tagIncest/TabooBlessed Ch. 06

Blessed Ch. 06


This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein should not be duplicated. All characters are 18 or older. It's all pretend, folks.


Grace awakes that morning feeling cheerful and optimistic. The rest of the day will do its best to wear away at those feelings.

But as she slides, naked, out of her lonely bed, she is feeling better than she has in weeks. After a month on Kaido serving as her mother's major domo, it still feels odd waking up by herself. Her husband Rik is not the great love of her life, but she does love him in her way, and she misses having him at her side. More acutely, she feels the absence of her children, Rory and Medb, precocious and aggravating and precious eleven year old twins.

But with Kit's arrival at the ancestral home of the Daramours, Grace finds herself for the first time in a long time looking forward to the coming day. She has missed her youngest brother, more than she thought possible. How much she missed him only became truly apparent to her when she first caught sight of him the day before, looking adorably confused and a little lost, transformed from the little boy she remembers into a handsome, powerfully built young man with their father's roguish good looks and their mother's natural magnetism. Together, these traits make a heady combination that caused Grace's pussy to moisten the moment she saw him.

It's all very strange to think about, but she can't help the way her body responds.

In her cheerful good mood, Grace momentarily contemplates heading straight for Kit's apartments. But she knows he has spent the night with their mother, and she supposes even a young Blessed in the prime of his life needs some kind of rest.

Instead, Grace follows her usual routine. A quick bath, extended slightly so that what needs to be trimmed, plucked, or shaved receives its due, and a quick cup of coffee while she pens notes to her husband and children. They won't see it for at least a week, but Grace is dedicated to keeping in touch with Rik and the twins. No matter how irritated Rik may be with her, she wants him to know that she is thinking of him and their family, and so she sends them something daily.

She decides on a light sea-green summer dress, knee length to show off her calves and with a deep neckline to frame the girls. Then she bustles off to put her letters in the post and check on the servants and the schedule for the day, almost surprised to find Serana in her usual place in the throne room at her usual time.

They share a secret smile before plunging into the business of the day. Grace can't help but be pleased that things are going so well between her mother and brother. On the heels of that thought, Grace acknowledges her own eagerness and anticipation, and the hope that things will go as smoothly for she and Kit. She remembers being in his arms on the dance floor the night before, and a warm, fluttery feeling fills her belly.

By mid-morning, Kit still hasn't made an appearance, and with her duties taken care of for the time being, Grace migrates down to the kitchens. She thinks she might surprise Kit with some brunch, get him up and see where the day might take them.

But as Grace is discussing a menu for that meal with the head chef, Kit himself stumbles into the kitchens, with Gabby at his side. From his goofy grin and her glowing features, and the way the two of them stand a little too close, the conclusion is inescapable.

Grace feels ice water in her veins, and a sudden burst of anger at her youngest sister for jumping the queue, at her brother for going along with her, and at herself for being angry. And jealous. She suddenly feels old and fat and foolish. Gabby is so young and thin and gorgeous, and so much closer to Kit in age. Of course he would prefer her to boring old married Grace. They grew up together, at least until Kit was sent away, and probably have more in common with one another than any of their other siblings. The last six months of arguments with Rik come crashing into her in a wave, and this time she fears she cannot rebuff them.

Kit and Gabby see Grace before Grace can think to hide herself or slip away. Gabby has the sense to look embarrassed and a little uneasy, acknowledging her eldest sister with a slight nod and wave before she begins to grab ingredients of her own. Kit, however, gives Grace a wide grin that makes her pussy unfairly throb and weaves his way through the staff and stations to where she stands. Grace dismisses the head chef, assuming that her services will no longer be required.

"Hey," Kit says as he approaches, "how are you?"

Grace hopes that none of her reaction shows on her face. She forces herself to keep her poise, her voice level, her expression open and smiling. "I'm well. Yourself? You look as though you've been keeping busy." Will he notice how shaky her voice is? Twelve Gods, but she hopes not. The last thing she needs is to embarrass herself like a moon-eyed teenage girl.

Kit ducks his beautiful head, not looking her in the eye as he blushes. "Yeah, I guess I am." Then his gaze finds hers and he seems about to say something important, but instead blurts out, "I had a lot of fun last night."

