Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Ch. 6


Suddenly both girls began to tremble and moan. Both girls began thrusting their hips. Tina, Sylvia, and Mandy were now all on the verge of cumming as they masturbated each other. Nicole started to cum first. Her young body began to tremble as waves of pleasure raced through her body. Just then Nicole's pussy squirted her cum out and onto Brandi's face as she continued to lick her clit. This caused Brandi to rock her hips harder as she began to cum. Nicole continued to slide her tongue in and out of Brandi's ass hole. She used three fingers in Brandi's pussy as she continued to cum on her face. The room was now filled with moans of pleasure emanating from five ladies. Finally the moans began to subside as everyone came back down to Earth. Soon the moans turned into giggles as the ladies all realized how much fun they just had. First Brandi and Nicole got off of the table and walked naked together to go take a shower. Tina, Mandy, and Sylvia sat on the sofa and relaxed until Brandi and Nicole got out of the shower. In no time all five ladies were showered and dressed. It was getting late so they decided to get going. They all shared hugs and kisses as they walked out to their cars.

As Nicole drove home she realized that she felt so relaxed and at peace with herself. She stopped and got a burger and some fries from a carry out and ate as she drove home. She pulled into her driveway and saw that her father was home. She quietly walked into the house as she had noticed that there were no lights on and that Steve was probably sleeping.

Nicole tip toed into the house quietly and locked the door. She went to the bath room and cleaned up before heading to her room. Quietly she closed the door behind her. She turned the television on for light and turned down the volume so her father wouldn't hear her. Quietly Nicole undressed. As she pulled her night gown over her naked body she saw how her pussy lips were still quite puffed. She lowered the night gown past her ass and sat down on her bed. She reached over and inserted one of the tapes she found in the dungeon and placed her headphones on.

Nicole pressed play and got into a comfortable position. The tape began playing a scene of her mother and father down in the dungeon. Nicole watched as they walked to a different wall and pressed a button. Nicole watched in amazement as another secret door opened. Suddenly the camera angle changed and Nicole realized that there was now another room down there. "Oh my god" Nicole thought to herself as she saw what was in the room. It was actually quite shocking.

Nicole couldn't believe her eyes as she saw her father walking her mother up to the alter of what appeared to be a church. Nicole watched intently as her mom was forced to kneel down on the edge of the alter steps. As Nicole watched her father stand behind her mother she suddenly saw Father Joseph walk onto the alter towards them. Suddenly the tape went blank. "Shit" Nicole said softly as she began playing with the remote. She realized that she wouldn't be able to watch anymore of the tape.

Nicole wanted to go to the dungeon to find this room. She knew her father was in bed and sleeping and that it would be a big risk to try to sneak into the closet. Quietly Nicole got out of her bed and tip toed down the hallway to her father's room. As luck would have it the door was half open. Nicole peered inside and saw her father sleeping on his side. A smile came across her face as she saw her father was facing away from her and snoring. Ever so quietly Nicole began to slowly tip toe across her father's bedroom floor towards the walk in closet. Suddenly when Nicole was about half way there, a floor board creaked and her father stopped snoring. Nicole froze in her tracks as her father shuffled under his blanket. Standing perfectly still Nicole felt her pulse racing as she held her breath. Moments later Steve began to snore. Again Nicole began to silently tip toe towards the closet door. She reached out and placed her hand on the knob and ever so slowly began to turn it. It turned quietly without even making a noise. Slowly Nicole pulled the door open and disappeared into the dark closet pulling the door closed behind her.

Nicole's heart was racing. Her palms were sweating as she quietly moved the dresses to open the door leading to the spiral staircase. Terror filled her as she turned the knob as quietly as possible so not to wake her father. Luck was on her side as the knob turned silently and the door opened without a sound. Nicole picked up a pair of her mom's heels and slipped them on her feet as she lit the first candle at the top of the stairs. Quietly she closed the door behind. Nicole began to descend down the spiral staircase lighting the candles along the way.

Finally at the bottom of the stairs Nicole opened the door leading into the dungeon. This door creaked slightly but Nicole doubted that her father would hear it. Closing the door behind her Nicole stood in total darkness inside the dungeon. Flicking her lighter Nicole now had some light as she lit the first candle. Walking around the perimeter of the dungeon Nicole lit all the candles.

