tagIncest/TabooBlessed Ch. 05

Blessed Ch. 05


This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein should not be duplicated. All characters are 18 or older. It's all pretend, folks.


In the morning, Serana gently kicks Kit out of bed and sends him on his way. Affairs of state need attention.

"I would much rather spend the day with you," she says, kissing him on the lips. "But I wager you will find some way to keep busy."

Tired and a little sore, but at the same time invigorated by his night of passion, Kit wanders the mansion halls, heading in the general direction of his room. He only gets lost twice, eventually being put on the correct track by a pretty dark haired servant who insolently appraises him when she thinks he isn't looking.

Truth be told, Kit is rather distracted. He didn't get much sleep, having spent most of his time with his mother wrapped in her embrace, with his throbbing cock buried deep inside her. She coaxed three more orgasms out of him, two deposited into her ravenous pussy while the other he emptied into her thirsty mouth. He thinks she got the better balance, though, as he lost track of counting her climaxes. He's had more sex in the last eighteen hours than he ever thought possible, and with his own mother to boot. He's almost surprised he doesn't feel more dazed.

The door opens to his push, which is odd, because he is fairly sure he locked it. But seeing no one around, dusting or changing linens, he decides to close and lock the door behind him. The bed beckons, but first he wants to wash off the sweat and cum and saliva from his body.

He is halfway to the bedroom when his senses flicker to life, noting another heartbeat in the other room. Slow, steady... familiar.

Still, it doesn't pay to be reckless. Kit quietly slips off his boots and glides across the room to the bedroom door. He eases it open carefully and pokes his head in a fraction of an inch.

The copper colored dress on the floor beside the bed makes Kit think of his mother's little wager.

With a tired smile, it pushes the door open, no longer attempting to be quiet.

Gabby sits up in his bed, wrapped in blankets and comforter, her short pageboy haircut slightly mussed. Her pretty face is shorn of makeup, making her look younger than she is. She smiles broadly, and he can see a hunger in her look that he might have mistaken a day or two ago. "Hey Squirt," she says, "what took you so long?"

Kit eyes her dubiously. He really just wants to wash up and climb into bed for some rest. Somehow he doesn't see that happening any time soon. "Why do you insist on that nickname? We're about the same height now, and I've got near a hundred pounds on you."

Gabby smiles, tucking her dark hair behind her ears. This causes the blankets to slip a little, revealing the tops of her breasts and the beginning of her cleavage. "Well," she says slowly, drawing the word out, "isn't that the plan for the summer? You're going to squirt in me and in nine months, twelve if it's fully Blessed, we'll have a souvenir that's half me and half you."

Kit shakes his head, amazed again at his sister's brazenness. Every time he thinks Gabby has gone too far, she somehow finds a way to go a little farther. "And you're okay with that?"

Gabby rolls her stormy blue eyes to the right and back to Kit again. "I'm not saying it isn't a little weird, but..." She opens up the blankets, tossing them aside, revealing her nude form stretched across the bed. "... Yeah, I'm okay with it."

Gabby doesn't have Serana's perfection, but that is hardly a problem. She remains a young, tight-bodied demigoddess, with an all-over tan that gives her flawless skin a bronze complexion. Her waist is narrow, flaring out to broad hips and long, luscious, smoothly muscled legs. In the gap between her legs Kit sees a tiny strip of dark hair on her mons, the rest shaved clean. And her breasts. Almost too large for a woman with a waist that narrow, they are somewhat flattened by her posture on the bed, but still standing proud and pendulous, just as tan and perfect as the rest of her, capped by rosy areola and thick nipples that are already hardening as Kit admires them.

Despite himself, Kit responds with hardening anatomy of his own.

Gabby watches and wets her pink lips with a swipe of her tongue. "It appears that you are 'okay' with 'it' as well, little brother. After all, you just spent the night squirting into mother, didn't you?"

"I did," Kit says, his voice suddenly a little hoarse. He can't stop looking at his older sister, spread out intentionally for him to admire. Her breasts rise and fall with each breath, swaying on her chest with the slightest movement. Her strong thighs rub against one another as she stretches, and he thinks he might get a glimpse of her other pretty pink lips, but she keeps them hidden. For now.

"And that doesn't bother you, either?" Kit asks, suddenly looking Gabby in the eyes.

