tagIncest/TabooBlessed Ch. 13

Blessed Ch. 13


This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein should not be duplicated. All characters are 18 or older. It's all pretend, folks.


Kit moves silently through the empty corridors of the manor house, which are darkened with the late hour. There are still servants about, dimming nightlights and beginning to make preparations for the morning. But he is largely alone as he traverses the short distance from Belle's apartments to his mother's. He enjoyed his time with Belle, but it was not the explosive, mutually satisfying experience that he has had with his other sisters. Or his mother.

The recent distance between Kit and his mother has begun to wear on him. He has it in his mind to settle things this night.

The door to his mother's apartments opens silently as Kit approaches it. He pauses briefly, noting that no servants are present. He strides purposely through the doorway and the door swings shut on its own behind him.

Only low lights illuminate the interior of the room. Furniture are just shapes in the darkness, but Kit knows his way around this part of the palace better than his own rooms. He moves smoothly through the chambers and short hallways separating them until he reaches the bedroom.

Here it is much brighter. Dozens of candles are spread around the room, creating a soft warm glow. They flicker in the cool breeze emanating from the open patio doors. The wind is accented by the blowing curtains which swirl into the room like skirts. His Blessed senses spot the wards staggered around the edges of the room, invisible to the naked eye.

Kit notes these details only tangentially. His full attention focuses unwaveringly on his mother.

She reclines across her large bed, her long body stretched out and leaning on one elbow. She is slightly turned towards Kit. Serana wears black lilies woven into her midnight tresses, which hang loose and wild around her shoulders. A black corset struggles to hold back her mountainous breasts, acres of plump creamy flesh bulging up from the edge of the material. Black garter belt and tapes holding up tight black stockings that mold to her long, muscular legs. A tiny silky pair of black panties likewise molds against the treasure between her thighs, outlining rather than obscuring her pussy lips.

Kit feels himself stiffening in his pants just looking at her, drinking in the site of her beauty, the eroticism of her outfit, and how she is clearly ready for him. He wants to climb atop that bed, tear her panties away and drive himself to the hilt inside her.

But that's not the only reason he is here. He clears his throat, eliciting a raised eyebrow from her. "Mother," he begins to say, but halts as she places one long finger against her full red lips.

She watches him for a moment, green eyes glittering in the candlelight. Serana sits up, her breasts practically spilling free. She gestures with her left hand and says a few barely audible words that set the wards to flickering.

Kit tenses involuntarily. The tension wants to leave but it only intensifies as he realizes there is now someone behind him. He gives his mother a questioning look, but she only smiles enigmatically. He feels a large feminine hand rest on his shoulder and then slide across his chest, while full breasts press against his back. He turns to see a woman lean her chin against his other shoulder and smile at him.

It's his mother. With red flowers woven into her hair and wearing a set of identical lingerie, albeit in bright red. The woman smiles and kisses him lightly on the lips. She even tastes like his mother.

Kit wonders if his mother is actually powerful enough to duplicate herself. It wouldn't surprise him if she could, but he assumes it is more likely that she summoned up some kind of spirit and garbed it in her own visage. Either way, though, the effect is maddeningly arousing.

Kit lets himself be nudged gently but insistently towards the bed. His mother slithers to the edge and rises to her knees. Kit's broad chest presses against his mother's breasts and his lips find hers, their tongues twisting and dueling with one another. He feels the woman behind him wrap her arms around him and press her pantied mound against his ass. He is trapped between two gorgeous woman shaped like his mother, and there is nowhere he would rather be.

So he doesn't resist as they begin to undress him. His swordbelt goes first, the weapon clattering to the floor after his mother loosens the buckle. The woman behind him unbuttons his shirt while nibbling on his ear. Her hands glide under the fabric and across his chest as she pushes and pulls the garment off of him. His mother wraps her arms around him and presses her clothed breasts against his bare chest as her duplicate kneels behind him to remove his boots. She peels his pants off while his mother sucks on his tongue and makes cooing noises.

The woman in red rises to her feet, dragging her nearly nude form across Kit's entirely nude form, and together she and his mother maneuver him until he is seated on the bed. His mother stands on her knees on his right, while the other woman climbs up to mimic her position, but on the left.