As Nicole stood there looking around, her heart was racing. This place had brought her so much pleasure over the past couple months. She walked across the dirty floor of the dungeon wearing only her night gown and hi heels. She slowly walked to where she thought there was a secret room hidden. Nicole began searching for buttons or a lever, anything indicating that there was another room hidden behind a wall. She searched for what seemed to be an eternity without finding any kind of lever or button.

Nicole grew a little concerned as she had no way of telling what time it was. She was afraid to go back up for fear of her father catching her. Instead Nicole continued to search for the new secret room. Her fingers slid along the dirty grimy bricks and mortar. She checked every crack and crevice but still found nothing. As the night went on, Nicole grew more and more tired. A tear trickled down her cheek as she grew upset at the fact that she couldn't find whatever room she saw on the video.

Finally after what seemed like hours of searching Nicole finally gave up. She knew she couldn't go back up the stairs yet so she walked over to the rack that had all the different costumes on it. She pulled a few of the costumes off the hangers and made herself a small bed on the dungeon floor. Nicole laid down and rested her head on the costume as she stared up at the ceiling. As the minutes passed Nicole's eyes grew heavier and heavier before falling fast asleep.

Suddenly, Nicole was startled by a noise. Her eyes opened but she remained still out of absolute fear. Again she heard the noise and it sounded like it was coming from right behind her! The startled Nicole jumped to her feet and as she stood up she felt someone grab her from behind. Struggling with all her might, Nicole tried desperately to turn her head to see who it was. As Nicole turned her head part way she suddenly saw darkness as something was placed over her head. To Nicole it seemed like a black pillowcase or something. Suddenly, as Nicole struggled and tried to kick her way free she felt something around her neck. She realized that whoever was attacking her was tying the black pillowcase around her neck. The more that Nicole struggled the tighter her attacker tightened the head covering.

As Nicole continued to struggle she came to the conclusion that there were two attackers as she could hear someone walking in front of her as the attacker behind her held her. Suddenly Nicole's arms were pulled in front of her and she felt her wrists being tied together. She struggled for everything she was worth. She even managed to dig her sexy nails into her attackers arm. She felt his flesh as she dug her nails into him deeply. Instantly she felt a stinging sensation on her face as she realized that her attacker must have slapped her sharply across the face.

As Nicole tried to swing her arm, it was then that she realized that her wrists were now tied together. Suddenly Nicole felt her attackers pulling her. She didn't know where she was going but had no choice as she was being pushed and pulled by the attackers. Suddenly Nicole heard the door slide open and she knew in her heart that she was being led into the satanic chamber. She felt the heat emanating from the room as they led her closer to the entrance. Nicole continued to cry out for her attackers to let her go but she soon realized that they weren't going to do that.

Suddenly Nicole stopped moving. "Oh my god" Nicole thought to herself. "Are they going to sacrifice me" she wondered? Suddenly Nicole felt fingers touching her nightie up by her collar. As she stood there helplessly she knew the only thing she had on besides her nightie were her high heels. With one quick motion Nicole felt her nightie being torn open. A slight scream emanated from Nicole's lips inside the head covering. The rope that was tied around her neck seemed to give her some difficulty breathing inside the hot and humid satanic chamber.

As her shirt was torn open she felt the warm rush of air across her now exposed breasts. Instantly Nicole's nipples began to stiffen. Suddenly Nicole was pushed from behind and she fell foreword. She didn't fall to the ground however. Instead she fell onto the small alter that was surrounded by hundreds of candles inside that satanic chamber.

As Nicole fell across the alter she felt her arms being pulled out in front of her. Trying to struggle to free her arms she realized that her wrist bindings were hooked on something that she couldn't move. As she was stretched across the alter she realized that her ass was now completely exposed as her nightie was forced to ride up high.

Although the room was hot and humid, the alter top felt cool to Nicole's breasts and she could feel her nipples stiffening underneath her. As they stiffened she felt like she was being jacked up off of the table. Suddenly Nicole felt her legs being pushed apart. "Who the fuck is doing this" Nicole wondered. "Oh god no" Nicole mumbled as she felt her attackers beginning to kiss her now naked legs at her ankles.

