and Brandi opened the lid. She took Nicole's hand and helped her out of the bed and walked her towards the table. "Here" Brandi said as she handed Nicole her thong to put back on.

"Lay down face down" Brandi said as she placed a towel over Nicole's ass. As Nicole laid there she closed her eyes. She heard Brandi behind her getting ready. Suddenly Nicole felt something hot squirt onto her back followed by a soft pair of hands. "Oh" Nicole moaned as Brandi began to rub the hot oil into her soft flesh. As Nicole laid there naked except for the towel across her thong covered ass she realized that Brandi had mood relaxing music playing on a small radio.

Words of approval and encouragement escaped Nicole's lips as Brandi worked her hot oily fingers into Nicole's shoulders and neck. Nicole was getting lost in the mood when she felt Brandi's fingers begin to slide up and down her spin from her neck to just above the towel that barely covered her ass. Up and down Brandi continued to run her fingers along Nicole's spine. Sometimes she would rub lightly and sometimes she used more force.

Brandi squirted more oil into her hands and soon she was massaging Nicole's arms. As Brandi slid her hands and fingers up her arms, she slid them down Nicole's sides lightly grazing the sides of her breasts. Nicole breathed in sharply as she felt her nipples stiffen under her. Brandi continued to caress up and down Nicole's sides, only occasionally allowing her fingers to graze the sides of her breasts.

Suddenly Nicole realized that Brandi's wonderful hands were no longer on her. Just then she felt the hot oil squirt down her left leg. Brandi positioned Nicole's leg so they were parted slightly. Brandi began at Nicole's left foot and began to massage the hot oil into her souls. Nicole moaned her approval as Brandi caressed each and every toe with her fingers. Next Brandi began to kneed and caress Nicole's calf muscles up and down from her knee to her sexy ankle. Brandi would squeeze her muscle firmly then caress the hot flesh softly. She repeated this sequence for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally Brandi began to squirt more hot oil on the back of Nicole's thigh. Nicole moaned slightly as Brandi began to caress and squeeze the back of her thigh. Nicole felt incredibly turned on as Brandi's fingers grazed her inner thigh. Nicole felt her pussy flooding her thong as Brandi continued to stroke her leg with her sexy fingers.

Again Nicole felt Brandi's hands disappear. A smile came across her face when she felt the hot oil begin to squirt on her right foot. Again Brandi worked her magic on Nicole's other foot. She squeezed and stroked every toe. She pressed her fingers into Nicole's soul as she squeezed her heel until Nicole moaned. Nicole felt the hot oil being squirted on her calf. Brandi pressed her fingers deeply into Nicole's calf as she slid her fingers up and down her hot flesh.

Nicole never felt anything like this in her life. She was on fire as she laid there practically naked. Suddenly she felt the oil dribbling on the back of her right thigh. Again Brandi began to squeeze and rub Nicole's hot flesh. Nicole couldn't help but to flood her thong as Brandi's fingers caressed her inner thigh. Just then Brandi just barely grazed Nicole's thong clad pussy and Nicole moaned loudly as a jolt of electricity raced through her body. Nicole thought she was going to cum right there.

Suddenly Nicole felt the towel being pulled off of her ass. She felt Brandi squirting hot oil onto her ass cheeks. Suddenly Brandi's hands were squeezing and caressing Nicole's ass. Just then Brandi took her fingers and slid them under the dainty piece of material that went down into Nicole's ass. She wrapped her fingers around the material and pulled up sharply on it causing the material to come out of Nicole's ass. In doing so the material that covered Nicole's pussy was now pulled tightly.

Nicole moaned loudly as the material was pulled up. Brandi released the tension of the material on Nicole's pussy by lowering it to her ass. Again Brandi pulled up sharply on Nicole's thong as her other hand caressed her ass. Cries of pleasure were now emanating from Nicole. Brandi twisted her wrist to pull tighter on the material causing the satin material to rub Nicole's pussy even more. With her other hand Brandi reached down and cupped Nicole's pussy as she pulled up on the material again. Nicole couldn't take it any more. She began humping her hips up and down as she began to cum on Brandi's hand. "Oh my fucking god" Nicole moaned. "Oh god, oh god, oh god yes" Nicole screamed as Brandi continued to pull the material across her pussy. Nicole continued to hump the table as she felt Brandi's fingers rubbing up and down her thong covered slit. Just as Nicole was about to cum a second time, Brandi stopped her.