"Should it?" she says, countering. She cocks her head, eyeing him. "Why don't you slip out of those clothes and climb in here with me. Let me show you how little any of this bothers me." In emphasis, she cups her right breast and tweaks the nipple lightly.

Kit can't suppress a groan. But he shakes his head. Gabby's eyes widen in shock, and her hand falls away from her tit. "Not just yet," Kit says hurriedly. "I need a little time to recuperate, if you know what I mean. Plus... I'm filthy. I need to clean up. Let me take a quick bath. Don't go anywhere, okay? I'll be right back."

Gabby relaxes. She blinks, eyes suddenly moist, and half turns away as if to hide it, brushing tears away with the back of her hand.

"Gabs?" Kit says. Finally, he climbs on to the bed. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she says with a forced laugh, turning back to him, still blinking tears but a big smile parting her pretty lips. "Go take your bath. I'll be here."

Kit shakes his head again. He shifts on the bed, stretching out beside his sister, and awkwardly puts an arm around her, pulling her close. It is a fraternal embrace, despite her nudity and the way her heavy breast presses against his chest. "C'mon, Gabs. That wasn't nothing. You don't get choked up like that. At least, you didn't used to. What did I do?"

Gabby laughs, which turns into a snort. She looks away. "You didn't do anything. Just stupid emotional crap. My problems. Don't worry about it."

They sit quietly for long moments. Kit just holds her, thinking. At last he says, not quite seriously, "You know that I do want to 'squirt it in you,' right?"

Gabby looks at him, brows furrowed, but at the expression on his face, she brightens. She leans in and kisses him lightly on the lips, leans back, exhales a long breath. "Thanks. I guess I was just... I don't even know what I was thinking. You just spent a night with Mother, who is like a literal goddess, and here I am trying to seduce you like this is a university dorm, and all of a sudden I just felt kind of stupid and ugly."

Kit releases a short whistle. "Stupid I could understand, but ugly, never."

Gabby punches him softly in the chest. "Jerk." And then, "Thanks."

Kit smiles. "Well, look, I really am tired and filthy. I'm not trying to put you off. You're gorgeous and I love you, and in all honesty, I'm looking forward to fooling around. I could just use a few minutes." He pauses. "It's not every day a guy finds his own sister naked in his bed, after all."

"I thought that happened all the time in the Scarlet City."

"Maybe to other guys."

Gabby reaches up and grabs Kit's right hand, threading her fingers through his. "I have missed having you around, Squirt. I wish I could have come to visit you, or you could have gotten summers off or something."

"Me too. But the kind of training they put me through doesn't allow much in the way of vacations."

They sit quietly, something between them resolved, the two of them content, all awkwardness fled.

"Did you just say you love me?" Gabby says, turning to Kit. Her lips are very close to his.

"Of course," Kit says easily. "You're my sister."

She smiles. "Yeah, I am." Gabby leans forward, her lips brushing against his. But this is no light kiss, no sisterly kiss. She presses her lips hard against his, and her lips part, allowing her agile tongue to dart out and press between Kit's lips. And he is tasting her, and she him, and he feels himself hardening quickly.

Suddenly she pulls away, and out from under his arm. "You are pretty stinky," she says, laughing. "Go get cleaned up. The last thing I want to do is lick Mother's sweat and whatever off your body."

Kit laughs, but sudden wicked thoughts intrude upon his mind. He can't help but imagine Gabby trailing her tongue along his mother's thigh, and so it is with an awkward gait that he retreats to the bathroom.

As he disrobes, he wonders if Gabby will follow him into the bath. But she fails to appear as he settles into the warm water, and eventually he realizes that she is willing to give him the space he requested. This allows him to relax a bit. The warmth also eases the tension in his muscles, and he feels good when he ultimately clambers out of the tub, scrubbed fresh and clean.

It is as he is drying himself that Kit begins to worry that Gabby might have simply left. He forces the anxiety down and stills his mind as he has been trained. It is a silly thought in any case. The Daramour estate is large, yes, but she will hardly be difficult to find. He resists the temptation to just reach out with his other senses and see if she is there, forcing himself to trust her as she has trusted him.

So, it is with some relief that he finds her still waiting for him on the bed, still beautifully nude and free, relaxed and smiling.

"That took a long time," she says. "I was just about to give up." She trails a forefinger along a tan thigh and nibbles her lower lip, casting doubt on her claim.