Grace swallows an automatic, tart reply. "I'm sure you did," she says instead, unable to keep the coolness from her tone. All the good will she felt towards Kit and their mother seems to have evaporated in a cloud of jealousy towards Gabrielle.

"No," Kit says quickly, clumsily, "I mean, I had a lot of fun dancing with you. I kind of hoped... but, anyway, um, Gabs is taking me out riding. We're going to have a picnic lunch. But maybe when I get back, you and I could catch up."

Grace feels a wave of warmth towards her brother that almost thaws her completely. She wants to give him an enthusiastic "yes," but pride or anger or her own foolish heart makes her say instead, "We'll see. I have a lot of responsibilities around the manor. I may not have time later today."

"Oh, okay," Kit says. Today the suave Imperial captain is missing, replaced by an easily confused and hormonal teenager. He bids her an awkward goodbye, looking as if he wants to embrace her, but as Grace doesn't move, he sort of flaps his arms a bit and then turns to go.

Grace watches Kit leave with Gabby. She says something to him and he laughs. She knows it isn't about her, but that doesn't keep her from feeling that it was. She stares after them for long moments as the kitchen bustles around her, all cheerfulness and optimism fled, replaced by all the insidious doubts and criticisms leveled at her by her husband before she left.

This is where Belle stumbles upon her, when the younger sister glides into the kitchens. Belle finds herself a bottle of wine and a glass, but upon seeing Grace's expression, grabs a second glass and approaches.

"You look like you're ready to rip someone's throat out," Belle says, pouring the wine.

"Isn't it a little early for alcohol?" Grace says, even as she takes the proffered glass.

"Normally," Belle agrees. "But we're pretty far from normal here at the old ancestral home of the Daramours. Pretty gods-damn far from normal."

Grace would like to argue. Instead, she sips the wine. She examines her sister over the rim of her glass. Belle looks tired, run-down, and out of her depth. Which is surprising, as Belle has ever been the most competent and level-headed of Serana's children. Grace wonders, not for the first time, why Belle agreed to participate in this experiment.

"You didn't have to come," Grace says.

"Do you know anyone who has said 'no' to Mother and lived to tell the tale?"

"She's not like that, and you know it. But in any case, if you want to blame someone, you can blame me. It was my idea to include all of us in the plan."

Belle takes a long pull from her glass. "It may have been your idea, but it was her decision. I don't blame you. Especially, considering what happened and all."

Grace blinks. She takes a large gulp of wine herself. What happened. Indeed. She and Belle were never particularly close, but after "what happened" happened, there was a definite rift that never really closed. Which makes this little chat more out of place than it otherwise should be. Grace has been insulted, but in so doing, Belle has revealed just how disconcerted she is by all this incest business.

Grace takes another sip of wine, more modest than the last. She says to Belle, "I have no regrets, you know." She looks Belle in the eye, and is mildly pleased when her younger sister looks away first.

Grace sighs. "You'll have to come to grips with this situation at some point, Belle. Better sooner than later. Eventually, it will be too late to back out."

"You really thing Mother will let any of us just 'back out'?"

"She isn't the tyrant you think she is. She is also well aware of just what a huge sacrifice she has asked each of us to make. This is not a duty for the squeamish or the weak-willed. Kit is leaving for the eastern front at the end of this summer. The odds are against his ever returning here. Think about that while you contemplate how much you are willing to sacrifice." Grace slams the wine glass on to the counter. It cracks and wine sloshes out onto her hand.

Belle is taken aback, but is opening her mouth to rebut when Grace turns and strides purposely from the kitchens, suddenly furious with herself again. She shouldn't have yelled at Belle. She shouldn't be as mad at Kit as she is, either.

And the day started with so much promise.


Grace is upset with him. Kit isn't sure why, exactly, although he can guess it has something to do with Gabby. For some reason, Grace's reaction really bothers him.

So he is somewhat distracted as he and Gabby ramble down to the stables, his sister keeping up a steady stream of chatter the whole time. They saddle the horses, mount them, and ride beyond the mansion's walls before Kit is able to focus on the present.

It is a beautiful day for riding, without a cloud in the sky. A cool breeze ruffles his hair, the familiar and long-missed island scents carried upon it. The horses carry them over rolling hills at an easy pace until without warning Gabby kicks hers into a gallop.