Nicole knew her ass was raised and vulnerable right now because of the sexy high heels she was wearing. She felt a tongue and hot lips on each leg as her attackers began to kiss and lick their way up her sexy legs. Nicole wanted this to stop as she began to scream for her father to help her. "Daddy help me" Nicole screamed. All she heard was the attackers laughing at her. "Wait a minute" Nicole thought to herself. I recognize that laugh. Nicole desperately searched her mind to try to remember who she knew that laughed like that. Frustration set in as she tried to remember but couldn't.

Nicole suddenly gasped as she felt a pair of lips and tongue touch her labia. Rapidly her attacker flicked his tongue across Nicole's pussy. She wanted this to stop so badly but at the same time she felt her pussy beginning to secrete her juices. As she was laying there face down across the alter with her wrists tied and restrained she felt her pussy beginning to open up to her attackers! "God in heaven no" Nicole screamed as she felt her attacker sink his tongue into her now opened hole.

Feeling her knees weaken Nicole was helpless as her attacker continued to tongue lash her pussy. suddenly Nicole felt a second pair of lips and a second tongue on her pussy. "Oh my god" Nicole mumbled as she felt her toes beginning to tingle. One tongue flickered across her clit while the second tongue slid deeply into her moist depths. "Ughhhh" Nicole cried out as she felt one of the tongues slide from her pussy across her taint and then stop on her sphincter. As her one attacker flicked her clit she felt the other attacker begin to flick his tongue on her ass hole.

Nicole felt pleasure like never before. As she struggled against her attackers she grew weaker. Suddenly the attacker who was licking her ass hole began to press his tongue into her ass hole. Nicole cried out "oh my fucking god" as electricity shot through her body and out of both her cunt and her ass hole. Nicole began to pant as her knees gave out beneath her. "Oh god" Nicole moaned as she began to cum violently as she laid there forced across the demonic alter. After several minutes Nicole began to come down from her orgasmic high. It was then she knew she was in for the time of her life.

As Nicole laid there stretched out across the satanic alter she was drenched in sweat. There was a moment when her attackers didn't touch her but she was too weak to try to stand up. Instead she just laid there face down with her breasts on the alter while her legs remained parted and her feet still on the floor. Nicole tugged at her arms and realized that her wrists were still bound and tied in front of her.

Suddenly she felt a pair of hands grip her hips from behind. A grunt escaped Nicole's mouth as she felt her attacker kick her left leg out farther. A second grunt followed as her right foot was kicked out farther too. Nicole knew she was in a vulnerable state right now. She could feel her pussy lips hanging down as her hole was now stretched open. She knew one of the attackers was behind her and she knew what was going to happen next.

As Nicole laid there waiting for her attacker to make his next move, Nicole continued to try to figure out who it was that was doing this to her. Just then Nicole felt her pussy being stretched open. She felt the head of her attacker's cock pressing in past her out stretched pussy lips. Nicole moaned loudly as she felt her attacker's cock slide deeper and deeper into her womb. Suddenly the attacker began to pump his cock in and out of Nicole's cunt. Nicole continued to try to figure out who was doing this to her but as her attacker's cock continued to fuck her pussy and graze against her clit, she began to loose the ability to concentrate.

Suddenly instead of trying to figure out who was raping her she began to fantasize that it was her father doing this to her. As Nicole laid there getting raped from behind she managed to stop crying under the black pillowcase which remained tied around her head and neck.

As Nicole laid there getting fucked over the demonic alter, the attacker began to pick up speed and intensity. Nicole felt his rough callous hands holding her hips. Suddenly, "SMACK" one of those rough and callous hands smacked her ass firmly. Immediately Nicole's knees weakened as she felt her pussy begin to secrete more and more juices. "SMACK" "SMACK". Two more hard smacks to both the left and right cheeks of Nicole's ass caused her scream loudly. The searing pain on her flesh caused her to scream out in pain, but how it felt inside caused her scream of pain to turn into screams of incredible pleasure.

That was all it took as Nicole laid there stretched out while being fucked from behind. Nicole began to tremble as it felt like electricity was racing through her body from her toes to her hair. A low guttural moan escaped Nicole's lips as she felt her pussy juices begin to leak out of her cunt as her pussy gripped at her attacker's cock. Nicole even began thrusting back to meet her attacker's cock which she fantasized was her father's.