Kit shrugs. He stands in the doorway to the bath, warm steamy air swirling around him as it escapes into the bedroom, and admires her. He is struck again by his older sister's simple beauty, so like and so un-like their mother's.

"You look good all cleaned up and naked," Gabby says. She sits up on the bed, tucking her knees under her and leaning forward on her hands, causing her large breasts to sway into prominence. The white sheets and blankets make her tan look darker. "But I want to see what my little brother has hidden under his towel."

Kit smiles. He undoes the simple tie and pulls the towel away, tossing it casually behind him. He is soft for the moment, but his member begins to unfurl as Gabby looks him up and down. "You are beautiful," she says in open admiration.

Kit, suddenly self-conscious, flushes and shuffles his feet. Gabby notices and releases a sexy little chuckle.

"Now come over here and let me get a good, long look at that big cock of yours. I want to see just how big I can get it."

Kit has to laugh, too. Gabby is so much more forward and vulgar than their mother. He still can barely believe she said "fuck" the night before. Confidence returning, Kit gives a little swagger to his step as he approaches. His hardening dick sways between his legs, bobbing and weaving. Gabby giggles, raising a hand to cover her mouth as she does.

When he is close enough to touch, she reaches out that same hand. Her delicate fingertips glaze his glans, and glide past, feeling the strong smooth flesh of his rapidly hardening rod. With a gentle tug she pulls him closer. Her hand sweeps up and down the length of his cock, coaxing greater hardness out of him. A drop of precum appears at the tip. Gabby licks her lips, eyes focused entirely on the thick male appendage in her hand, between her little brother's legs.

She slips her palm along the underside, lifting his cock up and against his abdomen. The head rises above his belly button, swollen and red and weeping. Kit is breathing harder, enjoying the look of wonder and lust on his sister's face as she examines him.

"No wonder Mother was all over you at dinner last night," she says. She glances up at him, eyes wide. "I'm not sure this monster is going to fit inside me."

Kit doubts that she's serious. Still, he smiles and gives her a little flex. His cock jumps in her palm, and a droplet of precum sprays out to splatter on her wrist. Her hand starts to rub up and down his cock once more, palm flat, fingers lightly encircling it.

"But we're going to try, aren't we?" she says. "We're going to see if this great big cock will fit in my tight little pussy, won't we?"

Kit now understands the game. "I think it will," he says. He is a little hoarse, in part from not speaking for so long, and in part because of what his sister is doing to him.

"Well," she says, suddenly all business, "I think we have to check first. If it fits in my mouth, then it will probably fit in my pussy." Her hand tightens around his thickness and levers it back away from his belly, pointing straight at her face. Gabby leans forward and plants a sweet, wet kiss on the tip of his cock, lips encircling the head, light suction slurping streams of precum into her mouth. She looks up at him, tucking hair behind her ears with her free hand, eyes shining with love and lust and playfulness.

Slowly he sinks into her mouth, or her mouth descends on his cock. Kit isn't sure which one is happening, just that Gabby's lips are widening as his cock disappears between them. Warmth and wetness envelop his hardness. Her tongue undulates along the underside of his cock. His cockhead bumps against the back of her mouth and she pauses, sucking lightly. Her hand lightly grips the base of his cock and gently tugs at him, while her blue eyes lock with his.

Slowly she drags herself off his length, revealing saliva slickened flesh, until only the head remains between her plush lips. Her tongue washes over his cockhead, and he squirts thick dollops of precum into her mouth. The agile tip of her tongue scrapes through his pisshole, scooping up his creamy spend. She moans in appreciation, a low hum that reverberates along the length of his cock.

Gabby's slim fingers continue to glide up and down his exposed length, gentle but urgent, until she begins to swallow him once more.

Kit admires the way his sister's jaw stretches to accommodate his girth, and the effort she makes to take as much of him as possible. He can already tell that she will not be able to take as much of him as his mother can, and is determined not to be disappointed by that.

He looks down, enjoying the way her heavy breasts sway with each movement, how her back arches and raises her taught, delectable backside up into the air. He wishes he had arms long enough to reach down and grab her cheeks and squeeze. He settles for putting his hands on her shoulder and gently kneading in encouragement. He moves his hips a little, thrusting into her mouth. She adjusts her grip and her posture to his movement, never missing a beat, still gently jacking and sucking him.