His eyes are level with the tits of both women. Their respective corsets struggle to contain their breasts, which rise like pale mountains from the constrictive garments, showing acres of creamy flesh and a long dark line of cleavage. Kit licks his lips. His cock is already rock hard, swollen with need between his legs, rising like a tower. It throbs in rhythm with his heartbeat.

And as the two women move closer, pressing their huge breasts against Kit's face and head in tandem, a clear bead of precum forms on the plum-like head of his cock.

Kit feels a hand at the back of his head, directing his face into his mother's cleavage. He doesn't resist. He just closes his eyes and breathes in deeply her scent, reveling in the feel of her silky flesh against his own skin. At the same time, he feels another hand wrap around his girth and begin to slowly slide up and down.

Kit's arms encircle the narrow waists of the two beauties flanking him, his hands settling on broad hips. Kit gently kisses his mother's right breast and drags his tongue along the slope of her left. She sucks in a breath, then grabs his head with both hands and pulls him up to her lips. He drinks deep, mixing her air with his, while the other woman continues to jack his cock. She coats her palm with the copious precum leaking from him and uses the fluid to make her hand glide up and down his length.

Kit releases the other woman and turns slightly so that he can fully embrace his mother. He opens his eyes briefly to see that hers are closed, lids decorated with purple eyeshadow and lashes extravagantly long. Even as the other woman toys with his large member, he feels a deep ache of longing for his mother.

Kit traces his fingers down his mother's sides and focuses his will. He kisses her throat and nibbles on an earlobe as he mutters words of power. The buttons and laces on his mother's corset loosen. She squeals as she realizes what he is doing, but makes no protest as he peels the garment off of her and throws it casually to the floor.

Kit shifts on the bed, pulling himself out of the other woman's grasp. She frowns prettily and sits back, her slickened fingers now going to her own buttons and laces. Kit leans forward. Serana leans back, laying down across the bed as Kit climbs over her. Her green eyes crinkle with amusement and her hands come up to cup her unbound breasts, as if in offering to her youngest son.

Kit breaks eye contact just long enough to locate a nipple, but as soon as he has it trapped between his lips he looks into her green pools again. His tongue lashes the swollen bud before he begins to gently suckle. Serana's eyelids sweep low, hooding her expression, as her full lips part and her breath begins to hitch.

Suddenly Kit feels the other woman wrap herself around him from behind, her long arms encircling his chest, her bare breasts almost flattening against his back, hard nipples digging into his skin. Her pubic hair brushes against the taut globes of his ass and Kit realizes that she has divested herself of panties and garter belt as well as corset. He feels her lips on the nape of his neck and then a trail of kisses leading to his ear. She nibbles on an earlobe as he suckles on his mother's teat.

Serana runs her fingers through Kit's black curls. "Darling boy," she whispers. She pulls gently, dragging him from her breast and up into her arms. Her lips find his once more. But they kiss only for a few moments before the other woman tugs Kit away from the embrace and rolls him on to his back.

Kit looks up into her face, identical in every way to his mother's, and offers her a bemused smile. "Save some of your kisses for me, sweetling," the other woman says in his mother's voice. Her eye makeup is orange to match the crimson flowers in her tresses and the red stockings sheathing her sleek thighs. Her pendulous breasts press against his chest, hard nipples insistent against him, as she leans down and captures his lips between hers.

She tastes slightly different. Fiery and spicy.

Serana nudges the other woman out of the way. "Cheeky bitch," she says with a laugh. "Already naked? Are you so desperate for your son's cock?"

Kit frowns. He was sure the woman in black was his mother. But now...

"Can you blame me?" the woman in red says. Kit feels her long-fingered hands grasp his rampant prick. She caresses his hardness while pointing it in his mother's direction. "So long, so thick, so full of live-giving seed." She cups his swollen balls in emphasis.

"He has already planted life within me," the woman in black says, reaching out to grasp Kit's cock as well. Their two hands lay atop one another, with the plum-sized head peeping out at the top, glistening and leaking precum. "I am well acquainted with this marvelous appendage."