"Oh, oh, oh, ugggghhh, ugggghhh..." Nicole continued to moan as her orgasm continued. Just then Nicole felt her attacker's cock grow even larger inside of her. "NO" Nicole screamed as she knew her attacker was about to cum inside of her. "Please no!" She screamed as she felt him picking up his tempo. "No" Nicole begged as she heard her attacker grunt. Just then she felt cum being shot up into her womb as she could feel the jets of cum squirting forth from her attacker's cock. "NOOOOOOOOOOO" Nicole screamed as she could feel part of his cum running down her thigh's.

Nicole began to sob as she was frightened about the possibility of becoming pregnant. She could feel his rapidly deflating cock sliding out of her cunt. "God it's over" Nicole thought to herself. She tried to free herself but realized her hands were still bound in front of her. Suddenly Nicole felt a pair of hands on her hips again. "Oh my god" Nicole thought to herself as she felt the other pair of hands holding her hips.

With her legs still spread apart and her dripping pussy still stretched open, Nicole felt the second attacker's cock pressing against her labia. Slowly her attacker pressed his cock into her pussy. Nicole could feel this second man was much larger as she felt her pussy being stretched open to the max. She felt his cock pressing against her cervix as he made his way into her as far as possible. "Oh my god, he isn't even all the way in me" Nicole thought to herself as she felt the humongous cock sliding out of her pussy. "How big is he" Nicole wondered?

Suddenly Nicole felt her ass cheeks being spread open. This time Nicole felt the head of his cock pressing against her sphincter. "NO" Nicole screamed as she clenched her ass hole tight and gritted her teeth together. The attacker tried to pres his cock into her bung hole but it just wouldn't go in. Suddenly "SMACK" the attacker smacked Nicole's ass hard with his rough and callous hand causing her to momentarily relax her sphincter muscles. Just then Nicole screamed in pain as her ass hole stretched open as the head of her attacker's cock slipped inside.

"Please...please no" Nicole begged as she felt his humongous cum and pussy juice covered cock inching deeper and deeper into her ass. The searing pain raced throughout her body as she laid there helplessly across this demonic alter. Again Nicole began to sob under her head covering. She was helpless as her attacker took her ass hole against her will. She could feel him sliding further and further into her colon.

Finally Nicole felt his hips against her ass as she realized he was all the way inside her now. "My god, he feels like he is all the way in my stomach" Nicole thought to herself. Slowly Nicole felt him begin to pull his massive cock out of her. Just as she thought he was taking it out he slid it back in just as deep.

The searing pain caused Nicole to continue to whimper. As her ass hole continued to be raped she began to wonder why this was happening to her. Suddenly Nicole felt him reach under her and touch her pussy. Sparks raced through her body as she suddenly saw stars inside the black head covering. She felt her attackers fingers begin to slide in and out of her pussy as his massive cock continued to slide in and out of her stretched open ass hole. With the attacker's fingers in her pussy it made his large cock in her ass hole less painful.

Nicole felt her nipples stiffening beneath her on the alter. She felt her pussy juices beginning to flow as they began to trickle down her thigh's. Again Nicole became lost in the fantasy that this was her father taking her like this. She felt the attacker picking up speed as he continued to fuck her ass. Suddenly he moved his fingers from her pussy to her clit. Nicole let out a low guttural moan as she felt immense pleasure in her pussy.

The attacker began to rub tiny circles with varying pressure over Nicole's clit. Moan after moan and cry after cry continued to escape Nicole's lips. She no longer sobbed beneath her head covering rather she was now concentrating. As that cock in her ass was so painful just moments ago now seemed so wonderful. She began to enjoy the different feeling it caused her and how it was turning her on to a level never experienced in her first eighteen years.

Her ass felt so good and turned her on so much, Nicole felt her clit becoming harder and longer. So did her attacker as he stopped rubbing it and began stroking it with his finger and thumb. "Oh my fucking god yes" Nicole screamed as her attacker fucked her ass and stroked her clit. Nicole's knees grew weak as her attacker continued to jack off her clit while he fucked her ass.

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