"Roll over" Brandi said. Nicole rolled over on to her back and while doing so realized that Brandi too was naked. Brandi reached to Nicole's hips and grabbed her waistband and pulled her thong down her legs. Finally Brandi pulled the soaking wet material off of Nicole's feet. Nicole watched as Brandi again went to her feet. She admired Brandi's breasts and awesome looks.

Brandi squirted some hot oil onto Nicole's right foot and began to gently caress the top of her foot and toes. Nicole smiled at Brandi as Brandi winked back at her. Slowly Brandi lowered her head to Nicole's foot. "Oh my god" Nicole thought as she felt Brandi's hot tongue flicker over the tops of her toes. As Nicole laid there she began to tingle all over. She wanted to cum again but Brandi wouldn't let her. Suddenly Nicole felt her big toe slide into Brandi's mouth. Nicole looked down at Brandi as her eyes were now closed as she gently sucked on her big toe while caressing her foot.

Brandi began to suck on each and every toe. Nicole almost came again without even touching herself. She realized that her hips were involuntarily gyrating. Brandi squirted hot oil onto Nicole's other foot and began to caress the top of her foot and ankle. Again Nicole watched as Brandi lowered her face to her foot and opened her mouth to suck in her big toe. Nicole felt jolts of electricity rush from her toes to her pussy.

As Nicole laid there gyrating her hips she could feel her pussy juices flowing down the crack of her ass. Finally Brandi began to apply hot oil to the top of Nicole's legs. She caressed her way up to her knees doing both shins at the same time. Nicole watched as Brandi dribbled hot oil onto her thighs. Brandi placed her hands on Nicole's thighs and began to squeeze and caress her hot flesh. Brandi squeezed firmly but yet lightly stroked her thigh up and down. Back and forth Brandi alternated between both of Nicole's thigh's. Every time Brandi caressed Nicole's inner thigh's a gasp would escape Nicole's lips.

Nicole laid there with her eyes closed hoping that Brandi would caress her pussy again. Instead she felt hot oil being squirted onto her stomach and into her navel. Nicole began to quiver when Brandi placed her hands on her stomach. She lightly began to run her fingers ever so teasingly from her bush to the bottoms of her breasts. Occasionally Brandi's fingers would graze the bottom of Nicole's breasts and every time Nicole would moan loudly.

Finally Nicole felt hot oil dripping onto her breasts. The hot oil was being poured directly on her nipple and Nicole almost came from the sensation. "Oh yes" Nicole moaned as Brandi cupped her breasts and began to caress them. Brandi caressed the bottoms of Nicole's breasts and then the sides before sliding her palms over Nicole's nipples. Nicole's nipples stiffened under Brandi's hands as she continued to massage the hot oil into her soft breasts. Using her fingernails Brandi scraped Nicole's nipples simultaneously causing a shrieking gasp to escape Nicole's lips. Over and over Brandi scraped her nails over Nicole's nipples causing them to throb in pleasure.

Again Nicole's hips were gyrating as Brandi continued to scrape her nipples. Finally Brandi gently began to caress her nipples and aerola with her finger tips. "Oh my god Brandi" Nicole mumbled as her hips continued to gyrate in a humping motion.

Looking down at Nicole's pussy Brandi saw how excited and wet she was. Brandi walked around to the end of the table and crawled up between Nicole's now parted legs. Brandi knelt down and placed her hands on Nicole's oily hips as she lowered her head between her legs. Brandi kissed her inner thigh's as she felt Nicole's heat radiating from her gaping pussy. Finally the moment that Nicole was waiting for happened. Brandy lightly kissed Nicole's pussy lips. Ever so lightly Brandi continued to kiss only her lips as they hung out and open.

