tagIncest/TabooBlessed Ch. 03-04

Blessed Ch. 03-04


This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein should not be duplicated. All characters are 18 or older. It's all pretend, folks.


Kit is slightly worn out by the time his mother slips into her green and gold dress and departs. She doesn't seem affected in the least by their repeated bouts of physical activity, save for an attractive flush on her exposed skin and a glow to her cheeks that, given the light in her eyes, is more literal than figurative.

Kit drags himself out of his messy bed and back into the bathing room, where he takes another luxurious bath. This time alone, and it can only suffer in comparison to the last one. While Kit cleans himself, he contemplates the afternoon's events. He spends most of the bath aroused, his large, thick cock hard and bobbing between his legs.

He has had sex now. No longer a virgin. He is, as Thrace says, a "man of the world." That he gave himself to his own mother bothers Kit not at all. He doesn't suppose any living man could refuse an offer like that from Serana Daramour, however closely related they might be. Indeed, Kit finds himself instead marveling at how natural and perfect it all was. And also, perhaps, the fact that the first woman to bed him was his mother actually makes it all the more erotic and charged an event.

The Blessed, he knows, don't have many taboos. The Scarlet City was rife with rumors of the most base sort concerning the ruling class and their peccadillos. None of the rumors ever seemed to affect any individual Blessed's standing, however. Perhaps because the loudest and most popular rumor concerned the Emperor himself. The Emperor and his many daughters.

Kit shakes himself, sending water droplets flinging around the bath. Whether the rumors be fact or fancy, the truth is, he has lain with his own mother this very day. And she intends for him to have sex with each of his sisters as well, for the express purpose of seeding them with his children.

He is so hard right now that it takes physical effort not to jack himself off into the bath water. But, he reminds himself, he no longer has to resort to that sort of thing. He has warm, willing receptacles for his satisfaction now.

Kit climbs from the bath and summons a towel to dry himself. He notices a shimmering robe on a hook, and realizes Serana left it here. Kit can't help himself. He pulls the robe down and brings it to his face, breathing deep of her scent. His cock throbs between his legs. "Mother," he groans to himself.

He places the robe back on the hook and tosses the towel aside. Kit knows he must look more than merely presentable for the banquet, and he hasn't much time to prepare.


When Kit strides into the banquet hall, he discovers that he is the last to arrive.

His sisters and mother are scattered around the room. Grace in a red dress with a cinched waist and plunging neckline, Gabrielle in an abbreviated copper frock that leaves most of her limbs bare, Eva in gray from neck to ankle, and Belle in an artfully designed silver and blue dress that would not look out of place in the salons of Scarlet City. Radiant beyond all of them stands Serana, wearing the traditional green and gold of the Daramour clan.

Serana's skirts swirl and swish along the floor as she glides to Kit's side, threading an arm through his and guiding him into the room. "You look very handsome, darling," she says low and husky, with just a hint of sensuality. Kit is already hardening at her touch and trying not to walk awkwardly into the room. He is glad of the tunic-like officer's brocaded jacket, and how the cut of it serves to hide his crotch.

Belle steps forward, leaving the conversation she was having with Gabrielle by a table groaning under the weight of fruit and cheese and breads of all descriptions. Belle has a glass of wine in her hand, and a twinkle in her blue eyes.

"Well, well, little brother," she says with a smile. "It's good to see you again." Belle is tall for a woman, about Kit's height, with something of their mother's build in her broad shoulders and long limbs. Her luxurious long blonde hair has been trimmed much shorter, but with bangs that artfully hang across her left eye, giving her a coquettish look that belies her mature years. Younger than Grace, Belle looks older. Whether that is a result of the amount of Blessed blood in her veins or the pressures of managing the family's shipping conglomerate, Kit couldn't begin to guess.

"Belle," Kit says. He pulls away from his mother briefly to give his sister a perfunctory hug which she doesn't hold for long. He is not surprised. They were never very close, the differences in their ages and temperaments keeping them apart. Still, he has to agree with her. It's good to see her again. It's good to see all of them. He has missed his family these last ten years. He hopes that Grace can make good on her promise, that he might see his brothers as well before he departs for the front.