Kit is a split second behind her, giving his steed a light spur to launch it after his sister. Gabby's laughter floats on the breeze, and it doesn't take long for Kit to realize that she gave him the slower horse. She is quickly outpacing him.

With a grin, Kit decides to cheat. He unleashes a slow trickle of energy, feeding it into his steed, and between one heartbeat and the next, it doubles its speed. Gabby looks over her shoulder as Kit comes thundering up, reaching out to grab the bridle of her horse. Both of them slow down.

"I had you beat," Gabby says, breathless. "Did you do a Blessed thing?"

Kit grins. The horses are circling one another.

Gabby frowns. "No fair, you dirty cheater."

"And sticking me with the slower horse was your idea of fair play?" Kit asks her. Gabby shrugs with an insolent grin. Kit reaches for her and pulls her close. She folds into him, receiving his kiss with sounds of approval, despite her annoyance.

"Well," Gabby says when they part, "now that you have your head back in the game, let's get some work done."


Kit is surprised as they tour the farms and orchards on the island, or at least the ones closest to the estate. He assumed that this was just a bit of exercise, but in short order he learns that this is part of Gabby's regular schedule. She checks in with each of the head farmers and overseers, monitoring the progress of the crops, checking in on the animals, helping solve problems. It's a new side to the older sister who teased him incessantly when they were children, and has now become his lover. She always had a talent with green growing things, but he is not prepared for her knowledge, patience, and ability.

It must show on his face, for she is back to teasing him when they break for lunch. "You look stunned, Squirt," she says with a laugh.

Gabby guides them to a secluded part of an orange orchard. There are no workers about, but bees buzz in the undergrowth and Kit can sense rabbits and other small mammals cavorting all around them. The grass is soft and cool as Kit lays out the blanket and Gabby begins to draw their lunch from her saddlebags.

The horses they leave to wander and crop the grass, while they settle down on the blanket for a meal of cold chicken, fruit, bread, and wine.

"That line about animal husbandry, that was an actual class you took?"

"Very good, Squirt. How long did it take you to figure that out?"

Kit gives her a look, eliciting a giggle from Gabby. "I'm just surprised and impressed. You're basically running things on these farms."

"I'll take 'impressed,' but I'm a little hurt at 'surprised.'"

Kit groans. "That's not what I meant, and you know it."

Gabby nods. "I've always been good at growing things. When I hit puberty, along with these big titties you love so much," she pauses to cup her breasts with both hands, "I developed a full-blown talent with plants. Seemed the right business to go into once I got to university.

"And I like it. No one else is interested in this stuff. Well, Belle is, but only in the business side of things. So it's kind of the only place where I can be myself, and not just the baby of the family."

"I thought I was the baby?" Kit says.

"No," Gabby says, "you're the Blessed one. You're the golden child, the favorite. I'm the youngest. No matter what I do, there's ten people lining up to tell me I did it wrong." Gabby sighs. "But not out here. Out here, I have people who listen to me, who trust my judgement, who ask me for help."

"You're really good at it," Kit says.

Gabby smiles. "Thanks, Kit."

He is silent for a moment. Kit looks at Gabby. "I never really..."

"Yeah, well, you don't have to. And I didn't bring you out here to hash out family dynamics or any of that shit."

Kit grins. "No, you brought me out here to show off."

Gabby's smile widens. She sets aside her wine glass and reaches up to unlace the ties on her blouse. "Maaaybeee," she says. The blouse slides off her shoulders, revealing her large, tanned breasts encased and supported in a tight white bra that creates a tantalizing and wonderful line of cleavage. Nimbly, Gabby stands in one fluid motion. Her leather breeches join the blouse on the blanket. She stands over her brother in just bra and a pair of abbreviated panties that mold against her sex.

"Tell me, Squirt," she says. "Am I showing off?"

Kit grins. He sets aside his plate, pausing only to wipe the grease from his hands, and reaches for his sister's strong, tanned thighs. They are smooth and powerful beneath his hands. His fingers climb up her flesh and reach for the waistband of her panties. Gabby spreads her legs a little more as he pulls the panties down her legs. She kicks them off her bare foot, and they land on the pile of clothes.

Kit places his palms along the outside of Gabby's thighs while getting his knees under him. He leans forward and kisses her just above her left knee. The muscles in her thigh bunch. She smells faintly of horse and her own sweat, but overlaying that is Gabby's own feminine scent, as heady and intoxicating an aroma as Kit has ever experienced.