After long quiet moments where the only sound in the room is soft sucking noises and the creak of the bed, Gabby releases him. She lashes his cockhead with her tongue and says, "You taste really good." She kisses his cock beneath the helmet and nuzzles him with her cheek, which leaves a creamy trail of precum on her tan skin.

"I don't want you to think I'm a total slut, but I have sucked a few dicks in my time, and I have to say, yours is the tastiest, plumpest, most delicious cock I have ever met." She punctuates her raunchy confession with kisses along his length, stormy eyes watching him for a reaction.

She presses her nose against his abdomen and licks the base of his cock, trailing her tongue down to his balls. "And I like that you're not trying to fuck into my throat," she says, proceeding to suck first one testicle and then the other into her warm wet mouth.

She releases him with the wet smack of lips and trails more kisses up his engorged length. "I had this one boyfriend who tried that in college, but I have this terrible gag reflex and... and..." she trails off, looking up at him with a hopeless expression and a frown marring her full lips. "This is way too much information, isn't it? I should just be sucking your dick, right?"

Kit shrugs, not trying to hide his amusement. "You're only the second woman I've ever done this with, and I'm no expert, but I do believe that excessive chattiness is frowned upon during this sort of thing."

Gabby laughs, but then turns serious. "Really? Just me and Mother? The entire Scarlet City at your disposal and not once did you get frisky with someone?"

Kit shakes his head. "I thought it was standard for students, but now I think Mother had precise instructions to make sure I behaved."

"Twelve Gods and Seven Devils," Gabby says, sitting back a little on the bed. "That's a lot of pressure to put on a girl. As if living up to sex with Mother wasn't enough by itself."

"What pressure? This is awesome," Kit says. In emphasis he gives his cock a little flex, making it jump in Gabby's hand and squirt precum onto her cheek. He's exaggerating a little bit; they aren't exactly setting the room on fire, but he is having fun, and he really does want to have sex with his gorgeous sister.

Gabby smiles shyly. She jacks him lightly and wipes the precum off her cheek with a finger that she immediately plunges into her mouth. "You're sure?" she says. At Kit's nod, she adds, "I'm not usually this self-conscious, you know."

"I know. I've met you before."

She laughs again, regaining confidence. Her hand quickens on his length, and she drops her neck so she can suckle on his weapon once more. Her eyes suddenly brighten and she sits up straighter, releasing him from between her lips. "I think... I think I want to see it."


"I want to see you squirt. Balls that big, you must come buckets, and I want to see it."

Kit marvels. That sounds rather exciting to him, actually, although he wonders if that sort of thing is part of the program. "Doesn't that kind of defeat the whole purpose?"

"You didn't seem to mind when you thought you were going to squirt down my throat, brother dear."

She has a point, Kit thinks. "Okay, but where?"

Gabby gets her knees under her and sits up, still jacking Kit's rampant rod, using both hands, spreading her saliva and his precum up and down his prodigious length. "On me," she says with a wicked gleam in her eyes. "All over me, in fact. Think you can do that, Squirt? Paint your big sister with your juice?"

Kit grunts. He puts his hands on Gabby's shoulders and rolls his hips, pumping his cock into her hands. Her arms make a V that traps her heavy round breasts, and they bounce and shiver delectably with the impact of the handjob. Her puffy nipples dance delectably.

"You going to squirt all over me?" she says urgently. "You going to empty those big beautiful balls all over your big sister? I want you to, Kit. I want to see you squirt your seed, I want to feel it on my skin and rub it into my flesh and taste it on my lips and lick it off my breasts and-"

Gabby doesn't finish her sentence. Instead she squeals as a thick ribbon of pearly white cum suddenly squirts from the end of Kit's throbbing cock. It flies the short distance between them and settles across her upper chest, neck and chin in a long, broken line of viscous fluid. Another one follows close on the first, leaving another long line on the other side of her face, from the edge of her lips, across her cheek, and up to her hairline.

Kit's cock pulses hard and fast in Gabby's slick grip, but she recovers quickly enough to aim the rest of his climax. She manipulates his cock so that the next three pulses send streamers of semen across the proud slopes of her heaving breasts, and the three after that across her face, and then she is at a loss because he is still coming and she clearly expects him to be done. She watches out of one eye, the other one plastered shut, mouth agape in wonder, as a half-dozen more ropes of cum, each as dense and potent as the first, spray across her body, coating her face and neck and breasts and shoulders, arms and hands and belly as it drips in thick trails down her lush, tan form.

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