Kit relaxes, his initial assumptions confirmed. His cock throbs in their hands, in part because of the verbal reminder that his own mother is also the mother of his first child.

The other woman shifts and slides downward on his mother's bed. "I want to taste him," she says. She releases her hold, although Serana's fingers remain wrapped around him, almost pointing his cock towards the other woman. She bends down and lightly brushes her lip against his dome. She pulls back slightly, lips glistening with precum which she swipes away with her tongue. "Mmmm," she says. "Delicious."

She leans forward again while Serana points her son's cock towards her mouth. The other woman's full lips part and her long pink tongue pokes out to lick him. She scoops up dollops of precum which are beading on the surface of his dick, slurping up his spend joyfully. Ecstatically.

Kit's cock throbs hungrily in his mother's hand as the other woman descends, mouth open to accept him. She swallows his plum-like head, forcing Serana to slide her hand down the hard column of his flesh, as the other woman slowly devours him. Her mouth is hot and warm, her saliva further slickening his length as it slides deeper past her lips. Those stretch wide to accommodate Kit's girth. If she makes any notice that this cock was recently in another woman's pussy, she makes no sign.

Her tongue undulates against the underside of his invading prick, eliciting another unconscious throb that sends a spurt of precum directly into her throat. She moans, her voice only slightly muffled by the rod in her mouth.

Serana gives Kit an inscrutable look. She releases her hold on him, partly because as the other woman sinks lower there is less of a hand-hold, and partly to reposition herself. She slips off the bed, her breasts swaying and jiggling beautifully, and reaches for the waistband of her panties. Serana bends at the waist and sweeps her panties down her long, muscular legs. She had the foresight to put them on over her garter belt, which leaves the belt and tapes holding up her stockings to frame her delectable pussy, now revealed in all its glory.

Kit licks lips suddenly dry as his mouth fills with moisture. Not for the first time, he is struck by the power and beauty of his goddess-like mother, at once statuesque and curvy, self-assured and agelessly perfect but quintessentially mature and maternal. She watches him watching her. One hand descends to fluff her pubic fleece, almost but not quite touching the dew-kissed pink lips of her pussy.

The other woman begins to bob her head upon Kit's prick. She can almost but not quite take all of him, but he still feels her throat constricting around the swollen head and first inch or two. She fondles his swollen balls with her right hand while the left lies flat across his muscular abdomen, which trembles with undisguised need.

Serana climbs back onto the bed, higher up this time. She sidles forward on her knees until she looms over her son, looking down at him through the valley between her breasts. She smiles impishly before throwing one well-sculpted thigh across his chest and thrusting that delectable pussy towards his face and mouth.

Kit's big hands slide up his mother's sleek thighs, fingers whispering across her stockings, to grip her hips. He cranes his neck as she braces her arms on the headboard. His lips and her lips meet. Once again he tastes that nectar that only she can produce, sweet and tangy, her pink folds opening up easily to the swipe of his tongue. His nose buries itself in her pubic thatch and he breathes deep of her intoxicating scent. Her hips move subtly against his mouth as her fluids anoint him.

The other woman continues to work her mouth along Kit's length, using lips and tongue and the depths of her throat, helped out now and again by her fingers and thumbs. She teases his full balls, kneading gently, and grips the thick base of his cock while her hot wet mouth sucks insistently on the tip. Then her mouth swallows him whole, sucking his entire length down into her tight throat. Her tongue undulates on the underside of his cock, trying to coax out his precious spend.

Kit's own tongue laps eagerly at his mother's pussy. He dives in as deep as he can go and flicks his tongue back and forth, teasing her pink folds, slurping eagerly at her precoital juices. His mother is gushing fluids, dripping on to her son's lips and chin. And that is even before he touches the hard nubbin of her clit.

When he does, it as if she is struck by lightning. She climaxes immediately, thrashing wildly above Kit, her hips pushing her pussy repeatedly into his face and crying out wordlessly as pleasure overtakes her. Her thighs close around Kit's head, blocking off sound and light. He feels but does not see the wards flickering around them as energy explodes out from Serana's shivering frame.