He kisses his way up her right leg. Gabby braces her hands on the back of his head. She is already breathing heavy in anticipation. Kit admires her moist pink lips, but only pauses long enough to blow lightly against her upraised clit before kissing his way down her left leg. All the way down to her knee. He drags his tongue back up her smooth, powerful thigh, tasting sweat and desire.

Then he places a long, wet kiss on her little pussy. Gabby moans. Kit's tongue appears, parting her folds, tasting and teasing and licking. Wet before, she is leaking now. He scoops up her copious nectar with the tip of his tongue and swallows it. His cheeks and lips and chin are soon soaked in her juices. Her fingers dig into his skull. He does not relent.

Kit finds the little nubbin of her clit and attacks it. His tongue lashes her little bud. His lips close around it and he sucks lightly. He grazes it with the edges of his teeth.

Gabby's legs lose their strength as she succumbs. She slides forward, pushing her gushing pussy into his face and forcing Kit to fall backward. His hands slide up quickly to wrap around her narrow waist and keep her from falling too quickly. At the same time, he continues his oral assault, until both of them crash backward onto the blanket and break apart.

Gabby, breathless, can only lie shivering in the aftermath of her orgasm. Her eyes are glassy but they quickly focus on Kit as he begins to remove his clothes.

Still clad only in her bra, Gabby gets herself up on her knees. While Kit pulls off his shirt, she fumbles with his belt. Gradually coordination returns, and she is able to whisk the belt through the loops and begin tugging his pants off in the time it takes for him to kick off his boots.

Once Gabby has him free she dives for his hardness. His pants are still around his ankles as her lips descend on the angry purple knob of his cock. Clothing is forgotten as Gabby's agile tongue glides around Kit's cockhead. Precum squirts onto her tonsils as her head sinks towards his belly and his cock glides with only slight resistance into the back of her mouth. Kit groans. Gabby's cheeks hollow as she sucks him, lips stretched around his cock.

Then a great slurping sound as she drags herself back up and takes several deep shuddering breathes. Saliva and precum decorate her full lips. She looks up into Kit's eyes, her own alive with an animal passion that should frighten Kit.

Gabby grips the base of his cock with one hand. The other cups his full, swollen balls, kneading them gently. She licks her lips and begins the descent once more.

Before she does, Kit touches her elbow, halting her. "Hold on," he says. He kicks himself free of his pants. He reaches for her. Grabbing her by her trim waist and wide hips, Kit lifts his older sister with little effort. She squeals and shivers in his grasp, but does not resist. In moments, she lies atop him, face between his legs, while he stares up directly into her moist, delectable pussy.

Gabby's strong thighs girdle his head. Kit rises up and kisses her nether lips, tasting her dew once more. He feels wet kisses on the head of his dick. Her tongue swirls around the mushroom cap and teases the opening. He flexes involuntarily, squirting a jet of precum across her tonsils.

Kit's hands roam across his sister's thighs and hips and settle on her round, firm bottom. Strong hands dig into her plush cheeks, kneading and caressing. Gabby's hips move of their own volition, dropping her pussy down, smearing her coral pink lips across his face. He begins to use his own tongue, dragging it through her rosy furrow, sucking and slurping. His chin nudges against Gabby's clit and she shudders.

His sister swallows him once more. He feels her mouth open up, feels her hot breath wash across his sensitive skin. Her tongue undulates along the length of his cock as it sinks into her mouth. Warmth and moisture around him as she seals her lips and slowly sucks him deeper. She still has that hand cupping his balls, squeezing gently, hoping to coax a powerful load from them. Gabby is moaning now, thanks to her brother's tongue deep inside her pussy, and the vibrations from her voice are making Kit's cock shiver and pulsate in her mouth.

He fights the urge to thrust, to drive himself upward into her throat, knowing that she will find it uncomfortable. Kit concentrates on Gabby's pussy to distract himself from the pleasure she is giving him. His tongue flickers like a hummingbird; now teasing her clitoris, now diving into her hole to caress her pink folds, now delicately caressing her swollen lips, now forcefully scooping her nectar into his mouth. Kit's chin and cheeks are anointed with Gabby's juices.

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