"How is your family?" Kit asks, as Serana glides away to fetch herself a drink. A cloud passes over Belle's face, gone almost too quickly for Kit to notice, but before he can wonder if he has said anything wrong, she is all smiles and twinkles again.

"Vandred is managing the home office while I take this vacation, and little Sammael is keeping him company." There's a wistful note in her voice as she speaks of the husband that Kit only met once, and the young nephew he has heard of but never seen. His family has entire lives of their own, lives they have built while he has been away, and it touches him that Belle would give that up to be here, now, just to see him.

"I know what it's like to be away from your loved ones," Kit says, awkwardly putting a hand on his sister's arm. "Thanks for being here, Belle."

She is silent for a moment, staring at him. The smile and the twinkle have faded. Suddenly she smiles again, and Kit realizes that the first one was a mask, for this smile is full of genuine warmth and feeling. "You are welcome, Kit. Come, your hand is empty, and this is a banquet." She turns to one of the servants, almost invisible against the wall, and indicates that someone should get Kit a glass.

A string quartet, augmented by a flautist, begins to play in the far corner of the room. The acoustics carry the music throughout the hall, but never so loud as to obscure conversation.

Kit takes a deep draught from his cup. He and Belle chat amiably for a time, until, feeling peckish, Kit breaks away to nibble at some food. Suddenly Gabby is at his elbow, standing almost uncomfortably close, large breasts straining at the bodice of her dress and nudging against Kit's shoulder.

"How was your afternoon, Squirt? Get plenty of 'rest'?"

Kit blushes furiously, despite himself. He turns to look his sister in the eye. She is smirking, clearly trying to make him uncomfortable and loving it. But there is something else, something unfamiliar in her expression. Is she jealous? Kit recalls Gabby's remarks in the hallway before the door of his room. Maybe Gabby wanted to be the first to "welcome" him home.

His cheeks lightening, Kit smiles. "Mother and I had a lovely time, Gabrielle. But no, there wasn't much rest involved."

It is her turn to color. She blinks, frowns, realizes her joke has turned on her, and suddenly smiles. "I'm pretty sure I could wear you out, little brother. And I'm looking forward to trying."

Kit swallows. He did not expect so brazen a comment. It is one thing to contemplate incest with his sisters, it is another thing to see it offered, even after the day he has had.

He is rescued by Grace gliding up to the two of them and intertwining an arm through one of Kit's. Her plump breast presses against his arm, a by now familiar and welcome feeling. "You two look like you're having a heated discussion," Grace says. "But I really would like to dance. What do you say, Kit? Will you dance with me?"

Gabby looks momentarily furious, but the look quickly subsides into a knowing smirk. "Go ahead," she says loudly, and then with a lustful look into Kit's eyes she adds more softly, "Save the best for last." Then she is gone in a swirl of copper skirts.

Grace guides Kit out onto the floor in front of the musicians. He puts a hand on her shoulder and the other on her matronly hip, waits for the beat, and begins to lead her around the dance floor.

"I hope you don't mind me whisking you away," Grace says.

"Not at all," says Kit. He is trying hard not to admire the long line of cleavage revealed by Grace's plunging neckline, or the way her heavy breasts shift and ripple with every energetic movement.

"It's just that you looked like a deer caught in lantern light. I thought it best if I intervened. I'm worried that Gabby may be taking this whole situation oddly. She's being a bit too forceful. I'll have to talk to her." Grace pauses. "Before Mother does."

"Yes," Kit agrees, almost absently. Grace has truly enormous breasts, he realizes. He has always known she was gifted in that respect, but he never really noticed before. He was just a child when she married, but still. He wonders if they are the same size as their mother's. They look too large for Grace's frame, but then again his sister is nearly a foot shorter than Serana.

Grace giggles. Kit forces himself to look her in the eye. "Are the girls distracting you, Kit? Have you heard a word I said?" Her reproach is toothless, given the twinkle in her eye.

Kit smiles. He pulls Grace a little closer, enjoying the feel of her breasts against his chest, her waist in his hand. They dance wordlessly for some time, staring into one another's eyes. Grace has a silly little smile on her full lips, and Kit can only assume he is mirroring her. There is something very right about holding his oldest sister this way, something natural and perfect. He wonders if she feels it too.