Brandy slid down into a laying position as she continued to plant soft kisses on Nicole's cunt. Nicole began breathing heavily as her orgasm neared. Suddenly Brandi began to run her tongue up and down the length of Nicole's slit from her clit to her ass hole. Every time Brandi's tongue touched Nicole's ass hole she would shriek.

Brandi slid her hands up Nicole's oily stomach and slid her hands over her breasts. Again Brandi began to scrape her still hard nipples with her finger nails as she began to French kiss her dripping pussy. Nicole began to hump at Brandi's face. Just then Brandi began to flick her tongue rapidly over Nicole's clit. "Oh fuck yeah" Nicole screamed as her hips continued to hump Brandi's face. "God yes" She hissed as she felt Brandi now suck hard on her clit. "OOOHHHHHH" Nicole moaned as Brandi now pinched both of her nipples with such force she thought she would explode. "I'm cumminggggggggggg" Nicole screamed as she felt every nerve in her body tingle. Brandi continued to suck on Nicole's clit as Nicole continued to hump her face.

Nicole thrashed her head from side to side as she came violently. Slowly Nicole came down from her orgasm. Just as she was about to explode again Brandi suddenly stopped. Nicole begged" oh god please don't stop" but it was too late as Brandi got off of the table and walked to her bag. Nicole laid her head back down on the massage table as Brandi returned. Brandi hopped back up on the table and turned around on top of Nicole in a sixty nine position. Brandi Lowered her dripping pussy to Nicole's face as she lowered her own face to Nicole's cunt.

Nicole began kissing Brandi's inner thigh's as she was about to taste her pussy for the very first time. Nicole gasped as she felt Brandi's hot tongue slid up and down her wet slit. Nicole instinctively raised her face to Brandi's dripping cunt and plastered her mouth on her wet hole. Brandi did the same to Nicole as she searched her pussy depths with her tongue. Moans of pleasure filled the room as the two ladies French kissed each other's pussy's.

Suddenly Brandi began to tremble as Nicole began to suck on her clit which was now very hard and exposed like a miniature cock. Nicole watched as she sucked her friends pussy to orgasm. Brandi momentarily stopped licking Nicole's pussy as she exploded in orgasm. "Oh god Nicole" Brandi moaned as her pussy juices dripped from her pussy to Nicole's face. Brandi gyrated her hips and humped Nicole's face. Nicole's head was now being pressed down on the table as Brandi continued to rub her pussy over her face. Nicole held onto Brandi's hips but she could not control her. Brandi pressed her pussy onto Nicole's face so hard it began to hurt. Suddenly Brandi began to rub her cunt on Nicole's nose. Nicole felt her nose penetrate Brandi's pussy. Brandi again began to hump Nicole's face only this time she was fucking her nose. Suddenly Brandi began to cum again. "OHHH, OHHHH'OHHHH" Brandi moaned as she rocked into another stronger orgasm.

She rubbed her pussy over Nicole's nose trying to take it in as far as she could. Nicole felt Brandi's pussy flood her face as Brandi's pussy juices ran down her nose and over her cheeks. Finally Brandi returned to Nicole's pussy and feverishly began to lick her slit. Nicole responded by becoming increasingly wetter. Brandi reached to her side and picked up the toy from the bag that she had just retrieved. Nicole never saw it and she had no idea what was about to happen to her.

Brandy took the dildo and began to run it up and down the entire length of Nicole's wet exposed slit. With each stroke Brandi pressed harder and harder causing Nicole's lips to part even more. Nicole felt the dong as she continued to lap at Brandi's pussy. Brandi placed the tip of the dildo at the entrance of Nicole's pussy. Slowly Brandi began to insert the toy about an inch. Pausing there for a moment she pulled on the dildo removing it entirely from Nicole's pussy. Again Brandy placed the dildo on Nicole's pussy lips and slowly pushed it in a couple of inches before completely pulling it out again. Brandi now a third time pushed the dildo into Nicole's wet hole. This time she placed it about half way in. Brandi let the dildo go and lightly began to lick Nicole's clit.