His body absorbs some of the energy. He feels fresh strength suffusing his limbs. His cock throbs in the other woman's mouth, dangerously close to erupting. Kit teeters on the edge. Somehow he manages to hold on, although the consistent sucking and slurping from his mother's double makes it difficult.

As Serana catches her breath, she shifts atop Kit. She looks down at him, trapped between her thighs, and smiles.

Kit feels her pull away, twisting above him, and his hands release her. She turns and straddles him again, engorged pussy lips once more hovering above his lips. Her plush breasts press against his abdomen and he feels her fingers encircle the base of his cock and tug it gently but insistently from the sweet grasp of the other woman's mouth.

Kit groans as his mother slides her mouth over his rampant cock. Her movements are similar to her double's; tongue undulating along the top of his cock as the head plunges directly into her throat. Saliva coating the surface of his length as a steady stream of precum drips from his tip. As his mother sucks him, the other woman wraps her own lips around each of his testicles in turn and rolls them around in her mouth.

His ears muffled by his mother's silky thighs, Kit cannot hear their quiet murmurs and coos of delight as they pleasure him. Nor the schlick schlick of his mother's mouth bobbing up and down his raging rod. But he can feel it as both women begin to hum, a subtle but noticeable vibration that makes his whole cock shiver as they devour him.

Coming back to himself, Kit cranes his neck and dives back into his mother's pussy, teasing her with his lips and tongue. He feels her thighs bunch around him and her hips push her vulva into his mouth, even as her mouth works to swallow him whole.

Both he and Serana hover close to orgasm for long moments, each one torturing the other delightfully, until in a rush they both explode simultaneously. His mother's fluids once more wash over Kit's lips and tongue and chin and he laps at them eagerly, loving the unique taste and smell of his mother. At the same time, his cock, buried deep in his mother's throat, bucks and throbs and sends a thick pulse of potent sperm-rich jism directly into her gullet.

Serana pulls back suddenly, coughing and spluttering a bit as a second salvo of pearlescent cum decorates her beautiful face, almost overcome by her own orgasm. Unable to hold him in her mouth as he erupts and breathe at the same time while her climax overtakes her, she releases him. The other woman grips him by the base and holds his cock up straight as it continues to pulse and fire. Thick strands of silvery jism spray upward into the air and fall back, landing on Serana's contorted face, the other woman's hand, Kit's lurching cock, and the other woman's cheeks and lips as well.

Serana sags momentarily, licking her son's salty sweet spend from her full lips, as the other woman quickly sits up and aims Kit's cock at her mountainous chest. Three thick spurts are enough to coat her almost entirely, before she drops her head, wraps her lips once more around him, and eagerly swallows everything else he has to give.

And all the while, energy rebounds around the room, washing out from the climaxing Blessed and reflecting back off the wards. Both Serana and Kit absorb some of the excess, which extends their orgasms and also renews their strength.

Serana eventually climbs off of Kit as they both catch their breath. She looks down at her son, plaits of jism decorating her cheeks and chin and dripping in viscous strands on to her cleavage. She smiles broadly and licks her lips again. She and the other woman share a look, their two pairs of green eyes sparkling brightly.

While Serana evidences a few strands of Kit's love across her face and upper chest, the other woman is splattered. Her large, heavy breasts are practically coated with white fluid which drips down her smooth belly and hangs in strings from her hard nipples. Her cheeks are coated, one eye is sealed closed with spend, and as Serana and Kit watch, she swallows loudly. But still has plenty in her mouth to show them as she opens it and undulates her tongue, showing a silvery lake that ripples with every movement of her deft pink muscle before it retreats and she swallows again.

"As delicious as I'd hoped," she says, her voice husky. The other woman cups her cum coated breasts and runs her fingers through the semen pooling there. As the woman raises a cum coated hand to her lips in order to suck it clean, Serana deftly catches her wrist and brings the hand to her own mouth.

The other woman's forefinger slides easily between Serana's full lips and she slurps noisily, cleaning it completely of its precious coating. Serana proceeds to suck each digit clean, one by one, as sensuously and delicately as possible. Kit slides backward against the pillows, fascinated and hard as diamond, his mouth hanging unconsciously open.

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