The bell for dinner is sounded. The music tapers off. It takes another long moment for the dancers to realize anything has happened. Grace giggles again, like a teenaged girl, as Kit finally releases her.

"Whoever taught you how to dance, Kit, they did a fine job."

"Thank you, Grace, but I must assure you, I have never danced so well as I just did with you." The words would be trite, he is sure, were he not so sincere. She blinks, eyes suddenly large, and kisses him chastely on the cheek, like the sister she is.

They make their way to the table. Kit is placed on Serana's right hand, Grace on the left. Belle sits beside Kit, while Eva and Gabby are placed on the left side of the table next to Grace.

As the courses are laid out and the music plays spritely in the background, the six of them talk back and forth. Naturally, most of the conversation concerns Kit and his adventures in the Scarlet City. He regales them with stories of the Emperor's Court, which he visited on six separate occasions, and the galas he attended, and the celebrities he saw and met. He is able to share his one Lord Melmoth story, which causes Gabby's eyes to alight, and he notes that when he talks of the soaring architecture in the Divine Quarter, Eva grows more attentive.

While the siblings talk, Serana is content to sit back, sipping wine and nibbling at her food, just enjoying having her children home with her. Occasionally, she places some small delectable piece of food directly into Kit's mouth, and if anyone is made uncomfortable by the simple eroticism of those gestures, no one says anything.

At last, dinner is finished, the plates swept away, and while dessert is prepared, the musicians strike up a jaunty tune. Grace and Gabby drag Kit back to the dance floor, and even Eva and Belle are convinced by the wine and general good feeling to take part in a few fast-paced country dances.

The servants wheel in a chocolate waterfall decorated with all manner of fruit and other delicacies, and Kit and his sisters break from dancing to sample the sweets. Serana is waiting beside it, almost beaming at seeing her children enjoy themselves so much.

In repayment for her solicitude during the main meal, Kit dips a large strawberry in the dark chocolate pool and brings it to his mother's lips. She opens her mouth with a glint in her eye, her ruby red lips wrapping sensuously around the end of the berry as it drips chocolate onto her outstretched tongue. She bites down. Juices and chocolate sauce drip along her chin, and she giggles girlishly, using tongue and fingertip to stem the flood and elegantly get it into her mouth.

In retaliation, she finds a slice of pomegranate, dips it into the chocolate and brings it up to Kit's lips. He opens wide and she slides the fruit into his mouth, letting her finger slip between his lips. Kit sucks lightly in the digit, cleaning it of the little bit of chocolate on it, and there is an audible sucking sound as Serana slowly pulls her finger free.

If Kit had eyes to notice his sisters, he would see Eva blushing and looking away, Belle frowning, Gabby with a hand over her open mouth in disbelief, and Grace smiling in admiration. But at this moment, he only as eyes for his gorgeous mother.

Without thinking about it, Kit puts his hand on his mother's generous hip and pulls her close to him. His chocolate stained lips find hers and they kiss, lightly at first, but with increasing passion as Serana's tongue slides between her son's lips and invades his mouth.

This goes on for long moments, the two lovers lost in their embrace, eyes boring into one another's, lips and tongues and hands moving freely.

Until they break away, both gasping for breath, a wild look in Kit's eyes and a stray lock of hair falling across Serana's brow and cheek. Her green eyes, glowing with intensity, sweep across her daughters, noting their reactions, both physical and emotional, outward and hidden. She smiles. "I think Kit and I will retire for the night," Serana says. "Grace, make sure everything is in order, would you? Good night, girls."

With that, she takes Kit by the arm and guides him out of the room. He has enough sense to bid his sisters a good evening as well, but it is clear his thoughts are not entirely with them.


Gabby is in a daze when Grace turns to her sisters. Eva is trying to look at anything but her family, and Belle is contemplating the bottom of her glass, as if considering how much more wine she could consume before the evening is truly over.

Grace claps her hands, bringing her sister's attention directly to her. "Well," she says, "that ended about how I expected, actually."

"Did you see that?" Gabby says incredulously.

"We all did," Belle says drily. "I expect we'll see plenty more of it before it's our turn."

"Indeed," Grace says. "So let's not lose our heads. There's still much to do. Belle, Fiona is set to arrive some time tomorrow. Would you be a dear and check to make sure her apartments will be ready when she arrives? Can you also arrange a carriage to pick her up?