Nicole gasped into Brandi's pussy from the pleasure she was getting. Brandi stopped licking and pulled the dildo from Nicole's pussy again. This time Nicole began to hump her hips as if she was getting fucked even though nothing was now touching her pussy. Brandi lowered her head and tasted Nicole again. This time she lowered the eight inch dildo again to Nicole's pussy and pushed the latex head back into her exposed folds of her wet pussy.

Brandi had the dildo half way in again. She knew that if she pushed it in any farther that Nicole would explode. The second half of the double intruder was lined up with Nicole's puckered ass hole. Brandi lowered her head and flicked her tongue over Nicole's throbbing exposed clit. Nicole continued to lap at Brandi's pussy as she was about to receive the fucking of her life.

Brandi continued to flick her tongue over Nicole's clit as she began to push the double intruder in even farther. Brandi felt the resistance of Nicole's tight ass hole and she knew Nicole felt the same thing. Nicole suddenly stopped licking Brandi's cunt for a moment as she felt the tingling sensation of her ass hole. Brandi continued to lick and push on the double intruder. Brandi felt the resistance of Nicole's ass hole and pushed harder. Looking at her ass hole Brandi saw it give way and watched as the smaller dong disappeared into Nicole's dark tunnel.

"Oh my fucking god" Nicole screamed in pleasure. Her hips began to hump up and down as Brandi continued to push the toy farther and farther into Nicole. Nicole's hips continued to hump up and down as she continued to suck on Brandi's pussy. Finally Brandi had the eight inch dong and the 4 inch anal dong completely buried inside of Nicole.

Brandi slowly began to work the double intruder in and out of Nicole's pussy as Nicole began to scream into Brandi's cunt. Brandi could see the juices running out of Nicole as she continued to fuck her pussy and ass with the double intruder. The pungent odor of Nicole's pussy juices and her ass hole were intoxicating to Brandi as she began to climax again on Nicole's face. Cries of pleasure escaped Brandi's mouth and filled the room.

Glancing over Brandi saw Mandy Tina and Sylvia sitting naked on the sofa watching them. This caused Brandi to go over the edge again as she felt every nerve in her body tingle. She pressed her pussy harder on Nicole's mouth as she came violently. The whole time she continued to work the double intruder in and out of Nicole.

Brandi sucked on Nicole's clit as she began to fuck Nicole's pussy with much more force. Nicole began to feel her toes tingling. Suddenly the tingling sensation rocketed its way up and down her young body and shot right to her pussy. Nicole humped her hips up and down matching Brandi's strokes. "Oh god, oh god, oh god.........YES..YES..YES..YES..YES... Nicole screamed as she began to cum. Nicole began to see stars as she knew she was on the verge of passing out. She continued to hump the double intruder with such force as her orgasm peaked.

Brandi felt something on her face as she continued to suck on Nicole's clit. She opened her eyes and saw Nicole's cum squirting out of her pussy. Brandi closed her eyes again and continued to suck on Nicole's clit. Nicole began to shoot off into a second orgasm and then a third and fourth. Brandi now pulled the double intruder completely out of Nicole's pussy and ass. She turned it around and lined up the eight inch dong to Nicole's ass hole. She pushed hard as Nicole screamed from pain but then pleasure as the head of the dong was forced past her sphincter. Nicole gasped as the massive member slid into her tight ass. Brandi now glanced over to her friends again and saw that they were getting each other off. there were fingers buried in each other's pussy's as they watched Brandi working over Nicole's ass.

As Nicole laid there with her ass hole getting fucked she continued to suck on Brandi's pussy. Brandi continued to slowly slide the big dildo in and out of Nicole's ass. Suddenly Nicole lifted her head enough and slid her tongue onto Brandi's ass hole. Nicole inhaled the scent of Brandi's ass as she began to press her tongue into her sphincter. "Oh fucking god" Brandi moaned as she pumped the dildo faster and harder in Nicole's ass. "OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Brandi moaned as she felt Nicole's tongue slide past her sphincter and into her ass. Brandi lowered her lips back to Nicole's cunt and sucked hard on her clit as she continued to work the dildo in and out of her ass.

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