"Eva and Gabrielle. I will need some assistance corralling the servants. The musicians are to be housed in the Onyx Tower. Eva, could you see to that? Lovely. Gabby dear, you can help me make sure the kitchens are tidy and the dining room is all cleaned up. Don't make that face."

Grace looks from one sister to another. They seem more settled. Belle fills her glass one more time and departs, while Eva swishes over to where the musicians are packing up their instruments. Gabby stares wistfully at the doorway through which Mother and Kit departed. Grace understands how her sister feels. But there is work to do.

"Come along, Gabrielle," Grace says. With one last backward glance, her youngest sister complies.


Arm in arm, Serana and Kit glide out of the dining room and into the halls of the palace. With a gesture, Serana summons one of the servants, and arranges for some of the fruit and molten chocolate to be sent up to her apartments, as well as a few bottles of wine.

Kit is happy. Relaxed but aroused. He never in his life thought to be in this situation, but he is enjoying it now that it is here. He loves the feel of his mother's body as she curls against him in the hall. The sound of her skirts as they swirl around her delectable legs. The way her full breasts subtly shift in the low-cut bodice of her dress with her every movement.

On sudden impulse, Kit stops in the middle of the hall and pulls his mother to him. She releases a little gasp but does not resist. His lips find hers and press upon them with fierce passion. Her lips part, her tongue darting into his mouth to taste him, to wrestle with his. Kit's arms wrap around his mother and despite her greater height and superior Blessed strength, he pushes her across the hall and against a tapestry hung on the wall.

Serana's hands find and cup her son's hard, muscular buttocks as he continues his oral assault. She shifts, slipping a thigh between his legs, and feels his hardness there. Serana moans into her son's mouth.

Despite himself, Kit is surprised when he feels his mother's fingers unbuckling his belt, pushing his jacket open, and reaching into his pants. Her long, slim fingers wrap around his thick cock and pull him free, tugging the front of his trousers down in the process. Moving on instinct, Kit responds by bunching up his mother's skirts. They drape across him as he maneuvers his lower body underneath them.

The bulbous knob of his cockhead, already weeping precum, nudges against his mother's leg. He feels the fabric of her thigh-highs and then the smooth silkiness of her thigh. And then his cock is nudging against her naked and wet pussy lips. Kit groans. His mother sat through the entire dinner party without panties. Did she expect this to happen? Did she hope he would mount her there on the dinner table? Part of him wishes he had, especially as her nether lips open up and he slides into her with a wet, slippery sound.

Both of them, still mauling one another with lips and tongue, groan into the other's mouth as Kit slowly sinks into Serana's heated depths. His hands find her narrow waist and wrap around as his hips begin to hammer into her. Her legs rise up, skirts rustling, to wrap around him, his body pinning hers against the tapestry and wall. Serana entwines her arms around her son's neck and finally breaks their kiss, forced to throw back her head and cry out in sheer, unadulterated pleasure as her youngest son plunders her secret garden.

His mother is hot and tight and wet. His cock feels almost scalded as Kit drives piston like into her again and again, her juices soaking into the sensitive flesh of his cock, dripping out to mat his crotch hair and slicken his swaying balls.

Bereft of her scarlet lips, Kit fastens his own on his mother's throat, sucking and kissing, tasting her, licking up her sweat. Her hips move beneath his gripping hands. Her perfect ass bounces off the wall as she thrusts back at him with equal fervor and abandon.

Breathless obscenities spill from Serana's mouth, balanced by entreaties of love and devotion. Mother and son climb quickly to climax, driven on by need and relentless passion. They fuck for only a few minutes before Serana begins to shudder and shake and moan in Kit's hands. He feels his mother's pussy tightening its grip on his cock as it drives into her, and feels the familiar tingle at the base of his cock. He grips his mother's waist harder and slams home one last time, as deep as he can go, and feels the rush of orgasm rising, rising, rising - and exploding out of him as his large cock throbs repeatedly deep within his mother's pussy, sending thick, viscous ribbons of semen into her fertile womb. Again and again his thick muscle contracts, and with each contraction Serana shudders and moans anew.

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